EVE Online Wormhole Basics | #59

EVE Online Wormhole Basics | #59

hey guys Lokely here and this would be a series
of videos about wormhole life. (Subtitles by apandelescu) I’ll do it in F.A.Q. format and you
can easy navigate through them by the bars on the right side of the screen. First question to answer is “why womrholes?” and
the answer is “wormholes is the ultimate small scale and mid-scale playground”. because only in wormholes a fleet of 5-10
man is basically a very good very large fleet which can fight almost everything it can find.
and also in wormholes you can make some good isk and you almost never meet capital escalations
and you never meet drops. so if you started a fight you’re not going
to get dropped by 20-30 black ops. second question is “For who is this guide?”
and, in my opinion, you need, basically, a minimum of two characters to live in a wormhole. Three characters is comfortable and I don’t
really care if all three of them are your characters or if it’s you and your friends. You can increase this limit by 5-10 people,
15 people but i think, for comfortable living, 5 to 10 people is perfect for wormholes. And for money requirements, you basically
need 1-2 billion for the corporation to settle in – it’s not much, if you ask me. So what attributes that you can use, wormhole
systems have. Every wormhole may have some effects
– I’ll provide link in description – inside the site you can check out almost all the
information about the wormhole system you are interested in. But basically you’re interested in what statics
does this wormhole system have and what effects does it have. If you want to do planetary interaction you
may be interested in planets, but I’m not really interested in them so I’m sorry. So, next question you may have is “what is
static in wormhole systems?”. “Static” – it may be one or two statics in a wormhole
system and statics are basically woromholes that always present in system. And if it somehow gets closed another one
will respawn in one minute. For example, Class 1 wormhole may have a static
to hisec systems and if this one is closed, another one will spawn. So situation where you are in a
wormhole system and there is no exit is impossible – there is always a static spawned. Ok, next interesting topic you need to know
about is “what wormhole names may tell you”. Each wormhole (not wormhole system, but wormhole)
has two names: one name for the exit node that is always K162. Every wormhole has one exit K162. So if you see a wormhole K162 is basically
the exit, so you don’t know the name yet. And to find out the real name you have to
get on the other side and see the name in the overview for example it can be N766 – and
for this system, this named hole – it can be static but it can be just a named wormhole
– it has its own characteristics like mass, maximum size that can get through it and target
system. So for N766 it’s always a Class 2 wormhole
so when you see a wormhole named like this you can predict that the other side (that
it would lead to) a class 2 wormhole system. Another thing worth mentioning in wormholes
is polarization mechanic. Polarization is like a timer that doesn’t
allow you to move through a wormhole too fast, and to roll wormholes too fast (I will explain
what is rolling a bit later in this guide). Polarization is a limit in that it does not
let you get in the same direction through the same wormhole more often than once in
5 minutes (or 4 minutes, or 5 minutes – doesn’t matter). So if you get throught to the other side you
can still instantly get back to you origin – but in the origin you will see that you
have a polarization timer that is about 3 minutes and something. So you can’t jump back and forth unlimited. Why does it matter – because you can’t hide
from your opponent like you do it on gates because gates allow you to get through anytime
and wormholes have polarization limits. And also you can get through wormholes in
bastion which matters for marauders and I guess dreadnoughts and you can get through
wormhole in aggro. In every aggro. Basiaclly the only thing that does not let
you get through a wormhole is polarization. Or mass restrictions. Ok, now that we are done with basic mechanics
let’s see what you can do in wormholes. It’s obviously PvE. It can be any PvE – I mean you can mine rocks,
you can mine gas, you can find ice in shattered systems (don’t ask me what is “shattered” –
I will not explain it because it’s boring) you can farm anomalies like you usually do,
you can scan relics you can build something, it’s very popular by the way and etc. etc. Basically you can do anything, any PvE activities
except building supers and titans because it requires claim (sovereignity). Next thing you can do is PvP and PvP is my
favourite part as you can guess. (laughs). You can often see how I do it in wormholes
in my videos and for pvp wormholes are great because everyday you have new neighbours,
every day you can see another corp you can do another baiting and you never get smacked
by titan umbrella or something that you can’t fight. Almost never – sometimes you get 30 lokis
but it’s not often. Next thing you need to know is what is rolling. And rolling is basically collapsing wormholes
by mass restrictions to get new wormhole or just to close this one. So if you rolling not static it will
just get closed, and if you roll static, you get a new static in one
minute. So basically you can roll to find PvE or PvP
or something else. I’ll provide a link in the description for a great
Eve University guide on rolling, but basically it’s just going through the wormhole until
it’s collapsed. If you really struggle with it you can ask
for detailed guide from me, I may do it, but I think EveUni did a great job on the guide. And now let’s go through wormhole classes
to decide where you’d want to live. Class 1 wormholes all have 1 static. It’s a
static in known space. Most of them are statics to hisec, some of them are statics to lowsec,
and it’s really rare to find a class 1 wormhole with a static in nullsec but they do exist. One thing you need to know about class 1 – they
have only medium sized wormholes. So the biggest ship you can get through is a battlecruiser, and nestor. Nestor is exception. Usually class 1 is used for building. For
building you put your Raitaru or Azbel or something and just build anything you want. It has great stats, it’s as good as claimed
nullsec but you do not have to share your industrial rating with anyone. Class 2 are the most popular holes because they’re
really simple to settle in. All Class 2 have statics to known space
and to wormhole space. Popular type of Class 2 is Class 2 with statics
to nullsec – some pvp groups use to roll this static and to get pvp in nullsec, but it’s
not that popular now. And if you want to have PvE you will need
a static to hisec and another static to farm. One note about farming in low class wormholes
– and low class is all below class 5 – you almost never farm your home hole because in
your home hole you will farm all your anomalies and have nothing to do and it’s low ISK income. So to farm
in low class holes you choose holes with static to your farm hole. So for example you choose Class 2 with static
to Class 3 – and Class 3 is best low class wormhole for farming. I will also provide a chart about farming
– it’s great check them out but all you need to know about low class farming is “Fortification
Frontier in Class 3”. That’s all you need. Ok Class 3 wormholes. They’re basically crap. You don’t want to live
there. You may want to farm it, you may want to have
a static to Class 3, but you never want to live in class 3 because it’s awful for rolling,
hisec static has a huge mass that is really hard to roll and all Class 3s have is one
static to known space. So no one lives in Class 3, and if you live
in Class 3 – I’m sorry – I’m sorry you live there. Ok let’s get to my favorite holes it’s class
4. Class 4 have two statics and both of them
are to wormhole space. So you can choose two statics, for example
Class 3 and Class 4, or Class 3 and Class 5 (I’m not sure this one even exists but doesn’t
matter) you can just have two statics and one may serve you as a source of PvP and the other
may serve you as source of ISK, or both may serve you as source of PvP and ISK, and, I
mean it’s best choice if your PvE or PvP targets live in wormholes, because you will always find good ways to
known space and you main source of content is rolling statics to wormhole space. Class 5 it’s the most popular crab hole because
it has really good profits. But to have these profits you need to farm
in capitals. They usually have – let me… what statics
do they have – they have same statics (small talk) – they have one static to wormhole space. And yes, it’s only one static and the most
popular Class 5 is the one with statics to Class 5. Ok I will not tell which one is popular because
I don’t know. But they have one wormhole static. There are enough of them, so basically anyone
can farm there – sometimes, someone will come to catch you and to try to kill you but not often. And here we go to last class: Last class is
Class 6. And Class 6 are very special wormholes. They are listed as “deadly” wormholes. They are almost the same as Class 5 but they
have better profits, they have the hardest anomalies and the worst thing about them is
that they’re just 118 Class 6 wormholes systems. All previous systems were around 500-600 of
each. I mean each one like 600 of C4s, 600 of C5s,
600 of C3s, and for C6 it’s only 118 of them so basically one fifth of any other type. And here are the best profits, here is the
best chance to get your ass kicked by some hardcore corps like Hardknox, Lazerhawks or
whatever living there, but main thing i want to tell you is that in high class wormholes
it’s hard to find non-capital PvP, and it’s hard to find PvP at all. So basically Class 6 and Class 5 are for you
only if you’re interested in farming. Ok, it’s like 17 minutes now, for a guide
I think it’s a good start. If you have any questions you can ask them
in comments. You can ask for additional guides – thare is
much more information about how to settle down, how to do *chuckle* things. but I’ll wait for feedback, wait for response,
thank you for watching, thank you for listening and additional special thanks to guys who
subscribed to me on Patreon. Thank you guys, thank you for supporting me
– that’s all for today – fly dangerous o7

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