Escaping ABANDONED Prison in TOP SECRET Location! (Hidden Mystery Box Found)

Escaping ABANDONED Prison in TOP SECRET Location! (Hidden Mystery Box Found)

hey it’s Rebecca and you guys saw on Stephen Sharer’s video but we are trapped in a jail right now
I found a magnet we use their shoelaces to get a string and get a key the key
just fell off the magnet so we’re gonna try to get it again so we can escape
from the jail Stephen do you think you got it got it got it okay wait for it it’s not working
okay yes Stephen let me try it on right maybe it’s like a different key for each
jail all right give him let me know if you think this is gonna work my clothes
good okay it’s not working either there anything
else with this key I don’t know I don’t see anything over there cops you think
it’s for the comment below if you think this key will work one where does it go
is it working great let’s see yes go in and twist oh come on oh come on is it
working yes Rebecca we got it okay Rebecca we got grace unlock we found a
lot of clues our chance lets you have any in yours okay same thing I have to
look in here I have not explored in here at all I just woke up so let me know if
you see any clues right now let’s see okay there’s some puzzle pieces Steve
and grace did you guys find any puzzle pieces you did okay so maybe this is the
clues zamfam look they’re all over there’s like a mirror oh gosh
what is this it’s a pillowcase oh it’s like a box with the key great can I
borrow that he yeah maybe this will open at zamfam let me know if you think
this is going to work it’s not working it’s not the right key
that’s okay let’s look for more clues just like a mirror but it’s like fuzzy
Oh oh man it’s been a rough night in jail let me see
there’s a bomb Sam yeah okay you can’t get it open though sounds like there’s
something inside okay just see if there’s I feel something oh
my gosh I’m not that tall it’s a key I found the key okay maybe you don’t open
this one oh it does okay okay okay more puzzle pieces and more keys let me see
if I can put this puzzle together what did your guys’s puzzle say you are okay it doesn’t look like I have
enough pieces so I’m gonna take all this off the bed so I can look under it let’s
go over what we have you guys right now we have all of these puzzle pieces we
have two keys these were the keys for the handcuffs that unlock grace this I
cannot open and then this is a mirror let me know what you think this is for
I’ve done a lot of escape room in real life and there’s always stuff under the
mattress okay look another puzzle piece did you
get it tried anything under your bed puzzle pieces what’s that what is this
it looks like a pen of some sort like a blacklight you guys let me know what you
think this black light is gonna be used for maybe it’s something that we haven’t
okay we have these keys these are the only keys we haven’t used this box this
oh there’s a lock comment black box if you think this is going to work you
see it kind of fits see if it worked if you commented black
box thumbs up your comment okay okay it looks like it’s gonna open oh my gosh
these are puzzle pieces but they’re different than that puzzle this is weird
because these puzzle pieces don’t match those puzzle pieces I wonder what it’s
for comment below if you know where these puzzle pieces go and why they’re
different here is a piece of paper oh my gosh zamfam if you know who writes on this
paper comment below you guys do not remember the game master has used this
paper and he used it when he sent us on a treasure hunt and this looks like the
exact same paper but this is blank Grace Stephen did you guys get a blank
piece of paper no what do you think it’s for oh my gosh Sam you guys remember
this black light let me see if it says something does it look like anything is
on this side of the paper see here see this grace there’s
something on this paper it says it it takes two it takes two what do you guys
think that means it takes to me and you it takes to baby
me and you okay it’s too so maybe you need two people for something oh I don’t
know wait a sec you gotta send you like
puzzle pieces is there any like green and orange on
one of yours okay okay I’m gonna give you guys some of
these pieces I’m gonna pass mine to you okay okay okay we’re Becca we’re gonna
figure it out but I think we’re still missing pieces yeah to me where is it
you got it okay okay okay Zamfam so here are the pieces I have to put this
puzzle together there we go so it has numbers but it’s like backwards do you
guys have anything with numbers over there there must be something in here
that I didn’t see we looked under the bed there’s nothing else here okay
look up there a box it has a three-digit code this puzzle have three numbers but
they’re like backwards it’s like it’s like it’s a mirrored image it’s not the
real numbers weight mirror image mirror mirror I come here have a mirror Cynthia
okay so let me know if you think this is going to work if I put the mirror up hey
you guys mind it’s like a curved mirror do you have a flat mirror
did you guys have a mirror yeah you do can you pass it to me same family let me
know if you think this is going to work okay so I think I got it you guys I
think it’s seven three four seven three four there’s a box right here I’ll let
you know if it works otherwise I don’t know what to do it worked it worked a
bunch of puzzle pieces yes okay I’ll pass these to you here you
guys go I don’t know if we have all the pieces yet or not looks like we’re still
missing some really really corner it’s working or we still missing we’re still
missing pieces Rebecca four more pieces in my celly body okay yes oh yeah
underneath the mattress okay here are they just same once they’ve got to be oh
yes we got it Rebecca we got it yeah it’s two pumpkins yeah there’s gotta be
something more is it is there something like numbers or anything
did you check both sides oh yeah but strike flip it over to one go wait it’s
a map yeah it says start then there’s some
lines arrows then it finishes I don’t know what it means do you think that’s
her when we get inside there anything that you guys have okay oh yeah we got a what is it doing in here
I was going in there with me Gracie going why is your backpack in here I
know you guys this is pumpkin patches mass that means he doesn’t have its mask
right now these are all the things that he loves clothes this is what he’s used
up you guys this is like a puzzle you guys say one wait so how did you guys
end up right in the clue we flip it over flip it over yeah
you’re mine now have been working with a game master if
they’re working together then why would you be in jail
yeah that’s true and it says here mine now what if the game master is forcing
pumpkin patch to work for him so he’s bad he’s forcing him so I thought the
game master was good I told you guys he was good he told me he was good and I
was working for him but now I feel like he might be bad because he’s trapped all
of us any foods in jingle okay that’s when we need to figure this out but
let’s let’s check it out together all right oh my gosh this is so creepy okay you

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