Episode 4 | AB de Villiers | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Episode 4 | AB de Villiers | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Have you thought about then coming back and playing
the World Cup in 2023? That’s out there. How old will I be? 39. That’s a story! I’ll come back if MS is still around. Hey, listen! With MS also you never know. Yeah. If I’m still good enough, who knows, eh? There’s a story. We should start
this right now. This is where – the campaign starts.
– I actually like that. Sorry, I got to get up and say hi. – There he is, the coach.
– We got to say hi. – The first one we ever shot was GK and GK.
– He is giving a guest appearance. – This one.
– You’re the good luck charm. – Nice to see you, man.
– Always good to see you. How’s it going? Are you running a little show
with the legend? Yeah, yeah. It’s been 3 years trying to catch him. But he just sort of escapes from the net. He get to ask you some trick question. – Me? Ever?
– I love trick questions. Me? Ever? I’ll text you after we finish,
in case you’re still floating around. – Yeah. Guest appearance.
– Yeah? Yes. – Nice to see you.
– Thanks so much. See you. After the India World Cup gig,
Gary was coach of South Africa, right? Yeah. He made me the captain of the team. I’ll never forget the walk
in Wellington, New Zealand. Okay. Tell me about this. He called me and said, “I need to see you.”
And then we took a stroll to the harbor. – And on the way he said,
“I want you to be the captain of this team.” I’ll never forget that moment. I’m like, “Gary, are you serious?” He said, “Yeah. You’re ready.” “It’ll take some knocks. You’ll have to learn
quickly. But I think you’re the captain.” – This is something I’ll never forget.
– Wow. But he’s always had a way of doing things
in a certain manner, you know? – Yeah.
– Makes it a lot special, like a moment – walk down the street.
– Nice. Quite emotional. Whole Gary…. – That’s great when you have a…
– It’s special. …coach like that who is
not just about the sport. – He’s also about the human.
– He’s human. He’s deep. He understands there’s more to life
than just playing game of cricket. It’s having impact on each other,
and, you know, positive influences. And Faf’s(Faf du Plessis) your good buddy. Faf and you were in school together? We played against each other
for most of our younger years. Since 9 till about 13. – Yeah.
– Four, five years. Primary school level, we played against
each other for different provinces. And then we ended up going
to the same high school. So at the age of 14,
having been big rivals leading up to that we actually found ourselves in the same team. – Wow.
– Which was very refreshing. – Yeah, that’s good.
– I think we both were very relieved. Because we were very competitive.
We knew about each other. We didn’t really talk to each other too much. And the next minute, I was sitting next to
him going, “Finally we’re teammates.” And that’s where the friendship
really got going. He came in after you. He came in to
the South African set up after you. Yeah. He waited a bit longer. It happened quite quickly for me.
Couple of doors opened up. I put my hand up at the right time. The path he walked, it was a different one. But it set him up perfectly
for international cricket. I think he was mentally in a great space
when he finally made his debut. There was a moment where he was thinking
of signing for one of the English counties. He did call me up and said what
I think about it and I said “Listen “not a long time from now,
there will be a few retirements” “few guys will step down.
You’re pretty close.” “And the coaches and the team
are talking about you.” – Yeah.
– “So, just hang in a little bit longer.” And finally, the breakthrough came.
I’m not taking credit for that. – We did have that conversation.
– No. You can take it. It’s fine. We did have that conversation.
And I’m very happy I was straight up. It’s a great story. There are
some people in England who are going “It was him. He didn’t let Faf come.” It’s okay. It’s South Africa’s gain. But when you joined the team,
you were so young. You joined it at 20. Who were your mentors? Who were the guys you got on best
within the team when you joined? They were, I mean, all were my heroes.
The minute… I’ll never forget that phone call, first
of all. And a week later, I found myself alongside my heroes.
Kallis, Ntini, Pollock, Boucher and Smith. You didn’t mind sort of running
drinks in the first few games because you were used to it
ever since you were a kid. You did that for your brother, didn’t you? I was about to mention that. That’s the way I was brought up.
I have two elder brothers. Your brothers are how many years older? – 6 and 9.
– So, they were 6 and 9 when you were 4? 6 and 9 years older than me, respectively. – Yeah.
– Man, that’s… I don’t know. That’s illegal that you’re making your
4 year old brother run around with drinks. It was always about the team
and serving in a way and then you’ll get your opportunity as well. That’s always been my philosophy in life. Not expecting an opportunity,
but, you know, just hand out…. Do your time. Hand it out, serve other people and who knows
your break might just come. Sooner rather than later, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. That’s the fondest memories
I have growing up. And that’s why I don’t wanna be anywhere else but there. I wanted to play
with them, and compete and show that I can… I belong, you know. That was great. Younger brothers are not welcome to the game. No. No, I wasn’t really welcome. But I found a way to sort of feel welcomed. Obviously, I love being part of the game. I love the ball following me. You’ll see when I field as well I try and get in positions where…
I really want the ball to come to me. We love watching you taking catches. I love throwing the ball to
Parthiv Patel and he catches it. He doesn’t say it but I can feel
he goes like, “That was pretty good.” – The thump! You hear the thump.
– “I like that. I like that.” I wanna be that guy always. I was just born with that. Were you ever a wicket keeper – while you were playing for junior cricket?
– I was a keeper for many years. Yeah. Junior years, 100%.
I was always wicket keeper. I opened the bowling sometimes
at primary school. Did the bat and the ball belong to you? Because only then
can you do all these things. – Yeah.
– And you won’t have a game. Maybe when I was very young,
I never enjoyed getting out. So, I would get out and I’d say,
“No, no, it’s not out.” – Yeah.
– So, I managed…. It was funny.
I remember my friends giving me… I was very young then,
I was like six or seven. Remember growing up
with my two older brothers. So, now, in primary school
my friends were going to try and tell me that I’m out. No, no, no. I had enough years of carrying water around. You’ve got to get me out properly
before I’m out. You got to bowl the stumps out of the ground.
Never mind catching me. “I’ve taken down guys twice your size.
My brothers. I can take you.” So, I was pretty bad in primary school. So, how does AB switch off? What do you like to do
when you’ve switched off? What are your leisure time
favorite things to do? I’ve got a deep connection with nature. I love spending time in the Bushveld
up north in Africa. South Africa. I grew up in a small town. My parents still live there, so I’ll go there as often as I can just to switch off. Father-in-law’s got a farm as well
with some wildlife on it. There’s really nothing better than just go
sit there for a weekend, and do nothing. Connect with nature, watch the animals
run free and spend time with the family. When it rains in the afternoon, I’ve got a
big connection with little things like that. That’s what makes me feel alive. Spending time with my wife,
my family is obviously number one priority and most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done. I promise you it’s the craziest thing. Things that I’ve really done, enjoyed doing all of a sudden I love. Because I’m doing it with them.
It’s weird how that works. And changing my own kids’ nappies is like it’s a pleasure. It’s an absolute joy. I love serving other people
and connecting with people. People like Gary Kirsten,
who is my coach at the moment at RCB. And we had a long walk together
for the Proteas as well. I just love little connections like that. And I’m a human after all as well, I mean,
I have my moments where I feel down and out. I have my hours in a day where I feel like,
just don’t wanna do anything now. And that’s human. It’s okay to feel that. I’m so happy to hear that.
I’m really relieved to hear that. Really. Because if it can happen to AB,
then it can happen to GK. It’s fine. People who tell you that
it doesn’t happen to them at all…. – Of course it does.
– They’re lying. – Yeah.
– They’re living a lie. It’s human. You have quite a religious
or a spiritual side to you as well. Does that come from your parents, or was it
your childhood, did you discover it yourself? How did that happen? I think every person has got to
come to a stage in their lives where they find it themselves, you know. For me, there were a couple of moments I was in the back of a car, with my family driving back from a Sunday lunch.
And I had this moment. This connection.
It happened again in Sydney on a boat. Ten-hour fishing trip
with the Morkel brothers. I got sick after two hours and for eight hours I was lying on the top
deck, literally feeling like I was gonna die. And there was a moment there again. So, there were two huge moments in my life. Spiritually where
I could feel the presence of… – Yeah.
– …of God. Yeah. So, that didn’t seem, or I’m not
gonna lie and say that he spoke to me. I could just… I started crying.
I felt like “Whoa!” And it was almost like he’s telling
me appreciate what you have. – Wow.
– Family comes first. Always stay humble.
That kind of a thing, you know. Don’t get ahead of yourself.
He just reminded me in a way. That’s what I felt. I can’t say I heard a voice. So…
Any stuff like that, but those are the moments that I really felt like
“Okay, it’s real.” The thing is
India has got a few favorite adopted sons. Yeah. And I think
you’re right up there. With them. I don’t know how that happened.
But I’m very happy that happened. I feel at home when I come over
here these days. It’s amazing. – You proposed in India.
– Exactly, yeah. It has a special place in my heart. Yes. So, how did you think
of proposing at the Taj Mahal? Slightly clichéd though? Might be when you look back. Yes. – I’m thinking now…
– “Let’s go to the most romantic monument.” I didn’t think along those lines at that
time. I personally I’ve never been there. So, it’s the first time you both went there? It was the first time both of us went there.
I’ve always wanted to see it. I woke up one day,
like, six weeks prior to that. And I literally just woke up
and was like, “What am I doing?” When you know, you know. I’ve got to marry this girl straight away. And it just happened that way. That’s… So, I didn’t decide before that
it’s going to happen in India. But I realized, I’m gonna be in India over
that time, and the idea just came to mind. It’s the perfect place to do it. Yeah. What’s the strangest place
that you’ve been asked for a selfie? On a plane, asleep with my headphones on I found a baby in my arms with the mom taking a selfie there. I literally woke up with a kid in my hands. And I woke up thinking,
“What is going on here?” Were you a father, at the time, in real life?
When this happened? – No, no.
– You weren’t. No, I wasn’t. I was sort of scared of babies. And I woke up with
a baby in my arms in a plane. That was very funny. The fun part of the story would be “And then I kept the baby,
and now he’s Navdeep Saini.” Yeah. True. So, you and Virat are neighbors here, right? We are neighbors. Yeah? He told me.
I just bumped into him and he said “We are neighbors, ask him about that.” I said, “Ask him if you’re a good neighbor?” “Is that what I have to ask him?” If it wasn’t for the mosquitoes here we would’ve left our doors open and probably would’ve shared a big room Anushka’s here all the time my family is there,
the kids are running around. – Did he babysit the kids?
– He was amazing. The kids were knocking on his door,
early in the morning waking him up. He would let them in,
and would have coffee together. They were so good with the kids. We spent hours in the pool together everyone just jumping and diving,
and they’re so chilled, you know? I see them on the balcony all the time drinking tea, meditating about life,
talking about simple things. And that makes me happy, you know? When I realize, guys like him,
who are so “big” in India. But I see them enjoying
the small things in life which is what it’s all about.
And it’s important. And they find time for other people. Which is so difficult with their lives. I mean, they’ve got people on
top of them all the time. I’m scared of saying
anything to him now because If I say like, “Oh, I like your shoes.”
The next minute he organizes me those shoes. I’m like, “Virat, just stop it.” He looks after everyone. I was like, “My phone is flat again.” “Oh, you need a power bank.” There you go. Now it’s mine. – He’s ridiculous, man.
– No. I told him I like coffee the other day.
Now I’m getting an espresso machine – he’s ordered on Amazon.
– Yes. It’s being delivered tomorrow. – So, I’m…
– Who does that? I said I’d meet him after we’re done. So, I’m gonna go tell him
that my Ferrari is really slow. Exactly. But that’s maybe as he’s the younger brother I used to do that to my older brothers
so he’s feeling maybe I’m the older brother. I can give you another angle of it. It’s the competitiveness that we have.
We’re both very competitive. And in a way we compete
against each other as well. Which brothers do. I mean,
two brothers are always like… You keep an eye on your brother,
you also wanna outperform each other. But you love each other so much. So, it’s a very healthy relationship with… I know, how many runs he scored this season I also wanna be there,
I don’t wanna be left behind. And we always wanna push
each other to different levels. which is very healthy in a team. – And for two friends.
– Yeah. I love how he’s changed
over the last five to seven years. He’s done it quite early in his career. I know he’s 30 already. But, in cricketing terms that’s still young. He’s still got a long way to go
and it’s scary to think what he’s gonna… What he might do in the next five
to seven years, if he really wants to… Because of that balance that he’s created. But sometimes I almost worry for him saying,
“It’s all right, brother. Just take it easy.” He really, he burns bright. – He does.
– He burns bright. He is intense.
And sometimes you worry because… And you know this.
You know that level of intensity. So, I mean, I’m sure you must
be talking to him and saying – Yeah.
– “Just sustain this.” We’ve had that chat before – plenty of times.
– Yeah. Because I can relate to that.
I’m exactly the same. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I like to be honest. I don’t like to beat around the bush
and pretend like I’m someone that I’m not. You have to control it. If you wanna stay
sane for 15 years of international cricket. And he is, I think he is at that
stage now of his career where he realizes that he needs
to find that balance with his emotions. And I think, he is 100%
on the right track with it. Captain… When you get older, I guess,
it also tends to happen. I mean, when you’re in your 20s,
you just, everything is just… – Spot on. Yeah.
– It’s just human, right? I guess. It is. It’s part of growing up. And, we all go through it.
And that’s the beautiful thing of life. It’s not just cricket. It’s life. And, I think it’s sad
when people get it wrong. And when it’s too much about just one thing. Maybe there’s a time and a place for that. But, I think it’s sad in a way
if you hold on to it too much and if you don’t realize there’s more to life
than just playing the game of cricket. It’s important. It’s our jobs. And we have passion and proud in what
we do and we want to win games of cricket. But there’s a time to switch off
and to always remember that there’s nature around you,
there’s bigger purpose in life. And et cetera. – And you know…
– Why is this conversation so serious? Crazy man. You know he is our good luck charm. Do you wanna sit down
so I can speak a bit less? No, sir, carry on. – Hello.
– Hello, how are you? – Good.
– You’ve lost weight. Yeah, stress.
It’s all from stress. Practicing. – Okay, carry on.
– How are you, Ashy boy? I’m good, sir. – I’ll see you in 15.
– Where are you going? I’m just going for a quick something. Enjoy, Ash. You know what he is going for?
Guaranteed he is going for a steam. – Yeah.
– Steam? Yeah. I knew. Is he going to the steam room? He loves the steam!
Sometimes I feel he is the steam engine. Great player. So, you’ve batted with so many people. Who was it most enjoyable,
or tell us a few people who you really enjoyed batting with and why? It’s such a different world batting with
Virat and batting with Chris Gayle. It’s difficult to explain. But very enjoyable with both of them. Virat is intense. 10 out of 10. It’s all or nothing. – Chris is calm.
– Yeah. – So with Chris, you’re not talking about…
– He is always prepared to give you he is like, “You take the limelight,
It’s fine.” He’s just standing there. It’s amazing. Chat’s very minimal with Gayle. Something about “I bowled googlies, man.” And I’m like “Yeah, okay. Thanks.” And then, “Cool. See you at the other end” So, he allows me to play my game
and he allows me to do what I want. He backs me 100%. And then he will go like,
“I can also hit five sixes in an over” “and now we have the same strike rate.
What now?” With Virat, we understand each other’s game
so well. It’s running, it’s intense. We threaten the opposition like we
are gonna take the game away from you now if you’re not in your A-game,
then we’re gonna take it away. So, I also love that. It’s different worlds. But, more often than not, same result. So, I don’t know about the right answer here. Whether you study the game
or just play on instincts. – Whatever works for you.
– You do what’s true to you. I love to adapt to that. Yeah, that’s why you are Mr. 360. When you were playing, who were the bowlers
who you really rated highly? Andrew Flintoff, Shane Warne. Guys like that. I think that the two of them stand out. Flintoff is a seamer,
always felt like he hit my bat very hard. Bigger…
Big match temperament kind of player. Warne, it was an unfair battle. I mean, I had absolutely no chance. – Yeah.
– Warne was very intimidating. I’ve literally watched him
since I was 6 or 7 years old, all right. I hated him. At 21, playing my first test match in
Australia, and he’s at the end of his mark Glenn McGrath was bad enough. Opening the batting against him I survived somehow. Brett Lee bowling 150-something
at the other end. And the next minute…. So I survived that. I’m 60 not out
and Warne is standing there I’m thinking… It never ends. I just had no chance.
It was always going to happen. ‘Cause it’s just that intimidation factor. Gilchrist at the back.
Hayden here. This guy there. I wish I could face Warne
and Flintoff and the boys now. Because now they are 50. You know what I mean. I feel like you still have
the record of fastest 50 fastest 100, fastest 150? Yeah, but I don’t know about 50.
I slipped up. It should’ve been much faster. That’s gonna get broken. Cricket is a funny game. And the people of cricket,
they forget very quickly. And they lose faith in people very quickly. So, hopefully that doesn’t happen.
And that’s maybe what’s keeping me alive. And keeps me driven. We all are this far away from that. Yeah, we are one moment away from it.
Aren’t we? Got to keep working. – I don’t…
– You all go like, “You know” “he can still play.
He hasn’t scored a 100 hundreds” “in the last few years,
but still remember what he is.” – We’ll find out.
– Yeah. AB, thanks so much, man, for being here. Is that it? Damn.
We are only getting warmed up here. I’ve got so much to say. I didn’t speak well. Sorry, audience. – Tell me the story.
– I’m better than that. Your first time in the dressing room?
Forgot your equipment sometime? Oh, my word. I was 21. Opening the batting in West Indies. – Nervous.
– In Trinidad opening the batting with Graeme Smith.
And after two overs I went like…. “Oh!”
I walked out to bat without a box. No! Facing the new ball,
and I realized my box wasn’t in. It was very embarrassing. And the guys took the mickey out of me
for a while, and that happened at the age of 35 again,
in Bangladesh the other day. I walked out to bat. And I was sitting there realizing,
I don’t have my thigh pad or my box on. That’s what happens when you
don’t play cricket for a few months. You got a band as well. Absolutely love music. Look, let me start off by saying I’m a very, very average musician. – Okay.
– I’ve got a very good ear. So, I know when a song is good or not,
when something is on the note, when it’s not. Love writing songs. I’m pretty good at that. Breaking down songs completely. And knowing exactly what instrument
was used there. I can hear the violins.
I absolutely love that. And the rhythm to a song
when the drums come in. And the big moments. Huge passion for that. And my wife is an incredible musician. – Oh, yeah?
– She plays… She’s good. She plays piano every day.
She sings like an angel. She’s really good. She’s a classical pianist.
She has studied piano. Throughout her life properly. Your kids are going to… That gene pool. Dad’s going to bring it
down a bit with the music. – Unfortunately.
– With the music perhaps. But hopefully, they have the ear. With the sport you are
getting them right up there. With music, the mother is doing the job. There’s no pressure on them.
They can do what they want. Yeah, but I mean, they’ve got a…
That’s an unfair genetic advantage. Most importantly,
do you get to be DJ in the dressing room? I don’t really. No, you don’t. Not with Yuzi and Virat there. No, I… Can you do this? Can you do the Bhangra move? This. So, it’s like this.
It’s like you’re unscrewing a bulb. Yeah. So, just like this. There you go. I tell you, Yuzi might just explode laughing. I can tell you, Yuzvendra Chahal
is a horrible dancer. But he thinks he is the best in the world. I mean, he dances like an idiot. He just jumps around, and all sorts of funny
stuff. He thinks he is amazing. And people laugh.
They’re not laughing because he’s good, they’re laughing because
he’s embarrassing himself. They’re not laughing with him,
they’re laughing at him. He thinks he’s great.
But that’s what it’s about. And then he becomes great ’cause
everyone goes like, “Look at him” “he is so confident. He must be great.” You have to address some rumors. So, there are big rumors in India that AB de Villiers has played
international hockey, international football international badminton,
international cricket. He was the first man on the moon. – He was…
– Serious nonsense ever. Just please clear that for everyone. So now I’m going to name the sport
and you tell us what level you played at. – Yeah.
– Hockey? Hockey, I’ve played one year,
for 12 months at school. Okay. So, then football?
Football was just for fun. I’ve never played a live game
of football in my entire life. – So, just friends.
– Just warm ups in cricket. Cricketing warm ups. Shaun Pollock said yesterday to me,
he said… He says, “I don’t see Manchester United
warming up with a game of cricket.” True. Yeah. That’s true. – Badminton?
– Never played. I’ve played once. One game of five minutes with Mark Boucher
somewhere in Bangladesh, or somewhere. And people have taken you to the Olympics. Yeah. Once again, definitely, got a natural
feel for the game. I’m not gonna miss…. I’ll be okay if I play, but, I mean,
what’s out there in the internet is funny. Is there any other sport,
is there anything else that you’ve read out of your sporting achievements? Rugby I played for the first time at school. Top school in my country
when it comes to Rugby and cricket. I’ve played golf, I was a scratch
when I was 14, 15 years old. Yeah, that I’ve heard. So, that’s not a lie. – That’s good.
– I’ve been to Wimbledon. Tennis is… You’ve played at center court – right?
– I haven’t played… Tennis is the big one. I was good at Tennis. I really was. So, the most important question, and this
will determine our interaction after this. Team Federer or Team Nadal? You see, I play more like Nadal. But… Oh, this is a difficult question.
I love all of them. I love Nadal, Djokovic and Federer. I enjoy the fighting spirit
of Nadal and Djokovic more. ‘Cause I relate to that.
Federer is more like. He’s so good, that he doesn’t have to
have that kind of fight. – He’s an artist.
– He’s an artist. I don’t really relate to that.
That’s more like a Jacques Kallis. – Yeah.
– You know. So, I like to fight.
I like guys who never give up. Take it 5 sets, take it deep,
wear him down, run every ball down. But I like Federer’s class as well. It’s a difficult question.
I can’t put my finger on it. You’ve answered it well. I will let you have that coffee. I love the fact that Federer came back – and won another… Same as Tiger Woods.
– It’s a great story. Tiger Woods. Great stories. Got so much time for that.
But Tiger is more… I relate more to him.
He’s more like a fighter, again. Have you thought about then coming back and playing
the World Cup in 2023? That’s something. How old will I be? 39. If I’m still good enough, who knows, eh? I was keen to play the World Cup. I mean, I retired.
It was a very sensitive situation. For the last three years of my career I was labeled as a guy who was picking
and choosing when I was playing and when not. So, I got quite a lot of criticism
from back home. Which also played a role in me retiring. And, it was difficult for me to then go,
“Hey, but I’ll still play the World Cup.” You know, it’s the picking
and choosing thing again. And it’s quite arrogant
to do something like that. But as they say, you can’t have
your bread buttered on both sides. That is quite a combination of sort of emotional as well as practical. Like, emotionally you wanna play
another World Cup. Obviously, ’cause it means so much. But practically, like you’re saying,
you’ve realized that it may just come off… I’ve always been about the team,
it’s never been about myself. But I found myself in a position where I had to make a decision
where it’s going to look like I’m thinking about just myself. There’s a lot of reasons I had to move on. There’s a lot of things that played a role. Family is definitely a big part of it. The longevity of, like, I mean,
I’ve played for 15 years. I was tired of the whole international scene. It’s quite busy. Very stressful. The mental games.
The doubts you have as a person, as a player all the time, it wears you down. And being captain of the Proteas
for a long time also took its toll, you know. And then there are a few deeper issues that
might have to be discussed when I’m 50. We’ll wait for the book. – Yeah, exactly.
– Yeah. We’ll wait for the book. There’s a part of me that’ll always miss it.
I mean, I had so much fun. It was just… It’s everything
that goes with it. I wish I could push on longer,
but like I said at the start I had a great run. I had so much fun. I really did, and more dreams
came true than I could ever imagine. And there were lots of heartbreaks
as well along the way. And that’s the great ride we all go through. Hi, I’m AB de Villiers. And you can catch me
on Breakfast With Champions. Please like and share this video. And also subscribe to Oaktree Sport for
more episodes of Breakfast With Champions. – The Bell! The Bell!
– The Bell. The Bell. They’re gonna ring the bell!
They’ll ring the bell! I’ll also ring a bell, just for you. The bell icon. Do the bell icon.
That’s it. We’re good. One take is good. People will do. People will do it. – “Ring my bell. Ring my bell.
– Ring my bell. Ring my bell.” All right, cool. You’re done.

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