Encephalitis: Can we save our little ones in 2020? | Episode 101 TheDeshBhakt | Akash Banerjee

Encephalitis: Can we save our little ones in 2020? | Episode 101 TheDeshBhakt | Akash Banerjee

The population of our country is around 130 crore Which means 130 crore lives in the country It is nature’s rule, when things are in abundance, they are undervalued This is happening in America with climate change In Pakistan with terrorism and the same can be seen in our country with the lives of our people Whether the number of people dying in India is in thousands or billions We are not bothered Even if children are dying We are still not bothered Recently more than 150 children died in Bihar from encephalitis If this would have happened in any other country, a national healthcare emergency would have been declared Health minister would have resigned Focus on health would have been the priority in budget In our country, the focus was on India Pakistan cricket match and on TRP drama The astonishing thing is that it is us who are moving away from drama today Deshbhakt is trying to raise a difficult question today Not about Bengal, not about Malda not even about Mamata didi She is anyways on the news courtesy national media Today we are going raise questions about the state of children in the country What about the children who are dying every year in hospitals despite claims of development Sometimes due to encephalitis Sometimes due to lack of oxygen. We will prove to you that it is the system that is more diseased than our bodies And the kids have not died on their own, but the system is responsible for their deaths The health care infrastructure of our country is like the apartments in Mumbai Always in a poor condition, no one knows when they will collapse According to National Health Policy, by 2025 India should spend at least 2.5 percent of it’s GDP on healthcare Even if you add state and centre expenditure, the figure at the moment is just 1 or 1.5%. It is stuck there since years We have already discussed about the healthcare crisis in the country so that is not what are discussing in detail The government is not bothered about the prevailing healthcare crisis in the country People of the country are not even aware of the name of the Health Minister When and how will you raise questions when there is a possibility of being labelled anti-national for asking questions So today we will not look at how communal disharmony is destroying the nation because that is something you already know internally We will tell you how the country has been put on a ventilator because of lack of hospitals If the deaths of innocent kids are unable to wake us up then what is the use of being a nuclear power AES is a disease that rises because of hunger Our body requires optimal blood glucose level to function which is received from food But the body does not receive this glucose and energy when someone sleeps hungry Then it starts doing glucose synthesis through fatty acid oxidation But the malnourished children in Bihar had eaten lychees Lychees have a substance called MCPG which stops glucose synthesis and this gives rise to Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia is a condition when blood sugar level in the body drops severely Hypoglycemia in children in Bihar was so high that they were dying a painful death in the hospitals Though we do not know the 100% accurate cause of encephalitis as there is more research required on it. But people are saying that lychee may have deteriorated the condition of children but lychee cannot be the cause of their deaths Else this will be like holding the rains responsible for Mumbai potholes rather than the BMC Saying that the anti national rain from Pakistan is responsible for Mumbai floods The real cause behind the death of children is Malnourishment According to Statistics, 35% of children in the country are undernourished that is they suffer from malnourishment The condition is even worse in UP and Bihar Even in Infant Mortality rate (IMR), these states are the worst Maybe that is why when there is a discussion on the death toll of kids, some Ministers think we are talking about Virat Kohli’s cricket score. No one talks below a century The ministers were only bothered about cricket score and not the death of children The deaths of children due to malnourishment made to the news due to Ravish’s report and a few TRP hungry channels but what about the deaths of children in Assam and UP A few months ago, more than 70 children died in Gorakhpur in UP due to lack of oxygen The same city from where the ,Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath has been an MP for 5 terms Even while we are discussing this issue, there is a kid suffering from Japanese Encephalitis Instead of bringing the Japanese healthcare system in India, we brought the Japanese encephalitis in the country. What a development! Even in Assam, the death toll has risen to 100 Let us call the Health Minister and give him the Man of the Match! On a serious note, we are not ashamed when the condition of children in our country gets worse than African Countries We are not even ashamed when more importance is given to the score of the Indian Cricket team than the death of children Neither are we ashamed to know that only 15% of hospitals in UP and Bihar that maintain basic standards of quality But we do feel ashamed to know that children die in the same hospital because of the same disease every year We dream of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy, but do not even ask what is happening in the country Ofcourse it is a crime Whether it is Congress, BJP or JDU, one thing is clear that healthcare in politics holds only as much value as talent in Bollywood . It keeps getting neglected We forgive and forget the deaths that have happened and the ones that will happen in future Nobody raised a question on how these deaths can be stopped We have reduced the deaths to only tolls that more than 100 children have died They had names with which they were addressed at their homes Now these names will not be taken ever again Let us take a few names at least, maybe someone will care Why are the children dying after being admitted to the hospital The ill children needed to be immediately given 10% intravenous dextrose to save them but they were given only 5% intravenous dextrose You can say the medicine was unavailable or it was a medical lapse or carelessness but these are a few important questions which nobody cares to answer Parents are saying there is an unavailability of medicine in the hospital. The condition of food given to children in hospitals is also poor Even if children would have received this medicine it would not have made much difference as they would have required treatment after that too What about the states where 50 % posts for nurse, 34% posts for medical professionals and 60% posts for medical specialists are vacant We have more cow rakshaks than doctors in our country It is not that government has done nothing. Compensation of Rs.4 lakh was announced. Experts were called. Special wards were made. Big promises were made by the Government but these promises were made in 2014 too So we do not know if we can trust these promises or not We do not feel like trusting these promises 139 children died in 2014 , 178 children died in 2012. Every year children die between April and June God knows what will the government do or not do but But I will tell you here on Deshbhakt what you can do We can demand for the healthcare budget to be increased from our taxes We do not want statues, we are demanding hospitals from our politicians. We can demand that the government should increase Primary Healthcare Centres But for all this to happen, you will have to open your eyes and become aware of those organizations and bodies such as Oxfam India They are demanding the government should come out with a road map once it completes its 100 days that is, 7th September The government should tell the country about its’ policies related to healthcare What is their plan for healthcare? They have done enough of politics around building Ram temple, now we need to ask them when are they building hospitals You can go the description box given below and click on the link to sign the petition Because only the pressure built by you and us can lead to something There is not much hope from media and opposition Apart from signing the petition, we can also demand for more and more awareness campaigns Because education and awareness are the only tools that can help resolve such issues. At least they can help in bringing down the number of deaths. We are doing our job and making you more aware while the politicians are trying to make you more ignorant Now the choice is yours! I would apologise if the episode was too serious but our aim was that there should at least be a threshold Children should not be dying every year, in an upcoming economic superpower At least this much the government needs to do If you agree with me on this then please do sign the petition.Let us try to bring a change We will keep bringing more episodes of Deshbhakt If you liked this episode, press the bell icon, take part in our live chats The comment section is open for your praise, criticism and abuse

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