EPIC PODIUM Family Feud Fails & Funny Moments With Steve Harvey!

EPIC PODIUM Family Feud Fails & Funny Moments With Steve Harvey!

My grades are tripled ladies top four answers on the board. We asked 100 women fill in the blank That was really not good. I’m sorry That was really not good So you could give NES, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Okay, here we go fill in the blank I love farming with big what packages Jason hoses Alright guys, here we go. We got top eight answers on you just gonna win Snow just ask when you want to Then skin the tail and go beat me on the bus We got top eight answers on the board in horror movies Name a place teenagers go where they’re always a killer in the house Miss Rita the wood I’m behind the scenes for a reason My god, you’ve never heard of this show have you Triple top four answers on the board. This is a big one. Someone could win it Name something you hope is this beautiful on the inside as the outside? My sister my sister We got top 7 answers on the board name something a doctor might pull out of a person Garcy a gerbil Yes, yes Let me just write out like that first thing BAM dribble Just like that first Gerbil Hey, hey over here over here sure Name something a doctor might pull out of a person Pam Jarboe Job oh man baby a baby on baby Point values are tripled fellas. We got top four answers on the board. Here we go Name a word that rhymes with the Yummie Tummie Name something that dries up when it gets old grin asparagus Asparagus Apologize Sorry But it’s but it’s up there though, but you knew what is something I Don’t want any problems, mr. Harvey I was 100% wrong Nobody in America thought asperity Finally show you think to see it well 100 people they talk to but but if the letters asparagus had popped up on their board, I Would have shot myself Tracy give me heaven. Give me saw the boat Salvadore you letting them have it today. I Came around the corner in turn and I didn’t see nothing Here we go We got top five answers on the boards We asked 100 mothers name something you see in your teenagers room that makes you sorry you looked Playboy magazine nudie mags playboy nudie Playboy nudie magazines Salvadore dirty socks Dirty socks Okay, I came to slay. I came to slay. Pass or Play? I came to slay. Come on. You ready to have a good time? I Love you. Lance: I like to shake my booty. I’m gonna like dude. I don’t know Here we go pull yourself together Let’s get on into it this is your mother’s episode. We’re so sorry This Is It this is your moment here nice shoes like great here we go Top six answers on the board. We asked 100 women name something Specific that only your man is allowed to do to your behind Oh, okay, okay Okay, yes, yes, yes, give it give it a little pinch give it a little pinch that’s right I don’t know if I should say like a little spank For those the other day from the country she said spanked Given a spike. It’s two syllables from us in the country spine But it’s just fine Yeah, we don’t put little good Ladies let’s go top five answers on the board. Here we go. We asked 100 married women Using the barter system. What could we give you in exchange for your man? Brandy Jetty using the barter system name me something we could give you for your man help. No for bread Well, Jody all that serve in the country and riding a new Colvard operations you have done for this country and You drive a blackhawk. Yes, sir. Pilot Blackhawk helicopters in the military saving our fucking Great She trade it all in for some break Alright guys, here we go top 5 answers on the board. We asked 100 married men What’s the first thing you do when you realize your wife is mad at you Lie One limitation, okay. You don’t know how real that LC We ain’t posed to say that don’t you write your head messed up no you rest of us That’s what you know some y’all know how many times you know, you’re an Eagle Scout. Yes. Yes. Yes It is in our DNA kid 19, he already know I’m just gonna laugh Mister kill buy her flowers buy her flowers Point values are double guys. We got the top eight answers on the board fill in the blank if it were up to me I’d never blink again Cheep-cheep Are you an idiot what you’re saying little buddy? It’s not gonna be up there Scot you you can come over here and play with this You get back at the house what what do you say, honey? Never cheated The hell did you do? Oh God, you don’t think he’s gonna pay for that deal But this is go come up. Oh all over the holidays, but every time she get drunk. She gonna bring it up Yeah, you got just just one hand on You’ve been up against him before preseason preseason Tell tell Fannie Sir, pretty fast things you got some speed sure. Yeah good boy gonna be all right there Just keep missing you you’d be like number 89 be running a long time. Make a lot of money. He’s gonna have to learn They’re gonna be around a long time if you learn how to follow instructions One I got keep telling you Just have a good time. All right fellas, let’s go point values a double. We got to top 6 answers on the board Name someone you are glad you only see about once a year Man Hey, mr. Baza and step back Gave it some funk pain back and spilling sake nothing But plan to totally hit it hit it. Sorry Okay, Tara’s on you Before we go to Jeremy Jeremy mother-in-law Pass a place they go play play weight pass link don’t you got disgusted? You ain’t passes you can’t dunk past it Don’t pass just beat. I don’t know what strategy y’all reckon, but they’ll pass. Yeah, Bill Belichick. Nothing the same football Y’all play this ball It is harder to guess what’s left than it is to just choose So you get a couple of good ones out the way they’re over there stuff cuz this is a hard one Because these cats is young So you ask me I got a missed Point values are double top six answers on the board if kids ran the world What would be the first thing they get rid of? Oh Crap I didn’t know. I don’t know. Can I have a do-over? When they play they just I want to do over old fresh adults a boat a Wife might tell her husband. I wish you’re what was like Steve Harvey Going back anyways getting back just all know Brandi ball, that ain’t no good answer No, you don’t stand up here here pregnant Hey, let’s go guys let’s go Hands up Here we go top eight answers on the board Name something specific a man would hate to have happen when he gets down on one knee to propose She says no she says Oh, I see another one, yeah You I was just I said, I don’t know how to play now all we gotta play it The point values is double we got top seven answers on the board. We asked 100 women What might a blind date conveniently forget to mention about himself? He’s wine he’s blind Yeah, they conveniently forgot to Mitchie I really am glad He’s married I’m seven answers on the board. We asked 100 married women name a part of your husband that you wish wasn’t so darn hairy his balls We’ll come on here just embarrass your mama – no we Good mama go to church. No. Yeah, so she’s gonna be very very ashamed It’s his fault I think but hopefully it’s up there Assess this chest Top six answers on the board What might a man do if his ex-wife was telling everyone that he has a teeny-weeny? Sue him Oh, yeah, oh, I’m sorry Divorce Max kill her Max go shut this down This little statement about me goes no further today You’re gay No kids visitation she’s not seen since she’s not allowed to see the kids You made these babies with this woman you got a teeny weenie I’ll layer by no, she’ll I let everybody know she lying Name something that often lasts longer than you wanted to a beer a beer a neutral sex Mic Return around you saying sorry babe? No was he talking to babe? Well, it is him. He’s right there The answer came from your hand Sex Is way too loud dog, I’m telling you now, come on man Okay here my eyes bar my soul too young didn’t win Yeah, we know bad my soul – you didn’t win a New broad we still owe Let’s go we got the top five answers on the board. We asked 100 married women Name something you do if your husband made reservations for the two of you on a swingers cruise Invite my best friend She said I’m sorry, but I told you I couldn’t go Invite my best friend Miss Carol, I wouldn’t go All right, guys we got to pay attention here we go point values are triple we got the top four answers on the board We asked 100 married women When it comes to grooming name something you wish your husband would do more often His eyebrows. Is that what? Those things Top six answers on the board We asked 100 married people Name something you’ve caught your spouse doing in the middle of sex Sleeping Sleeping Watching TV watching TV Top five answers on the board. Here we go. We asked 100 married men Name an animal that gets more nookie than you do Doe what a dog a Dog Oh dog I’ll out a deer a deer Oh What Okay, let me is did did you understand what she said it first, okay cool cuz I was sitting there going Top 7 answers on the board ladies, here we go name a number that most men exaggerate a Hundred a hundred Joan their height their height Their age Name a country a man with the mustache should visit to meet a woman with the Mustang France France Paris I’m a man Gerald or Pakistan, you know, well of it Okay, I appreciate you dope man. That’s just it’s going back to your spot Guys here we go point values are double we got top five answers on the board name a kind of suit That’s not appropriate for the office Chicken noodle You don’t wear no damn chicken noodle soup in Hill Birthday birthday We plan Top six answers on the board We asked 100 men fill in the blank every girl I meet tells me I’m what? Smelly You don’t know where that came from Smelly Joe come on Sexy Point values are triple top four answers on the board name something you might like to have two of on your bed Women Steve Horse Hugh my god, she went over there and hug till a Little Bible study gonna be next week Tribbles Praise you Gotta bring an extra pillow Top eight answers on the board. We asked 100 married women name something you’ll let your husband get away with doing but just once Cheating Stop not stay steal because you got to go back over there right after You

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