[ENGSUB] Weekly Idol EP415 GUEST : DAY6

[ENGSUB] Weekly Idol EP415 GUEST : DAY6

We’ll steal your hearts. – C! K! N! Trio. – Hello! For this week’s guest, – we’ve prepared a lot here. – Yes, we have. They have voices that we want to hear every day, and looks that we want to see every day. They’re the boy band full of talents from JYP. – DAY6! – Here we come! (We can’t resist anymore…) (we love you, DAY6!) DAY6! – Welcome, everyone. – Hey, DAY6! – Hello. – Welcome. It’s nice to see you. Hello, Jae! In 1, 2, and 3! Hello, we’re DAY6! (Jae) (Sungjin) (Young K) (Wonpil) (Dowoon) (Fill your days with DAY6!) Since we started Weekly Idol, DAY6 is the first boy band guest. – Yes, you guys are the first. – Thank you. By the way, DAY6 is coming back June 15th. But you guys are here a week earlier than your come-back. Is there a special reason? Well, we wanted to meet you guys so much. That’s why we came early. Let’s be honest. I sense our scriptwriter from your speech. You can do and say whatever you want here. – I can cover everything. – Is that right? So why did you really come here a week early? Because we’re coming back so we thought… it would be better to show our faces beforehand. That’s the truth, to be frank. – Sungjin is honest. – Yes, I am. Above all, they visited us because they really like Weekly Idol. So we’ll try our best to take care of you guys. Thank you! DAY6 has a modifier called TLD. “Have trust and listen to DAY6.” They have so many hit songs. Before we start, can you play us your songs? – Yes, please. – Sure. We did prepare all of the instruments, but you don’t have to play if you don’t want to. It’s fine with us. But we heard that you’ve prepared… a medley of pure extract… of your greatest hits. – That’s true. – Am I right? Not only they play instruments, they will be performing all of their stages live. So don’t miss a thing, MY DAY! Let’s see DAY6 performing their medley together! (Very exciting!) (“Congratulations” by DAY6 Drummer Dowoon’s drum opens…) (the song by beating the heart of the listeners!) (It’s telling one’s honest words to a lover who is seeing someone else.) (I hear a dull voice instead of you.) (There are always hard days,) (but you can’t stand them.) (And you look for an alternative.) (You said: “Let’s take some time.”) (And I really thought you needed some time.) (So I took your words…) (as it is.) (Congratulations. You’re quite a something.) (Congratulations. How could…) (you trample all over me so casually?) (Seeing your smiley face, I guess you forgot everything.) (You told me you needed some time,) (and you needed to think over.) (You looked me right in the eye and made me believe.) (How could…) (you trample all over me so casually?) (With a smile…) (you’ve erased me completely,) (and seem to be happy.) (“You Were Beautiful” by DAY6 is a praised hit…) (about a man who recalls every moment…) (with a beautiful ex-lover.) (The way you called me.) (Everything,) (everything,) (all that were…) (so beautiful to me.) (I never have wished for more.) (Only you could give me those moments.) (Everything, everything is…) (in the past but you were so beautiful.) (“Days gone by” by DAY6 is a song that says: “I have no…) (“lingering affection or resentment because I loved without regret.”) (The song is addictive, which makes MY DAY to sing along together.) (Now though there won’t be any more,) (I’m going to leave them in the past.) (“I like you” by DAY6 evokes sympathy…) (from youth with sentimental lyrics and melodies.) (It made fans couldn’t help but like them.) (But I can’t do this anymore.) (Took me a long time…) (to say this.) (I want to love…) (you.) – Their songs are masterpieces, – It was fantastic. but they performed so well too. Thank you. – I’m speechless. – Everyone should listen… to DAY6 in live performance. – It was amazing. – Modern technology can’t… keep up with their singing skills. But I wish there was something more to it. What do you mean? They don’t do the group dance because they’re the band. They all just sing. If there were group dances to your songs, we could have learned your point choreography. – I agree. – So this time, we’re going to switch places and make choreography for you. – Because we have… – It would be an honor. choreographer Cho Sae Ho who’s comparable to Bae Yoon Jung. If there’s a choreography that everyone will remember, fans will be able to dance together at the concert. You’re right. Which song should we choose? Please recommend. – “Days gone by” would do. – I love that one. Which part do you want? (We’ve been to paradise for 1219 times because of his voice.) (He’s feeling it!) I have it. (A perfect ending!) I’ll show what I felt. You can dance like this. I’m holding a guitar, so sing for me. In 1, 2, and 3! (Wriggling) It’s the same with the keyboard. Okay, now you guys do it. Let’s start with you, keyboard! Wonpil goes first. Will this work? (Wonpil starts dancing shyly.) He’s not doing it well. (Tiny and adorable Wonpil) It’s too difficult, right? – It’s pretty hard. – It’s good, right? – Let’s do this all together. – All right. See how it’s like when everyone does it. (Our special guests are group wriggling.) (Left once and right once) Do it one more time! (Have trust and watch DAY6’s group dance) (I’m going up!) Jae is doing so great! (A successful ending) (A round of applause) This is great. – It’s perfect. – Be frank. I’d like to try someday. It’ll be fun when everyone does it. Go down and up together with your fans. – It’s easy too. – You can become one. – Then, let’s start this properly. – Okay. We’ll start to take care of DAY6 firmly. Let us open the door to be enchanted by DAY6’s. “We take a look at your recent news through top searched topics.” It’s Search Chang Hee! When I heard their band name… I was very impressed and thought it was a cool name. But I’m curious what that name means. It means that DAY6 will take care of Monday to Friday, and Saturday with our fans. We need to rest on Sundays so it’s a holiday. That was pleasant to hear. Dowoon has a very nice and low voice. Thank you. – He sounds friendly. – So, for today, We’ve prepared a weekly planner that suits their name. (DAY6 Weekly planner) We made daily plans randomly for each member. – Monday. – On Monday, Wonpil is in charge. Wonpil of DAY6 is the fairy for Monday. (Monday fairy Wonpil) It seems like Wonpil is a shy person. Yes, I’m kind of a shy boy. – I think he’s shy around strangers. – How is he with other members? – Among ourselves, I’m… – When he’s with us, he’s totally different. He acts up like a beagle. So he’s usually outgoing, but he gets shy around strangers. Yes, he becomes a little awkward. Does he go crazy when he’s not shy? (I’m so tired all of a sudden.) How shy is he right now? How much is he being himself out of 100? He’s showing… – about just 1. – Just 1? – This is just one percent. – He’s right. What makes you so shy now? I’m not sure. There are so many cameras. – What’s with your hands? – Don’t mind the cameras. That means we can draw out his hidden charms! Let’s do that. First, I heard you’re a missionary of happiness. So I heard. Well, I thought it would be nice… to give out a little happiness… to our fans in their daily grind. So I always wish their happiness every time I see them. So you’ tell them: “Be happy” every time you meet them? Yes, I do. – Be happy. – Be happy. (Happiness is turning up the heat here.) We drew out some of his charms just now. You’re kind of like me. I don’t get angry at people. – I see. – That’s a lie! When did I get mad? – Aren’t you mad now? – No, I’m not. He was angry at us just yesterday. I don’t get angry usually. Are you like this too, Wonpil? Do you get mad at members? I try not to lose temper so easily. I’ve never really seen him angry in ten years. So we’re going to open a counseling center… run by Missionary Wonpil today. We have tons of it. So, we prepared a panel with concerns… of all the production crew, including us in advance. A lot of concerns are written down. Let’s take a look. Would you like to pick one, Wonpil? Sure. – Can I go closer? – Of course. Can you do that one? I think it’d be better if you choose one for Wonpil. Okay, thank you. I’ll take this one. Your eyes are so pretty. – What was that? – I thought… – they were sparkling. – Were they? He really gave you happiness. – A missionary indeed. – They were pretty. You are the person who gives me happiness. I think I’m going to be mad! I made him mad! (But he feels great!) He was wasted yesterday, they can’t be sparkling. Maybe that’s why they were sparkling in gloom. (What an experience) I’m experiencing my first social life, but I know nothing about it. So I don’t know what and how I should do. Well, this was… It’s a rookie. the same for me. Am I getting too serious? No, it’s totally fine. – Did you just get mad a little? – No, that’s not it. I was just worried… – if this goes too serious. – I understand. I joined the company… as a trainee and had a social life. And it was really tough for me too. But there were a lot of colleagues who joined the company ahead of me. They offered me words of encouragement. So there must be colleagues around this person too. I hope this person takes their advice… (It’s great advice but it’d been better if it was shorter.) – Then it’ll be better. – He’s right. Wonpil speaks really well with a calm voice. It wasn’t fun at all, but he said something that was actually helpful. – Am I right? – Yes, sure. – It shouldn’t be funny. – You’re right. If he was being fake and funny that’s not counselling. But I have a question. Wonpil said that there would be a lot of colleagues… who could help. But somebody wrote: “My elder colleagues won’t go home.” “Please let me go home.” – What do you think about this? – Well, it’s nice to try to be a little sneaky person… so the colleagues can like this person usually. Then, the situation will… you know, go better. So the colleagues can also go home early? So it’s like this. We’re done here. Why don’t we go for a drink, Wonpil? It’ll be fun. – I know a place. Let’s go. – They always say that… – Okay, you should come too. – like 2 a.m. in the morning. – Okay! – Thank you. – Come on, Wonpil. – Sorry, Sae Ho. I’ve got a photo shoot to do. (Oh, boy!) – I’ll be seeing you later. – Let’s move. – Sae Ho. – What is it, Wonpil? (How will Missionary Wonpil answer?) My mother called. – Are you serious? – What kind of a son are you? My mother called and told me to come home instantly. Why would she say that at midnight? I haven’t seen her for a while now. – I really miss her. – Seriously? So I was hoping you could let me go. Did you tell her you’re going to a get-together? – You have pretty eyes by the way. – That doesn’t make sense! That was terrible! How could I say no to that compliment? – It’s hilarious. – I see. So this is how to be sneaky and humor colleagues… – But… – to go home. – I didn’t expect the “mother” card. – It was crazy. – It’s a pretty good excuse. – That was unexpected. I should try that excuse the next time. Yes, like he did. Let’s give a clap for Wonpil. He has solved a lot of problems, and gave us the answers. Then let’s move on to Tuesday. Who is in charge of Tuesday? The Tuesday fairy is me, Young K. He’s the bass player. I heard that you’re known to be a heavy eater. How much do you usually eat? When I’m eating a lot, I can eat up to seven servings of rice for one meal. – For one meal? – Yes. How about ramyeon? About 6 or 7 servings, including the soup. Including the soup? I can’t believe it. He’s really a heavy eater. We always ask the guests in advance… about what they want to do in Weekly Idol. Young K, like the heavy eater he is, just wrote two words. “Eating food.” I see. He really likes eating. And fans love watching Young K eat well, but they also want to see the sexy side of him. That’s right. Weekly Idol has to satisfy Young K, and fans as well. That is why we prepared… some delicious food just for Young K. Let’s see the food first! Show us! (Focused) – It looks so delicious. – Wow. (The scale of food coming out is unbelievable.) (Wow) (Oh my gosh!) Look at that. What is that? There are hamburgers, macaroons, kimbap, bindaetteok, and even cold bean-soup noodles. The entire staff could eat… with this amount of food. – All of this is for only Young K! – Thank you. – However, it’s not just free! – That’s right. You have to pay in order to eat. Here are the prices. You have to do things in a sexy way. When you carry out these missions, three members should allow you to eat. Please support me. If you don’t get enough approvals, then you can’t eat! Please choose the food, Young K. I really want to eat this. – Cold bean-soup noodles! – This is my favorite. I really mean it. Show us the price of cold bean-soup noodles! How much it would be? A sexy facial expression! This is easy. A sexy facial expression, okay. In 1, 2, and 3! (He slowly opens his eyes and gently looks up.) (What?) Can you try harder? (He’s sexy but he also looks tired.) – This is it! – He really tried his best. The members will evaluate now. In 1, 2, and 3! – Come on. – What? – Okay. – What? The script we prepared goes: “The members are quite strict.” “We’ll take back the cold bean-soup noodles.” “We’ll eat it instead.” This didn’t happen. The teamwork is really good. I really wanted to eat this. (He eventually gets to eat what he wanted.) (Slurping) (The noodles are drawn into Young K’s mouth.) Then, let’s move on to the second menu. – Young K will choose. – Yes, okay. Please choose. – Hamburgers. – Hamburgers! How much sexiness does he have to pay? Be angry in a sexy way! – Be angry in a sexy way? – Be angry? The staff really thought this up. Be angry in a sexy way. Wonpil can never do that. In order to be mad and sexy, you could act with this scenario. You’re showering in hot water, and suddenly cold water comes out. So you stop during your shower and shout: “Who is this!” That will do. That’s a good example. There’s hot water coming from above. (Sound of water) That’s nice. Hot water is coming out. It’s suddenly cold! Who is it! (Surprised) He’s just angry. – He’s really loud. – That was nice. Of course he’s annoyed. In 1, 2, and 3! Really? That was harsh. Could you give us a demonstration of being sexy, Dowoon? Imagine that you’re in the shower. His face is turning red again. And you get angry because of the cold water. Show us. I see. We have to be united. The water is so warm, and you’re feeling relaxed. Suddenly the cold water comes out! Who is it? (Steamy look) – He’s so cute. – He’s really cute. – He’s good. – He knows how to pose. – Now, the members… – Yes. try a mission if you want to eat. – We’ll let you try. – Okay. (I’ve already tried.) Dowoon is dressed in the color of a macaroon. – I want to eat macaroons. – He wants to eat macaroons! Exercise in a sexy way! Exercise in a sexy way? What kind of exercise do you like? – Pushups. – Pushups! Then, you can do pushups. How do you have all these things? – We’re always prepared. – We have everything. Even the things you might think that we don’t have. We have all sorts of stuff. – Be sexy. – Okay. That looks hurt. (He lies down.) (The others are confused, while Young K just eats.) He just lied down. (Wonpil already made up his mind even though Dowoon just lied down.) (Meanwhile, Heavy Eater Kang is just enjoying his hamburger.) (Dowoon is exercising with sexiness.) They played music too. (His restrained hand movements make hearts bounce.) (Shouting) – What is this! – Stop. This is so cute. (He gathers his sexiness and swipes the floor.) (What’s he doing?) (They can’t take their eyes off of him.) (Nobody can be sexy like him while doing pushups.) (My Day, get ready for this.) What is this! (He’s too sexy.) (He’s getting healthy and sexy at the same time.) He’s turning red! (He’s a little shy.) SHow us the final expression for the ending! (He makes the “Who is it?” expression for the ending.) He did great! – He did well. – I have to admit that. We’ll give you macaroons as a prize. Sungjin, can you be angry while using an accent? Of course. I can be angry easily. – So you get easily angry. – Show us your anger. (Walking) I’m really scared. (He quickly runs away.) Why are you making me do this? (Wavy move) (Another wavy move) (Thank you for being sexy in so many ways.) – Thank you. – He deserves to eat. – You can eat those hamburgers! – Great! It’s hilarious. He’s good. He was angry but he did a sexy wave dance. – That was quite bold. – Really. – Okay. – Eat whatever you want. Eat as much as you want. Okay. Who’s in charge of Wednesday? I’m in charge! – Jae! – Jae! Jae, I heard that you make fans worried about your health. It’s really hard. I want to gain weight, but I can’t. I exercise for an hour every day… with my personal trainer. But I still haven’t gained weight. Then, do you have any illness other than being skinny? I get sick easily. – A weak immune system! – I get stomach aches easily. I can’t count how many allergies I have. He has many peculiar allergies. What are you allergic to? – Just say anything. – I have a sun allergy. I’m allergic to strong sunlight. – Dust allergy. – I have it. – Whatever you say, I have it. – Peaches? I’m allergic! – Do you have rhinitis? – I have rhinitis! But as opposed to his frail image, I heard he’s good at playing badminton. I’m good at playing badminton. – He’s really good. – How are… – you so good at badminton? – I played… badminton since I was in high school… as a badminton athlete. So Weekly Idol will help Jae… to get rid of his frail image, and give him a new strong image! Jae, people like us can get better bodies! We have prepared a strength show… – in several steps. – A strength show! If you complete the missions, we’ll give Jae a special gift! Something that he really wants. (Very excited) We are going to warn you about something. This strength show we’re about to do should… never be imitated by the elderly and the children. – You should never try this. – It must be really difficult. (He’s a little scared as well.) The first mission for Jae’s strength show! Breaking peperos with bare hands! Peperos! Please don’t try this at home! – He could get hurt. – No way! How can you make him do such dangerous things? This is not a plain pepero. Something’s stuck here. It’s very dangerous. – It’s so dangerous. – You can’t make him do this. If I warm-up maybe I’ll succeed. (He has to break peperos with bare hands.) You should shout before you start. (Shouting) (Hesitating) Wait. A strength show needs cheering. Let’s cheer together. In 1, 2, and 3! (Cheering) Breaking them with bare hands! (He did it!) (Jae is strong!) He broke them! Well done, Jae! Please don’t try this at home. Don’t eat food that’s fallen on the floor. Jae! Are your hands okay, Jae? – Are your hands okay? – It hurts a little. A little. – How about two peperos? – That’s too hard. That’s too much. – How about three? – No way, two is enough. – Okay! – Two it is. In 1, 2, and 3! (Shouting and cheering) (He immediately tries with all his might.) (Jae is strong now.) – Did he pass? – Yes, he did! He completed his first mission! First stage is cleared! (Cleared the first stage of the strength show!) This is… – actually tasty. – It’s thrilling. – Are you crying? – Jae, you’re incredible. Here comes the second stage. Blow out the candles with a baseball bat! (Second stage – Blow out the candles with a baseball bat.) – This is also a tough one. – Here. So basically the goal is… – to blow out the ten candles here. – That’s right. Okay, 1, 2, and 3. His timing was off. It’s scary. (Will he make it?) (You’re scaring me a bit.) (This candle survived Jae’s superhuman powers.) (Blowing) (He could probably blow out…) (birthday candles from the day he was born.) I knew it. He even dominates fire. He is as healthy as I thought. The second stage is also a success. The strength shows until now were … nothing more than jokes. They were nothing. The main event is… to strike a watermelon with a badminton shuttlecock. (Third stage – Strike a watermelon with a badminton shuttlecock.) All right. Everyone, please come this way. – It could be dangerous. – Here’s the watermelon. But if you see here, – it says: “weak”. – That’s right. Jae will strike away his old image… of him being weak… along with this shuttlecock. The goal is to hit the watermelon… at once and rip off the word “weak”. That sounds hard. Strike it away on behalf of all the weak celebrities. I just felt his bone hitting my bone! This is insane. Now, 1, 2, and 3. (Starting with the sound of cheering) (Smashing) (Did he make it?) That was so close. – It was really close. – It’s bent. – It was so close. – The racket bent. (The shuttlecock was very close from hitting the watermelon.) The racket is bent. (A strong force that even bends the racket) It’s true. – That was so close. – He was hiding his strength. – Jae. – Jae. (DAY6 is surprised to learn about their eldest member’s strength.) (Second smash with confidence boosted) (A consecutive smash) That’s it! He made it! (Did he succeed?) He got it! – Hold on. – He really got it. Look. Jae did it! (An accurate hit) The members are surprised too. – How do you even do that? – He seriously did it. He struck it right on. This feels like a movie. So Jae breaks away… from his old image of being weak! (Congratulations on clearing the third stage.) He’s healthy! – Healthy! – Healthy! Now, we’ll award a special item to Jae, who has passed all the stages of the strength show. What will it be? It’s Jae’s favorite item. It’s his soul item. A wash kit. (A wash kit necessary to maintain one’s health.) – You must be happy. – Do you like these? – Oh, I see a cleansing foam. – Yes. Thank you. I’ll make good use of it. I heard that you like bath products. I always need these as the other members use mine. Jae, from now on, you are a strong boy! I’m strong! We now move on to Thursday. – Yes. – Right. Who’s in charge… – of Thursdays? – Thursdays are in charge… of DAY6’s drummer, Dowoon. (Fairy of Thursdays, Dowoon) But according to Weekly Idol’s research, the elder members do not use the slogan… made by you, Dowoon. A slogan? – These people are so cold. – What slogan? What kind of slogan did you propose? Since we didn’t have a slogan, I proposed one while eating… at a restaurant. It just came across my mind. Something like “We can’t waste even a day, DAY6!” Hey, it’s pretty good! – “We can’t waste even a day, DAY6!” – It’s not bad. What did they say against? – They just cut me off right away. – What did they say? Someone said: “Do whatever you want on your own.” That sounds like something Sungjin would say. (You’re correct!) I felt a prick of conscience from his tone. Why do I feel like I’m telling on? If you didn’t have one, you could have used Dowoon’s. Why don’t you use a slogan? – That one sounds a bit old. – How come? It sounds like a toast at a get-together. – Not “even a day”. – It feels like… we’re chanting after a day is over. – I’m a bit reluctant. – I see. I can tell from Dowoon’s face… that he’s holding a lot against the members. So for what he wanted to do in Weekly Idol, – he wrote that he wanted to see… – Okay. – the elder members suffer. – Right. So today, we’ll make that wish come true. – Really? – From this moment on, the rest of the members have… to do whatever Dowoon tells them to. Let’s start the boot camp training… led by instructor Yoon. (Forced cheers) I’m so excited. I’m the instructor of this boot camp. (How adorable) Even though I might be clumsy, you’ll have to follow every order I make. He’s so cute. – Stand up! – Yes, sir. Are your hearts thumping hard from fear? Don’t worry about me being the instructor. – What is he saying? – Something feels off. – What’s he saying? – He’s telling you to not get upset. We’ll now… all unite in both body and mind… into one, until the end. Understood? – I got it. – Sure. Did you get that? Okay. I’m your instructor. You’re supposed to say: “Yes, sir”! – Yes, sir. – Yes, instructor. – Yes, sir. – Well then, since we’re at the boot camp, we might as well burn up… all our energies. – Go, us! – Yes! Let’s show them our cute acts one by one. – Cute acts? – Show cute acts? Show us first, instructor. – We need a demonstration. – I don’t know how to do it! A trainee doesn’t get to ask questions. – No questions? – Yes, sir. Is that clear? Trainee Wonpil, – come out. – Trainee Wonpil? – Trainee Wonpil? – Trainee Wonpil. Make it cute and adorable. Cute act? (So, a cute act…) Get down on the floor. “Get down on the floor.” He’s scary! – He’s doing good. – Next, Jae. – He’s good. – Give a chance to Wonpil. All right. You… – He’s merciless. – Sorry, I missed that. – All right. – Stand up. Am I forgiven? You’re forgiven. Just keeping kneeling down. – Okay, then. – He’s nice. Jae, show us an act. Very good. You go kneel with Wonpil. – What was that? – Young K, hurry up. (Young K’s cute act is on.) Wait, that’s cute. He’s so biased! (Last participant of the training, Sungjin.) What are you doing? (He finds his place on his own.) He’s cute. Jae and Dowoon make up a pair. All right. Who are we? DAY6! Everyone has to say it together. What are you doing? – Yes, sir. – Okay, 1, 2, and 3! – DAY6. – Very good. So it was DAY6 until now. Thank you. (You were a great instructor.) He makes up a good instructor. – So that was it. – He has talent. I also noticed that he’s… charismatic, but also cute… – and generous. – I agree. I think his way of talking will be on trend. Thank you for thinking that of me. (You were so cute that I didn’t even blink my eyes.) – Well, then. – Well. Are you satisfied now, Dowoon? – Sure, I do. – You’re feeling good? In that case, let’s all… – shout out Dowoon’s slogan, – Okay. – and move on to Friday. – Okay. We shout “We can’t waste even a day, DAY6!” in three. – Okay. – is the instructor still here? Good. In 1, 2, and 3! – “We can’t waste even a day, DAY6!” – “We can’t waste even a day, DAY6!” (We can’t waste even a day to enjoy DAY6’s charms.) It’s fine. So, let’s look on Fridays. Who is in charge of Fridays? The fairy of Fridays is me, Sungjin. (Fairy of Fridays, Sungjin) – You know, Friday is meant… – Yes. – to be enjoyed to its fullest. – Of course. I’m curious on if you guys go to karaoke often. We don’t go often, but when we do, everyone enjoys. – It’s true. – So everyone goes together. Who enjoys the most? – Dowoon, – Really? – and Sungjin. – Dowoon and Sungjin. Really? What genre do you guys sing the most? I sing to dance songs or trots… to brighten the mood. If not, – just ballads mostly. – Ballads? What do the members think that he sings the best? Obviously, it’s… – Obviously? – Obviously? trots. – It’s too obvious. – I’d also say trots. Trots? – He has that soul. – A soul? So we’ve actually prepared this. A segment within a segment. The ten trot songs challenge! We’ve selected ten of Koreans’ favorite trot songs. – Okay. – You’ll randomly select… one of the ten songs, and sing the first verse perfectly to pass. You get three chances to try, and if you successfully sing two, you’ll get a limited edition gift. It’s a limited edition. – Limited edition. – It won’t be easy. There’s something we must have in karaoke. – We’ll first give you… – That’s right. the songbook. There are only numbers in the book. – You won’t know the song. – Okay. Sungjin, take a look, – and choose the one you want. – Okay. And you would need this too. – What is it? – Here’s an outfit for you. This outfit is made for trots. – That’s right. – The bling-bling outfit. It gets you into the right mood to sing. – Very good. – It’s nice. – He looks good. – He looks great. It’s as if the outfit was designed for him. Of course. I thought that he was wearing Given***. He looks great on it. Make your first choice. There’s a number that I recognize. What is that number? It’s a song that I sing often. So there’s a number he knows. – It’s 911. – All right. – He knows that song. – He does? – Nine… – Nine, one, one. – What song will it be? – We don’t know the song yet. – What is it? – What song is this? (Generating the trot soul all over the room.) It’s “A South-Bound Train”. (“A South-Bound Train” by Kim Soo Hee) (In the train to the south,) (through its swaying window on a rainy day) (That guy who sings well when he’s in the mood.) (Rain is falling…) (as my tears fall.) (And my lost first love is falling too.) (In the vague memory…) (of you) He’s a great singer! (You who I met back then) He’s good! (You were very quiet.) He’s perfect. (But you keep getting farther.) (Although we cannot meet,) (please don’t forget.) (I really loved you.) You made it! You proved us to be singers. You got one word wrong. You only got wrong once. He’s good. Sungjin memorized all these? – Did you often sing this song? – Yes. I sang this since I was in elementary school. – Elementary school? – That’s funny. It’s a song that I always sang whenever I went… to the karaoke with my family. I can tell from memorizing the number. – Okay. – Sungjin is fun to hang out with. In fact, we don’t usually pay much attention to the lyrics. – That’s right. – They are on the screen. That’s right, we just go for the fun of it. (Let’s see.) I feel something on this number. (He selects a number based on his feeling.) You feel something. One, three, zero, seven, nine. – Play some music! – Look how he draped the jacket. (“Partner For Life” by Tae Jin Ah) (His elegant move makes him forget how old he is.) (Excited to see someone around his age) He’s excited. (You’re my partner for life.) (My eternal partner for life) Partner for life! (It felt like the best gift in my life…) He’s so cool. (when I met you.) (Living well and not being able to,) (that is destiny.) (But I love…) “But I love”. (only you.) “only you”. (You’re my eternal partner for life.) Sungjin succeeded! Well done. That was very cool. He’s Sung Jin Ah, not Tae Jin Ah. – Sung Jin Ah! – Sung Jin Ah. There’s Sung Jin Ah! We have to give him the gift. – Here comes your gift. – Okay. What is it? (What is it?) What is it? – I love it. – I’m so jealous! I’m so jealous. It’s truly a limited edition. Thank you for performing, Sungjin! (Don’t think that DAY6 is only good at singing ballads.) Now, – we have Saturdays. Saturday’s… – Okay. – the day of My Day. – That’s right. Right. For My Day. Yes. That’s why DAY6 has prepared a special cover performance… for their fans, My Day. I don’t actually know much about it, but Chang Hee, if you stand up, there’s something written there. You’re right. Let’s take a bow. Thank you. – Not at all. – I feel like there’s… – something else to this. – Fold over like a phone. – Thank you so much. – It’s nothing. By any chance, could it be “Where are you?” by Jonam Zone? – You’ll have to wait. – You’ll hear soon. – Okay, then. – It could be yes or no. What if it’s not? Just tell us. What songs do you have? Well, we have two pop songs… – that we are confident to sing. – Okay. And another one is… “Where are you?” by Jonam Zone. And… – “Aftermath” by ZE:A. – Bow to them. Oh, my. – Thank you. – Not at all. Boys, our song might move up the music chart. Thank you so much. You are the best. Thank you, My Day! ZE:A, let’s get together! DAY6 is watching our back. Thank you! I’ll listen to your songs in this position. I’ll listen to them like this. I can’t wait to hear it. Please sing for us. (The medley of songs in a cover version that’s worth of praising) (“Where are you?” by Jonam Zone covered by Day 6) (Where are you?) (I’ll go pick you up.) (Just like I did before,) (I’ll take you home.) (I’m drunk now.) (So I just called you.) (I miss you…) (so madly.) (I miss you again.) (“Call You Mine” by Jeff Bernat) (“Aftereffect” by ZE:A) (I feel weighted by sorrow for no reason.) (Every day since you left,) (I’ve been left alone with pains, and I hate it.) (I just shed tears endlessly.) (I just feel sad ceaselessly.) (I can’t fall asleep every day since I fell in love with you.) (It’s because of the awful aftereffect.) (“Officially Missing You” by Tamia) (DAY6 versus the CKN Trio, Stay tuned.) DAY6’s comeback is… – just around the corner. – Right. They’ll get very busy after the comeback, so they must save up their energy for it. So we prepared samgyetang, – the invigorating food! – We have samgyetang! (The best invigorating food in summer is samgyetang.) It’s samgyetang! We just want to give it to you without any conditions. – But you know it won’t be fun. – True. Today, the CKN Trio will have… a battle with DAY6. – A battle? – What kind of battles is it? It’s “Who did it?” (Who did it?) (They all imitate Kwang Hee.) Only one member of DAY6 will… sincerely react according to the given situation. And the rest four will pretend. And the CKN Trio will guess… the one who is not pretending. It’s such an intense mind game. There is an acupressure mat… – behind the curtain. – That’s right. (Only those who stand pain gain health.) You can discuss first. Tell us when you’re done. We’ll turn around until then. We don’t know where the mat is. It feels good though. (Miscommunication with Sungjin) Are you discussing now? Yes, we are. Let me do it. Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors. That’s such a long meeting. – Are you ready? – Okay. – We’re ready. – We’ll turn around then. Okay. We have plenty of time now, – so we’ll get to you slowly. – Sure. It’s going to be slow. Then, walk in your place casually. – March in place. – Just like this. – Sure. – Forward.ForwardWonpil seems to have trouble walking.Go forwardIs he pretending? Sungjin is also having a hard time. I think he’s pretending. – Let’s go close to them. – Okay. Let’s walk slowly toward them. They’re good at this. Most of them look just fine, but I think some are pretending. I think Jae isn’t stepping on the mat. And Wonpil seems to be pretending to be in pain. Let’s make our first guess then. Who do you think it is… – at first sight? – At first sight? – At first sight? – I will… pick Wonpil. So your first pick is Wonpil. I have my eyes on you. I think it’s Jae who’s a good actor. – I think… – He’s a good actor. Jae isn’t stepping on the mat, – but it’s just acting. – That’s what I thought too. I also thought it’s Jae. Is it you? – I don’t know. – I can’t believe you. – I don’t trust him. – Then, we think Wonpil and Jae are on the mat at first sight. I and Kwang Hee think it’s Jae. We’d like you to jump in your place… – starting from Sungjin. – Do it one by one. – Should I jump high? – Yes, please. (It’s hard to read his face.) – What is he doing? – He seems fine. He does. – I heard something. – It’s from his shoes. (Is the sound really from his shoes?) (Peekaboo!) – It sounds… – It’s his shoes. It’s Jae’s turn. (Did you hear my powerful stepping sound?) You’re really good at enduring pain. He has now become a healthy man. That’s why he manages pain well. It’s Young K’s turn now. In 1, 2, and 3. (Young K jumps too.) They all sound the same. – They do. – It’s Dowoon! In 1, 2, and 3! – What was that? – It sounds the same too. (DAY6 doesn’t let the trio guess the answer easily.) Please dance to the song. The music will be on. Dance to it. (Now you have the choreography, so you can dance to it.) It’s the dance we just learned. (Dancing) Hold on. I find Sungjin suspicious. – Isn’t it Dowoon? – I think… I think they’re all pretend to be in pain. Wait a minute. (Wonpil looks peaceful.) Who is the real one? (They have no idea.) It’s so hard. – Okay. – I think Sungjin is acting. All right. I noticed an important thing. Jae danced this way like a rabbit, and it’s really hard. (It’s almost impossible to dance like him on an acupressure mat.) He wouldn’t have been able to dance like that on the mat. It could’ve been intentional. To fool us? It must’ve hurt a lot then. (Did you find the member who danced on the acupressure mat?) (The member on the mat is…) (Jae.) (Three minutes ago, Jae lost the rock-paper-scissors.) (To dispel the CKN Trio’s doubt,) (he pretended to be relaxed,) (walked powerfully,) (and jumped higher than others.) (Fidgeting) (He even danced fiercely than any other.) (Will he be able to perfectly deceive the CKN Trio?) – Then… – I think he’s the one. – we are.. – I think it’s not you. going to talk to Wonpil… because he never lies. – Wonpil. – Yes? We finally met today. – Right. – I think… we should talk with an open mind. Who is the one stepping on the acupressure mat? It’s me. – It’s you? – Yes. Seriously? Yes. – Young K, – Yes? have Dowoon ride on your back. – Now? – Yes, put him on your back. Having him on my back itself sounds already painful. Good. None of us chose Young K, but it could be… He’s in pain! (He’s somehow showing off his loud voice.) – Please walk in your place. – Geez. (He even shows the dance that was born earlier today.) Look at him. He’s dancing now. I think he feels pain. – That looks real. – Wait. When Dowoon climbed down from Young K’s back, he grimaced. His ears turned red. That’s funny. – “That’s funny”? – Who is it? You are good actors. Then, I want Jae to have Young K on his back this time. (That’s such a good idea.) It’s just because he’s too heavy. We’re totally clueless! – He must be really heavy. – This is hard. – Put him down. – Why are you shaking so hard? Now, Wonpil will carry Jae on his back. Do it one by one. (Jae is happy to be on Wonpil’s back.) Wonpil, isn’t Jae heavy? You look exhausted. He does look bad. – He laughs awkwardly. – I think it’s Wonpil. Is it Wonpil then? – I’m pretty sure it’s Wonpil. – You can come down. – Is it just acting? – Is he pretending? (Great method acting) – It’s him. – Right. I think he stumbled because of the mat. It would’ve been painful if he’d lost his balance. – It’s Sungjin’s turn. – Good. – Put Wonpil on your back. – Let’s go. If Wonpil is on the mat, it means Sungjin isn’t. Hold on. He has never had me on his back. – Then, – Really? put Wonpil on your back and sing “Partner For Life”. Pardon? You want me to sing “Partner For Life”? Okay. You’ve never had him on your back in the last ten years, right? You’re right. I haven’t. – It’s his first time in ten years. – I’m jealous. Me too. – He’s on Sungjin now. – How does it feel? (Sungjin jukebox is on.) Sungjin is on the plain floor. – He looks comfortable. – It’s nice. (Sungjin gave Wonpil the best gift.) Okay! Get down. It’s Wonpil! (Kwang Hee is gullible.) (Wonpil is good at detailed acting.) Each of you will now… tell us why it’s not you. I’m stepping on it. What? You’re on the acupressure mat? – Yes, I am. – So it’s you. – Wonpil. – I’m not on the mat. You said you were. – Have you changed your mind? – You’re not on it? No, I’m not. – What about Jae? – I’m on the mat. He said he is. What a nerve. I’m not stepping on the mat. I may not… Dowoon is suspicious. This is really hard. Don’t you think it’s Young K? (You’re barking up the wrong tree.) It’s so hard. Before we make the final guess, what would you do… if what you said turns out to be a lie? – You said you’re on the mat. – Right. What will you do if you are not actually stepping on it? What should we do? Are you asking us? Make a pledge. Write theme music for this show. – Sure. – That’s a good idea. – Really? – I’ll make the same pledge. – A theme song? – Do you like it? – I’ll do the same. – Me too. – Me too. – Okay. Now we’ll have a theme song! (Weekly Idol’s theme song will be a big hit.) – We have a theme song now. – You’re too busy. It’s okay. So we’ll make our final guess. You know we’re not that smart. We should just trust our feelings. – It’s Wonpil. – I think it’s Jae. The member we chose is… (He’s still pretending.) – Wonpil! – Wonpil. Now, we’ll check from Sungjin. – It’s Sungjin. – Please come out. – It’s not him. – Really? Sungjin, your acting was amazing. Dowoon! Dowoon also showed good acting. (He steps back lightly and completes his mission.) I told you it’s Young K! – It’s not him. – No way. Should we check Young K then? No. – Come on. – Okay. It’s Young K. I hesitated between him and Jae at the last minute. Then, 1, 2… Young K? In 1, 2, and 3. It’s not him! Unbelievable. So it’s one of you two? We still have a chance. It’s Wonpil. Wonpil. Ring the bell of truth! – This is not good. – What did he say? – In 1, – Ring… – 2, and 3! – the bell of truth! (It’s not Wonpil!) (Jae, a strong man, pulled it off!) – They are good at it. – I said it’s Jae. Jae no longer feels pain as he’s become very healthy. He’s really something. DAY6! As you just watched, the CKN Trio had a battle with DAY6, and DAY6 won. – Well, – They’re amazing actors. after our first discussion, – I and Kwang Hee picked Jae. – Right. – How did you feel then? – I started to get nervous. – Really? – I thought I was totally caught, so I was nervous. DAY6 won the battle, so we’ll give you samgyetang, the invigorating food in summer. Please enjoy! I hope you enjoy it. – Thank you. – Eat it and be healthy. It looks super tasty. It was really fun. Why are you all so good at acting? – You all eat very well. – Do you like it? – We do. – It’s hot. It’s nice that it’s still hot. (Jae has gone through a lot today. Dig in!) For the first time in Weekly Idol’s history, – we’ll close the show while eating. – That’s right. Just keep enjoying the food… and say goodbye to the viewers. DAY6, how was the shooting today? – It was so delicious. – Delicious? (He is really a heavy eater!) Young K, that was so appropriate! (He eats…) (over and over…) (again.) (We’re pleased to hear you say it was delicious.) Dear My Day, you’ve waited so long for our comeback. I’m sure you have high expectations for us. We’ll do our best… Well… – Meet? – Right. We’ve worked hard… for the recent albums to meet your expectations. I’m sure you will like them. I hope you keep looking forward… to DAY6’s comeback. Throughout the Weekly Idol shooting today, the three hosts… helped us a lot to feel comfortable. So I think other idol groups… who plan to visit Weekly Idol… wouldn’t need to worry at all. I had so much fun. – That’s so kind. – Awesome. – They always liven up the mood. – It was fantastic. I feel like I found diamonds in the rough. I was totally captivated by the hidden charms of DAY6. I can’t believe that it’s already time to say goodbye. – I hope to see you more often. – Me too. This is all for this week’s Weekly Idol. – This has been… – DAY6! I wish you good luck! I wish you happiness. – Be happy. – Thank you. (We always root for DAY6.) (Weekly Idol) (Sketching Weekly Idol for the next week!) Pentastic! Hello, we’re PENTAGON! (The best moment PENTAGON picked) (A mysterious earthworm?) (Wrong answers in series) (Who can guess what this is?) (Lovely Kino’s best moment) (Weekly Idol’s chimney is as long as Wooseok’s legs.) I have an idea. (SWAG, a hip hop group in Seongsu-dong) (Warning! Frightening eyes appeared in the studio!) (Aren’t you also scared?) (I’m watching you.) (What terrified PENTAGON members?) Sketching Weekly Idol… for the next week! Are you curious about this sketch? At 5 p.m. on July 17, Wednesday, we will see you on Weekly Idol!

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