Faith Specialists Operate From the Inside Out

Faith Specialists Operate From the Inside Out

JEREMY: Hello, I’m Jeremy
Pearsons and this is the Believer’s Voice of
Victory. In today’s broadcast, my grandfather, Brother Kenneth
Copeland, gives the answer to any problem, any dilemma, any
challenge that you may be facing in life. You know what the
answer is? Have faith in God. Now, this comes as a new
revelation for some, or it might just be a good refresher of
course for others, but I encourage you today to hear it
with an expectation to receive. As a born again believer, you
have a covenant with God and you need to find
out what that covenant includes and why every
believer should have a working knowledge of the
fundamentals of faith. KENNETH: Open your Bibles to
Mark 11. We’ve been talking about the basic fundamental of
faith, known as calling things that be not as though they were.
And that one in my experience over the last 53 years that I’ve
been studying it and preaching it, it’s actually really the
first message I ever preached. Some people had to get over
religion, all I had to get over was sin. I mean, having my
background. When I came in, this is the only thing I’ve ever
known. And somebody said, “Well, Brother Copeland, maybe you need
to learn some other things. You need to be well-rounded.”, “I
don’t want to be well-rounded. This is what I’m called to do.”,
“Well, Brother Copeland, don’t you know anything else?”,
“Yeah.”, “Well, when are you going to preach something
else?”, “When you get this.” No, this is the primary assignment
of this ministry and other things that have to do with
faith, the love of God, healing, deliverance, the righteousness
of God, tearing down strongholds of fear. All of that revolves
around … Well, think about the armor of God, above all taking
the shield of faith. Because none of it works for that faith.
None of it works without love. Faith works by love. It is by
faith so that it might be by grace. Did you notice that faith
was first? Well, everyone, every preacher, every believer should
have working knowledge of the fundamentals of faith. Every
pastor, every apostle, every prophet, every evangelist, every
pastor, every teacher should be a teacher and preacher of faith.
Amen. We are faith people. God is a faith God. So however, I do
want to mention this fact … and this is misunderstood. It’s
so simple, you have to have help to misunderstand it. And that is
my calling, the primary calling of this ministry was to study,
learn, have working knowledge of the force of faith. Now, that’s
primarily what I’m called to teach His people faith. Now, if
it comes up sometime and I’m praying and I’m not quite sure
what I’m supposed to preach in the service, I just go to Mark
11:22. Praise God. And I found out when I go there, see that’s
my calling and when I go there, it just branches out from there
to wherever I need to be. Now, if I was a specialist in
medicine, I wouldn’t be trying to do all different kinds of
medicine. I’d be doing what God called me to specialize in. If I
was a specialist in the field of mechanics, instead of just a
general mechanic. If I was a turban engine specialist, then I
don’t want to be messing with something else, that’s where I
need to be studying. I don’t need to get off into your job.
Amen. And when we get together, we will cover everything. That’s
what covenant is all about. Are you listen to me? The family
is covenanted together for the purpose of one family
specializes in one thing. Let’s take… simple illustration.
Here’s a family that specializes in farming.
They’re farmers, that’s what they do. Here’s another family
that specializes in the cattle business. They’re there
ranchers. Well, the ranching people need the farmers, and the
farmers need the ranchers. So it’d be good if they had
children that married one another, got the farm land and
the ranch land hooked up together. That’s a simple
illustration of covenant. I’m doing my part. It’s what we’re
called to do, and I’m glad you’re a part of it, and I’m
glad you’re my partner helping me do it. Praise God. So let’s
go to the classic teaching on faith where Jesus taught in the
11th chapter of the book of Mark. Now, I usually as a
practice start at verse 22. But tonight, I’m going to back up.
“Jesus …” In verse 11 “… entered into Jerusalem and into
the temple. And when He had looked round about upon all
things, and now the evening was come, He went out unto Bethany
with the 12.” Now, why didn’t He do anything? He didn’t do
anything. He didn’t say anything. He just walked in
there. And notice, it indicates He looked around at all things
and the evening came. It indicates that He spent most of
the day in there looking and listening. Now, they were acting
just as ugly that day as they’re acting the next day. But He
didn’t do anything, He didn’t say anything. Now, that’s one of
the first wisdom of faith and wisdom is the principle thing.
Don’t just be just fine and just pray in a scatter barrel, and
just quoting all the Scripture you can think of “Nya, nya, nya,
nya, nya, nya.” And hope something sticks. No. Now,
emergency situation, yes. But when you do that, you do most of
that in tongues, and in your praying, and standing in the
Spirit. And then the Scriptures that come up out of you, praise
God, that is the wisdom of God. But I’m talking about life in
general. I heard the Lord say to me one time, He said, “Kenneth,
you pray too quick.” He said, “Take the time to meditate on
this.” Now, let me back up just a little bit. My father in the
faith Oral Roberts told me this early on, he said … and he was
talking specifically about finances, but this can work in
any situation. I don’t care what it is, anything that’s an
attack, anything that’s a problem. He said, “Take the time
to pray in the Spirit in faith. Don’t just be just talking in
tongues.” See, Jesus didn’t say, “Whatsoever thing you desire
when you pray, believe you receive them and you will have
them, as long as you’re praying in a language you understand.”
No. He just said, “When you pray, believe you receive it.”
All right, let’s go back here now. We’re still talking about
the fundamentals of faith. Now, Jesus walked into that temple.
You remember He said, “I only say what I hear My Father say. I
only do what I see My Father do.” Well, it’s very obvious
when He walked into that temple, He didn’t hear the Father say
anything and He didn’t see the Father do anything. So He went
back to Bethany. Amen. Now, the Scripture doesn’t say this, but
I know Him. You know what He did. He knew He was supposed to
be in that temple that day. He went in there and saw what He
saw and heard what He heard, and before He did anything about it,
cleaning it out or anything else, He went back home to where
He was staying at Bethany there with His friends, and prayed
that night before He did anything. That’s the first
wisdom of faith. Amen. All right, now. “He went into the
temple, then He went back to Bethany and on the morrow when
they were coming from Bethany, He was hungry. Seeing a fig tree
afar off having leaves, He came if happily he might find
anything thereon. And when He came to it, He found nothing but
leaves for the time of figs was not.” You see “Yet” is
italicized. At that point in time, if a fig tree was filled
with leaves, there should be figs on it. If it was at the end
of the season, there should still have been figs on there.
Amen. That fig tree lied to Him. The Scripture said He answered
it. That fig tree should have had some fruit on it, cost him
his life. There’s a lesson in that somewhere. Glory to God.
“Jesus answered and said unto it.” Now count them, nine words.
“No man eat fruit of thee hereafter forever.” Now it was a
far off. It was far enough away, He couldn’t see that it did not
have figs on it till He got over there to it. So I mean, that’s a
number of steps away. Well, obviously His disciples didn’t
follow Him over there, but He said it loudly enough that they
heard Him. Now, I want you to notice Him. “His disciples heard
it. They came to Jerusalem. Jesus went into the temple and
began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and
overthrew the tables of the money changers and the seats of
them that sold doves, and would not suffer that any man should
carry any vessel through the temple. And He taught saying
unto them, ‘Is it not written, “My house shall be called of all
nations, the house of prayer.”? You’ve made it a den of
thieves.'” Now what they were doing, you brought your lamb in
there. They would inspect your lamb and say, “Yours is
blemished.” And sell you another one. Then after you’re gone,
they’d sell that lamb to somebody else claiming theirs
was blemished. They had a con game going. Amen. And this was
what they were doing. However, I want you to notice something.
The mission was not the cleansing of the temple, the
mission was the teaching. He came in there to teach, but He
had to clean it out before He could teach. Amen. “The scribes
and the chief priests heard it, and sought how they might
destroy Him for they feared Him because all the people were
astonished at His doctrine. When evening was come, He went out of
the city. And in the morning …” Now they had … He went
back to Bethany. They had to walk right past that tree. Now,
you know good and well they didn’t wait until night.
Nobody’s got a flashlight. The glory is not in manifestation.
The fire by night. So there’s enough light to see, to get back
to Bethany, which is a fairly decent walk. So you know Peter
well enough to know he went by that tree. If anything had been
noticeable, he would have said something about it. Because the
next morning, he did. So somewhere … just figure up the
timeline. Somewhere between 12 and 24 hours. Well, when evening
was come in the 19th verse, that’s 12 hours. And in the
morning, that makes 24 hours. So somewhere between 12 and 24
hours. “As they passed by, they show the fig tree dried up from
the roots.” Now there is a specific lesson concerning
faith. Faith is not a natural force, faith is not a mental
force. Faith is a Spiritual force, and Spiritual forces are
far more powerful than the forces of physics. Far more.
Amen. Spiritual things are from the inside out. When you got
born again, when I got born again, when we accepted Jesus,
we became what? New creatures. Old things passed away, all
things became new. And all old things passed away, all things
became new and all things were of God who is a Spirit. You’re a
Spirit, I’m a Spirit being. The real you is a Spirit. You can’t
see me, I can’t see you. All you can see is my earth suit. If you
go in space, you’ve got to have a space suit. If you live here,
you got to have an earth suit. Amen. And you’re going to see a
little bit of my clothes suit. Amen. But see, you can see much
of my physical body, my hands, and my head and all of my
physical body. Well, you can’t see anything of my Spirit. I’m
in here looking out at you through these windows. Amen. So
as a Spirit being, God is a Spirit being, faith is a
Spiritual force. Now, when before we were born again, we
were raised as outside in people. That’s the way we came
up in the world. Everything we need is out there and we need to
get it. Amen. Either my parents had it, or an employer had it,
or the government had it and I need it. And there’s only just a
handful of ways that I can manage to increase myself and
add to me. I can work hard, borrow it, or steal it. Well,
the third one is out. Borrowing needs to be out. But now where
is it? The kingdom of God came on the inside of you and me with
a moment we got born again. We were baptized into Jesus. We
were baptized into the kingdom. Glory to God. What about
Colossians the first chapter? “Giving God thanks who has
delivered us from the authority of darkness and has …” that
happened the moment you got born again, “… delivered from the
authority of darkness and translated into the kingdom of
His dear Son.” Now, the word translated “dear Son” is agape.
We were translated into the love kingdom. Glory to God. And love
is God and it’s the most powerful faith in existence.
Hallelujah. Glory to God. Thank You, Jesus. Hallelujah. It’s big
stuff. Now, the kingdom of God came according to Jesus into the
inside. Everything you’ll ever need is right in here. The
Creator of the universe is right in here. The El Shaddai, God is
right in here. The God of gods is right in here. Hallelujah. I
mean, He knows more about cooking than anybody on earth.
He knows more about sports cars than anybody on earth. He knows
more about making thimbles than anybody on earth. He paid it out
and He’s right in here. You’re pregnant with anything you will
ever, ever need. Give Him a loud praise. Hallelujah. Now then,
“They saw the fig tree dried up from the roots. Peter calling to
remembrance saith and Him, ‘Master, behold, the fig tree
which You cursed is withered away.'” Now, here was Jesus’
answer, “Jesus answering saith unto them, ‘Have faith in
God.'”, “What about my money?” Have faith in God. “What about
my family?” Have faith in God. “What about my body?” Have faith
in God. “Oh, what about … ” I don’t care what it’s about, have
faith in God. And this week we expanded that and talking about
the almighty God, the El Shaddai God, the God who is more than
enough, the God who’s above everything, the God that created
everything, and He created it all for you. Not just a little
piece of it. Glory to God. Hallelujah. More than you can
see any way to use, and it’s already in here. Hallelujah,
glory to God. And faith will take it from
in here in the realm of the Spirit and the
unseen, and bring it into manifestation in the seen
world, and put it in your hand. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

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