EVE Online – Get Rich in EVE! [Tutorial]

EVE Online – Get Rich in EVE! [Tutorial]

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  1. Why wasting your time with these meager rewards? Send me all your isk, and i’ll double it!

  2. guys! why did you ignored exploration, relict and data sites?? Explorators do exist I promise.

  3. Where's the Incursion running and exploration? 🙂

  4. Please make inventing possible for alphas

  5. as much as i love eve making isk for new people mining is not really a thing lol TO BE FAIR there are some methods but not as numerous

  6. incursion pilot looking on this on a tower bash
    Hmmm pathetic
    gets 30mil for almost no effort

  7. Something ends. Something begins.

  8. one thing about planetary never do planetayr in low sec or highsec there are so many trash corps with 20% to 50% taxes in the custom officers

  9. PI could really use an overhaul… Setting up colonies on a couple planets (and need a couple accounts if you want any noticeable profit) causes finger nerve damage.
    Also mining. Pressing a button and going afk is not playing.
    And old pve content…
    Uhh.. half of the game could use an overhaul xP

  10. You forgot Scamming .

  11. C5 dread farm or rorq mining in delve/tennerifis

  12. Ignore all this, just get some bots and go mining

  13. Wait a second….people actually make isk in eve! I don't believe it…i have been flying for 10 years and still only have about 2bil isk……..

  14. Wait, they really dodged the chance of telling that you could buy PLEX with spending real money and sell it ingame on the market for really fast ISK? Can't believe my eyes…

  15. "even begging can be lucrative"

  16. nice video but everythink is gankable especialy mining

  17. New missions? New content? New PVE elements? No? Thought so…

  18. 번역 ㅅㅌㅊ

  19. Hello friends, pay no attention to this nefarious compilation of nonsense. I have an interesting proposition for an enterprising individual. You see, a close friend of mine has recently come into a sizeable amount of stolen assets (including some T2 BPOs) but he is being blockaded at the current low security station with the victim corporation preventing him from fleeing with his merchandise. It was all a big misunderstanding, he bought the items from an apparent turncoat from the said corporation at a very low price, it unfortunately, was later realised the reason why it was such a good deal. A traitorous individual stole these valuables as a way to spite the corporation whom relations had broken down and degenerated to the point of action. Anyway to cut a long story short, he only needs 250 million ISK (100,000,000) in order to buy some jump fuel in them local station for his freighter (extortionate I know but it is the only way), and he can undock and immediately jump to a safe area. At the moment with his low funds and he could only undock and warp, and being low security space with the blockade outside the station it would be a slaughter, and the assets are too large for any other size of ship as they are all in secure containers. For this kind gesture of good fortune he is willing to compensate you 8.65 billion ISK (8650,000,000 ISK) once he is in a safe location and can liquidate his recent acquisitions.

    This is a very real opportunity to generate a quick large amount of revenue. Please forward the funds to myself and I will act as 3rd party to guarantee the funds and act as monetary holder. I eagerly await the transfer so that we may bring this situation to a quick and fruitful conclusion.

  20. Mining in a Bantam!? Throwback time.

  21. The best way to get rich in EVE: create your own corp, attract some krabs, and let them krab for you

    Or just use a bot yourself


  22. There should be a job application to play this "game". That's what it becomes if you want to be even remotely competitive. Every player that stays in it has multiple accounts or characters going at the same time which gives a false reading of active players. Most of the alts are spies. Good luck.

  23. Instructions unclear, funds stuck in Jita.

  24. Looks like EVE is a utopian playground… the most lucrative ways to make money in EVE always take place in High Experience places… like, how long will it take a player to buy a Rorq!!! Mining in frigates!!! come on! What about HS Ganking, Scamming, Insider trading, SC Umbrellas for Botswarm Rorq mining??? which are out of the free-play experience!

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