ESO Chrystalfrost Skin – New Life Festival

ESO Chrystalfrost Skin – New Life Festival

Hello everyone, my name is Tianlein and today we talk about
the upcoming Chrystalfrost Skin for the Elder Scrolls Online. We will talk about how we can obtain the Chrystalfrost
Skin and of course check out how the Skin looks on male and female characters. Keep in mind that i recorded this information
on the Public Test Server and it is possible that some things change until we get the new
content on the live server. Please take a look in the description if you
are only interested in a specific topic. The Chrystalfrost Skin is available during
the New Life Festival which usually starts in the middle of december and runs until the
end of december. To unlock the Chrystalfrost Skin you have
to complete the “Newly Charitable” achievement. and to complete the Newy charitable Achievement
you have to complete 12 New Life Charity Writs. You have a chance to obtain new life charity
writs by completeting the nine daily new life festival quests. In case you want to know more about the New
Life Festival Quests and Rewards you can check out my New Life Festival Video which you can
find in the description Are you looking forward to obtain this new
skin? What are your thoughts? Thanks for watching and it would be wonderful
if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment. Have a good day and until next time. Tschüss!

Comments (24)

  1. Want to know more about the New Life Festival? (Start: December 13 – End: January 2) ->
    Need more Skins and Collectibles for ESO? ->
    New Life Festival Writs Info: "In addition to the above rewards, New Life Festival Gift Boxes can now also include New Life Charity Writs! These new, event-exclusive
    writs task you with creating simple furnishing items to donate in the spirit of the season. Once you’ve completed one of these new writs, you can turn it in to
    any writ return location for its item type. If you don’t have the recipe required to craft the writ, visit the relevant crafting vendor to pick it up. = "

  2. My question would be, those charity writs, when you get them, what do you have to do to complete those?

  3. The skin looks great! The Argonian at the end looked really good in the skin, I can see my Eats-Many-Cakes wearing this one.

  4. Can you do a guide on the swamp jelly pet?

  5. One of the best looking skins so far IMO

  6. Hmmm, ist nicht ganz so meins, klar es sieht zum Teil nicht schlecht aus, aber so ganz anfreunden kann ich mich damit nicht :/

  7. This would be great for a warden, with their frost spells!

  8. Do you know the exact date for when the witches festival starts?

  9. Oeeeh! Looks good on nords and kahjiit! Thx for this video! ?

  10. Thanks so much for showing this! The skin look beautiful~

  11. Will go with ice heart weapons nicely

  12. I sense a lot of role playing

  13. Thanks for the review!!! Looks pretty cool!

  14. So basically you have a chance to obtain the writs meaning if rng hates you you're not getting it, not getting this one it seems, it took me 20+ runs to get my helmets before they were guaranteed from dungeon bosses, no chance I'm getting this

  15. Making my dude look like a white walker from GoT when this skin comes out

  16. Muss ich jetzt bis zum nächsten Festival warten? ^~^

  17. I love how straight-to-the-point you are and also your time stamps in the description.

  18. I dunno who designs stuff for this game but I find most of the skins,armors,costumes and other cosmetics to be kinda ugly.

  19. I love watching your videos! Im an ESO collectible hoarder and your videos have guided me through my collection obsession!! Question though, do you know if the charity writs will be back for the New Life Festival this year? I missed a lot of the event last year and I really want this skin. Thanks so much!

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