Evolution of the rhino tank – Grand Theft Auto series

Evolution of the rhino tank – Grand Theft Auto series

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  1. CHITTYCHITTYBB then point the gun backwards and you got a plane

  2. the first 3 tanks look like they've been crushed by a tank

  3. Do the police cars next in every gta please

  4. Gta 1 looks like i could paly it on my ventilator

  5. Why the hell is a random ass tank just sitting in and alley way in GTA 1?

  6. Today, the rhino tank cannot stand a Mosquito with missiles

  7. Why don’t they un nerf rhino

  8. Gta 4 has the best tank, I remember turning on moon gravity and then being able to fly with the tank by shooting down

  9. Up down left right X X L R
    Money cheat for the PSP
    it’s been years but I still remember it lol
    Edit: Vice City

  10. The gta 1 is a stealth tank

  11. In gta3 when go full speed plus shoot the canon backwards, you made it the fastest vehicle in the game

    Edit: as later explained in this video.

  12. Only vehicle that appears in every GTA game? (Except 4)

  13. In gta online, The tank became available from the very beginning, this should have been a beast that was added a lot later with the maximum armour, now it’s just weak and slow at the same time

  14. I would really like to see this turned into a miniseries of Some sort, there are already other channels that cover basic cars, but I think taking a look on the more technical vehicle (ex:Hunter, Hydra)would be nice

  15. The first tank in the thumbnail ?

  16. Tanks for the video

  17. You should do one on the Maverick

  18. Wait, WHAT?!? The GTA:SA Rhino had wheels?

  19. I forget if the Tank from GTA: London played similar or not.

    Still, it's a shame you miss it out in series like this, but I don't know how common it is or easy to find.

  20. “Close enough” isn’t good enough. Unsubbed

  21. We need a Mark II Rhino Tank.

  22. I think San Andreas had the best looking tank. It is the closest to what the real thing looks like.

  23. Annonse Else bere played gta chinatown og DS lol

  24. Whatever happened to the evolution of GTA online?

  25. the GTA 1 "Rhino Tank" isn't american it is a british centurion mark 3 or 5 main battle tank (MBT)

  26. You what would be cool, if in the arcades they would put an arcade version of the first gta

  27. Where did your voice go?

  28. rhino: exists

    kinjali: I'm boutta end this mans who career

  29. Sucks that the Leopard isn't as powerful in GTA as it was before

  30. GTA 1 boi looking like a square for some reason

  31. I'm like WHAT? with the GTA 1 rhino from the thumbnail then I remembered GTA 1 is just 2d ??

  32. the rhino tank in gta 5 isnt even a american tank its based off the german leopard tank

  33. The tank from GTA 1 looks like someone drop a anvil on it ._.

  34. Damn you know when people started playing the early gta games those people are in their thirty’s now, and probably are having their own lives and kids. Games been around for a while

  35. I definitely have the most playtime in the tank in GTA China wars

  36. Where’s the golden tank from London

  37. Look up ahoy I fee like you could do like that style video and you got the voice to pull it off.

  38. GTA SA Rhino is the best because it can fly or teleport by spinning extremely fast. I wonder how many people knows that glitch.

  39. I know SOME people who where born in 1990-1999 are all ganna be like "gTa 1 Is BeTteR gtA 5 sUCkS"
    yup that's the logic old good new bad

  40. alls they had to do was program the tank not to kill players and we could have had a god mod tank like gta 3 era but the devs of the game are lazy as hell. they need to go back to programming school so they can learn properly how to create a game for fun.

  41. This takes me back 20 years…it's been a long time since I played GTA and GTA2

  42. They should have made an Arcade game with all the tanks.

  43. I remember being at a friends and glitching the tank so it could drive on water, by speed boosting it. Ah yes, simpler times

  44. Huh… didn't considered the DLC Tanks….

  45. Does this mean gta 6 wont have it but gta 7 will? Idk why they are skipping every other number

  46. tank in Gta V looks like a leopard 2

  47. Damn san Andreas rhino

  48. Dude use your voice you really sound great

  49. Where can we download Chinatown War on pc nowadays ?

  50. The rhino looks like a leopard 2a4 not a abrams it looks more like that in gta sa

  51. Chinatown wars on the DS was the shit

  52. Brilliant editing bro!

  53. Yeah the khanjali.

    GTA SA: Abrams
    GTA V: Leopard 2A4

  55. Oooh yeaaah GTA 3. I remember playing that

  56. The Rhino in GTA 3 was the best.

  57. The gta 5 rhino tank actually takes damage from bullets. But of it won't blow up from a few shots

  58. At gta vice city try to spawn rhino in front of the hospital it will gonna stuck between 2trees old days

  59. The Gta Vc tank somehow looks like the Tesla cyber truck

  60. I remember the tank in GTA San Andreas can go really fast by shooting cannons to the back

  61. San Andreas tank I thought was like vice city

  62. More videos like this please ??

  63. Dont like this comment.

  64. we've made it so far in tanks…… for 3+ more powerful tanks.

  65. The gta i tank is epic. HAHAHAHA!

  66. GTA3 tank gave me so much nostalgia. Clicking the correct buttons in order to obtain it. Man imma go play it again

  67. Is the GTA 1 tank also the tank in GTA London? Where is it?

  68. 2:16 note that the PC version that the tank cannot run over vehicles.

  69. 5:50 aren't you going to mention that on the first PC version of GTA SA that it can't run over vehicles. But on newer versions it does.

  70. Kind of a lazy made video in my opinion. You just did 10 minutes so you can get that moneh. Could of extended the time a little bit more to fill in more of the details of the tanks in each game. You don't get a like nor dislike. Just an average video really.

  71. This is a pretty interesting video showcasing the evolution of the Rhino/Tank from GTA1 through to GTA V, some very nice work indeed! ?
    I reckon it would be neat to see more videos like this for just about any vehicle that has been featured throughout the GTA series!

  72. Evolution of the Eric Cartman in the GTA Series

  73. Gta 1 is very f l a t

  74. GTA lll, The closet we’ll ever get to the Bob Semple

  75. Geez the older tanks like gta vice city was a proper tank you could with stand a good riot with out even getting exploded within two shots. I could literally spend hours in that thing.

    Gta 5 tank takes two shots then it steals up and exploded within a few minutes it’s absolutely shit.

  76. GTA 1 Tank in the thumbnail i tought it was a green pancake

  77. The tank from gta 1 2 and advance are paper

  78. This makes me excited for gta6

  79. Remeber back in 2013 when the tank was the most op thing in online and now we have oppressor mk2 wich is annoying as fuck

  80. I got a text about the rhino tank

  81. Wait until he learns about the Khanjali

  82. Mad nostalgia from the GTA VCS tank

  83. do this with mire vehicles!

  84. Remember when those graphics were the best

  85. the rhino is best because its flat earth
    edit: in gta 1

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