Expand Your Worlds

Expand Your Worlds


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  1. So 10 percent off….not that great ?‍♂️

  2. Where my $5 gift card

  3. wait im confused. whats happening?

  4. Just another boring ad lol

  5. What about Reach campaign/firefight for MCC?

  6. Get $5 back*

  7. The good offer goes when?

  8. Lmao If only my mom and dad were together then I could play more

  9. #xboxambassadorgang ??

  10. Does this count gift cards

  11. Wow i mean xbox all the way but 5 euro wow

  12. Ouuuu que geniallll

  13. Like:xbox Scarlett
    Comentario;play 5

  14. Pin me xbox I dear you

  15. Can we get free gold?

  16. Ok Microsoft getting the money

  17. This would have been better for Black Friday

  18. Where’s Minecraft 3?

  19. xCloud in Brazil pls ;-;

  20. That's like saying I'll trade u 50 bucks for 5 bucks..

  21. Xcloud in Central America please!

  22. Wait… Since when did Microsoft do business transactions like GameStop?

  23. I need 50$ pls ;-;

  24. Xbox 360 live Gold free??

  25. Hey xbox i want my sequel to mercenaries

  26. Proud to see siege and gta in there

  27. not impressed, $10 would've though. I still love you Xbox!

  28. Guys? They will give me 10$ gift card??plz answer

  29. Rainbow Six Quarantine?

  30. 5 bucks nah just buy things on sale

  31. That's how the mafia works

  32. Why are we paying to play online?

  33. Still better than YouTube Rewind

  34. I don't know why I keep getting emails to use my reward points since my region doesn't apply

  35. Here xbox take my 50 dolars now give me my 5 dolars

  36. Not available in Australia as usual

  37. I’ll 100% be coping R6 quarantine

  38. Was $0 back, now $5 back….everyone complains.

  39. Good job Xbox that super exciting

  40. xCloud in Mars, please!


  42. Yeah see why couldn't it be at least $15 but I'll take it

  43. Aint warframe free

  44. Are we not going to ask why Rainbow Six Quarantine was shown in this and why are we even complaining about spending $50 and get $5 just don't spend your money there problem solved jeez

  45. Y spent 50$ on something you don't want to get 5$ u can't even get anything good with 5$

  46. Rainbow Six Quarantine? Go home Xbox you're drunk. Rainbow Six Quarantine isn't even out yet. Unless you're referring to pre-ordering it.

  47. To be honest I'm kinda hoping for another 5 dollars on christmas

  48. Mas expanderia mis horizontes si tubiera xbox gold free para navidad…

  49. Hey since we here if you got gta5 add Twitchray134o on xbox so I can play on friday and if you have doomsday heist available please add me

  50. $5 hell yeah! I can finally buy that thing I wanted, I’ll just have to spend $50 first!

  51. Everyone: "We want more free and paid Exclusive Games only on Xbox Consoles."

    Phil Spencer: "Wait until E3 2020."

    Xbox: "We have Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Streaming, and Xbox Game Studios."

  52. Play the games! Feel the power! ??

  53. Lamo that's a bad deal bro ??

  54. That intro sounds at 0:07 sounds pretty familiar

  55. R6 quarantine ain't even out boss

  56. If rainbow six quarantine was in this trailer. Does that mean the game should have been out?

  57. In the eyes of white people/spoiled white kids, it looks like an interesting investment. More money spent, some money acquired.

  58. Typical xbox doing this after the black Friday sale ?

  59. I'm sorry did I read that right. 50 for five bucks it's a bigger scam than game pass

  60. 24 fps worlds?‍♂️?‍♀️?)))

  61. Whooooohooooo

    Greatest deal in the history of deals.


  62. I only want goat sim. Free

  63. Algun argentino por acá¿?

  64. You only get 3 months to decide what you get with those $5

  65. R6 Quarantine it's going to ve avaible on decembre or why it appers?

  66. I would get at least $150 back from Gta lol

  67. not worth the trailer tbh

  68. What game was at 0:38?

  69. Still cheaper on CD keys.

  70. Кто из Росси лайк:)

  71. "it's not available in your region"

    Thanks Xbox -.-

  72. Hell yeah i can spent 100€ then get 10 back so worth it

  73. Microsoft just stop and give us more games on game pass

  74. Y five nights at freddy? :'3

  75. " Please buy more shark cards and we'll give you $5 "

  76. Yeah it's fine just expose rainbow six quarentine like that

  77. Id consider it if it was 15 or 20 on the real

  78. can i get free cod 12 free zombie maps

  79. xcloud for Russia, pls

  80. I cant download xbox streaming game and im an xbox insider

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