[ENG SUB]General J does “Love Confession” to a girl in modern life?!🔥The Big Boss🔥Ep6班長大人黃俊捷Cut💖

70 Yuan for a salad? Don’t order it if you find it expensive. You’re kidding me. Order whatever you want.
It’s okay, I’ll pay. Okay. Steak looks nice. Lobster! Lobster!
Waitress, how big is the lobster? Do you have hotpot? You look a little nervous. What? It’s not your first time to eat with a boy, right? Are you kidding me? I eat with boys every day! Like wash my face and brush my teeth. Daily! What does it feel to have dinner with a boy alone? Just fine. We’re too far away. What’re they talking about? How would I know? Must be some other topic. They look quite enjoying it. You can’t tell that. Look. Liangchen, don’t you think our monitor is so beautiful? She is so great. I want to be her closest friend. Not a good idea. I heard she’s gonna immigrate to Mars once she graduates. Okay, Liangchen. I admit it. In fact, I’m a robot. I’m here to save the world. Face the reality. They’re talking sweet things to each other. Like… I’m so happy today!
Can hang out with such an amazing person! I’m also feel so happy to eat and shop with such a charming girl. Do you really think I’m charming? I really do. And what attracts me is your charisma. Really? Yeah. It feels so strange. As a man, I should hate to go to the shopping mall. But when you’re around. I always find time flies. Really? Yes. They’re about to leave. Are they really friends or a couple? Maybe friends. But does pure friendship really exist
between a boy and a girl? How would I know? I don’t have any male friend. You don’t think we are…. We’re just neighbors. Grew up together. That’s all. Anything else? You’re the person I hate the most in the world. Then why did you always come
play with me when you were young? Because I was blind. But, you were so nice when you were young. I didn’t know since when you became so so so annoying. Always pointing fingers. Won’t let me draw pictures in class. Won’t let me do bla bla bla. Won’t let me play games, etc. Of course I would hate you. I just want you to be a little mature. So you can take care of yourself. It’s my own business. Not yours!

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