Epic Just SAVED Console Fortnite! Here’s How… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Epic Just SAVED Console Fortnite! Here’s How… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be talking about console Fortnite. And usually, the videos that I make about
console Fortnite nowadays are more negative, because it seems like every few months, console
just becomes a glitch filled disaster for a few weeks before Epic does anything about
it. But surprise surprise, this video today is
actually going to be an overwhelmingly positive one, because a few days ago Epic announced
something involving console that gives me a lot of hope for the future of Fortnite on
PS4/Xbox. And no just to clarify I’m not talking about
split screen for console, which was actually just added into the game on the day I’m making
this video. That’s a cool feature and all don’t get me
wrong, but t’s not what we’re gonna be talking about today. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright so what we are going to be talking
about today is the future of competitive console Fortnite. The fact of the matter is, for the first 2
years or so of Fortnite, which is about how old the game is right now, there plain and
simple hasn’t been a respectable competitive Fortnite scene on console. And the reasoning of that is fairly straightforward,
all the big tournaments and events thus far have made all input devices play together,
so it’s practically impossible for a 40-60 FPS console player to truly compete with the
200-300 FPS pros on PC. And it’s funny because I literally remember
making a video in the summer of 2018 where it was first announced that console and PC
wouldn’t be separated in competitive, and I titled that video something along the lines
of “This Is The Death Of Competitive Console Fortnite.” And it turned out to be the truth, no console
player qualified for the world cup or even any major tournament that I can think of. It got to the point where if you were a controller
on console player trying to compete, you needed to become a controller on PC player to even
have a chance. But over the past maybe 3-4 months or so,
that’s started to slightly change. If you guys recall over the summer, there
was the first ever Fortnite official Xbox only online tournament. The prize pool wasn’t anything crazy and it
definitely didn’t get much attention, but it was a little something to get the ball
rolling. Then a few months later, Fortnite started
doing these weekly cash cups that are also platform specific. And that obviously means that if you’re a
console player and you play this event, you’re only gonna get matched up against other console
players, and obviously the leaderboards will be the same deal. Again, the prize pool isn’t massive and it
is only once a week, but definitely another really important step in the right direction. But the biggest piece of news is what was
just revealed a few days ago regarding the winter royale. For those of you unaware, this is a huge online-only
duos tournament that anybody can play, it has a 15 million dollar total prize pool,
and it’s 1 tournament each day on December 20th, 21st, and 22nd. But the tournament itself isn’t even the biggest
news here, the real shocker regarding winter royale when the information was officially
revealed by Epic, is that first off the tournament is platform specific, and 2nd is that console
and PC have exactly the same prize pools. I’ll just show you guys an example of the
Day 1 prize pool for PC on NA East. As you can see 1st is 8 grand, 2nd is $6500,
3rd is $5,500, and it goes all the way down to top 500 which is still a very respectable
$600. And if you take a look at the console prize
pool for the same event, you’ll see that it’s the exact same thing. And I can’t remember the exact details, but
I recall even mobile/switch having a very respectable prize pool as well, it’s definitely
less than PC and Console, but it’s still a solid amount of money. So it’s hard to even put into words how absolutely
massive this is for the future of competitive console Fortnite, and just console Fortnite
in general. I know for a fact that a very high percentage
of my audience are console players, and I’m sure a lot of you guys are probably really
good at Fortnite. I remember during the Xbox Cup that I talked
about earlier, like 3 or 4 different people tweeted me screenshots of them finishing in
the top 50-100 which is obviously a massive achievement. But other than that 1 specific tournament,
and these weekly platform cash cups which really don’t get a ton of attention, insanely
skilled console players haven’t ever really had an opportunity to showcase and profit
from their skill in a competitive environment. But this winter royale duos tournament is
exactly that, and there really is a shocking amount of money up for grabs here. And I think the coolest part about the prize
pool is how deep it is. I’m sure some you console guys watching this
video right now are probably thinking “Hey this sounds really awesome, and I’m definitely
really good at the game, but even against console players only I’m still not good enough
to finish top 10 or top 20.” Well with this specific prize pool, that isn’t
the end of the world at all. For example if you play the console winter
royale on NA East, if you can finish top 250 all 3 days, and keep in mind that’s the top
250 duos, so it’s really like top 500 players if you really think about it, your team will
walk away with $3000. Now don’t get me wrong, top 250 is still gonna
be very hard with all the people competing, but I just wanted to point out that so many
people are gonna walk away with a lot of money . Another positive of this tournament, is
that it’s the first real opportunity for the best console players to make a name for themselves. If I were to ask you right now to name some
of the best controller on PC players, you guys would probably have no problem rattling
off a few names: Inno, Assault, UnknownArmy, Letshe, Wolfiez, there are just a ton. If I were to ask you to name some of the best
PC players, again, probably super easy: Tfue, Mongraal, Benjy, Zayt, whatever. But if I were to ask you to name me some of
the BEST console players, that would be a whole heck of a lot harder. I mean I can think of some top creative guys
like razorx for example, but in terms of top competitive players, I honestly don’t think
I could name one. So maybe this tournament will be able to change
that. If a duo were to theoretically finish 1st
day 1, 4th day 2, 2nd day 3, they could say “hey we’ve always thought we’re the best players
on console, and now we have proof of that.” Now one interesting twist to that could be
if some of the top controller on PC players come back to console for the tournament, which
I’m definitely expecting. And I think it’ll be a really good test to
see how those top controller on PC players adapt. Because trust me, it’s really hard after playing
on PC for a while to go back to console. And even though I’ve barely played competitive
tournaments in the past, I’m seriously considering going back to console just to play this winter
royale, because I think it would be a lot of fun. Now as I expected as soon as I saw the winter
royale details, there are a decent amount of pro players who have been very outspoken
against console having the same prize pool as PC. And I definitely understand why they would
say that, but here’s basically my response to that criticism. At the end of the day, console without a doubt
brings in more revenue for Fortnite than PC does, simply because console just has way
more players, which means way more people buying cosmetics and the battle pass. So it was honestly pretty unfair that for
the longest time, that console as a whole was practically shunned from any kind of competitive
events. And I think Fortnite is starting to recognize
that, and is maybe even seeing a dip in their console playerbase, so they’re trying to do
stuff especially on the competitive side of things specifically for console players. And obviously I think that’s a great thing
for the future of the game. But what PC players need to remember is that
even though this is a huge step in the right direction for console, I still expect the
biggest tournaments such as the world cup if they do another one or FNCS to combine
all platforms going forward. And since that’s been Fortnite’s competitive
philosophy from the beginning I’m not gonna complain about it anymore than I have in the
past, and I actually think it’s fine as long as console gets more platform specific tournaments
like winter royale going forward. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. I wanna now what your guys thoughts are about
this winter royale tournament for console players or just competitive console Fortnite
in general. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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