(ENDED) FREE Game Alert – The Bureau : XCOM Declassified (Steam Key) Humble 48 HOURS ONLY

hello and welcome to low-budget gaming
and welcome to another free game alert today’s free game is the Bureau
XCOM declassified and this is free from the humble store and this is free for
the next two days so head over to Humble store get the game you will get a
DRM free version and a steam key that you can activate on your account the
game has got mostly positive reviews on Steam I haven’t played this so I don’t
really know too much about it it’s a sci-fi third-person shooter so yeah
check it out and as far as pricing is concerned usual price is $20 lowest
price has been 3.99 15 in UK 2.99 lowest and a bunch of other countries where
it’s expensive quite a lot Poland is the most expensive and yeah so it’s between
about $8 to $25 full price and lowest 2 to 5 roughly so yeah head over to Humble
get the game it’s only free for the next two days and yeah thank you for watching
and as always share the video post it on Twitter etc tell your friends family so
they can also get a copy as well and yeah thank you for watching see you in
the next one

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