Every Year’s Most Iconic Video Game Since 1979 Explained | WIRED

Every Year’s Most Iconic Video Game Since 1979 Explained | WIRED

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  1. No FIFA , GTA and Pubg??

  2. 'Expert' can't even pronounce Lara correctly. It's just embarrassing.

  3. No Elder Scrolls at all? Huh? No GTA at all? This list is remarkably incomplete, and the metrics used to judge "iconic-ness" are not consistent. Could've been amazing! Instead, it's just cool.

  4. Why did you skip 2019 when 2019 is done and it could've been judged?

  5. Tomb raider over super mario 64 i think you guys need your heads examined

  6. What about OG Starcraft? It literally started esports as we know it today.

  7. Yeaa I feel like half of these are wrong lol

  8. Missing Battle Toads for the Wii.

  9. Where is half life ? since cs is a mod for HL – including HL shoukd have suffix

  10. Really? 2013 last of us vs the fastest selling game to make a billion dollars?? GTA5 if you don’t know what I’m talking about because it’s not clear that you know what you’re talking about.

  11. Skyrim has left the chat

  12. what about animal crossing??

  13. What?! Crash Bandicoot and GTA were not iconic?! ?

  14. I love Mortal Combat

  15. Oof on those last few, thank god this list isnt official…

  16. Something that is iconic is characteristic of an icon — an image, emblem, idol, or hero. Audrey Hepburn was widely admired for her iconic style, her great fashion taste. Iconic often describes something or someone that is considered symbolic of something else, like spirituality, virtue, or evil and corruption. Good luck convincing humans that celest was more iconic then red dead or god of war lol

  17. Anybody else feels robbed that GTA and God Of War aren't in this list???

  18. It’s possible this slipped through the cracks for me, but I have never heard of World of Goo, and my main hobby over the last decade has been collecting, playing, a researching modern and retro video games. I get that the impact is for indie development, but I feel like iconic is not the best description for this game.

  19. They forgot 2019: World Of Warcraft Classic

  20. shannon is a joy to watch and listen to. her giggles are infectious. this video made me super happy. thanks for posting it (:

  21. I feel like they put too much thought into this list, as a result there are way too many glaring influential omissions. Were there any racing games on that list?

  22. His button is undone…. button ocd

  23. any list without gta or need for speed or fifa or counter strike is invalid by default

  24. Wheres Gta, LoL, CSGO or Super mario 64

  25. What even is journey

  26. Many more iconic games are not included. I find it very strange that GTA, GOW, Dark Souls, Age of Empires are not included.

  27. This list is wack they say the criteria is is iconic games and games that make a impact on pop culture but then proceed to but game like That Dragon Cancer over games like Ovewatch that really brought Hero Shooters back….or Portal over Modern Warfare or World of Goo over Left 4 Dead that made COop shooters popular to this day like they left off many big name games to put on smaller indie games which yes can be good games but in the grand scheme of things aren't as "Iconic"

  28. Not gonna lie, list just kept getting worse and worse.

  29. Wolfenstein, Half life, Quake, Crash Bandicoot and so on…

  30. I enjoyed the video, but I don't know how you can talk about the history of videogames without including Mario 3 1991, Golden Eye 1997, and GTA 3 2001 on the list. It seems like a list of their favorite games (which is fine), instead of the most iconic games.

  31. No Sid Meier's Civilization, Really???? The Greatest Time Waster of all time, the Game that originated "Just One More Turn". Or Assassin's Creed? Or Madden? etc., etc. But you choose games that had 9 Players world wide (Only a Mild Exaggeration for That Dragon, Cancer) or games that were poor knock-offs with pitiful graphics like Celeste or Undertale which is and was just poor, or Journey which was not revolutionary in game play or mood except in the minds of those who chose it for this list.

  32. Am I the only one annoyed every time the curator raises the pitch of her voice and barely looks at the guy? ?

  33. No Grand Theft Auto? No Elder Scrolls? No Crysis? No Half Life? I get why 2001 got Halo but a mention of GTA III was definitely warranted…

  34. Why is not QUAKE mentioned??!!!1

  35. No Smash Bros. games?

  36. WELL! that's a museum im not going! very disapointed with this video…i really dont feel like this video represent the title!!

  37. Some of the comments are subjective but you said that your own criteria was that iconic was something that most gamers would know. You picked some goo game in 2008 that hardly anyone has ever heard of. That isn’t iconic. That is your own bias coming through. Fallout 3 is a much more iconic game.

    2016… Witcher 3. That Dragon was not iconic. It was niche.

  38. Lol these listicles are always good honeypots for angry gamers to whine.

  39. Shenmue? Really?
    Halo vs Half-life?

  40. Wow, 007 Goldeneye is just a side note on Halo… even though it had way more ground breaking things than half of these games.

  41. Shenmue? Really? Gtfo.

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