Dumb Spies | Lele Pons

Dumb Spies | Lele Pons

[MUSIC]>>ALYSSA LYNCH: What do we do Jordan?>>JORDAN WRIGHT: Don’t worry, I think we’re safe- [GUN SHOT]>>ALYSSA LYNCH: Oh my God Jordan!>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Agent Diaz. We need to get to the bottom of this. We have a kidnapping and a murder. Your mission is to->>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I’m here>>AGENT DIAZ: What is she doing here?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Agent Black Panther! [GIRLS ARGUING] This is amazing. Exactly. We need more of that. More love in the air. [GIRLS FIGHTING]>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Anyways, your mission is to find that guy. He’s, uh, I guess he’s a murderer. I would think so. I’m assuming.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: There’s no face.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: That’s a great hoodie by the way, 100% cotton.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: What is this?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Hold on really quick, she just slid into my DM’s. Hold on.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: What the [BLEEP] is this?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Yes.>>AGENT DIAZ: Are there any witness?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: We do have a witness. He’s dead.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: With his [BLEEP] is the air?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Yeah…>>AGENT DIAZ: He’s alive.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: Sh.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: We do have a family member of the victim. Please. Please.>>INANNA SARKIS: Alright. You need to find her, now!
>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Whatever we can do.>>INANNA SARKIS: I just want her back. [INANNA CRYING]
>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: You know what? Make sure you find the guy, okay? I’m just gonna…alright. Come on now.>>AGENT CERNY: Sup [BLEEP]?>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: Really?
>>AGENT DIAZ: Oh you too?>>AGENT DIAZ: I already have – I already have her!>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I don’t want her and I don’t want you.>>AGENT CERNY: What’s it been? Like 5 years?>>AGENT DIAZ: You’re not joining us.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: Hold up! Is that our car? [GIRLS CHEERING]>>AGENT CERNY: I’m driving. I’m driving.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Here’s your new car ladies.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I don’t wanna drive.>>AGENT DIAZ: [BLEEP]>>AGENT CERNY: Yeah, I’m gonna stop and ask some civilians, see what’s going on.>>AGENT DIAZ: He’s gonna say no.>>AGENT CERNY: Fine. You get out and you ask somebody then. Here.>>AGENT DIAZ: Okay!>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Sorry. One second. Guys. Adults only. Go! Go! Get out of here! Anyway, yes?>>AGENT DIAZ: Have you seen a murderer?>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Yeah, I did! There’s a reward right?>>AGENT DIAZ: No?>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh no. I didn’t see anything.>>LELE PONS: Well if you can’t->>ANWAR JIBAWI: Hey! Get off the street now! Punished! Three weeks!>>LELE PONS: So where’s your wife?>>ANWAR JIBAWI: My wife? Oh she didn’t leave me two years ago… with all these kids.>>LELE PONS: Your kid just ran…>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh my God! Oh my God! Get over here! Oh my God, my baby! So sorry!>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: Nice try Diaz.>>AGENT CERNY: Hey! It’s the suspect!>>AGENT DIAZ: Run!>>AGENT CERNY: Go! Go! I got a shortcut.>>AGENT DIAZ: Go! I need back up!>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I’m right [BLEEP] next to you.>>AGENT DIAZ & BLACK PANTHER: Why?>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: She sucks. Stop doing that!>>AGENT DIAZ: Show yourself!>>INANNA SARKIS: It was me!>>AGENTS: The sister?!>>INANNA SARKIS: My sister took everything from me. She ran away with Jordan the day of my wedding.>>AGENT DIAZ: Aw, yeah I understand. I mean it was your sister.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I’d kill the [BLEEP] too.>>INANNA SARKIS: But still! You know my secret.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: What’s in the box?>>INANNA SARKIS: Now I’m gonna have to kill you. Say good- [GUNSHOT] [GIRLS CHEERING]>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Congratulations the mission is complete! Everything went as planned. Now where is the missing victim?>>ALYSSA LYNCH: Hello?>>AGENTS: Oh [BLEEP]. [EXIT MUSIC]

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  1. I think you made a mistake in the beginning

  2. I am nine and I can do all what u did

  3. The ninja did a narrator run 2:24–2:29

  4. The suspect:I’m super man!!!!!?

  5. who else is getting Charlie’s Angels vibe

  6. How she dies and you littlefuckr

  7. Find the odd emoji


  8. Let's change the dumb in the title
    to a retarded

  9. It's 5 days ago not later lol I I'm not judging I'm lazy to

  10. Damn lele throwing shade at inanna she wasn't included in cast

  11. Did anyone else see Elle was holding her hands as guns and the others were holding real guns

  12. The new Charlie's angels movie looks really good

  13. its. thst bloomoos and. butter cup and. bubble

  14. the ninja guy was doing the naturo run

  15. Boy : do you love me
    Girl : Yes
    Boy : do you love other boys
    Girl : no
    Boy: would you buy me anything?
    Girl : yes!
    Boy : do you talk to other boys

    Read it backwards 🙂

  16. The spies are crazy

  17. That black girl tho ?

  18. 你真的很有才啊,哈哈哈哈哈哈笑死了,我听力勉勉强强但是大部分能听懂,而且文化交流大部分没有障碍,牛逼!!

  19. I like how they were chasing them on foot the suspect was. Naurto running

  20. The banana peel is the real hero ? 3:33

  21. Is Inanna wearing a choker with the symbol of deathly Hallows????

  22. 0:00 Five Days Ago or maybe right ? ??????

  23. With all six Stones, I could simply snap my fingers. You would all cease to exist. I call that… mercy.

  24. They forgot her in the ROOM when he said were's the missing victim

  25. These three girls remind me of Totally Spies ?

  26. Nice but on part 2:48

  27. Did anyone notice it says at the beginning of the movie ‘five days later’ ?

  28. Did anyone else notice at the beginning of the video she said “5 days later” when it’s supposed to be 5 days earlier

  29. Any chance someone watching in 2019


  31. They actually look good and cool here 1:26

  32. I see ny enemie doin some thing me:Sup bitches

  33. I love you and please give me your número ??

  34. WWE 2K20 in a nutshell 1:30 and 1:34

  35. The PPF are also spies (>~<)

  36. Wait but in the beginning, the FAMILY MEMBER said HER when she was talking about her son °∆°

  37. I love this video

  38. 2.48 dam dat look good .?????

  39. Omg Charlie's angels came on as an ad

  40. no one:
    absolutely no one:
    shop assistants: that's a great hoodie btw, 100% cotton

  41. That part
    Lele:Have ya seen a murder?
    Anwar:yes, I did.There's a reward right?
    Anwar:oh, I didnt see anything??was Hilarious

  42. Hi im alisson duater and im with his phone and thats me in a fire driill acting so cool????

  43. You are weird yt koda

  44. Oh my God I really love you lelee ????

  45. The guns of orange tips


  47. The dumb spies : Area 51 cameo dudes
    The Ninja at 2:23 : Me and my bois on Sep.20 , 2019.

  48. I rather take rubbershoes for running??

  49. 0:05 isn't this the girl that played Devon DeMarco in Project Mc²

  50. Who else saw that narruto run??

  51. Lele you so cool i Love your Videos

  52. Noruto runing past every one

  53. 2:46 thank me later

  54. The suspect is so smart.They naruto ran.

  55. Watch the dude naruto run lol

  56. Anwar jibawi was in the vid you only wrote your name

  57. The spies all of them are from the powerpuffgirls video

  58. Nice asses its what i got to say

  59. Naruto running had me??

  60. How did she now the killer was a girl

  61. in the start it says five days (later) but it should say five days (earlier)

  62. Who else saw that the suspect was naretu running


  64. Elel you should try to do Goost Busters

  65. Lele Better Or The Second girl I Like

  66. 0:01 min into the video…
    'Five days later'

  67. That was a great video

  68. Ha a!!!
    Love u lele.

  69. I'm dead yall forgot to get the girl who got kidnapped

  70. Go on 1:19 and you will see a ferari

  71. The power of the bannana!!

  72. Lol I like how the. SupSpect was naruto running it





  74. Yo the guy who told them the case is in the middle

  75. Did you realize that all the girls in the video are the same girls from the pawer puff girls form lele video

  76. So much over acting

  77. Is that Anwars real family?
    Also Lele love your Videos and all your friends to

  78. It was so funny when she was like she's not joining us then she joined them and also when they were like is that our car then a dump drove in front of them and he was like this is your car and when that dude couldn't control his kids laughed so hard??????

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