Earn Money to Play Zombie Game 2019 | Zombie Craft Survival Best Free Shooting Game

Earn Money to Play Zombie Game 2019 | Zombie Craft Survival Best Free Shooting Game

hey what’s up Jeremy Lagatule here
and if you’re looking for a zombie crafts survival best free shooting game
guys in this video I’m gonna share with you how to earn money to play zombie
game 2019 alright this is a zombie game free download for PC right it’s probably
the best zombie game that you can play on your PC to earn money in 2019 alright
so guys I’m gonna jump over to my PC and share my screen with you so I can teach
you exactly how you can play this free to download zombie game and actually
earn real money right for playing this game alright so guys let’s let’s go
let’s do it Hey so here we are on my laptop and I’m gonna share my screen
with you so I can teach you this awesome zombie craft survival best free shooting
game right this is the best way to earn money to play zombie game 2019 all right
you can actually earn real money playing this game alright it’s very very simple
you can play it on an Android and iPhone a tablet any sort of desktop or laptop
computer as long as you’ve got a browser you can actually play this awesome game
it’s possibly the best free zombie game free to play ok it’s zombie game free
download for PC and other devices free to play Zombie shooting game guys
alright this game right play zombie games online for free using this app ok
so all you need to do ok to create an account I’m just gonna show you this
let’s say this is the video you’re watching ok free zombie earn real money
okay my name is Jeremy Lagatule and all you need to do to set up your free
account to click this link right in the description of my video click the link
that will bring you through to my network
when you can download the game for free okay this is me alright seas join Jeremy
Lagatule on wowapp and now this is gonna actually put you in my network so
if you want to be friends if you want to learn other ways to make money if you
want some tips and tricks on how to make money playing video games alright then
you’re gonna be in my network you can see me a direct message right so that’s
why it’s important to join me in this network okay it’s 100% free just click
the button and that it’s gonna bring you through to the signup page and guys you
never have to pay for anything you know you just create a free account enter a
valid email address create a user name whatever cool username you want that’s
still available just like any other game right you create your username based on
whatever you want but if somebody else has used that username you may not be
able to grab it so just keep going until you find something you like alright then
create your passwords retype it there into the capture into the box here and
then click create and boom that’s it that’s how easy it is for you to create
a free account on this Wow app right this is what the app score I’ve been
using this for years I’ve withdrawn probably over a hundred New Zealand
dollars right from just from playing games and getting other people to play
games and stuff super super easy guys so let’s jump in and I’m gonna actually
play this awesome awesome zombie game right I don’t know if you think it’s
awesome it depends what kind of zombie games
you’ve been playing in the past but there’s a couple of different zombie
games he can play right there’s actually loads of different games you can play
puzzle games role-playing games I like the shooting games but there’s also
action games adventure games defense games and strategy games racing games
heaps of different games you can play but today I’m going to jump in and play
this zombie shooting game right so this is a free zombie shooting game that I
like to play so guys let’s jump into it and let’s get this let’s just get the
show on the road all right I’m gonna start a new game let’s see if I can kill these zombies without without dying whoops it’s better
to kill like head shots yeah that’s better you know it depends
on the day some days some days you play better than others looks like today I’m
not playing so great so all right but you know for a free zombie game all right
free free to play zombie shooting game this is pretty cool look when it’s
nighttime now so it’s a little bit harder to play when it’s nighttime
because you can’t see as well well maybe it’s just cuz I’m old oh no you may not
have the same problems I have but I find it a little bit hard to see sometimes if
it’s at nighttime oh yeah that’s better maybe I just need to warm up all right
so this is actually a lot of fun I find it fun to UM I look I got a survivor so
these survivors will help you either shooting repairing or shoot you can see
in them out as a search party right and they have different numbers there which
gives them different strengths so you want to match them up I’m just gonna put
her out for the search party because I like to have a big search party at the
beginning so I can get more guns all right let’s go shoot some more zombies
man this does actually get pretty hard like there’s some super fast dudes
they’re common they’re actually really hard to shoot and there’s some wobbly
guys as well they can be actually quite hard because the hits are constantly
wobbly it’s best to like try and shoot them in the head then they’ll just drop
straight away you shoot them in the body like it takes loads and loads of
different loads and loads of shots to put them down so that’s a little tip for
you okay so this chick has three one one so three
means she’s best at shooting so I’m gonna get her to help me shooting these
on these okay we paired these guns I got a new gun that’s pretty cool I switch
these around because I want to use this pistol because it’ll be fast reloading
all right let’s go let’s go shoot some more zombies oh yeah here’s those fast
dudes Oh shooting school each shot each shot
oh yo that was pretty good I got a new survivor and and your gun that’s pretty
cool all right I think I’m just gonna stick
with the pistol for now I’m just cuz oh it’s dark again yeah
oh here’s the wobbly dudes speedster dude all of my friends are helping
shooting these guys now that’s pretty cool always good to have some friends
that are good at shooting when you’re in a zombie apocalypse all right so you
know this is pretty cool right play Zombie games online for free in earn
coins so usually I earn coins for playing and when if you invite your
friends who in play these games they’ll earn points too
you can actually exchange coins for real money like I know there’s a lot of apps
and games out there that they offer you competitions and stuff like that but the
reason I think this is the best free free zombie download game to play to
make money is because they actually play you real money like they send you real
money and I’ve done like other videos on
YouTube so the well appcache out proof right the
payment proof and earning proof that shows that I’ve actually received
multiple payments to my PayPal account right so yeah I don’t know if you’re
looking for the zombie craft survival best free shooting game but I think this
is probably one of the best free shooting games or stress really if
because it’s pretty easy you just play it I know there’s lots of other free
zombie games out here so just depends what you like this one is pretty basic
this is a basic zombie game but again it’s free and you can earn money so you
can’t really go wrong it depends if you wanna earn money for playing zombie
games or if you just want to play oh hold on my survivors died one of my
peeps died and that’s not cool wow it’s so dark that would be so crazy I’m still going pretty good with this
pistol quite like this pistol it’s pretty cool so this is a pretty cool
zombie game free download for PC it’s just free you don’t even actually
download it you just log in so I guess you would call this a free zombie wheat
web browser game free web browser zombie game because you don’t have to download
it to your computer you actually just log into your account on your web
browser and then stop playing which is pretty sweet sometimes you know I don’t
like downloading stuff to my computer especially if it’s not coming from like
you know App Store or Play Store don’t always know if it’s legit places from to
downloads that’s why it’s pretty cool playing with browser games you don’t
actually have to download anything you just go to the website and play your
favorite zombie game and make money at the same time so it’s alright we’ve got
through that way hopefully my survivor friends gonna find me some new guns
that’ll be cool our Knight Tom again really do not like the night time maybe
just seems a bit dark on my screen maybe I can move my screen a bit
and it will actually be a bit lighter yeah that’s better not very fast though okay clear to the next area
oh wow I keep missing that’s ready take out these fast dudes first before they
get to my wall and break my wall down and eat my people they’re zombies like
eating people yeah this pistol is actually really good quite accurate and
it reloads really fast I like it so I think probably this is like the best
free zombie game free to play if you just want something too simple to play I think start to finish to complete the
whole game is only like 30 minute games so at least it’s not gonna take you like
all day you won’t be like stuck playing all day can just have a put game kill
all the zombies and then go do something else more fun whatever that might be
alright this pistol was actually really really
good or back to nighttime I know they’re gonna be coming out like
real fast zoning a lot more of them so I’m probably gonna need a bigger gun for
killing zombies hope my people find some more weapons I like to a k47 that’s
really good the scar is pretty good but you can also
get like a big heavy machine gun and that is like real good or a grenade
launcher that’s pretty good too actually doing pretty good with this
pistol but quite surprising how effective this pistol is because it has
a high rate of reloads I’ve tried this gun before the Remington
is actually not very good because it takes so long to reload it’s not very
good this pistol is actually better than the Remington even though the room to
look better because it takes so long to reload oh wow they’re coming out looking
fast now I might need a bit of gun so like an ak-47 let it go down really nice
right now all right we got them all that was
pretty good found a new survivor what’s he good at
right scene about search party hopefully find me some better guns back to daytime
he’s going fast shut him down dies on me my friends kill them oh yeah
I think so oh yo I got another another friend to
help me here I’ve seen them out with a search party to find me some guns I can’t stop this cook might try the
other gun recoil Oh which thud annoying makes it harder to actually hit them it
reduces the accuracy Wow Oh yo found two more frames that’s sweet
okay he’s a good shooter and she’s a good searcher wow there’s four of them
surely they’re gonna find me a new gun find me a big machine gun that would go
down really good right now I am struggling to put these guys down right
now well you can see my fire rate is getting
really rapid hey y’all got a scar that will work about time I got a new gun
that will definitely work okay stopping power alright what’s up next die zombie yeah
this gun has much better stopping power nice and accurate as long as I actually yes awesome right so this is pretty cool
I hope you think this is oh wow three casualties that’s not good three
of my friends died by zombie all right so I mean this is a really cool
free-to-play zombie shooting game all right that you can actually earn money
to play zombie game in 2019 right I know it’s not the most awesome like these
those really cool open-world zombie games this one’s pretty basic but it’s
still cool for a free game to play on your PC to earn money die zombie die all right got them we got
there we got there so do you like playing zombie games online for free
this is a really simple one that you can just jump on and play at the end of this
video I think once I’ve done this I actually go and I might go and show you
a real cash out proof too so you can see that you actually get paid real money that’s if I can kill all these zombies there’s a lot of them got ’em imagine if
this is for real that should be so freaky alright I don’t know if you’ve
ever seen that walking dude Walking Dead program but man that’s pretty freaky yeah The Walking Dead TV program that’s
that’s a pretty pretty freaky program all these zombies everywhere it’s gotten is pretty good okay my
survivors haven’t found much lately come on guys give me some big guns some big
zombie killer guns so I don’t know about you but I think
this is a cool way to pass the time and make free money I’ve actually seen some
dudes use this app to earn thousands of dollars that’s crazy
honestly you’d have to have a lot of people in your network and a lot of your
friends playing games to actually do that and maybe not just play games but
doing the other things to earn as well because it’s actually 9 ways you can
earn money using this app so it’s not just playing games as a variety of
different things you can do so I think the people that earn thousands of
dollars with this actually have a lot of people in the network and they’re doing
all of the different earning strategies but I think this is just a super cool
our way to just have fun and make some extra coins as well make a few extra
bucks just for playing games you just like play a couple of games every day or
just even just one game every day log in you can earn money to play zombie game
2019 and it’s a hundred percent free man yeah I think it does make a big
difference when it’s nighttime well it does for me anyway Wow there’s quite a lot of zombies now
oh I keep missing got there all right no search party
what no search party oh I didn’t even realize that’s crazy no wonder I’m not
finding anything there’s no search party whoops all right so let’s change this up
a bit see if I can get some big guns these big guys actually look freaky a
butcher dudes quite faster they’re coming in too fast now I really
need a bit of gun dude wobbly guys are so annoying how to get a headshot on it
oh oh yes I got an AK I don’t actually know which is bit of a okay let’s go
okay how I need more people searching so even though she’s only got one point for
searching I’m still gonna put her out there
let’s see might try the AK and see if that’s actually bitter even though it
looks like scar is bitter I’m just gonna give her a try out and see what happens the scar should keep the scar oh let
them get through this wave that was a mistake
shouldn’t keep the scar it’s a little bit more accurate this is still good
it’s got good stopping power but I think the scar is a little bit more accurate
maybe a little bit more stopping power and I did reduce my shoes as well I
think we’re gonna make it just my people don’t die okay we made it we made it we
made it oh we found a new friend that’s pretty cool
three and he can help search I feel they can find me some guns I’m gonna switch
back out to the scar is my primary weapon cuz I think it’s a bit better
oh it’s nighttime – yeah the scar is definitely a bit better more accurate
and it has a bit of stopping power if I can actually hit them oh wow look at
that guy this guy’s so fast it’s so fast I need to put I need the big machine gun
or the will the grenade launcher yes problem with this one is the
magazines are so small can’t really let loose on full auto like it’s been too
much time reloading all right we made it Oh casualties, no guns found all right we made it, we made it no casualties I really need some big guns guys they’ve been out there searching for
ages haven’t got any good guns even the grenade launcher but the grenade
launcher man the grenade launcher actually can kill like five at a time
sometimes I think the most I’ve got was killing eight and one shot that was
pretty pretty crazy especially when the zombies are all
grouped together that’s not good oh wow it’s got through
that’s no good okay okay my guns I cannot believe my search party is not
finding me some big guns this is terrible really need some big
guns right now you can literally kill like like loads of zombies with those
big guns panic all getting through so don’t have
up a gun yet think usually I like ever put gun by now maybe my shootings oh yes the big gun
awesome alright so this changes things a lot they cannot stop me now these
zombies are in big trouble now I’m literally just gonna spam these
grenades Oh spam these grenades sure look how many
it kills in one go three at a time yeah die oh yeah all right so we made it still seven more
days oh yes and we found some friends so seven more days
okay on their senior out ah I actually don’t really need to send these guys out
anymore because I have the begun but then again if they found they found they
found if they found me the big machine gun that would be fun but I mean this is
the best one mode this is the best one the grenade launcher because it can kill
so many at a time oh look at that five at a time
Wow that was pretty crazy Wow four at a time yeah can’t really beat
this weapon this is the best weapon for killing multiples on these at one time god wow and I still got like five more
waves that’s five more days we’re on day 35 so it’s been been thirty five waves already
we’ve got five more to go before cleared this area completely would be actually
pretty cool if they had different areas but it seems to be like just the same
area this is a little bit lame really if they like when you move to different
areas the actual scenery change that would be pretty sweet
I still think though this is the best breed of play Zombie shooting game
though if you want to like earn money for playing zombie games this is
probably the best one I I have researched a few other apps for earning
money for playing video games but yeah most of them are either only available
in the US which kind of sucks because I’m not in the US and so many people
that are looking for ways to make money playing video games don’t live in the
USA either so it’s kind of not really fair for the rest of the world it’s cool
if you’re in the u.s. sure but if you’re not well what do you do I think
this is the best free zombie game free to play that you can use to make money
so that all I’m not focusing I’m gonna focus or I’m gonna die you’re all coming
in thick and fast yeah I think this is the best free zombie game to play for
free on your PC that you can actually earn money to play zombie games in 2019
I think this is the best one if you actually know of a better one
feel free to let me know in the comments because I haven’t found a better one I
mean this isn’t the best zombie game but it’s it’s it’s the best free-to-play
zombie game that you can use to make money so yeah depends if you want to
make money playing video games I think this is the best free zombie game to
play to make money but if you wanna like the actual best zombie game to play
there’s way better games in this one way better I used to play a another zombie
game on PlayStation on Xbox there’s some way cooler ones yeah way cooler ones
like zombie crafts survival I don’t even know what that is I actually just saw
that title somewhere and so I kind of just stole the title I don’t even know
what zombie craft survival best free shooting game really is I just think
this is the best free zombie game and so if you’re looking for the zombie craft
survival best free shooting game I thought maybe you might like to try this
one because you actually earn money to play zombies games with this one you
actually earn money to to play video games with this one you know the other
video games you don’t earn money to play so that’s why I thought you might be
interested to play the zombie game but if you’re not that’s cool each to their
own there’s so many different zombie games out there like this Walking Dead
android games I haven’t played it myself by that one’s probably pretty fun
there’s like role-playing zombie games I like these simple zombie shooting games
especially because you get to earn money for playing zombie games too that’s like
the best part Wow this is day 38 there are loads of
zombies coming at me right now boom we made it we made it guys we made it yay
not long now this is day 39 of 40 and we are killing zombies with a grenade
launcher take him out take him out I’m just spamming my lip quick as hard
as I can to try and kill them all all right that’s it one more guys this is it
this is the last wave day 40 of 40 can they kill me because they look really
hungry these guys are running so fast I think they haven’t eaten for a long time
these guys are like crazy zombies crazy hungry zombies coming to get us but I
have a grenade launcher so yeah good luck with that
crazy zombies crazy hungry fast zombies some of them getting through but it
won’t be enough to stop me and my grenade boom for in one go
AHA good night zombie and there you have it congratulations wrinkled army has
reached the town boom I killed all the walkers worth my awesome grenade
launcher so guys before I go let me just share with you some actual payment proof
so let’s go over to PayPal let me login to my Paypal
payments received okay so these are the payments that I received from playing
these games all right on the wow app so here it is
you wow me limited this is the company that owns the game owns the platform
called Wow app that I’m playing this zombie game on right so they paid me $17
this is real 17 US dollars right here’s another one
$6.82 he’s another one 2019 this is recent $17 right and if you
see here I’ve still got more earnings right and I’ve got a bit of a big
Network here it’s not that big though some people have way bigger networks in
there earning like hundreds and thousands of dollars it’s actually crazy
that you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars for playing video games
really really crazy so yeah there you go bye guys it’s that’s real well app cash
out proof right that these this company does actually pay real money right real
money for playing video games so do you go guys
if you want to create your free account right remember scroll down to the bottom
of this video in the description okay if you are on your mobile phone right on
the right hand side of the title there will be a little arrow so you need to
click that arrow and then the description will drop down and you can
see this blue link right so just click that link create your free account
and then you can start playing the best FREE Zombie shooting game to make money
in 2019 so guys thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video I’ll
see you again in my next Wow training video until then bye for now

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  1. Play Game here:

    Want to earn money to play zombie game 2019?

    In this zombie game free download for pc video game play tutorial Jeremy Lagatule shares the best free zombie game free to play for 2019.

    This free to play zombie shooting game is very easy to play and is available on pc, laptop, desktop. To play zombie games online for free on android, iphone or other smartphones you can find a different zombie game to play there, unfortunately this particular game is not available for mobile but there are other shooting games and zombie games you can play… sorry for any confusion about that!

    In this zombie craft survival best free shooting game video by Jeremy Lagatule, you will learn how to earn money playing video games and will also see that there are a total of 9 different ways to earn money with this free app.

    This the easiest way to earn money to play zombie game 2019 so please feel free to create a free account by clicking the blue link at the top of this description to get your free wowapp account and start earning today!

    This zombie game free download for pc is actually a browser game but can also be downloaded to a mobile smartphone, unfortunately the games for browser vs mobile are actually different but there are loads of different games to choose from so be sure to create your free account and check them out!

    I think this is the best free zombie game free to play and earn real money but if you know of a better one please feel free to leave a comment below this video and let me know!

    This free to play zombie shooting game is a really good one for stress relief or to take a load off your mind even if it's just for a few minutes because as you play zombie games online for free your mind can relax from the day to day stresses of everyday life.

    Sorry if this is not the zombie craft survival best free shooting game you were expecting, I actually saw this title and thought you might like to learn how to earn money to play zombie game 2019 but if not then that's cool, each to their own right?

    This zombie game free download for pc is actually pretty basic so I totally understand if you were looking for something a little more detailed like the xbox and playstation zombie games, although this one is not an open world zombie survival game I still think it's pretty fun.

    For me I think this is the best free zombie game free to play for making money because it pays out real money to your bank, other free to play zombie games usually don't pay real money as the offer credit or prize draws instead.

    This free to play zombie shooting game only takes around 30 – 60 minutes to complete all levels which I also think is pretty cool because you can jump on and play without spending all day one it.. most parents will agree the when their kids play zombie games online for free, they don't want them spending the entire day wasting it inside, especially if it's nice weather outside!

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