ENGLISH PERIOD – Back to School – Mini Web Series – Season 01 – EP 01 #Nakkalites

ENGLISH PERIOD – Back to School – Mini Web Series – Season 01 – EP 01 #Nakkalites

During our school days,
we look forwards to the end of school life As we grow old, we crave to go back to those beautiful school days Every period is a unique experience in our school life Wouldn’t it be interesting to watch that as a web series,
rather than expressing through words? there is no structured story to this web series It is an album of our school time experiences Come on, Let us relive our school life through this album (Rajinikant voice)I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English, you Bloody fellow(Students in chorus) Good Morning Miss Morning miss (Dragging) Silence, Sit down Why do you guys get me into trouble,
by laughing at these silly things -you behaved crazy in front of her
-Shut up, man. Seems like the teacher is in a bad mood. Added to that, you were absent for the previous class.
you will be screwed. (indistinct chatters) Silence!! -Anish
-Present, Ma’am -Anirudh
-Ma’am, Yes Madam -Arun Kumar
-Present Miss -Praveen
-Inside, Miss -Nivedhita
-Yes, Miss -Prashanth
-Severe fever, Miss -Rajesh
-Present Miss -Rajesh
-Past two days leave Where is your leave letter Miss (With a feable voice) Say it loudly Haven’t brought, Miss Say it in English tell her, “Who are you to ask this” hey, tell her it is none of her business (Blabbering) I know..will write now, miss Write immediately and bring Yes, miss -Sasi Kumar
-Miss, present miss -Sreeja
-Present, Miss -Vaideeswari
-Present miss (in the background) -Hey Arun, Please write a letter on behalf of me Miss will find out by looking at my handwriting
It is better you write it yourself Atleast help me with the format dude Write using “From, To, Subject” -Is it sufficient if I write just these three
-Yeah, enough hey, hey, hey! look at this guy ! you need to write your name and address underFROM,
and add the teacher’s name and our school address underTOLook at this crazy fellow One should write the teacher’s address under “TO” -Dude (in a sarcastic tone)
-then what? He is a trouble maker, getting you into trouble -the right format is to write the school address
-Okay, I will write it then hey Arun, What should I write for Subject? Why do you have to ask everything to me?
what subject is this -Isn’t this English?
-Then write as English How to proceed further? OMG! Every leave letter should
begin with “As I am Suffering from” -Why were you absent
-it was my niece’s tonsure ceremony How to describe tonsure in English? Hey, it is Head cutting ! (laughs) It is called as “Head shaving”, dude. head shaving and hear punching function So i am not unable to attend the class So grant me leave Yours lovingly, RJ Rajesh Thank you He doesn’t even how to describe ‘tonsure’,
he calls it as ‘head cutting’ (giggling) Miss, here is the letter (feable voice) From, to As I am suffering from head shaving What is this, Head shaving? tonsured and then pierced my niece’s ears hear punching, huh?
What is thishear punchingear, miss.
I meant the ear. (mumbling) ….. I am unable to attend the class for Two days -Why haven’t you filled the “TO” address?
-I decided to write it after confirming with you, miss. Write it ten times for tomorrow’s class -Ma’am, if you don’t mind, can you give the address?
-Get lost May I come in, Miss? Why are you late? Cycle got punctured. Go sit down inside All of you take lesson two. Someone get up and read (Girls volunteering) Are you going to read? Anyway, ma’am will choose the one who doesn’t read properly -It can help us while away time.
-Then I will volunteer too. Sasi ! Last bench, Sasi ! Stand up man, stand up -Read
-Is it me?
-You are Sasi, aren’t you? (nods)
-Then get up Miss… Is this is the Chapter? Mahatma Gandhi was a caseless crusador. (students laughing) Ceaseless Crusador Sorry miss, I forgot Mahatma Gandhi was a cruseless ceasador of…. Idiot, Sit down. Prashanth, it is your turn read What is happening? He is searching for lesson 2 inside chemistry book. (students laughing) Silence -Where is your English book?
-Forgot to bring, miss. You already arrived late to class
Now, where is your english book? -I left it back at home
-you too go come. Excuse me, miss.
Principal summoned you. I am going to Principal’s room now. Anish, come here. -Write the names of those who talk in tamil
-Okay, miss. -If someone talks repetitively in tamil, I will add ‘Plus’ signs next to their names Yes do it I need everyone to get ready for the oral test. Hey Sasi, lend me some ink, man. -RAJESH
-Hey please dude, do not write my name on the board. you continue to talk in tamil Please do not write dude. I just asked a pen Hey Rajesh, I don’t have an ink pen.
All I have is a ball point pen. Try borrowing from girls. -Sreeja
-How can I help you? ANISH He is using Tamil words RAJESH, again and again ! -What is this man?
-Since she has a Tamil name, you used a Tamil word to call her. -Hey girl, can you lend me some ink?
-Wait for a moment, I will. Thanks Rajesh, where did you go yesterday? I went toKodiveri Bathrakali ammantemple -ANISH (in chorus)
-He used a Tamil word again. Why are repeating the same mistake again and again? This is too much, dude. how can the name of a place be changed to english? People callTanjavuras Tanjore in english. You have written my name multiple times on the board How can someone change the name of a place?
Let me see if you can ! -I will make a complaint about this
-I am not scared of anyone. -Hey, the teacher has arrived
-Let her come
-She is actually arrived. -This guy prefers to talk in Tamil all the time.
-I will look into it. Rajesh, what have you done? I did not talk in Tamil, miss.
I just borrowed ink from Sreeja. I am not entertaining any excuse.
explain past perfect continuous tense to me. You have no idea about it,
Try explaining atleast past perfect tense. Past is past I wonder how you reached class 12. you neither know the leave letter format,
nor about Tense, Sit down. Can someone explain what is active voice Kavi, why don’t you explain what is active voice? Active voice means….. Arun brought a pen Super, bro! okay good
How is it super? you stand up. construct passive voice for this sentence. Arun brought a pen, ma’am. you do not know the answer. Okay kavi, why don’t you tell? I know only active voice. Who knows the answer? How do you know the answer for all the questions? It is not like that man.
Teacher wouldn’t ask those who volunteer. Arun! -Yes it is you. stand up
-Miss… Din’t you volunteer ? No miss, Body is sweating due to rotation of the fan. This is the worst batch of my time. let me dictate notes. How do you guys like?
Dictation or writing on the board? We want it to be written on the board. okay. I will dictate,
you write that on the board Not an issue Ma’am.
You can dictate notes. take notes, people. -The Ceaseless Crusador
-Introduction The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi…. (dictating notes) When will they ring the lunch bell? fifteen minutes for that dude. that is too long!

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