Equality – Epic NPC Man (video game logic) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Equality – Epic NPC Man (video game logic) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

oh Hello adventurer and thank you for returning my bucket. I don’t have a lot, but your good deed can not go unrewarded so here is one Silver coin The world needs you again adventurer. You must need this small insignificant town and travel with me to the tree of light I accept. Now before we leave this pointless place You must put on the Breastplate of Ssshmargon That’s it. I refused to wear that. How is that supposed to protect me? It’s magically enchanted Why don’t we try it on now? I feel so wonderful and free ha ha ha hi, guys, I think the for watching that if you I’m here. I’m here to advertise Patreon. I’m not going to lie If you click it, then you can support us

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  1. The Adeptus Custodes approves of this armor.

  2. you know. while the guys will be drooling over your body it will make them easer to kill becuse they will be to focus on your bod and not the fight. this has actually been scientifically proven. when 1 player is a scantily clad female the male player will lose a degree of his game play until he gets use to seeing the half naked character. another thing to consider is some clans and tribes even went to war naked and despite that they were very effective.

  3. The girl is really sex and attractive

  4. To right. Men need more skimpy armor.

  5. Lmfao. I actually wish games were like that. My 70yo grey male dwarf needs a sky blue bra.

  6. The day female characters no longer wear sexy armor will be a sad day!
    Why not instead of removing bra plate we add option of making males use bra plates, that would shut up the haters!

  7. The guy in the womans 'armor' funny and so right in how things work in video games.

  8. OMG Lol look at that face of the soccer at 0:53

  9. Wtf is bodger impersonating baelin for? we all know baelin only knows 7 words! Bodger shudda know that would be super obvious!

  10. The Breastplate of Smargon?
    It works because when a girl wears that armor then the enemy would be too busy staring instead of attacking.
    If a guy wears it then the enemy can't even look at them.

  11. This one felt kind of lame to me….

  12. 0:56 me in PUBG.

  13. I like that we let the fembots dictate that there are zero topless men warriors like Conan and that not all armor is about mass. Some is about stealth and dexterity for which mass would be worse.

  14. Britt is the most Beutiful woman I have ever seen.

  15. I want the uncensored version

  16. Am i the only one who actually wants to see her wear it :))))))

  17. She is really very beautiful.

  18. Virtueeeee ohhh Virtueeeee are you here

  19. She looks beautiful

  20. i wish you guys would do a longer skit. they are so wonderful.

  21. Tefremnic is my new favorite Player Character.

  22. That guy must be unstoppable.

  23. Omg dat girl is soo gorgeous i love her 🙂

  24. She looks soooooo beautiful. Awwwwwwwwww.

  25. that was better then expected

  26. lol Britt's jog slays me

  27. This was too short to get a like ? i feel like ive been lead on. HOW COULD YOU?!

  28. MK11 missed the memo, dressed up all the women in burkas and the men in loincloth… Great equality right there.

  29. too short to be considfered a script.

  30. Britt's a good sport to play along with some of these skits about ingame sexism. There's certainly plenty of comedy fodder regarding that.

  31. So when is she going to wear it? xD

  32. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Honeywood?

  33. I was expecting the NPC to give her 78 silver for the bucket, and then a male character would come with a bucket and you'd give him 100 silver lmfao

  34. Plate mail bikinis are the greatest thing ever to happen to Dungeons & Dragons

  35. I think I’m in love with Brit

  36. Where is his hand gone? LOL 00:23

  37. The White Male Woke Feminist.

  38. did you know that for every 1 gold of a Male adventurer female adventures get only 75 silver?

  39. Bikini armord are the ULTIMATE gear. Let's go Conan the Barbarian old school, be 3/4 naked, and be INVULNERABLE!

  40. Cmon I'll date the girl whoever the first put that thing on

  41. Haha a braa xDD love it

  42. Wow it took 7 months to bring him back his bucket. xD

  43. Get new character who could wear tht armor….

  44. Well, I’m scared for life.

  45. Umm…I have 8 girl toons in GW2 and it's the only time I can ever role play as a gay fashion designer.
    If all the girls in GW2 had full armor and no gowns or dresses, I wouldn't play. I have a virtual barbie that I can dress up and play with…why is this a bad thing???
    I'm exploring my feminine sexuality because of these games and for some reason you dont want that??

  46. Devs are too lazy so they use random bikini top for a f2p item. But if you buy Smargon DLC, you'll get Full Armor set for free!!!

  47. Haha. Fantastic. Where's the male armor that leaves his butt exposed.

  48. It's 2019 still I don't know what game is this…

  49. Equality is not all man are garbage and woman are perfect. Leftists cannot understand what equality is…

  50. No one gonna talk about my man Buttsecks in the back with the McDonald's wifi?

  51. The Epic NPC man has a lot more sense.

    Accept all of his quests. He is our number one priority.
    You could also help the fisherman, he is alright.

  52. What's the music at the start of the video?

  53. i was expecting the other guy to turn in the exact same quest and get TWO silver coins! Turned out it was the other kind of equality but still funny!

  54. Nice day for a bikini ain't it?
    Huh ha.

  55. Come on Britt, a little cooperation.?

  56. Its so true its sad.

  57. Damn. Was hoping we'd get to see her in that!!!

  58. Id like to see her wear it

  59. "It's… Magically enhanced…?" XD

  60. That girl is #HAWT! Who is she?

  61. Admit it. That one guy just wanted to wear a bra in public.

  62. She saw what she can’t unsee

  63. love the vids bro keep up the good work

  64. Why I can't like it 100000 times? It's awesome! XD

  65. this is my favorite end credits ad so far, surprised no one else even mentioned it 🙁

  66. I wonder if these guys have watched "The guild"

  67. I still don´t understand what this channel is, but is ok

  68. The videos that have a women in the the thumbnail have almost 500k+ more views :P. The internet is the worst.

  69. She is such a sexist.

  70. this is why monster hunter is great, everyone gets sex armor. dark souls sometimes too, if yer weird like that (in ds3 one can basically don a gimp suit with some clever armor choices, but monster hunter has crotchless chaps for the dudes)

  71. Anyone else think the blonde is breathtaking?

  72. The monet you can not call the armor is sexist

  73. 0:59 "…and my chest looks amazing!"

  74. now that came unexpected xD

  75. Well at least it wasn't a chainmail bikini top.

  76. bruh I wish I can rock a hot breast plate like that

  77. So, what? I’m supposed to remove my naked ladies Skyrim mod? Or add in a naked male one for equalities sake? Nah.

  78. I think the Bracers of Defense would be sufficient.

  79. Becoming A Legend… That was honestly what I noticed.

  80. How many times are you going to repeat the same breastplate joke over and over again?

  81. So mad hey didn't give the line or even a hu huh at the end

  82. Tell me those fuzzy tiles weren’t actually rowans dick flopping about u must’ve covered that up in real life.

  83. As someone who runs around without a chest and pants equippped in low level zones, since the stats aren’t usually that big of an increase….and for other reasons, I feel personally attacked.

  84. "Its magically enchanted?" Why did you say that as a question?


  86. Okay best one ever

  87. She's such a tease. ☹️

  88. Magically enchanted…Bra ?? ??

  89. That doesn't apply everywhere!

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