Eris Morn Cutscene explained! Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore | Myelin Games

Eris Morn Cutscene explained! Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore | Myelin Games

Eris Morn: It hasn’t spoken since Crota fell. It speaks now because Oryx has arrived. Come to fulfil the final covenant of his son. Welcome back guardians, I am bit late getting
to this video, but in today’s Destiny lore episode, I want to talk about that cutscene
where Eris touches the pyramid ship stature, and it interacts with her green orb. I am going to discuss the common theory about
Eris’s orb being an ahamkara bone, but also explain why this doesn’t really make much
sense, and towards the end of the video, I am going to link this back to Savathun. BUT
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at the moment for gammatrap. But as usual, links for gammatrap will be
in the descriptin. This is myelin games, and I hope you enjoy
this latest Destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
Lets start with talking about Eris’s orb and the evidence for it being an ahamkara
bone. So, the evidence for, starts with the lore
tab for the Cloak of the Great Hunt, which describes Eris using an Ahamkara bone to escape
the Hellmouth. Previously, we never knew how Eris escaped
the hellmouth whilst the rest of her fireteam perished. This lore tab implies she wished her way out,
using an ahamkara bone. It reads,
I am lost in these lunar tunnels. Out of ammo. Short on Light. I am out of moves, save one. I clutch an Ahamkara bone in one hand, and
my dead Ghost in the other. I hear a whisper. My vision is gone. My face itches from the viscous flow from
my eyes. Though I can’t see, I find that I suddenly
know the way out. Now, Eris describes hearing the whispers,
after using the Ahamkara bone to escape, and she often refers to her orb whispering to
her. So many believe that the orb and the ahamkara
bone are the same thing. Eris says that her orb warned her of Oryx’s
arrival and at the end of the Taken King campaign after you defeat Oryx, Eris says this,
Eris Morn: My Queen. You were right. The Guardian was the key. For the first time the whispers are silent. It is done. So, the first bit of evidence for Eris’s
orb being an ahamkara bone revolves around this idea that the ahamkara bone whispers
to Eris, and Eris’s orb whispers to her, so they could be the same thing. The second piece of evidence comes from the
Transmat effect called Blind Clutch. It shows a picture of Eris’s orb with the
text, “Adds a mysterious appearance to O Bearer
Mine’s transmat effects” O bearer mine, is often associated with a
saying by the Ahamakara, however, it is important to note the ahamkara are not the only species
to use this saying. In addition, it is called Blind Clutch, and
in the previous lore tab, Eris clutches the ahamkara bone, which then leads to her blindness. Ok, so for the moment, lets assume Eris’s
orb is in-fact an Ahamkara bone. If it is an Ahamkara bone, why did the statue
interact with it. Well, we know that the Ahamkara do not have
allegiance to any species or race, in fact, Riven was quite excited about making a bargain
with Oryx, after Mara Sov’s defeat. Have a listen to the lore tab, Hood of the
Great Hunt, where Riven is talking about making a bargain with Oryx, it reads,
Before me stands a [King]. He offers to take me away. But I know he will not let me leave, either. An unfavorable position. I never made a [bargain] with a [King]. I would like to try it. I tell him to take whatever he [wishes]. As long as he [wishes]. We also know that Ahamkara transcend death
and can continue to make bargains and influence those around them. So, at the very least, I think it reasonable
to say that Eris’s ahamkara bone, has made a connection with the statue, which we assume
represents the darkness or a minion of the darkness. If this is the case, this should be extremely
dangerous, the Darkness connecting with an ahamkara, who can grant wishes. The sinister smile revealed by Eris at the
end, may indicate, this is all over, Eris has been corrupted somehow, and the ahamkara
has now connected with the Darkness. Alternatively, Eris may be smiling because
she thinks that the rock, the ahamkara bone, will continue to provide insight for this
next threat, just like it did with Oryx. The bone warned her of Oryx, and she now has
a way of gathering intelligence on the pyramid ships and the Darkness. This may be reinforced by the lore entry “Regarding
the pyramid” from Letters form Eris lore book, in this lore entry, it seems like Eris
has a much better understanding about the plans of the Darkness, have a listen. It’s coming, my Queen. It’s coming for US. We have been manipulated. We are right where it wants us. The Darkness orchestrated its plan magnificently;
the Nightmares were so impeccably calculated to draw us in, make us vulnerable, and leave
us exposed. The Darkness plans to use us. We are to do its bidding. I don’t know how to stop it. I detect no fear on the part of our nemesis. We aren’t even a concern. We pose no threat. The Darkness needs a reason to fear our Light,
and I intend to provide it. I have been inside. I have nothing but beautiful and violent words
for my report. I will meet you at your throne. In this entry, definitely seems like Eris
understands the plan of the Darkness and will try to combat it with the Queens help. Eris’s smirk may indicate she understand
the plan of the Darkness and can now formulate a counterattack. Now, lets move onto why I don’t like this
theory, why I don’t like the idea of Eris’s orb being an Ahamkara bone. In general, the Ahamkara do not help us, Ahamkara
only make wishes to fool, to trick, to gain an advantage, there is nothing altruistic
about the Ahamakara. Thinking back on Destiny’s lore, if Eris’s
rock was an ahamkara bone, why would it warn us about Oryx, why would it whisper the warning
of Oryx to Eris. Like I said before, Riven was quite happy
to make a bargain with Oryx, it didn’t matter to her. I think it is pretty easy to argue that Eris’s
orb is not an ahamkara bone, here is why; Firstly, it is never confirmed that her bone
she had in the hellmouth, the bone that she clutched and used to escape became the actually
rock/orb. Secondly, after she makes a deal using the
Ahamkara bone she begins to hear the whispers. Now, whispers are not just isolated to the
Ahamakara, whispers are also synonymous with corruption by the Darkness. Rezyl Azzir heard the whispers that lead to
his corruption and transformation into Dredgen Yor. Thirdly, the saying “oh bearer mine”,
like the whispers is not unique to the ahamkara, the worm gods and other characters in the
destiny universe also use this saying. The lore entry Asudem from the lore book Truth
to Power explains how the worms and the ahamkara both use the saying. I’ve been correlating information on the Ahamkara
and the Hive worm parasites. Both display a peculiar ability to convert
the host’s intent into an ontomorphic, reality-altering effect. Both use similar language in their appeal
to the host. I don’t think they’re the same species, however. The Hive worms spawn large numbers of young
from relatively few adults, always display the same physical form, and live in communal
groups. The Ahamkara are solitary, elusive, and seem
to alter form to suit (or confuse) expectations. The shared syntax “o ___ mine” may be the
key—it seems to be a shibboleth used to invoke an ontomorphic effect, placing the
target in a cage of “o” (activational, specific, appealing, and naming) and “mine” (defining
ownership and subordination). Also remember that the truth to power entries
are filled with Savathun’s trickery. But, lets for a moment assume that Eris’s
rock is not an ahamkara bone, and we are going to say that, because it doesn’t make sense
for the ahamkara to help Eris, and the evidence about whispers and o bearer mine, are not
unique to the ahamkara, and in fact are probably more darkness related, than Ahamkara related. So if her rock is not an ahamkara bone, how
would you interpret this cutscene? I think you would have to say, that there
is some sort of connection between the rock and the statue, and I think it safe to interpret
this as the darkness connecting with Eris’s rock. The fact the statue can connect with the rock,
may prove that Eris’s rock is in fact darkness related, not ahamkara related. When I see Eris’s rock transform, I instantly
think about the artifact at the end of the Shadowkeep campaign. As I discussed in my hidden lore video about
the artifact, in my opinion, the artifact is a communication device, a beacon for the
darkness and the pyramid ships. The K1 Clovis bray team discovered an artifact,
that signaled the darkness and caused the Collapse. So, with this all in mind, is Eris’s rock
also part of this communication/beacon system. If so, this could explain the smile, once
again, she can gain information about the darkness and pyramid ships through her rock,
and once again guardians can formulate a plan. Oppositely, you could interpret this as Eris’s
betrayal, that she has been part of this communication system the whole time, hence the creepy smile. Maybe Eris has the missing piece to activate,
unlock do something to the Pyramid ships? In general, I am sort of leaning away from
Eris’s rock being an ahamkara bone, and more towards it being Darkness related, hence
its connection with the Pyramid ships. Lastly, I also had this general theory, which
I have no evidence for, but it could definitely be possible. What if this is all part of Savathun’s plan? What if, Savathun was the one who helped Eris
escape the hellmouth, maybe Eris thought it was the Ahamkara bone, but it was really Savathun,
what if Savathun was the one relaying the whispers to Eris, remember Savathun wanted
oryx’s throne, it would make sense for Savathun to save eris and then provide information
to Eris, so that they she could guide us to defeat Oryx, in Shadowkeep, Eris then assisted
guardians to access the pyramid ships, what if this is also what Savathun wanted. I really don’t want Eris to be a double
agent, and there has been many theories about that, but, Eris always refers to her queen,
which we assume to be Mara Sov, but what if it was the Hive queen, Savathun. I guess time will tell, we will have to wait
and see why Eris has that sinister grin during the Cutscene and why her orb interacted with
the veiled figure. And with that, that concludes this latest
Destiny 2 lore episode, if you would like to support the channel an cannot think of
a comment, you can leave the word, whisper, which could represent an ahamkara whisper
or a whisper from the darkness. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace.

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  2. On thing and I do not know if anyones else notice it. The artifact a orb has the same marking as the traveler

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    Now your making eris look bad!

  4. Like the video. Plenty of good points and counter points. But I can't help but get the nagging idea out of my head that Eris' rock may be a hive communication rune, that allows one to speak and receive whispers from Xol.
    My main reasoning for that is because it oddly seems like Eris' goals with 'the hive' coincide with Xol's. His fear of being the next Worm God slain – whether by Oryx or Yul – And by influencing Eris', he was able to find a way to eliminate Oryx. It would also seem to make sense that Xol went to Mars to gain control of Rasputin to aid him against Yul.
    Eliminating Oryx may or may not also align Xol with Savathun, who may be using Xol's machinations to her own advantage, but I do not think this whole plot is purely of her design.
    The idea of the stone being an Ahamkara bone is silly to me, seeing as there doesn't seem to be any benefit to it in that capacity, and seeing as nobody else has hear the whispers. And I would think Ahamkara bones would call out to anyone willing/wanting to make a wish.
    I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the rock is a fusion of Hive runes and Eris' Ghost – She has a measure of control over it, but I'm not sure if that's an awoken thing, or not. Can all Awoken perform Petra's 'knife trick'??
    Just some thoughts passing through my mind as I listened to the vid.

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  7. Dude… you’re going too far down the rabbit hole! Didn’t you ever consider bungie created Eris (and they did say she was brought from concept to in game creation in 9 weeks back in 2014 when they were rushing to catch up after the reboot) too quickly without having lore to back up her magical escape from the hellmouth?

    Now, they’re trying to fill in plot holes and back stories, and an unanswered question was “what’s eris’s Orb?”… so they decided on the ahamkara bone was what saved her, since there’s no other way for her to just have hive eyes and darkness running down her face. Before, it might’ve been something like what you just said here, but now that the transmat lore even points towards it being an ahamkara bone, plus the new “corrupted orb” cutscene… it fits better in line with it actually being an ahamkara bone, surrounded by some hive magical orb.

    Honestly, you’re reading too much into this one when the answer is plain as day. No one else has ever been transformed part hive/darkness face before or since, so why would the hive, which corrupt you more over time and turn into a literal monster, not corrupt her and help her to fight its own kind? The wish she made with the ahamkara bone transformed her enough so she’d be able to slip by hive as one of their own, but not enough so that she’d turn against us or transform further. Even the darkness streaming down her face acts as a barrier, forever keeping her part hive, but mainly human.

    You do have a lot of good stuff, but on this one… I think you’ve just gone too far with speculation.

  8. I hope Eris isn't a going to be a enemy. I hope the smile was a "The darkness is fucked now" smile.

  9. Eris isn’t a double agent and she’s not going to betray us. That smirk you see at the end of the cutscene was like the cat that ate the canary. She’s found the truth she seeks in what can help to push back or defeat the Darkness. Not only her but the Drifter as well because he’s been given insight by the Nine about the Darkness which when if all put together will make for a hell of a campaign in Destiny.

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  13. I understand why you'd think the Ahamkara wouldn't warn anyone of Oryx's coming but neither would the worm gods and the Darkness definitely wouldn't because there's just no reason to.

    I think Eris' rock is an Ahamkara bone because what else would she have done with the bone after her "journey" on the moon? Also unless I'm incorrect, we don't know that the Ahamkara aren't connected to the Darkness in any way, the worm gods are and they as we know are very similar creatures.

  14. You could say Eris' wish to "find a way out of the Darkness" could be why the bone warns her of incoming threats related to darkness.

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    And the AI for auto is lacking. You can have a single enemy left with a sliver of HP left and it'll use your AOE attack on it which takes several turns to regenerate.

  19. I wouldn’t be shocked if Eris hasn’t been being fooled this whole time and in turn, we have been fooled and this is Savathun related. But i don’t think so, i think this is bigger than the hive this time. Far bigger

  20. Well, Eris was the Goddess of chaos and discord. Back in the TTK with that cutscene talking about queen I wondered if it was Savathun?

  21. In my opinion eris dead ghost and the ahemkara bone fused together making the orb . We never see the bone or the ghost on eris she would have them on her if she still had them

  22. Ahamkara bone theory is too good for me to pass up at this point. The parallel between Eris clutching the ahamkara bone and then the translation effect being “blind clutch”. Then the part where you mention how ahamkara don’t help you, they aren’t saints, they only trick to benefit themselves. How would you explain things like the skull of dire ahamkara? Or the young ahamkaras spine? They provide benefits acting as exotic armor and lore tabs are interesting with some 4th wall breaks. Yet, they have no ill effects. Not one we know at least. Who’s to say an ahamkara doesn’t enjoy just being a catalyst of knowledge or power? Maybe that’s enough for some of them? One more thing, did the statue uniquely interact with the orb because it’s an ahamkara bone? And ahamkaras are related to worm gods? Maybe the darkness recognized the remnants of a being similar to that of a worm god and had a unique interaction with it.

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  25. Ready I’m going to predict this. Eris is now a guardian once more but only able to use the darkness subclass, she is the hunter one she will be trying to push us towards the darkness. D3 will allow you (the player) to choose two paths light or dark, there will be three people on each side Zavala, Ikora, and Uldren Sov( hes up to debate but he did kill cayde and is now a guardian so he will most likely be the hunter vanguard) for the light side. The dark will house Eris as the hunter drifter as the warlock and the titan is unknown right now but who knows that the dark will follow the vanguard. Now back to eris her “rock” being engulfed by the darkness turned it into a “ghost” but of the dark. Now I could be wrong but I predicted that uldren sov wasn’t evil but that he was being mind controlled (was in a stream of an old clan m8 of mine when I said this in total out of 200 people(across two clans {sister clans} I was the only one to think this was shot down a few times saying I was wrong)

  26. That lore tab mentions that she clutches the bone in one hand and the dead ghost in another. Could that orb be some sort of remnant of her ghost?

  27. Well, I think her rock is actually piece of the traveler, and the darkness surrounding it when she touched the statue. They are one and the same.

  28. I reckon the orb is her ghost combined with an ahamkara bone sorta like thorn with those hive bones, and thats why it helps Eris bc it has the power of an ahamkara but the light of a ghost, also she makes the wish with the ahamkara bone in one hand and her ghost in the other. But anyway thats just my theory. 😀

  29. Different ahamkara could have had different motives. I doubt it was Riven's bone she had.

  30. Clever theory that Savvathun could actually be the Queen that Eris keeps referring to ?

  31. Your argument seems based on the idea that if her orb is an Ahamkhara bone then it would not help her from an altruistic standpoint this is true but what you have to understand is Eris's wish was not to escape the Hellmouth her wish was for vengeance. Now considering the fact that Ahamkara feed on the gap between what is real and what the wisher wants reality to be this is an enormous wish because it is still in progress she wished for vengeance and she escaped the Hellmputh, returned to the Tower, found a powerful Guardian she could wield to kill Crota she found powerful allies in Osiris and Mara Sov to kill Oryx when he came for vengeance and even now she seeks to defeat Savathun and the rest of the Hive. Her wish still has yet to be fulfilled and it will only be fulfilled once every Hive and the Darkness itself are defeated so it is in that Ahamkara's best interest to continue to try to fulfill her wish by providing opportunities for insight and powerful allies in her quest for vengeance. Which is why I believe she has not been corrupted and the Orb merely showed her the next step in her path of vengeance.

  32. I also believe in the theory that Eris is a double agent. She is part of a bigger picture that being played out in deceiving us, Until the end game we won't now and maybe never know.. Always enjoyed your content.

  33. OMG, you saying that theory (11:18) made my day, I was (and still am) thinking exactly that since I saw the end cut scene of Taken King and I believe I made a comment long time ago about it (either on your channel or Byf channel). It always made more sens to me that Eris was referring to Savathun when she said "my queen".

    I like to believe that the one that use to be Eris really perish in the Hellmouth, but Savathun (or one of her hive agent) bring back Eris body to life with "hive magic" and gave her that rock (a revers Ghost maybe?), as well as a new purpose, trick the guardians into defeating Orix to take the throne and lie to them into actually helping the Darkness getting faster in the solar system.

    You know how a Ghost can make contact with the light in a shard of the Traveler to get stronger?
    What if that rock is the same, but for the darkness, and that small pyramid in the moon is only a shard of what seamed to be an infinitely bigger pyramid at the end cut scene of D2?

  34. I actually have a theory on what the orb may be it would make more sense in my opinion if the orb is actually a piece of a hive artifact or an old hive enemy that had once been slaughtered with it reacting with the hive ship the way it did and with the lore card you mentioned about “the darkness weaving it’s plan magnificently” I suspect that the reason for the reaction is to say that something is coming, and as hive the hive artifacts even in death have power perhaps they also transcend death in a manner as well, beings that the hive are well known for holding rituals what’s to say they haven’t devised a way to bring back powerful enemies once dead, or perhaps something far more sinister than oryx is coming that could even rouse a resonance from a fragment of a thought to be long dead hive enemy, or perhaps with the reaction between the artifact she holds and the ship, maybe she’s seen this before as perhaps history is in some way repeating itself to re-test those will of the lightbearers to see if they can yet best the darkness this time, I ithink it stands to reason it could very well be a possibility as the lore cards you quoted mentioned the darkness had already backed the forces of light deep into a what sounds like inescapable corner, and had all but won, and yet in destiny 1 we find the entrance to the temple of Crota on the moon, sealed but hive runes with hordes of hive forces locked away to slumber within its walls, and We as lightbearers had to break the seal and unleash them, so I feel that maybe we’re stuck in a sort of time loop where history is doomed to repeat itself just the same as what happened last time and as we are only learning all of this for the first time since this time of being found and reawakened by our ghosts we have no prior knowledge of what happened in the past, or that we have done all this before, and if you take into account how the vex live outside of time and space and can bend it and move through it back and forth at will, and how Osiris even took over the infinite forest (AKA Time Gate) and can launch new scenerios and see an endless multitude of possible outcomes throughout different realities and folds of time perhaps this is the second strum of the strings of fate, and perhaps Eris can see this through her orb, or perhaps it has whispered something pivotal to her of the sort, whatever the case it wouldn’t make sense for an ahamkara bone to react to a hive pyramid ship, they are of unrelated origin and have no real connection to cause reaction, but if it were something derived from a piece of a defeated hive commander that would make alot more sense and as we’ve seen with omnigul, savathun, and a few other hive affiliated characters their appearances is often heralded by a song or by haunting whispers so by that same regard I feel perhaps a new song is heralding the coming of a hive enemies unlike anything we have yet faced and makes even the corpses of the dead sing of it’s arrival… just a theory, don’t have access to all the lore cards myself to reference or paint a clearer picture of my thoughts with footnotes just an interesting speculation that I thought about

  35. I believe that the Darkness did one of two things. 1: Blocked the connection of the orb to Eris, sort of providing her a brief moment of freedom from it. The smile could be that she sees a way out. Or 2: it was the Darkness reaching directly out. It doesn’t necessarily have to be of the Dark, they Dark took control of the ghost which is made solely of Light.

    I don’t believe the Darkness is evil, I think it’s very much neutral. Being beings that prefer life, why would humanity ever want to the a Being that brings death and balance to the excess and undeserved? The Traveler is the one who screwed up the rules, made a mockery of nature. Made humanity codependent, and therefore unworthy. One of the only beings the Dark sees as worthy is our own Guardian, proving to be the strongest, toppling even gods.

    Just as the Darkness can consume those to weak to wield it properly, the Light blinds all those who revere it. The Darkness understands that our guardian is not blind, and therefore offers us a choice. I know what choice I’m making.

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  45. also, the worm gods are just corrupted ahamkara by darkness

  46. Here's a thought what if Savathun got to Eris first, being Queen of cunning and the whole plot of the events of taken King ect was Manipulation of us via Eris, getting rid of Oryx, and Mara and all other obstacles on the route to the throne

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  49. Savathun programmed you to believe that Eris is evil and now your the corrupt one

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  53. your theory is a huge stretch. we don't know how all the ahamkarra act. so you cannot say for certainty that they do not want to help us. Eris whole story revolves around her interactions with an ahamkarra bone to survive. yet you don't want to believe she carries with her the one thing that helped her survive her torment? big stretch.

  54. What if eris is actually savathun??

  55. What if eris is savathun or a part of savathun like how xur was created by the nine…maybe the real eris died…or was never real and betrayed her "team" as savathun lies in the lore…who best knows what's going on with crota and oryx.

  56. Eris' qween being savathun is making to much godamn sense now that I think about it.

  57. Various lore entires is about how Eris Morn, has conspired with the Awoken queen. This greater plan is masterminded by Mara Sov. But Eris is her partner. Oryx impending arrival was the catalyst. Eris Morn- When I left the Tower in search of Savathûn's agents, I had accepted my fate as a knight on Mara Sov's cosmic chessboard, doomed to seek the final end of the Hive among cold stars.

    Tyrannicide IV- The plan exists in her mind alone, although beloved Eris has by necessity learned most of it. The Techeuns do not know the whole plan, although they will position the Harbingers upon the threshold. Even sweet capable Petra does not know the whole plan.

  58. Love the art but I love most is seeking Matt back on a Titan. I was distracted by you throwing hammers and punching everything??

    Edit: Whisper

  59. I’ve always thought Eris’ rock was a powerful hive artifact, being harnessed. But an ahamkara bone would also make sense too. It’s possible to tame an ahamkara, as Mara made a covenant with Riven. Eris may have done the same with her wits, and hive magic. And the “o-mine” connotation was also used by Calus, when he referred to us. He said, o champion mine.

    Savathun could be an option. She’s very calculated.

  60. what if the orb is her dead ghost

  61. Out of curiosity, do we have any evidence of Savathun being against us? Is it possible that Eris is a double agent, but so is her "queen" Savathun?

  62. We probably get to know what this cutscene mean in a year or two, if Bungie don't forget about this.

  63. I love these destiny lores they are sooooo interesting.

  64. No one no one at all:

    Youtubers: This video is sponsored by Raid shadow legends

  65. Could eris be savathun or an agent of savathun. Bit outlandish.

  66. What if eris is actually dead and what we see is Savathun?

  67. What if Eris is death and it is actually Savathun.

  68. But didn’t the awhemkara also have different types of personalities and different I guess and morals

  69. What if Savathun created or gained dominion over the Ahamkarha like Oryx did the Taken

  70. Ahamkara have helped Guardians, look at all the exotic gear infused or made out of their bones.

  71. I'm new to lore so it's only a wild guess, maybe Eris is hearing the siren of riven? Idk this may sound dumb lol

  72. I always thought the orb contained a piece of that shard that dropped after beating oryx because her orb in D1 did not have that shard in it

  73. shadow legends keep paying for plugs while I just skip until the thumbnail resembles destiny again. lol

  74. I agree with your assertion, that Eris is an agent of the darkness, some of the most epic stories always have a traitor in the midst of a circle of friends. I believe she is using the Guardians to achieve dark ends. I’m probably wrong here, but I think the pyramid statue might be of Savathun, or of the queen of the darkness.

  75. Raid Shadow Legends…all I needed to see to know its time to click off the video

  76. Don't mean to jumpship, but with all the new Vex Offensive stuff and the Raid and all the lore that has come with it, ive been dying to get ahold of the story of Kabr's fireteam and by extension, the story of Praedyth and his importance. Is there already a video explaining this story or is it possible we might hear about this soon?

  77. This video has me thinking her rock is some sort of corrupted/morphed version of her dead ghost. And that is why it changed at the statue like how ours started acting weird as we got closer.

  78. Your theory seems to be almost entirely based on the idea that the bone is helping Eris, and doing so without extracting a horrible price or playing a long term game. First, I see no evidence of that, in fact very much the opposite. It is her companion in a way, but it has and continues to extract a price for any "help" it gives, physically and mentally. This in itself is assuming the whispers are actually assistance and not just the musings of a curious ahamkara that Eris picks up on and interprets for better or worse.

    Second, we absolutely have evidence of an ahamkara humoring and "helping" another – Riven acted as a "friend" and "helper" to Mara for many years, including behaving as a tool to construct Blind Well and Eleusinia. Picking out a single reaction to the approach of Oryx ignores the fact that this relationship existed for quite some time. Riven is no friend or loyal comrade, but she can certainly appear to assist for quite some time.

    Everything we have seen with Eris is in fact completely in line with ahamkara lore. It makes much more sense for it to be a bone than some conveniently bone-shaped darkness device.

  79. One of the dig sites broke one of the statues! You mentioned it in one of 3hr lore readings!

  80. An even crazier idea… what if the Queen is Savathun? I mean she already claimed Oryx's throne world. And then there was a time in the menagerie where Calus asks if we wanna join him that if we do we can't ever go back to the dreaming city. Idk im probably just talking crazy tho

  81. The narrative preview before Shadowkeep in which Eris directly speaks with Savathun makes it clear that she is not at that time working for her, at least not knowingly, although Savathun does refer to a connection.

  82. I’ve had a theory that I’ve kept close to the chest that Eris is savathun in some way. Who else but the goddess of trickery would want to play an awoken guardian .. she’s playing all the sides on the war..

  83. Eris orb is her dead ghost with a connection to the hive/worm gods

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