Hello, this is Jae DAY6, it’s been a long time TODAY I’m alone, why i’m alone Today I will try to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. Today, we will not bake a cake. But what will we do? We will design a cake. How are we gonna do this? Originally… To be honest, at first, I wanted to start from baking a cake But it takes too much time So we have a cake made for us We’re ready We have a design that I wanted to try to do and the design is me… …with ‘Happy Birthday’. We’re gonna get it done together. What should we do first? To be honest, I did not think this through. What should I do first? Okay. Let’s go get some recipes! While making a cake we need cream A lot of things are needed, right? We have to get the extra things. So let’s take a look at what we’ve got. We got letters, we got numbers for my birthday. It’s obviously my birthday and I am How old am I in Korea? You don’t know? Ahh, okay okay. Here. Twenty. Six. Done. What else do we need? Just a second.
This… Hello there. So everyone what do I need and what thing should I use tell me once. Please let me know what I need in my cake so I can make it amazing. Because, as you know, it’s my birthday. So it’s gotta be amazing. It’s gotta be amazing! I’m serious! Okay, so let’s get it. Please have a look at the ingredients. We got nuts, we got chocolates. We got more candles. I like that. It’s cute, it’s me. I’m gonna take it. That’s me. Today, we are not concerned with the price tag. Why? Because I am not paying for it. That is why. Anyways, let’s go. There’s this too. Is this edible? I don’t really know what it is. What is it? It doesn’t really tell me what it is. What is this? Okay. Since I like chocolate… What else we got? We got some handbags, because, you know, you know about that life. Do we need this? Maybe. We’ll take it. We need… sprinkles. And coffee bean-looking nuts. Is this chocolate? Oh, it’s chocolate. And we also need… “Thank you”. It says “thank you”. Chocolate. Tell me what I need. This is really my first time making a cake. Let me know quickly. Of course, we’ll need “I love you”. Because we’re making a cake for me, so “I love you”. What do we need? I think we’re good. So we got our recipes. We also need letters. “Get the Santa!” What Santa? Which one? Oh, this. Can I- Not this, right? Sorry, I tried. Let’s first go back. Okay, we got the recipes. We’re about- Okay… We got all the recipes. We got the things that we need. Put that over there for a second. What exactly are we doing today? This cake… This cake has already been baked. It’s delicious. What are we doing? We’re going to design a cake. Let’s have a look again at the photo. We will try to make an exact copy of this one. Can Jae do this? Is it possible? I really can’t do it. I can’t draw. I’m the type who can’t do art. So we are going to try To make this picture. Yeah, it’s not gonna happen. But, we’ll try. Roll up the sleeves, I gotta get ready. So what do you want to first do when you start making a cake? Of course, you should draw. But what we will draw is the outline first. So how are we gonna do the outline? We’re gonna do it with This… Umm I dont know what I am doing. So you gotta take off the cap I’ll start. Can you zoom in on the cake? Okay, I know what to do. Ah, I should make a sketch. Of course, before you do this You have to sketch it first, right? If you want to make it pretty, right? There is no way I could remove this chocolate, right? When it hardens, you can pick it up using tweezers. Ah, so you can pick them up using tweezers. So now, We’ll start on this side. I can use this one, right? Got it. It’s not funny, okay. It’s not ruined. I can do this. ‘You should do the yellow first.’ No, everyone. You should do the outline first. You see this one, right? Like this, first, we’re gonna split The cake so it’s gonna be split this way And then we’re gonna draw the cake And draw the chicken like so Okay, hold on. I’ll do it like this. I’ll perfectly draw This circle, right? So we got the face of the chicken. Look at the outline, impeccable. After that, we should draw the hand. So far, okay. Only this much Applause. Everything else, we’re doing freestyle. I am going to start with this again. This outline firstly while drawing with chocolate I will draw the first outer line. I will draw the first outer line. Ahh okay My hand always My hand keeps on shaking…..even when I am still it keeps on shaking. I will try first. We are drawing it. I want you guys to take a look real quick inside. Wait a That…you see that pink? That is strawberry. Let’s go. Boom done. We got this area. Voila~ It’s not bad. Stop laughing. It came out better than I thought. Is it not the same? NO? It is not bad. How crazy. Alright watch. Okay this I am going to show y’all a trick. I made a mistake while doing this. Next time while you all
are making a cake I should also like Jae forgot to make a outer line but started with chocolate but made a mistake. This is what you should do. I will show you. It is dry right? Oh! Magnificent~ So now We drew a outer line first I have to colour it in. In order to make a good image we cannot forgot the Outer line I will try the outer lining by sketching. How should I do this? Ahh, firstly we should draw the eyes. Big At least this much. Cutely….okay. Perfect, right? Why do you keep laughing? Okay okay..I will draw now. Lips can be drawn like this. *laughing* Since we have already drawn that, now with chocolate again Wait a minute it melted, Boss. This keeps melting. So why you have to keep it in the water? – Uh, yeah. You gotta keep it soaked in water.
– Ahh I understand. Everyone making this at home make sure to keep it in hot water or it is going to get hard. So how should we do this? Should I start with this? Or with chocolate? That is what I was worrying about. No wait, let me draw the outer line first. I was trying to decide what I was going to do first. I think it is better I draw the outline first so you know So, I only do things perfect. Alright watch, we are going to draw the eyes now. Okay, we got it. This is…. You can think it is different from the picture. This is not really different and I have only put my style into it. I am just putting in my colour and input on what I think A cake should look like. So, Now that we have the base done We are going to fill in the eyes with…. Eyes…. this Alright, so the eyes are this. The eyes are this~ Now we are gonna fill that in. By the way guys, Everyone, right now If you listen to the background music Day6 is playing. Everyone my birthday wish was that everyone listens to Day6 songs at least once. Did you listen to it? Have you listened to the song? If not, shame on you. If yes, Thank you, If not Please go listen to a Day6 song cause you know as we love the support and are in for the fam and I am trying to stall time so that it melts and i can use this. So I think we are good now. Now filling in the eyes. This does not feel right. Is this correct? We have filled in the eyes. That is how you do it, right? Is it right? There is yes in the comments. Now, next we should We need to colour it, I will show it to you. Wait a minute. I keep forgetting, gotta put this back. Okay, I do not know where the cap went. We are gonna start. If you look there is a shape It comes out like that, so we are going to try to fill in the chicken with that, So, let us try. One at a time. Slowly. ooo~ I feel like it will take all night. Oh, more big? OKAY~ As you can see I am a professional. Umm…. just go perfectly along the line You will have no problems Back in my hometown I was known as la chef(?) because of my excellent mushroom cooking abilities and I suated them in a frying pan. And they were very good my mom told me so. Now Outline is finished. Ahh this is pretty easy. Alright, let us finish the rest of we are just gonna go along the edges. Like that, follow me. Now we are gonna fill it in. Boom. And guys if you do not have the tools to do this at home It is okay. Just.. You can make it yourself. There are a lot of DIY videos on these kind of tools. I have not done any of that yet but I am assuming there is And you can probably do this at home if you really wanted to. If you feel dedicated enough. If you really want to make it. Then you should challenge yourself and make it at home. Do it? NO, Challenge yourself. If you do it at home send me a tweet I will look at the pictures. I see what y’all got cause I do not think anyone can top this. Look at excellent the work is on this. We are just gonna finish this up. As you can see I am getting a lot faster as it goes. We are getting towards the circle. We are gonna try something. Where’s the toothpick? Here you are. You can see my hands were shaking a little bit and my eyes are not symmetrical. It does not work. Nevermind. Just gonna keep going. I was gonna shape it of with the thing but that is not working. Here you go. Yes yes YES Okay. We do not have time just gonna do it. YESSS It is a masterpiece. We gotta finish out the edges. Make sure everything i perfect and exactly looking like the picture. And the you get this guys~So you have the eyes Yes~ muscles(?) thank you That is right. Now this Lips colour Now this we need to do carefully. Lips colour is important. I think that looks good. ~~ It came out It is not bad, right? Sorry. I will go ahead. So, now that we are finished. We are gonna finish the body. And obviously we do not got time so we just gonna… Get along the edges. YES~~ Perfect we got the body. And now just gonna fill it up. this(x5) …….. By the way guys, umm… I have not posted a thank you because actually Actually, I have not posted about this on SNS. We on birthdays an event like this or something special in front of the company’s building. I usually click a picture and upload it online but that I will save it this time. As this time for everyone something special I prepared something. I actually yesterday from 6 in the morning went back and forth from Seoul and found this and that If there is a chance next time I will show it to you. So what I am basically saying is.. I usually upload something or a picture of the things that my fans have been doing for us but this time I did not upload a birthday picture. But I am going to upload a picture. It is going to be different than what you expect from a typical sns but yesterday I woke up at 6 and pretty much ran around Seoul trying to find certain things. Be hyped because I found it. It was hard to find. But that is for a different thing so talk about it later. Anyway, It is not bad. Now what should I do Firstly, need to write ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’. ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ It is harder than I thought. I took to too easily, AHH Spelling ‘HAP’ it is. Hap We ran into another problem. I started writing but they overlap The chick is holding the last letter. ‘PY’ It came out really well. So now Now I need to write the name as it is my birthday. So I am gonna get some sticks for the letters. Everything is here. Should I use the big or the small one? I have no idea. Can we eat these? What is it?
– Sugar.
– Ahh….. sugar. So this Do we need more things? Yes, we do. Some of these.. some of these…ahhh And we are gonna take some of these As we gotta use it, right? Many of you may be wondering why I am overspending on things. But that is that And that is J A E. So, first we gonna put on 26. Putting it on the last would be the best right? Like this, here 26 and he is gonna hold this. I want him too. Okay, now that is good. And the we are going to sprinkle this on the side. Is this how we do it? HAHAHAHA We just gonna sprinkle it on the sides making it (?) looking. Uhh.. They say we should not do it like this. But what you should know originally normally You have to put it so this but look … Ahh.. you have to sprinkle it on? to it?? Tasty Strawberry flavour is what we are going to try next Strawberry first. This side is already Wait a minute But it has started to look really cool. We might have to re outline. It has started to look like a fruity pebble cake. And it taste really good. Now for the oreas For eating ah…changing this? Sprinkle Looks good Chocolate beans Everyone wait a minute it is almost done. ‘I love you’ needs to be there. Thank you And what else need to be done? Cake roast?? OKAY How should I do this? Ahh.. ok ok. So everybody What is important is this is a birthday congratulating cake right? So it need to be clear, right? So this go back I will move it like this. okay perfect Lastly, the finishing touch. Edible chocolate teddy bear. It will be lonely alone so. I am done. APPLAUSE This Truthfully will show you the comparison. It was a cake like this that changed into this. Really good, right? Really My colour is really prominent. I put in a lot of elements of myself. First I wanna you know Just thank god for being able to giving me an opportunity like this. Oh, forgot my name Something like this, wait a moment. This is where I stick put J J THANK YOU HAPPYBIRTHDAY Decorating abilities given to me by my parents I want to always thank and be humble. So I just wanna go over the cake a little bit. What is on the cake? ’26’ As it is my 26th birthday that is there. I love you obviously Jae, name is obvious too, Thank you, Teddy bear, Handbag ‘ HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ And me. So, what does it mean It means JAE I love you, Happy birthday, and thank you. Can you do it more loudly? Let me do it again. ‘Jae, Thank you, love you.’ 26
APPLAUSE Not bad. So, anyway. This is what my cake is Umm…if you guys can make a bigger cake and better cake.. A better decorating cake than my chicken then come at me. Send it over. But for now this is my special recipe. Todays outcome is this. Anyway, today I am alone in the V app I did something like this. Ahh comments? Okay, I will read some comments. ‘ That forced reaction though.’ Nothing is forced everything is genuine. Clap(x3). Thank you. ‘After making the cake are you going to eat it with the members.’ No, I am no way sharing it. ‘ Is that a chicken or a duck? Jae is such an artist.’ Thank you. ‘Give me a slice.’ No. ‘Clap.’ ‘Cute.’ ‘ Jae I love you’. I love you too. ‘Whatever Jae.’ Whatever Jae. ‘Kang’ Jae’ App’ ‘lause’ A genius happy birthday Finally someone understands a genius. Basically guys I just really wanted to say Thank you for this opportunity. I am sincerely thank you. Next time also if I get to do something fun I will meet you next time. So everyone it was Jae till now. My birthday was yesterday. Everyone please listen to Day6 once today since it was my birthday. It was JaeCake will now. Thank you.

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