(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – SpellForce 2 Anniversary Edition (Gamesessions)

(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – SpellForce 2 Anniversary Edition (Gamesessions)

hello and welcome to low-budget gaming
and welcome to another free game alert today’s free game is spellforce 2
anniversary edition and this is being given away by gamesessions now if
you’re not familiar gamesessions is a site that allows you to download trials
and demos of games before buying them so they offer games for free every month or
so so – this time they’re giving away free spellforce 2 now in order to get
this game you need to have an account with gamesessions it’s a free account
and you need to download the game and play it for at least five minutes so
remember you need to play it for 5 minutes in order to get it for free
it’ll be free after that and it will be added to your library but you have to
play it for 5 minutes that’s the key thing this giveaway will end on the 29th of
November so you have about two weeks plenty of time so if you’re interested
in this game now this is a real time strategy game mixed with role-playing
elements I am not familiar with this here myself I mean I’ve heard of it but
I haven’t played it so I’m not too sure about this but it’s got very positive
reviews it looks like a decent game it’s a little older now this is from 2009 and
since this is the anniversary edition it also has the add-on for the main game on
Steam this game sells for $14.99 dollars here’s the SteamDB page for this game
I’ll add the link below so you can compare the price in your region anyway
in the u.s. it is $14.99 that’s the base price it has been on sale for as low as
1.49 which is 90% off same for the euros is $14.99 lowest 1.49 pounds is 13.99
and 1.39 so it isn’t too expensive on sale other regions is even cheaper and
same price on GOG it’s also $14.99 so if you are interested in realtime strategy
games with role-playing elements check this out it is free for the next two
weeks on game sessions thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my next

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  1. Nice one. Played the 1st one but not this. Cheers 😀

  2. Nice one mate, I'll check this out later.

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