Even More New MMORPGS! MMORPG Weekly News: Magic Legends, Corepunk, MO2, New World & More!

Even More New MMORPGS! MMORPG Weekly News:  Magic Legends, Corepunk, MO2, New World & More!

Welcome to this week in MMORPG news. Where I curate the more popular updates and
announcements from within the genre and put them all in a short video format. This is one of the more interesting news weeks
I’ve covered this year to be honest, with more mmorpgs announced for 2020 making it
an absolutely crazy year on paper. Strap yourselves in lads, we got new games
on the way. Magic: Legends
First up we have a game that while it isn’t new news if you follow rumours as we’ve been
hearing rumblings about a magic the gathering themed mmorpg now for some time, I think late
2018 there were job listings posted for working on a game with pluses being a passion for
magic the gathering. This came from the developer Cryptic studios,
who have a lot of tenure in the space and most recently probably more well known for
Neverwinter. So while it wasn’t a surprise for some, it
is welcome as being official now and another project that we can look forward
to going forward. The great news as well I guess is that if
you don’t keep up with rumour, that means you don’t even have to wait that long, because
the game is rumoured to be dropping at least into a beta version in 2020. So far we have literally nothing to go on
in terms of what to expect gameplay wise besides a few vague sentences on the website which
I’ll summarise right now for you in case you missed it. Action RPG, MMO, become a planeswalkers, collect
spells to create powerful spell hands, choose from 5 different classes which you can switch
between as you play, fight alone or together and traverse the planes with up to two other
planeswalkers. So from that description it’s not sounding
particularly mmorpg ish to me personally but we’ll have to wait and see what happens, aside
from that info all we have is this cinematic trailer…So hopefully we get our hands and
eyes on some gameplay soon and some more information about what to expect. I’ll try my best to keep us all up to date
on the game as we go forward, big fan of MTG and while I’m not the biggest fan of Cryptic
and the direction of their most recent contributions to the mmorpg space, I’ll reserve judgement
until we get to see it. Corepunk
Then we have Corepunk, a game that there were no rumours about, at least none I had heard. Which is always nice, when a project just
sort of appears out of thin air and they’re like, oh we’ve been working on this for 5
years already so it’ll be out in the next 6-12 months…That’s what I like to see. Think one of the worst things about mmorpgs
taking so long to make is that you hear about them and then like 6 years later sometimes
you’re still waiting. So Corepunk looks to be a very….safe design. It’s stylised in a way that almost anyone
can appreciate without it being too kiddy or cartoony, looks basically like league of
legends which isn’t a bad thing because people love league’s aesthetic. Gameplay wise they’re describing it as a seamless
open world with dungeons, trading, pvp battles and a lot of your other typical mmorpg traits. They’ve teased a system of fog of war, allowing
you to sneak up on people, pvp has a karma system which punishes you for killing other
innocent players and punishes you more the more powerful you are compared to your target,
so griefing even 1 low level or low geared player while being a veteran yourself can
result in having to work off your karma before returning to society as towns will not allow
you in as a criminal unless it’s a criminal area. They’re doing some sort of weird progression
system where your gear is cosmetic only but you equip artefacts which are your power increases
which I guess is just the same thing only flipped around, I guess this way they don’t
need transmog in the game because gear is vanity so you can wear what you want…It
makes sense to me at least, not sure if I’m the odd one out here though. In terms of gameplay I think it looks cool,
aesthetically very pleasing and probably able to run on almost any modernish pc, I question
how much depth the game can have as similarly stylised games struggle with think, think
Albion online but of course that was also designed for mobile which could be the difference
here with Corepunk.. I also question how slow the movement and
combat looks and just how massive the game will be in terms of if it’s a proper mmorpg
or not…But either way, it looks cool actually I’m pretty interested in this one, it’s as
I said a game we knew nothing about so I take it as a bonus opportunity for something fun. I dropped a full reaction and analysis of
the info we have so far in a seperate video so take a look at that if you want to know
more. Mortal Online 2
Another one that if you follow closely you’ll know it was no surprise but recently with
the teasaer dropping, it’s actually getting eyes on the game which is really weird to
me because I usually can predict the viewership for games I cover and Mortal Online is such
a niche game that I had no expectation people would be interested in the sequel. I’d say off first instinct mortal online 2
is a game that if you were the demographic for it, you would already know it was on the
way or at the least know about mortal online the original. but I was pleasently surprised, I have a lot
of positive comments and a surprising amount of views on a video just dedicated to Mortal
Online 2 and the kicker is…The video is just me talking about what made the original
good for 20 minutes because we have almost zero information and absolutely zero gameplay
to show for the 2nd iteration which is set to launch fully sometime in Q4 2021 if I recall,
but will be enterting combat alpha in a few months time, early 2020, and early access
in 2020 also. So it’s not far off, I know having played
the first game for thousands of hours, it’s about as unique of a game as they come…It
is the epitome of sandbox, hardcore, player driven, epic, mmorpgs. It’s a buggy, incoherent, messy game. But even in things it does wrong , they’re
things other games don’t even try to do and that makes me appreciate the game and know
that if it was just a little bit better in certain areas, it could have been the king
of the fantasy sandbox space…Now that New World has pretty much abandonded sandbox as
a theme and a target demographic, there’s one less game upcoming to compete for that
crown and while that makes me sad and we’ll go over this in a moment, it’s good news for
Mortal Online 2. The game has more developers working on the
game than before from what I’ve heard, it’s in unreal engine 4 which is vastly better
to work with as an open world game, they’re not compromising on the sandbox elements which
made me personally love the game but in fact actually doubling down on them and trying
to make it even more sandbox…Which is exciting, at least for me. This is likely the game on the list that will
be the most niche for sure but if you’re looking for a sandbox, all eyes on Mortal Online 2
in 2020 guys. New World
So as I just talked about a little there, I might as well start at the beginning here
because I know some people only get time each week to watch a quick news video and for the
rest of you, check out the 2 videos I’ve dropped on New World recently. Basically New World we already had some idea
of what to expect from the game as it had been advertised as a sandbox , survival mmorpg
and we had seen alpha footage leaked and a lot of people talking about it. This week, they dropped a lot of news. Firstly, the game is launching very soon,
I believe on May 26th 2020 officially, with a quote close beta in april…Which you can
buy access to if you buy the game so it’s basically just a formality at that point if
you have paid access. That was really exciting news, came with a
new trailer, the reveal they’ve added lore and a backstory to the game, AI battles…I
was super hyped. And then the next news story came out of Amazon
Game Studios that they have in fact disabled world pvp unless you opt in. Immediate reaction was, surely there’s some
other systems in place and they haven’t just done a total 180 on their game but no, this
seems to be the case. In the interview which has been circulating
now for a few days, Scot Lane, the game director on new world revealed that they have in fact
changed the game… A lot. In his own words, the game is now more of
an open world mmo than a sandbox as it was before. They’ve removed the open pvp, removed the
survival elements and cut back on sandbox focus and now they’re focusing on the pve
and themepark crowd which, we can have a discussion about all day which one is the best comercially
and what me or you thinks of the choice….But you can’t deny that it’s pretty weird to just
seesaw on the most defining characteristics of your game 5 months out from launch. I don’t currently know what to expect of New
World and how much content they lost from the game making this decision and if the foundation
they’ve built for a different game than what they’re going to be releasing will have enough
headroom for the crowd they’ve chosen to focus on, seems like a pretty rash choice and one
I’m not sure works out in the long term but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m still hopelessly thinking this article
was wrong and that there’s something we’re missing here but either way, I’ll still play
it and give the game every opportunity to blow me away and make me feel that special
way that only an mmorpg can as I do with every game but my expectations and my hype are definitely
critically low after this news. Let’s keep an eye on it and see what happens,
either way, few months to wait and see. Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim
One last announcement I guess for this week about something new but not a new game is
Elder Scrolls Online newest expansion which was announced during the game awards…Skyrim. I think this is probably going to be the most
hyped of the expansions to date because skyrim was and still is absolutely massive. Now we don’t have a lot of news and as someone
who doesn’t and hasn’t ever been big into ESO I don’t really want to butcher the news
and say something untrue so I’ll stick to what we know factually. There was a trailer at the game awards, it
showed the conclusion to some current story stuff in the present expansion and then showed
very clearly the move to Skyrim next. Even said the upcoming arc is called the Dark
Heart of Skyrim, so that’s about all the confirmation you need really. They’re holding a livestream event with the
official news and information as well as their year long arc plan on January the 16th at
some convention thing in Vegas. So pretty exciting news probably if you’re
an elder scrolls fan and we’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for this in
about a months time. Despite me not really following the game I
will try to keep you guys up to date on what the news is with this. Astellia Closure
Last but not least because I don’t want to make this video absolutely ridiculously long…Astellia
Online, Launched in Korea in December 2018 and the west in September 2019….They recently
announced the closure of the Korean servers a few days ago, effective on I believe January
16th or somewhere around then. This comes as no real shock to anyone who
looked into the stats and facts of Astellia Online in KR when researching if it was worth
playing the western release and paying for that priviledge which of course most of you
will know I ultimately decided to say…Not worth. That being said, this is a pretty unique situation
and something worth talking about because this leaves the western release in a very
weird situation that doesn’t come up super often. The good thing is, the developers of the korean
version are the same people self publishing the western version…So it’s not like the
devs have just moved on at least in theory and we just have a version with people in
charge over here that they can’t do anything with. These devs, the people publishing over here,
Barunson E&A, they can do whatever they want with the game and this means that maybe this
isn’t a death sentence for the game. There is an obvious elephant in the room though
like, the game died in the region it was built ground up for, it hasn’t ever taken of popularity
wise in this region and what hope does the game have now to flourish in this one when
it wasn’t already without this bad news hanging over its head? There’s really no way you can spin this into
good news unless you’re an olymic level mental gymnast. The western section of the game developers
posted a news update to try and calm everyone’s fears and it read basically exactly how you
would imagine a PR statement would read even if you could see the office on fire behind
them…Don’t worry, it’s not even us, it’s fine, we’ll continue to be fine…Everything
is okay guys, no, stop looking behind me…Look into my eyes, it’s okay. The fire is just an illusion. We’ll keep an eye on Astellia, I don’t imagine
it’s long until it goes free to play and perhaps we’ll revisit the game and see if it’s worth
a crack without the price tag but who knows how that winds up affecting the currently,
pretty reasonably monetisation they have going. This weeks news I had to pick and choose and
prioritise the big stories because there was just so much stuff guys, it’s honestly a huge
news week following a few other huge news week, between these announced gamaes and the
ones we’ve had in the last few weeks…Legit we have so many new mmorpgs coming and the
crazy thing is…A lot of them are coming in 2020, to go on top of all the other games
we’ve been waiting for that are coming in 2020. I can’t wait. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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