el nido TOUR A | ?????? dji mavic and go gopro hero 5

el nido TOUR A | ??????  dji mavic and go gopro hero 5

We our missed cab to the tour and they’re going to come back and get us thought about setting the alarm but Every day before this woken up early so, i didn’t think we would need it but we did we’ll still make the tour i think We have no idea what’s in the bag It was me, running around saying get the DRONE get the batteries. And now that we have that everything else is secondary I like to pack the night before and this is the reason why we will see you on the boat or maybe getting on the boat We are walking to our boat we are here with Chela and she is taking us to our boat We’re gonna do this entirely on our phones because they’re waterproof and we don’t want to ruin our cameras So hopefully the vlog turns out okay, we’re super excited This is our first tour. We’re told it’s one of the two most popular tours Tour C being the other one so Let’s see anyone who has been following us. They know that, i like to be super prepared and we are not prepared at all I have no idea what’s in the bag we have forgotten lots of stuff so i have a lot of anxiety right now we’re on the boat now, and that’s the important thing yeah, well! i just have a lot of anxiety we’ve got a bg bag full of stuff i have no idea what’s even in that bag it’s filled hopefully with the stuff that we need Hey We are here at the first stop which is the seven Commandos beach We might be able to get the drone up, we might not We only have a half hour and then it takes so long to set up the drone to start with She’s a good cook she should be cooking it smell so good you like it? yeah! what’s happening? time to eat Thank you Beautiful Yeah like hot very refreshing And this is the island that we were on Which is called …. do you remember what it’s called? Don’t remember the Japanese guy Leave Okay, so we are back from our boat tour We are gonna head off to the beach see if we can try and get a tricycle or tuk tuk Daniel is behind me just Putting on his a very wet water socks. Well they are water socks because it’s the only shoes that we have left Because we lost ours as you guys know. Can you hear the chickens in the background? They don’t know whether it’s afternoon, morning Evening, they just do that every single time. We’re gonna head out. So we will see you there Hey guys getting late so we are headed to bed. Just wanted to say thanks for watching We had a long day on the boat and a long day on the beach So tomorrow we have a flight off the more adventures. Thank you again Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you see give us a thumbs up and hit that post Notification and you’ll get routine updates on when we put new videos out Thanks again guys. See you soon We don’t wanna I see light

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  1. Kayaking in the lagoons is fun!

  2. Loving the transitions and time lapses!

  3. Great video! And very interesting destination. Gotta write that one down.

  4. What a paradise that place is so beautiful glad you took the drone out. That food looks great hope you guys are having an awesome time.

  5. This is such a beautifully shot and edited video! Drone, underwater, sunset, etc. etc. Great music too!

  6. Wow the color of the water there is amazing. Really makes me want to get a drone haha

  7. Small lagoon looks awesome! Great vid guys. Looking forward to seeing many more vids

  8. Man yen and I definitely needa head out that way looks so awesome. Maybe for 2020 too many bucket lists hahaha. The cliff faces look so amazing and then that blue water o my gosh ❤

  9. Wow! The effect of the side mirror had us like what???? Great job

  10. Yes to drone shots and yes to amazing shots !! WOW awesome job

  11. The water looks so amazing ! Such an amazing location or should I say locations. It’s so beautiful there

    Now I know how to do kayaking. I’m going to inspire Lieles to do it like that

  12. Beautiful sunset ! Where to next? You said you have flights?

  13. Naz, we totally understand. We overprepare too! Haha That lunch looks fantastic and it looks like a fun tour. Very nice drone and underwater shots!

  14. Is Daniel Korean ??

  15. this channel is way more better than lazy and lost! love you guys! ❤

  16. Great vid guys! Golden aerial footages! 🙂

  17. Great video…love the transitions. Awesome drone footage…

  18. Found you from TouringTastebuds… and a mavic are right up our alley 🙂 so we will join along in your Journey…..

  19. Wow your edits are stunning ?
    I subscribed to watch your future travels ?
    +1 sub ✅
    Always welcome on our channel, we've planned a lot of activities this year with the GoPro 7 Black in our hands!
    Cheers ?

  20. The water looks crystal there guys. Loving the look of the chilled sunset vibes, great time lapse.

  21. Awesome drone footage, the water is crystal clear I loved the timelapse too

  22. Love the lagoon so much and the sunset! Can’t say how adorable natural view is , big like? I have new upload, hope u can support as well ?

  23. That was awesome guys, great editing on this one!

  24. That mirror transition. was so cool. Great job guys!!

  25. El Nido looks like an epic place – I can't wait for the day that I experience that place for myself. Thanks 4 sharing – Big red button has been activated – watching AND supporting

  26. who does the editing?,,cool video editing. but if i may suggest, the transition between scenes a bit longer, too fast for me. hehe

  27. I love love this. You guys shot and edited this really well. El Nido looks amazing and that walk on the beach in the evening is just magical.

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