Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka – एक रिश्ता साझेदारी का – Episode 17 – 30th August, 2016

Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka – एक रिश्ता साझेदारी का – Episode 17 – 30th August, 2016

Who started with this? Well.. Hey, come here.
Come here. What were you saying?
That they are spies! Come on.
Hold your ears, both of you. Okay. Well.. Okay.
I am sorry, Aunt. I am sorry.
– I forgive you. Shall we start with the game?
– Yes! Yes!
– I will be the umpire. Let the game begin! Wow! That’s an awesome shot! Just keep watching!
– Good shot, Uncle. Keep it up.
Come on! Be careful while playing. Don’t sprain your leg
while being enthusiastic. Mathur!
– Quiet! You are my master and
I am your servant. I will be quiet.
But please be careful. He already earned six points. Quiet! Yes, come on! Dad, what are you doing?
You should’ve taken a step back and then, you should have
hit the shot properly. You should have come ahead
and hit the shot. What are you doing, Uncle? Hit the shot properly.
– But.. What’s the matter?
Everyone is teaching us how to play. Has everyone turned
into a coach? I am an experienced man
and these people are trying to train me. Oh! Wow! Wow! All right, then.
Let’s have a competition. Let’s have a competition between
the old and new generation. Yes, let’s do it!
– Let’s do it. Let’s see who wins
the competition. Like it is said,
both of us are here. Let’s see who puts up
a better show. Come and compete with us. Uncle, you could have said
something else. It’s a fight between the men.
Okay? Don’t bother about the gender,
bother about the emotions. Come and compete with me. What are you watching? The old generation
is instigating you. Let’s have a match!
Go for it! Come on.
Come on. Come, Prabhat.
– Take the racket. Mom, Grandma and Aunt,
come soon. A great match is going
to start soon! We are not sure as to who
is winning and who is losing but we are sure that aunt
and uncle’s teams are competing with each other. Ladies and gentlemen,
please come. A match between the old
generation and the.. – Come on! …new generation of the Sethia
family is going to take place. Be ready.
– Please sit down. Listen to me. The person who loses will
treat us to sweets. He will buy it from the market. Wow! Great shot.
Great shot. Yes! Oh, wow, Sushant!
That was a wonderful shot! Their score is seven. Mr. Mansoor, it is not seven
but eight! I am warning you.
You better don’t cheat. I am sorry that I made
a mistake. I am really sorry. Mr. Mansoor, if you keep
commenting and not pay attention to the game then you will keep making
such mistakes. Pay attention!
– Okay! Okay! Uncle, let’s practice.
Come on. Yes! Your phone has been
ringing since a long time. Mom, it is sister’s friend.
– Yes, c-college friend. Why don’t you talk?
What if he might be wanting to say something
important? Come on, practice. – Why is he
calling again and again? I don’t think he is calling
to talk about the ever increasing
pollution in the world. Sister,
he is eager to talk to you. That’s why, he is calling
again and again. Answer the call. Tanu will replace me. Tanu will
play. My friend is calling. That’s nonsense! You didn’t hit properly.
Strike again. – No.. Wonderful. Great shot!
– Oh, God! Wow! Wow!
Now they will get a score. Yes!
– Oh! Aryan. – Sanchi,
I am Priyanka speaking. Hello, ma’am. I.. – You want to talk
to Aryan, right? But he is busy at the moment. Actually, the old and new
generation of the family are playing a badminton match. Then I..
– Do you want to see? Wait a minute.
I will make a video call. Take a look. Come on!
– Come on. – Look how Aryan is playing badminton. Yes! Brother-in-law. Who is it?
Who are you talking to? Sanchi. Sanchi.
– ‘Greetings, ma’am.’ ‘Stay happy.’ Hello, ma’am.
– ‘Stay happy, dear.’ Greetings, ma’am.
– ‘Bless you.’ ‘Hi, Ms. Sanchi.
– Hi, Ms. Sanchi.’ Hi. Look at them. Be careful.
Be careful. Yes!
– Yes! If this continues,
I am sure that the old generation
will surely lose. Mansoor!
Are you my friend or theirs? I-I am like an uncle to them. Okay, meet me later. I will deal with you.
I will talk to you. Sir, you get too irritated
while playing. What! – Sorry!
He gets too angry. – Come on. Speak less and play more.
– Come on, everyone, play now. Good shot, Aryan!
Six and nine.. Come on! Oh, no!
– Oh.. ‘Very good shot, sir.’ Thank you, dear. This match has now reached
a very interesting stage. And all the senior players here are just a point away
from losing. Oh!
– Come on. Well done. Oh! We just need
to get that one last coin. And I can play this
by keeping my eyes shut. Yes! Be careful.
Careful. He will hit a shot.
Be careful! Hey! What have you done!
– Oh, no! Sir, he played really well. “We won.
– We won.” “We defeated them..
– We defeated them..” “In this game! Yes!” This match is a draw!
And this match.. I wonder for how long will
these happy days last! Don’t worry, Prabhat. We have got an export order
and that alone would be enough for us
to come out of our problems. Who are you whistling for?
– For your fiancÃ(Copyright). He has such a good style.
– Show it to me. Come on. He looks so cute.
– Show it to me once. Oh, my!
He looks so cute. Show it to me once. Hey! Hey.. You liked him so much
that you are dumbstruck. Tanu. – I think you want
to play badminton. Isn’t it?
Tell me. Tanu. Tanu!
– Aunt! Aunt! Hey!
– What happened? I got you!
– Tanu, what are you doing? Rohit! – Look at her.
– Rohit! Tanu.
– Look, Rohit is here. Greetings, ma’am!
– Greetings! How are you, dear?
You’re coming here after long. I’m fine, ma’am.
How about you? I’m fine.
– Tea? – Tea. I’ll get it.
You all be seated. Where were you all these days?
Why do you look so depressed? Why are you crying?
What happened? Everything is over.
– Come on. Sanchi, I’m ruined! What happened?
Come on. Let’s sit and talk.
Easy. Have a seat.
What happened? Everything is over.
– What happened? You know, first I was in love
with Simran and she eloped with Avinash. Then I fell in love with
Priyanka. – Priyanka? Priyanka Chopra!
She went to Hollywood. Anyway, she wouldn’t be with me
even though if she was here. You know what?
You were my last hope. It’s because of you
that I asked my dad to buy a sports bike for me,
so that I can you around. But now, even you’re going away by getting married
to someone else. So I’m ruined!
– No. You’re still not ruined.
You’re a brave chi.. I mean, you’re
a brave young boy, right? Am I right, Rohit?
You’ll find someone.. You know,
when one’s heart is broken.. Okay, fine.
It hurts a lot when heart is broken. Well.. You know
what happened yesterday? What?
– What? Yesterday, Meena called me
on a date and.. She didn’t turn up? No, she did come but.. But I just couldn’t handle.
I didn’t know what to do
or what to talk to her. After yesterday’s experience,
I’m very sure that I can’t go on a date
with anyone. No, Rohit.
Don’t be silly. So what?
You’re a good chi.. I mean, you’re a good boy. Just because one of your dates
was ruined that doesn’t mean all your dates
will get ruined. Come on.
I’ll go on a date with you. Seriously?
– Sister, what.. No worries.
He’s my friend. I can do this for a friend,
right? Am I right? Wait over here.
I’ll be right back. I’ll teach him all the dating
rules in just one date. Make it fast. My WBC count has gone high.
– And my RBC is low. There will be slight
fluctuations. There’s nothing to worry. Listen. – Yes.
– Your sugar level is high. Shall I start giving you bitter
gourd juice from tomorrow? Listen. Your RBC count is low. I’ll give you beetroot juice
from tomorrow. Sir, congratulations.
Here’s my report. It’s absolutely normal.
Have a look at my report. So what should I do?
Should I make posters of it and stick them everywhere? He’s acting very smart.
– Just check my report. Grandma, don’t you worry.
Your reports are normal. It’s just that your cholesterol
level is a little high. What do you mean?
How’s that possible? I strictly follow my diet.
– Well.. Hold on. Ma’am, try to recollect
if you had anything apart from your diet
during the wedding at Jaisalmer? Something like ‘Gulab Jamun’
or ‘Rasgulla’ ‘Rabri’, ‘Rasmalai’ etc.
– Naughty! It was you
who was eating everything and now, you’re asking me! Mom, don’t you worry. You just have to take care
of two things. Firstly, stick to your diet
and take your medicines on time. You can easily control
your cholesterol by doing this. Right, ma’am. Hereafter, you may
start having boiled vegetables and unflavoured pulses.
– No. I can’t have those
boiled vegetables and unflavoured pulses.
– Then, be prepared for a cardiac arrest.
– Hey! If her cholesterol is going high
in spite of following a strict diet, what else
is going to happen? It will go so high that she’ll
get a cardiac arrest someday. Stop talking negative!
Are you waiting for me to die? Why would I wait for that? You can die whenever you wish. Anyway, you’re not
going to leave me a share of your property. I will surely not give you
a single penny. If you hadn’t said
this nonsense I would have surely given you
something before I died. Now, there’s no chance. You just incurred a loss!
– Right. Sister, think again. I find
your friend, Rohit, crazy. Whether you go on a date
with him or do the best you can nothing is going to help him.
– Don’t say that, Tanu. He’s my friend.
The poor guy is innocent. But he’s not a fool. No matter what it is,
I don’t think it’s a good idea. Sister, your marriage is fixed.
– So what? Getting married doesn’t mean I’ll have to forget
my old friends or that I can’t help my friends.
– But Sister what if someone from your
would be in-laws’ family sees you both together
over there? – Relax, Tanu. Nothing as such will happen.
You worry unnecessarily. Ms. Priyanka. Hello. Hello, Ms. Priyanka. How are you?
– Absolutely fine. After we came back
from Jaisalmer I wanted to talk
to you every day. But I couldn’t get time
until today. Is there anything important,
Ms. Priyanka? Well.. No. Are you busy? Well, Ms. Priyanka.. Sanchi, what happened? Ms. Priyanka, actually,
I’m going outside. So, a bit late..
– It’s okay. You can start. I simply called you. I’ll call you later.
Okay? Bye. So, you are again going
on a date with Sanchi. No. Why did you say so? I just spoke to Sanchi
over the phone. She said she’s
getting late to go out. I thought she’s going
to meet you. Well, Sister-in-law Priyanka,
can’t she go anywhere else? Anyway, Sanchi and I won’t
meet before the engagement. Why? Because it doesn’t feel good
to meet again and again before the engagement. Her family doesn’t like it. And Sanchi doesn’t like to lie
to them to meet me. And I like this the most
about Sanchi. So cute! Aryan, you are getting
an amazing sister-in-law for me who is both adventurous
and cultured. She’s exactly like you! How cute!
I need to attend a meeting. By the way,
where are you going? Nowhere.
– That’s good. Come with me to the meeting. Dad will be convinced
that I’m not spoiling you but teaching good things.
– Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. – Bye, Sister-in-law.
– Bye. Bye.
– Take care. First of all, you need
to listen attentively to girls. Got it? Keep it down. Your problem is that you won’t
listen to girls. Listen, girls speak a lot. So, listening to them is an art.
Repeat. – An art. – Correct. Tell me how I should
listen to girls. With a lot of patience
and attention. Even if you get bored by
listening to them they.. – Sorry. – …shouldn’t
feel for a fraction of a second that you aren’t
paying attention to them. Got it? – I used to think why
all my dates are disastrous. But next time, I’ll make sure
to remember these points. Correct. Aryan. – Yes.
– I don’t understand why dad is so much worried
about this export order. Let me show you how
to talk to girls. It’s Sanchi, right? Look into their eyes with full confidence.

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