Episode 2 | Ishant Sharma | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Episode 2 | Ishant Sharma | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Sometimes, when I bowl slow
during the match, Bumrah would say “Come on, rev up the engine”. And I would grunt on top of my voice. My bowling speed was 130 kmph.
Bumrah would say after two balls
“Has the engine not warmed up?” His speed would go up to 140 kmph. I told him that even his speed is 140 kmph. He got angry and started the scooter. Do you remember
when you got your India cap? Hope you remember that moment.
You were so young also. To debut at the age of 18 – is a big deal.
– I was a spring chicken. “I was a spring chicken.” I mean we were raw. We didn’t know much.
We just played. Chiku and I used to have
fun in the Ranji Trophy. He was my room partner
when I was selected to play against South Africa
for the first time. – Chiku?
– Yes, Chiku. Perhaps we were playing
a Ranji Trophy match in Saurashtra. I was sleeping
as I was tired after bowling. He was watching TV and
suddenly started kicking me saying “Wake up!
Your name is in the list”… I told him to let me sleep. He persuaded me to wake up and see it. He kicked me so hard… When I saw, I was surprised. He said, “Even you’ll play
for India now.” Wow! That is when I realised
that I am a good player. Of course. – On my debut…
– Yeah. There was Paaji seated in front of me. Beside him, there was Dada. And Laxman was seated too. Then there was Rahul and Viru
along with Laxman. I felt so insignificant. Want to hear something
funny about my debut? The clothes were given by BCCI but I played
wearing Zak’s (Zaheer Khan) shoes. But these are bigger shoes. Even these are size 14. – No… These are size 11 shoes.
– Oh. – Zak and I have the same shoe size.
– Okay. So, someone stole my kitbag
as soon as I reached there. What! Stole as in,
they sent my bags somewhere else. I wondered how would I play
without my gear. I went for the match without practice
as I didn’t have my shoes. Oh, God! That means you were
under double the pressure. – Brother, be careful. It’s ours.
– Yeah, it is. But did that help? Did you forget about the match as you were more worried
about your kitbag? That’s possible. You are worried as long as
you are outside the ground. Once you are on the ground,
your mind is occupied by the game. Yeah. You’re done for
if you don’t focus there. Then it’s better to stay
with the kitbag all the time. Then you won’t need the kit anymore. “Backbenchers have the heaviest bags”. What is that line?
I’ve never heard it in Delhi. Why? It’s quite common in schools. My mom once caught me bunking classes.
I was in the 10th grade. I’ve done schooling till the 10th grade. My mom had sent me for tuitions
and I didn’t want to go. Instead, I went to my friend’s place. While I was at my friend’s house,
my mom went to pay the tuition fee. – Oh, bad timing!
– The tutor said I never showed up. Mom replied, “What? He leaves home
every day to attend the classes”. My tuition classes would end
by 2 p.m. By 3 or 3:30 p.m, I used to go home. Mom asked, “What did you learn today?” So I used to tell her whatever
was going on in school. All of a sudden, I got a slap. My dad was watching TV. I said, “Please help me out”. Dad couldn’t have saved you. I swear, mom turned me into a football. She grabbed my head,
banged on the wall and repeat… That day, I got beaten up real bad. Then I got my bag and she said “Backbenchers have the heaviest bags”. What a line. Virat said on the show that he
started calling you Sukhbir. He calls me by various names – because I had a ponytail…
– Yes. So one day I wore glasses, to which
he said that I look like Sukhbir. – Oh…
– Yes, the same person. Did it ever seem back then that Virat would
ever play for India? – Yes.
– When he was 17 or 18 years old. Yes, obviously. Now he’s at a different level. He has trained himself in such
a way that… He decided that cricket
is everything for him. Sometimes I ask him,
after the 2011 World Cup did Gary wave a magic wand which changed him.
To share it with me as well. He was a young boy who used to party… …eat butter chicken… Together we have…
When we were in Kolkata we never had enough money back then. We used to get an allowance of Rs. 150. – Rs. 150 per day?
– Per day. We had to pay for the laundry. We washed our clothes together.
We used to switch duties each day. We had no other option. We’ve washed our clothes together. During the ZC camp, other
players would roam on Sundays. While we used to wake up
and dry clothes in the afternoon. Then what we did was.. – You know those egg rolls?
– Yes. We used to eat those. Kathi roll. Famous in Kolkata. Yes, the ones sold on carts. – Eat one roll and you’d be full.
– True. We used to eat that
before playing matches. – Double chicken double egg.
– Double chicken double egg. And a fizzy soda. Only people from Delhi can relate
to the fizzy soda. “Banta”. Nothing tastes better
than “Banta” mixed with salt. Isn’t it? People don’t get it.
They’ve become too cultured. Earlier, our immune systems were so strong
even stones could be digested Now, even water has to be purified.
Habits have been spoilt. Earlier junior cricketers
would drink water from buckets. Hand pump…
When we played in the streets… …we used to operate the hand pump
to drink water. During matches,
did they keep water in a bucket? We had practice matches… A rickshaw-puller
used to bring many cold jugs. With that jug and a glass everybody used to drink water. – It strengthens the bond.
– I don’t know what it does. If you see mud in it,
you throw the water else, you drink it. We never cared. Now the things…
I mean, convenience… People think about health and
are a lot more careful these days… Things have become very particular. Even the water must be a certain way. Oats fibre biscuit. “If it’s free,
we’ll have it. No issues.” Ashish used to say “I’ll eat fever too if it’s free”. In our team, although we are
competitors, all are united. We, fast bowlers, eat together. It’s not an official dinner. Me, Shami, Bhuvaneshvar, Umesh… Bumrah stays in his own world. He doesn’t get out of his room. I don’t know. He won’t let
anyone in his room either. If I knock on his door, he’d peak a little. I wonder what treasure
he hides in his room. “Treasure”… He instigates a lot. Sometimes, when I bowl slow
during the match, Bumrah says “Come on, rev up your engine”. We were playing a test match. In the second test match in Australia… He was showing me my speed after every ball. And I grunt on top of my voice. My bowling speed was 130 kmph.
Bumrah would say after two balls
“Has the engine seized?” Now I was angry. I thought I’m trying my best.
I was even grunting. And the speed was 130 kmph. In the previous match,
I had a bowling speed of 139 or 140 kmph. I wondered what changed in two days. What was injected to reduce my speed? And Bumrah’s speed went up to 140 kmph. I told him that even
his speed is 140 kmph. “What?” Bumrah got angry.
He started the scooter. Bumrah started the scooter. After trying hard, it went up to 141 kmph. I said, “Let it be, at your age
I’d bowl at a speed of 150 kmph”. Then Bumrah bowled at 150 kmph. There’s lots of fun. Shami has this weird way of talking,
he would say… “What are you doing?” “Where are you going?” “‘Pal, we’ll do this.” “We’ll do that and have you seen
Soorma Bhopali?” “I am Soorma Bhopali.” That’s how Shami is. We used to tell him, “Shami,
show some energy when you talk”. He would say,
“How will that help?” “There’s energy in my bowling.” Make Shami play PUBG, feed him… …Biryani, Mutton and “Nalli Nihari”. Make him bowl. Then he falls asleep. That’s it. He’d say, “What is all this food?
Have red meat.” “You’ll recover with that.” I said I’m a vegetarian. He’d say “That’s why you have slowed down.” I said, “Shami, go now.” Shami was so tired in
one of the matches… I told him, “He’s right behind you”.
He said, “Let him be”. – Virat, is a bit aggressive…
– Yes, “a bit?” One bad ball and he gets furious. He’d complain and point out things. I would say, “The engine is revving up”. It’s been just 2 or 3 test matches. It’s a series of five test matches.
It takes time for us too. We’re humans. Then he’d realise
that we are slow starters. We are a bit slow.
It takes us a few balls to warm up. Then, we start our work. When I met Zaheer at
the match in Mumbai… I said, “The body becomes tight”. He said that’s because
of the age factor. I said I’m just 30 years old, not 35. He said, “Then there’s only one problem”. I asked him, “What?”. He said that I’ve played for so long… …that people consider me old. Tell me what to do about it. The matches I have
played till now… If I’ve matured as a bowler, I would
give the credit to Zak (Zaheer Khan). In the matches that we played
together… I got so much to learn and grasp. So now, I apply that in my bowling… How Zak used to
master the batsmen… How he used to position the fielders
and how he used to bluff… All of those, I learnt from Zak. I still apply it.
So, it’s totally different. So, you won the ‘Man of the Series’
in 2007 or 2008? – In Australia.
– Australia. In 2008. Back then… Okay, I was young,
I was just 19 back then. I just knew how to bowl,
roam around in cars and waste time.. I asked Gary… I didn’t know that
‘Man of the Series’ is a big deal. I thought ‘Man of the Match’
was more important. So, I asked him
if it’s a big deal. Gary replied, “Are you mad?” I asked, “Why?” He said, “You’re ‘Man of the Series’,
you should feel proud about yourself”. I said “Okay”. You didn’t win the ‘Man of the Match’ award. – No.
– You won the “Man of the Series” award. – You thought others got bigger prizes.
– The prize was huge, I won a car. Oh! Which car did you win? – Altis.
– Wow! When I started learning to drive… …it was in the car Maruti 800. When I came back from Australia I had money with me. I wanted to spend it. Back then I never carried an ATM card. And dad used to believe in buying
new things in cash. – We used to get DA in cash too.
– Yeah. I took the cash and asked my friend
to accompany me to the mall to buy something. I bought a speaker
worth Rs. 40,000 to 42,000. I had Rs. 30,000, which I paid. I told him to deliver it and that
dad will pay the balance amount. Yeah. When I went home, dad asked me its cost. I asked him to pay the balance amount. He thought, since I’ve paid a huge amount,
he might have to pay the delivery charges. He paid 10,000 to 15,000 rupees. Later, he was confused. He asked me,
“What’s the cost of the speakers?” I said it’s around Rs. 42,000. He looked at mom and said “I was planning to buy a two wheeler
and he got a speaker worth Rs. 42,000.” My parents are, actually… – Simple?
– Very simple. They still… They still enquire about the price
before buying anything. If you say an object costs
Rs. 500, they will not buy it. Whenever I go out anywhere… I ask dad, “What do you want?” He asks for a raincoat. I ask him who wears a raincoat in summer! He loves raincoats. He wakes up at 4 a.m. Regardless of the climate. He gets up by 4 a.m. He is done with his prayers by
5 a.m. and at 7 a.m… …come what may,
he has to go to the temple. Sometimes I feel
that my parents are so religious… …that I feel God hasn’t
created any more people. As He listens only to them.
That’s how much they worship Him. They pray to God twice in a day
and for almost 3 hours. Oh my God! Dad prays in the morning
till 6:30 a.m. There’s a separate
prayer room at home. After that he has his breakfast.
Mom will still be praying. – Okay.
– Then mom takes a break to have tea. After the break,
she resumes her prayers. In the afternoon, she takes a power nap. So does dad. I don’t know which alarm
rings as soon as it turns 4 p.m… They quickly have tea and go downstairs. – Prayers.
– Prayers. Then they go for a walk in the park. Then they go to a temple
behind my house. I told them there are others as well. I said God has to answer
prayers of others as well. There are so many people. Let God answer their prayers too. They are adamant on their routine. – I mean, it’s not…
– It’s a good habit. Habits are good but
they seem a bit funny. What is their opinion
on you growing long hair? About the facial hair style? About the Undertaker attitude. Have you seen Undertaker in WWF? – Obviously.
– Looks like Undertaker. – You know what I used to do?
– What? – It was WWF instead of WWE.
– Correct. While watching it, on the pillow… I used to write their names
on the pillow cover. And hit those pillows. Poor pillows. Sometimes there was no padding. So I used to wrap the pillows
on my knees. Mom asked “What are you doing?” When I said I have worn it as a pad,
she would hit me. She would say, Don’t spoil the pillows”. Are you making a French movie? My wife hates cricket. She gets annoyed by the fact that we both have played for India. Yeah. She is from a basketball family. – Yeah.
– Her family is full of basketball fans. Did they ever watch cricket?
Are they fond of it? They don’t know. No one knows about our story. Then tell us the story. Our story is, my friend… and my wife’s sister
organized a tournament. – In which Shikhar and I…
– Yeah. were the chief guests.
When we went there… a beautiful girl was sitting
near a scoreboard, recording scores. I said, “Here, even the ones recording
the scores are beautiful”. In a cricket match,
we are not so lucky. So I told him they have such nice people. He asked me to be quiet and said
that she is his classmate’s sister. How would I’ve known?
I had never met her. I regularly started being the chief guest
of that tournament. I started going there every day to watch the match. They would’ve wondered… “Did you invite any chief guest?” “- Yes, there is.
– I can come”. So she said that… “We both have played for India.” – Yeah.
– “Then why don’t we get the popularity” “or fame as much as you do?” I asked how am I to be blamed! “Why blame me?” I didn’t ask anyone to not support you. Rather I have an opinion that anyone
playing for India must have all the support. – Exactly.
– Because you represent India… and so do I. Unfortunately,
their sport isn’t that famous. No one knows about it. Not many people know that her sister
received the ‘Arjuna Award’ last year. This year… This year she received
the ‘Padma Shri’. Wow! She is the only female basketball
player to receive ‘Padma Shri’. Amazing. – How many people know about it?
– Yeah. Then, she said… She wanted to do something professional other than basketball,
as she is educated too. I was playing for India
when I was a 12th grader – and didn’t go to school after that.
– Yeah. So, you didn’t take
the grade 12 exams? I didn’t even clear grade 11. But today… When you have kids,
what will you tell them? Because both parents are sportspersons. Both parents are athletes. So what will you tell your kids? “Do as you wish?” It’s obviously up to them. But I feel education is very important. Because… It’s good that you play… But it’s important to study too.
You should at least be a graduate. – Yeah.
– If you graduate… I mean, in life – you won’t get stuck with something.
– Yeah. Because, sports… For example, cricket.
There are many in the country who play. Almost everyone plays cricket. And only 15 of them get selected. – There’s such a narrow margin.
– Right. If you study or do a course… – or anything for that matter.
– Yes. Then you have something
to plan for, in the future. – Yeah.
– Else, if you get stuck with sports… I’ve seen several people
who played only cricket and later those poor guys coach players for as less as
Rs. 200 per hour. Yeah. Because they have no other option.
When they had to study they used to spend time
practicing cricket. It’s not that they didn’t work hard.
They did. But… – It’s also about luck.
– Yes. – There’s timing.
– Many people play cricket. But most of them end up
coaching others for Rs. 200 per hour. There are many Ranji Trophy
players who ask me – for one to one coaching opportunities.
– Yeah. – Obviously, now, the population is high.
– Yeah. Good point. So there aren’t enough jobs for all. So these things in our country… I think, the sooner you take up
that responsibility… – The sooner will you settle in life.
– Yeah. It’s true that at the age of 18-19,
you don’t have any idea about responsibility. It’s the time when you enjoy the most. You dream of playing for India. If you’re from a lower
middle class family… Wherein the father…
My father was a labourer. He used to lift ACs weighing 2 tonnes. – Yeah.
– He used to carry them up – several floors.
– Yeah. His work period was for six months. – Because no one installs ACs in winter.
– Yeah. He used to run the household
in that six months’ pay. We went to a good school and had
food with the wages he received. Even today, when I go to my friend’s
academy for practice, I see that… along with children… Maids come, carrying their kitbags. They don’t carry their kitbags. That is making your kids soft. When we used to play… I would wait at the bus stop,
in Patel Nagar. I never kept my kitbag on the ground. I would always carry it… so that when the bus comes…
I never kept it on the bus floor. I used to keep it on my lap. Two years ago, in the IPL… I was playing for KXIP
and my performance went low. So someone called dad and asked, “What happened to Ishant?” He shouted back at the guy. He got angry. He calls me and says about it. I tell him to not worry about it. Relax. Enjoy life. We have achieved so much in life
because of cricket. What’s more important in life? – Correct.
– You are playing for India. You live a good life.
You roam as you wish to. You can buy as many raincoats
as you wish. Yes. It doesn’t matter what people say. Does it matter when
your wife says something? – It does for everyone.
– Everyone. We become Air India mascots in the
presence of our respective wives. That’s the case with all men. It’s a fact. That’s right. That’s a fact. Every man is submissive
in front of his wife. It is a fact. That’s a very good note
to end the show on. Hi, I’m Ishant Sharma. You can watch me on
‘Breakfast with Champions’. Wow, what a line! But for that, you need to
subscribe to Oaktree Sports. Anything else? Like and follow. – Share… Share the video.
– Share. – Share the video.
– Sharing is caring. Okay. Then share the video. Yes. This episode should have
more views than the one with Bhuvi. More views
than the one with Bhuvi. Else he would keep bragging saying that the episode
with him got more views. – Okay? Thank you.
– Please do watch.

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