EVE Online – No Downtime Announcement

EVE Online – No Downtime Announcement

Infrastructure… the backbone of modern society. In this hidden location the plumbing for the most complex systems of New Eden is kept under strict control to ensure that it runs like clockwork. This National Cookie Day, CCP will attempt something that has never been done before… … rolling the dice and disrupting a tick in time. Stand prepared. 48 hours… all action… no downtime. Coming soon to a Tranquility near you. (December 4th)

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  1. give us da cookies ! <3

  2. Seriously guys this video just prevents me from breathing

  3. Hey, these guys over here… some sort of Goodfellas… or maybe the Misters from Reservoir Dogs over here.

  4. Awesome video! Good job guys

  5. umm kinda….looks like they're pulling the plug….i feel mislead o.o

  6. This is so good xD

  7. Cloaky AFK campers: THAAAAAANKUUUUUUU

  8. Who needs a DT when concurrent users can fit comfortably in one threadripper these days, AMIRITE? 😉

    I kidd, I kidd! Good luck! ?

  9. who gives a flying fuck about no down time? its only like 2-5 minutes per day. kind of a stupid thing to make a big deal about. also, why do CCP employees look inbred? seriously the two walking in back at the beginning look like the product of several generations of sistermothers breeding with daddybrothers.

  10. Now that's an epic announcement video! o7

  11. absolutely love it!

  12. Tuxford pulled that plug once already if I recall ..

  13. I hope the hamsters have a good union… ^^

  14. horrible and not funny. But eve online rocks.

  15. Blahahaha! I love it!

  16. Good, its 2019 now just end the CSM theres no need for it now ccp is getting into a great place but the CSM is part of the past that is no longer needed

  17. LMAO.
    You got one thing wrong though.

    Not enough salt silos. You need at least 5 of those, plus one spare for overflow.

  18. Tuxford still hasn't been forgiven for nerfing Arty Alpha with the HP increases…

  19. I havent played Eve in 5 years and even I was excited about this when it popped up in the feed.

  20. I wonder how they are pushing stored procedures to those sql servers without the downtime.

  21. Wow how quickly did you guys lose focus oh, I suppose you forgot some a plan called stop the bleed. So I'm still waiting on the plan to get us noobs into the game quicker instead of paying you for hurry up and wait with all the skilled trade. I don't know about everyone else but for me you got till April of 2020 to get this problem solved cyberpunk 2077 is not that far away neither is Borderlands 3 coming to steam.

  22. meanwhile ive spent 3 months and just figured out how to leave the station, next update in a year when i figure out how to move

  23. Now how about making wormholes spawn at the proper random times instead of all in fucking EU TZ

  24. happy ratting noise

  25. за титры спасибо!

  26. why does ccp burger look like someone blew up his venture

  27. Best developers in the business, wish i had the time and energy for a second space ship job lol

  28. I hope the downtime can eventually be on only a few days of the week on the same days. Also unban me on Twitch.

  29. ? all this for an extra hour??

  30. I love how cracks on silo appear as they pass by:)

  31. Love these videos…. You all need to do a lot more of these..

  32. CCP You mess with universal constantes here…you doom us all

  33. The narrator sounds like me when I'm trying to sound like the honest trailer guy but cannot get quite deep enough lol

  34. Y'all should do a blackout for high sec… But not just local though.. have a null high week…

  35. I have the feeling that CCP Burger tries to become the new CCP Guard…

  36. молодцы, годный креатив ?

  37. Only took 20 years. Good job.
    Now work on your other 999999 bugs.

  38. это разовая акция на 2дня?:))

  39. Explorer gives no crap about ties.

  40. Is that the senator?

  41. Ah, that is where all the salt went.

  42. Missed opportunity to have several hamsters on wheels in the background

  43. id rather get more pve activities, more mining innovations/ships and more banhammers for botters than removing the dt

  44. Was this really worth a video? Don't they have something meaningful to work on?

  45. Not bad, but when can i relog to another character without closing and re-opening the primary window?

  46. Nice! Hopefully we can get to having no downtime at all one day 😀

  47. Святая изолента!

  48. Are we taking bets on if this is going to break the game?

  49. Cardinal System confirmed…. wait

  50. Why is this such a big deal!?!

  51. Traduzcan el juego pendejos, ya me tienen hasta la madre

  52. hype! I hope it goes well and they make this a normal thing

  53. I hope they survive it well.with no memory leaks and unreleased resources. Hot server/DB updates next ? Or just vary the downtime & notice a little so the DT fleet games are harder to plan. The Chaos era continues.

  54. There goes CCP removing a core feature again. Riot in Jita now!

  55. Oh good!
    *then remembers that time downtime saved his ass…ault cruiser! Totally meant cruiser, yep!

  56. So when am I supposed to eat sleep shit see my wife and kids go to the store for beer go to work etc? Oh wait I've not logged on for a year.

  57. Hey, what we see here, the beta test of servers load and stability. Maybe in future we'll have one restart per week

  58. 48HRS?! Is there going to be a sequel? And is it going to star Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte?!

  59. When should we eat? So many Eve Online Pilots will die because of ….

  60. This was posted on the official EVE YT. Wow.

  61. Understand the concept, but god damn this video is stupid

  62. So CCP aims to have a daily downtime only every other day from now on? That's some sweet progress!

  63. Wow that smudge on the lens though…

  64. Is this permanent or just an experiment running for a couple days?

  65. Que in God's name is dis? ???

  66. So this is where all the dev time goes

  67. Australia thanks you!!

  68. goons must need to break somebodies timer tanked system thanks ccp

  69. I like downtime. It's the only chance to sleep in New Eden…

  70. I already know this is a bad idea

  71. 24 hours… 17k views, 580 likes 28 dislikes… sigh… the absolute state of things

  72. Nice video. CCP, make more videos! Its cool and funny )

  73. Welp, Tranq's gonna melt. GG guys.

  74. absolutely stupid video and even worse idea… many problems now.

  75. All action no down time? Good thing that I trained may cap skills.

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