Duty Calls – Playthrough

Duty Calls – Playthrough

War… War never changes. Or does it? The war has changed. Did it? The answer is no. Unless it is yes. No, of course it is. It’s war. Yes. No. Yes? RADIO: Here’s your objective. Bla, bla, bla, bla, secret base. Bla, bla, bla, bla, plan. Bla, bla, bla, nuclear missile bomb. Bla, bla, bla, counting on you. Utmost importance: win, good luck. Bor… bor… boring. Rank up! Master Sergeant Shooter Person! I am an enemy too… B… B… Bloody Screen! So real. Bor… bor… boring. I am al… Bor… bor… boring. Oh… Rank Up! Master Sergeant Shooter Sergeant Person! Hey Fox-club niner. I’m gonna point at you and say something serious to further develop… …the game’s storyline. Oh! I’m dead. Increasing the drama of the story. Ha-ha-ha! You can not stop me unless the game goes into slow-motion for some reason and I become… easy to shoot. Oh no! Boring… Boring… Boring… Rank up! Sergeant Sergeant Master Sergeant Shooter Person! I am yet another… Rank up! Master Sergeant Shooter Sergeant Important Person of Sergeants Extreme! I am a paratrooper because that is a real-life war scenario. You can not shoot me because this is a… …cutscene to make the game feel more dramatic, like a movie. Soon I’ll be landing… I have landed on the ground. B… B… Bloody screen! So real! Bor… boring, boring. Rank up! Sergeant of The Master Sergeants Most Important Person of Extreme Sergeants to the Max! I have a gravelly voice with a big foreign accent. I have an eyepatch and I wear a nice suit. That means I am Leader of Bad Guys. I hold the Nuclear missile-bomb. I will never give the Nuclear-missile bomb to you! Give the Nuclear missile-bomb to us, Leader/Enemy Boss, and then put your hands up. Okay! USA is dominate! I am crying tears! I am crying tears!

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  1. I wanna be a sergeant of the master sergeants most important person of extreme sergeants to the max

  2. Epic would later go on to create Fortnite cause fucking hell the things that end up happening.

  3. Is the multiplayer still alive?

  4. Better than Fortnite.

  5. Rank up!
    Master Shooter of the Master Sargents most important person of extreme great good bad sargents Great extremely good shoot gun person who plays video games.
    P.S play Apex legends like for free coins

  6. Did anyone hear about Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition? my dad has a copy of the game and it also contains Duke Nukem in it.

  7. Welcome to another episode of "How the hell did THIS get in my recommended?!".


  9. The good old days 🙂

    Sike I never played this game who do you think I am

  10. At least there isn’t micro-transactions…

  11. This games look good win will the pre order come out I’m excidtd bois,,,

  12. No one:
    Youtube: Hey do you remember Duty Calls? You maybe wanna watch it again after almost 10 years?

  13. Disgusting. Not realistic. NPCs are stupid. The announcer at the beginning gives stupid things. The ranks are stupid. They say it's real when it isn't.

    Overall 0/10

  14. It's too bad that after this demo, Bulletstorm turned out to be the very thing it made fun of. A painfully linear cinematic shooter with weapon limits, no vertical movement and annoying bloody screens.

  15. Funny how this is cracking jokes about Call of Duty and other such shooters being boring, yet Bulletstorm was just as boring. I barely remember anything about Bulletstorm aside from the whip thing which got old real quick.

  16. Damn this game needs to be remastered right now

  17. Better than CoD WW2 or Battlefield 5

  18. Is the voice at the end the same guy doing the GVMER docs?

  19. Only good game Epic Games has made

  20. Yes we all got it our recommendations ok you don’t have to spam it guys

  21. This game was made by the same company that made Fortnite ?

  22. Still better than black ops 4

  23. That motion blur tho

  24. Where i can download this game of the year?)

  25. Coming back to this and getting a Modern Warfare (2019) ad on it is the greatest most ironic thing ever…

  26. The worst thing is that this was back when CoD was actually good, so imagine if this came out 2 years later!

  27. My brain is Numb

  28. The new Modern Warfare looks crazy

  29. Why this is in my recommendations in 2019 lol

  30. it took me some time to realize this was a joke game

  31. +Can i copy your homework?
    -Of course , But do the exact same homework .

  32. We use to make fun of this.
    We want it back….

  33. This is actually made by epic games…the company that made fortnite

  34. How are all the comments from years ago, am I the only one here in 2019?

  35. "Dur 2019 comments duur"

  36. The new Modern Warfare looks great!

  37. Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare all over again.

  38. Legend has it they are still debating whether war has changed or not.

  39. This is more like a battlefiled's campaign in a nutshell

  40. Best Game ever.

  41. All this to watch a bulletsorm trailer?

  42. Me: Can I buy Call of Duty?
    Mom: We already have Call of Duty back home.
    CoD at Home:

  43. Its the fucking chinese knock off of the cod franchise. Holy shit its a train wreck.

  44. This aged like wine

  45. he protecc
    he attacc
    but most impotantly….
    SO REAL !

  46. COD in a nutshell.

  47. Better than Fortnite Battle Royale

  48. i hate this game bullshit

  49. blah blah blah funny comment

  50. remember that this was made by the developers of fortnite
    now that's what i call a full circle

  51. Warfaire modern ?

  52. Cod MW (2019) gameplay released

  53. we are very rad dev we here just make game for later best game

  54. Recommendations, right?

  55. Wow DuTy Calls
    I'm excited for Field of Battle

  56. Well, this joke certainly didn't age well…

  57. Why are Battlefield gays so full of hatred against Call of Duty MW franchises ? Did y'all forget Battlefield V

  58. I remember How People Usually Mocking COD MW Series… but Now I Guess they Need to Take It Back because Now People Consider COD MW As the Best Game after How Activision Fucked Up The Franchise

  59. That's it? Who the hell wrote this?

  60. 10/10 would play again

  61. The black ops moon hacker sound in the background lol

  62. Still a better war game than the last CODs

  63. Im still waiting for duty calls 2…

  64. Why did Youtube recommend this to me in 2019?

  65. Braa this game wpuld be easy then call of duty

  66. Imagine in real war someone say to you "I am an enemy"

  67. The new CoD looks great


  69. Lmao at my comment from 8 years ago: "Game of the Year, looks like Battlefield and Call of Duty has a new competitor in the FPS market"

  70. More interesting than black ops 3 and 4

  71. Wolfenstien young blood gameplay.


  73. I really want the “boring” to be a new hit sound

  74. Bro I completely forgot that this was a marketing gimmick for Bulletstorm!!!

  75. They try make fun of call of duty and now bulletstorm is a history and call of duty still kick ass

  76. And yet Bulletstorm sucked…

  77. Unfortunately, bulletstorm has the same result.

  78. I remember we always had to close this game asap before the end, because it would instal virusses or some shit on your pc at the end

  79. still relevant in 2019

  80. I have played this game and it's so much boring game then I uninstalled it.

  81. Who ever made that game seriously hated CoD

  82. Dude I feel like epic games should be sued for this

  83. Literally MWs campaign

  84. Activision should had make a parody of fortnite instead of copying the battle royale its self

  85. Amazing story
    Short and simple
    Great sense of humor
    Pretty good graphics
    No supply drops
    Best Call of Duty ever

  86. This game is hilarious

  87. The final boss is just Dan Ryckert…

  88. [C] Boring shooting sound.

  89. Good god, did they think they were being smart?

  90. The new call of duty looks great

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