Draw Our Gaming Memories ✍️ Our Favorite Nintendo Games w/ Li Kovacs

Draw Our Gaming Memories ✍️ Our Favorite Nintendo Games w/ Li Kovacs

[Nintendo Minute jingle] [cheery music]
[Krysta] -Hi guys,
welcome back to Nintendo Minute. We are here with a
very special guest,
Li Kovacs. [Kit] -Welcome!
[Li]- Hi.
-Yes, a friend of the show, Li Kovacs, who’s been
on the show many times now.
-I think so. -Yes
-And we have Li back because, we are going to do
another episode of,
Draw Our Gaming Memories. -Yay.
-In the first video we did
with our gaming memories,you drew them.
[Li] -Yeah.
[Kit] -But we didn’t get a
chance to share your memories.
[Li] -I know.
[Krysta] -Right.
That was our fault sorry.
[Li] -Well because
it was your memories,
it wasn’t mine.
[Kit] -We’ve all got
memories now.
[Krysta] -Yes.
Everyone has their own memories.Um, so we brought you back
because we want you to again,
draw our gaming memories, but also share
your gaming memory–
-Exactly. -Yay.
-um, with us too. So, this time we’re gonna be
talking about our first time
playing our favorite– -Yes.
-Nintendo game.
-It’ll be fun. -It’s hard to choose.
-It’s very hard to choose.
You guys had some, side convos.
-Yeah, we had to.
-Because there may or may not have been a game
that was the same
between the two of you. -Yeah.
-Um, I think I’m gonna go first.
-OK. [Krysta]
-Yeah, and then we’ll see
how similar we take it.Um, so my favorite Nintendo game
of all time, and I think this is
pretty well known now,
is Super Mario World.
And when I first played and-
got and played the game,
I really played that game
a lot by myself.
Like I was like,
kind of solo playing it
and it was really fun
and I had like,
just the best time
exploring that game,
‘cause I think it was like,
the first game
that really allowed you to like
find the different secrets,
replay levels like discover,
um, you know,
different things
that you don’t really see
your first playthrough.
But I think
what was really amazing
about that game
is how it’s really
stood the test of time
because what I play- when
I revisited that game again,
I was in college and I really
like got more friends
that liked video games.
When I first played
that game, I didn’t have very
many friends up that really,
I didn’t have many,
very many friends, period.
And I didn’t really have
very many friends
that like video games.
So when I went to college
I met tons of people
that loved playing video games
as much as I did
and we would play that game,
all the time.
And I was in, um,
this like student union
where we had a Super Nintendo
and we would just have that game
always on.
And at any moment
or any day, any hour,
someone would just be like
playing a random level of
Super Mario, Super Mario World,
which is amazing. So, um,even to this day I still go back
and play Super Mario World
randomly because it’s just like,
it’s just fun always.
And no matter what,
you still remember all your
fond memories discovering those
like cool secrets and it’s just,
it’s such an amazing game
that it stood so long through
all of these years in my life.
So that’s my
favorite Nintendo game.

-Very good pick. Very good. -That’s good, yeah.
-Thank you.
You’re gonna be next, right? -Oh, it’s my turn!
-So um, my favorite game memory
is obviously Breath of the Wild.
I’m just gonna go pick
the most recent game
because it’s like,
it’s so fresh in our memories
you know?

[harmonious orchestral music]So it’s easier to go
and think about,
oh my gosh,
when Breath of the Wild.
You know, it was such
a highly like,
anticipated game to have.
I just, you know, we all just
wanted it like right now.
So my favorite memory
and moment from that entire game
was actually putting
the game into the system
for the first time.
[Krysta] -Mm-hmm.
[Kit] -Hmm.
[Li] -And then I needed
absolute silence.
You know when you’re like–
[Kit] -The moment
of anticipation.
-OK–OK, wait–wait, OK.You gotta like focus.
I made sure my kid
was asleep in bed
and I was like, okay,
it’s my turn.
I need my volume up.
I just need full focus on my TV
and just letting
the game startup and load in
that whole entire beginning of,
you know, Zelda saying
“Link, wake up,” you know,
and then when Link comes out
of the Shrine of Resurrection
and you see the overworld–
[Krysta] -Mm-hmm.
[Li] -of Zelda,
of the entire Hyrule,
and then the logo comes on.
[Kit] -Right.
[Li] -I got teary eyed,
when that actually happened.
[Krysta] -You get like chills,
I get goosebumps even like
listening to you describing.
[Li] -I get goosebumps–
and so it’s just like,
just that whole entire part
was just like,
such a moving experience
and not hearing much sound
like music or anything.
And it was just like, just, you
could just hear the world,
like the entire world
of Breath of the Wild.
And you already knew that,
wow, there is so much
to this game already,
just in that little time
and moment, yeah.
Goosebumps everywhere.
[laughter] -We’re all going back
to Breath of the Wild
immediately after this. [laughter]
-So we had to coordinate, because Breath of the Wild is
actually my favorite game now
-Well, it’s a good game, so. -And it’s an incredible game.
-Yeah. -Um, so I’m going to go
with my number two,
former number one,[cheery tropical music]
which is Super Mario 64.
[Krysta] -Oh,
but that’s good too.
[Kit] -And I think it’s
interesting that all three
of our picks
are launch games
for new hardware.
[Krysta] -That’s true.
[Li] -Oh, yeah.
[Kit] -Nintendo Switch,
SNES, Nintendo 64
and I think that maybe there’s
something to that of like,
not only is this
amazing new game,
it’s this type of experience,
that was never possible before
’cause it’s on the new hardware.
[Krysta] -A new hardware,
yeah, definitely.
[Li] -It could be like a whole–
[Kit] -Right.
[Li] -it could be like the whole
anticipation to the hardware.
[Kit] -Yeah, I think so.
[Krysta] -Yeah, and then your
first like experience there.
-It’s like the first impression
to the hardware
when you get the game so.[Kit] -But yeah, I remember when
I got my Nintendo 64
and Super Mario 64
I had preordered both
and it was kind of
early days for preorders.
It was like,
are they gonna have this
or they not gonna have it?
And it was like kind of a shaky
moment at the counter of like,
Oh-oh, let’s check the list,
let’s see if you’re, ah,
[Krysta] -A handwritten note.
[Kit] -Yeah, yeah, exactly.
[laughter and joking]
[Krysta] -Stone tablet list.
[Kit] -But they had it,
and we made it home,
uh, and I just started
playing it and playing.
And I remember I set it up,
I normally had a place where
I would play that was kind of
in the bedroom,
but I brought it out
into sort of the main TV,
like in our family room
and was playing it there.
And my parents
were watching it too. And
my sister was watching it too,
and you know,
they didn’t have as much
experience with games as I did.
But certainly,
my impression was like,
wow, this is Mario
in an entirely different way.
I’d only known him
up to this point in 2D games
and those games were incredible.
And now there’s this game
that’s totally different
that still feels like Mario,
but is completely different.And it blew my mind
that you could take, you know,
a character in a style of a game
that I had only known
one way before
and do it completely different.And I think that’s something
that Breath of the Wild
has in common too
is it still feels like Zelda,
but at the same time,
it doesn’t.
[Li] -Yeah.
[Kit] -And that’s super cool.
Um, and yeah,
I just played that game
again and again and I don’t,
I remember I did not get
another game for my Nintendo 64
for like a long time after,
because I was just
playing this game nonstop and
I would find new ways to play it
and it was just so fun
to move around those worlds.
Um, and I remember even,
you know, like Krysta,
I did not have so many friends
and I was not so
socially outgoing.
So when even when I would
have to like talk to somebody
on the phone,
[Li] -Yeah.
[Kit] -I would play that game
as I was on the phone
because it was I guess
comforting or reassuring to me.
[Krysta] -Yeah,
you get familiar things to do.
[Kit] -Yeah, but no,
that game is incredible,
and I love it so much.
[cheery music]
-I think that’s one of
the things all three games have in common is that
you can play it
for such a long time and still discover
new things about it.
-Right. Totally.
-With Breath of the Wild
with Super Mario World and with Super Mario 64
like, the replayability
and just even, even now like I know that in like 10 years
I can still go back and play
Breath of the Wild and I still will probably
discover something new
-I mean– -just like I do
with these things now.
-I’m still not done with Breath of the Wild. I put
over 400 hours into the game.
-Yeah. I got all the Korok Seeds.
I’m at 99.6 percent.
[laughter] I swear I’ve been keeping track
of my percentage.
I’m at 99.6 percent and I’m just all over the place.
So I’m just like,
where’s the other like point four percent
what else am I missing?
But it’s so fun to keep doing it You don’t get tired
of it you know
-No, not at all. -like with you
with the Mario 64 just…just
-Make your own fun. -Yeah.
-I can put that game in at
any moment in any day and know, still feel fresh and it’s just
incredible how they’ve really
just stood the test of time. Yeah, like these games
age so well.
-Yeah, totally. Well, now I’m gonna go play
all three games–
[laughter] at the same time.
[laughter] -We would love to hear
your guys’s favorite,
uh, Nintendo game, your first impressions,
your first experience and let us
know and thank you so much, Li for being here
and for drawing us
and yourself. [laughter]
-Yeah, I did make a cameo
on the last one. -That’s true–
-you know an animated cameo. Alright, um, if they
want to find out more about you,
where should they go? -Uh, my Twitter uh,
will be great,
-OK. -at Li Kovacs or anywhere else
it’s just my name. -OK, great. You always are
drawing beautiful pieces of art,
-Thank you. Thank you. -and making incredible costumes
and just doing
all sorts of things that I’m always amazed at.
-Thank you.
-So keep going. -And thank you so much
for being here.
-Yeah, thanks for having me. -Alright, we’re gonna wrap it up
for today and remember: -Nintendo Minute
is never a minute.
-See you next week! -Bye.

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