[ENG SUB] MAP6TV2 EP016. BADminton of MAP6 (Part 1)

[ENG SUB] MAP6TV2 EP016. BADminton of MAP6 (Part 1)

[MAP6 are playing ball games] MH: Doesn’t it look like we’re going to exercise today? MH: The weather is getting cooler these days MH: Why are you gasping? J.J: I’m exhausted MH: We came out to exercise since the weather is good for it too SU: It’s good to sweat in this kind of weather SU: So what kind of exercise are we doing today? MH: Futsal? (Basketball?) SU: We’re playing badminton!! [MAP6!!] SU: Honestly, I’m really good at badminton! J.J: You’re good at badminton? SU: I almost became a player! J.V: He says he’s done everything… MH: It’s easy to learn so we all seem to have confidence J.J: There are five of us… SU: True! We have to do 2 vs 2 MH: So I’m the captain since I’m the best SU: But I’m good too…? SU: Let’s all play a game and the worst will be the referee MH: He’ll act as sports caster! J.V: Then, shall we do this? What’s this called? MH: Juggling MH: Should we try that? You’ll do juggling but… MH: What’s this?
J.V: We have to do it standing on that? MH: Ah really? J.J: How can you do that? SI: You can’t even take one step on that…! SU: It’s okay if our body goes out of it, right?
– Yes J.J: Standing on one foot is okay too, right? SU: It is! Why wouldn’t it be? MH: Are you calling him a pig? (the word sounds similar) J.V: Youngjun hyung is NOT a pig! MH: So let’s start from J.Jun J.J: This makes me nervous MH: Start! SI: What…!
J.V: He’s doing good…? (Doing good…?) SI: Why are you so good.. SU: He got 26! SI: J.Jun got 26! [Minhyuk is the next player] MH: I’m going to do this for an hour so you can rest MH: This makes me slightly nervous.. Start SU: Three! SU: Three! J.J: Did that take an hour? SU: I’m starting (Why moving your shoulder and hand… lol) MH: He got seven J.J: When this comes out, I want to see his expression! Moving your shoulder too… SU: Start [Also Sign uses his shoulder when playing badminton…] SU: Isn’t this a little like a fool game? SU: He got 13 SI: 13! J.V: Let’s get it! MH: Start! MH: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! J.J: You said you’d be the best but you lost MH: How much did you do? J.V: I did 8! J.J: 26! SI: 13! SU: I did 7? SU: You did three! [The four of them are deciding teams] [J.Jun, Sign VS Sun, J.Vin] [Giving them badminton rackets] J.J: Can the winner team take these? No, it’s not for the winner team but one for both teams…! SI: Is it not 2 VS 2? J.J: It is but only one of each team can use these SI: Ah, is that so? One of each team gets a new tool J.J: Isn’t a pickled radish going to come out…? SI: I’ve played baseball with a pickled radish! J.V: Select first! J.V: What did you get? J.V: We aren’t going to show first! SI: I’ll show it! J.V: Oh, he said he’s showing it. He’s so kind [Hyung team’s item is an electric flyswatter] SI: Is it going to be like tsk tsktsktsk…? MH: Can he push the power button? J.V: A fan [Dongsaeng team’s item is a fan] [Giving the new tools] [What surprised them?] MH: Memories! SU: How can I play badminton using this? [It was BADminton, wasn’t it]
MH: It won’t work
MH: Oh, it works! J.J: But we never do anything in the normal way! J.V: Guys, aren’t you seeing this after a long time? The game is up to 11 points J.V: Is it not winning 2 of 3 rounds? No, only one set up to 11 points SI: There aren’t batteries in this, right? Each team has a chance to change tools MH: Let’s do “GO GO GO” together to go and play BADminton! MH: MAP6 BADminton game GO GO GO~!!! [Both teams are preparing] Do you have team names? SU: Put your hands up!
(a pun with the word “fan=buchae”) J.V: Put your hands up! SU: Put your hands up! J.J: Eo-ee Team! SI: Eo-ee Team SU: Are you dumbfounded? (again a pun) SI: No, it means… Winning Anyway
(EOchapi EEginda) SU: So childish! [In the middle of war of nerves] [Minhyuk is making a score board] MH: You could change that (fan). Are you sure you want to have it in your team name? SU: We’re going to win by this! SI: Are you saying you won’t change it? MH: Yes… The great fan of MAP6… MH: No, not a fan but… MH: Everyone, you’re now watching MAP6 great! MH: I’m Kim Minhyuk and I’m in charge of narration! MH: I’m expecting a lively performance! MH: I’m also the referee MH: I’ll give that to the team whose turn is to start MH: I’m giving a chance to use me…! J.V: No, you should go to the team who is leading! MH: Ah, yes, well… I’ll now… MH: I’ll give the opportunity to take me to lead your team SU: Okay [The game starts!] J.J: One point! MH: Eo-ee Team one point! MH: Don’t make this a boring game MH: It wouldn’t be interesting MH: Eo-ee Team two points! MH: I have to do something too… MH: So I’ll whistle when you can start! MH: Good, good, good! MH: Strike success! 3 points! MH: You need to try harder! MH: Or you can use your referee chance..! MH: I’ll whistle and then you can go! MH: You can’t do that MH: Put your hands up Team gets a point! MH: It’s 3:1 now MH: I didn’t whistle…! You lose your turn to start MH: It’s 4:1 now SU: You should whistle… MH: Ah, I forgot! MH: Now it’s 4:2 SI: It’s okay MH: Now oh… they’re equally matched!! J.J: 5:2! MH: 5:2! MH: Eo-ee Team is now leading by 3 points when it’s 5:2 MH: Put your hands up Team should try harder now! MH: Now it’s 6:2 J.V: This is too much~ SU: I’m going! MH: I didn’t whistle, what are you doing?! MH: What are you doing? I’m the referee. Let’s go! MH: I think that was a good shot so I’m giving 1.1 points! MH: So now you have 3.1 points MH: Isn’t it good? SU: What is that 0.1 points? MH: Ah, that was out. Was it? J.V: It wasn’t in, was it? MH: I’m not sure about that…? MH: It was in! J.V: Their score is high, please take a look MH: I don’t want to! MH: It’s 7:3.1 now MH: Player Kim Youngjun ruined the game just now SU: He’s too greedy! MH: Like this, he’s too greedy! J.J: I’ll start right now MH: What? MH: Don’t start yet, I’m talking here… MH: This is too boring~ MH: It’s 8:4.1 now MH: Oh, slow motion~ J.V: Just a moment, everyone! MH: It’s time-out! J.V: This game is over too fast~ J.V: How about doing 2 wins of 3 rounds? MH: I’m okay with that MH: Now it’s 8:4.1 SU: Should we take 2 wins of 3 rounds or up to 50 points? SI: I don’t really care… J.J: Me neither! MH: So it’s okay. 2 wins of 3 rounds! SI: They aren’t going to suddenly be good, right? MH: It’s 9:4.1 now. MH: Your way of playing is extraordinary MH: I think you’d do better if J.Vin was behind with the fan MH: Now, behind! Look~ Look at me. I’m the master of badminton… Don’t you hear me? Are you not listening to the referee? MH: You should go behind and hit hard with the fan J.V: I can’t hit like that MH: But it’s a MAP6 fan?! MH: Let’s go, 9:4.1 points MH: Right, like this, good! MH: Aigoo, look at this! Aigoo~ MH: Oh, take the ball down! MH: There is a penalty for wasting time SU: That’s invalid MH: It’s not MH: Now it’s 10:4.1 MH: The first set is over if you just get 1 point more MH: This is outrageous J.J: Doesn’t he get extra points for working hard? MH: Yes, I’ll give points! MH: They had 5.1 right? MH: I’m giving you 0.3 points so you have 10.3 points now MH: Many drops make a shower~ SU: The referee is salty MH: Now the first set is over. Take a rest~ MH: Eo-ee Team won the first set by 11.3 : 5.1 points! (Sign what are you doing??>

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  1. Cute guys doing cute things make me happy

  2. I love minhyuk omg he's so funny

  3. also it's fine with soft subs!! I'm just thankful that someone is translating map6 episodes, It must take you some time so really thank you!! Have a nice time, remember to rest well and fighting!! ☺

  4. I have subbed the next episode on vlive so you should be able to find the subs there in a couple of days after they've been reviewed! Please watch it there 🙂

  5. Minhyuk's whistle ??????

  6. Im always waiting for your sub..tq so much.. ???

  7. Cutest whistle ever lol.

  8. From 1:37 to 1:42 someone is saying "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten & eleven",
    from 2:06 to 2:12 someone is saying "one, two, three!",
    from 2:18 to 2:25 someone is saying "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven",
    from 2:31 to 2:44 someone is saying "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve & thirteen",
    from 2:48 to someone is saying "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven & eight"

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