Fat Kid vs Badminton Net – Standup Comedy by Mike Falzone

Fat Kid vs Badminton Net – Standup Comedy by Mike Falzone

Is Dana here, by the way? Dana are you here? -I’ve been here -Good You said that you know in a way that is not my vigor. I just going wrong and I- I didn’t. How are you guys? you guys are in like the “I can touch the comedians if I want to” seats. Okay, I have this new folder in my phone that aren’t jokes per se, but I just write down things that have happened That are pretty funny, and we’re going to work on em until they become a better version of what a Middle school is thank you so much I found nice just bite into a york peppermint in Middle School We played Badminton in in class and gym class so we had net set up all around the gym and my friends who were thinner and better Athletes they asked me to gentleman. They dared me to jump over the net jump over than that like you can do it We’re all doing that. We’re all we’re and doing it Now I get out married hell Yeah, so I took a couple steps back, and I ran it and I tried my best And I did my foot caught and down goes me and down goes the net and in every met that was Eight or nine different nests fell to the ground with a gigantic boobs and ferocity that is unmatched to this day is very loud and And now I just picture it from their perspective lee it will shut it when your shitty little Italian Domino, Rally They call me Dominic Rally So I get loud give them some love you know me love

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  1. Yeah I liked it before it played. It's called "confidence."
    Carry on my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest…

  2. this was really funny

    good job

  3. Notification squad!

  4. I love new material!

  5. You seem like a fun person to hang out with

  6. I give 36 out of 36 tijuana honks =)

  7. You are easily my favourite comedian

  8. Update: I've corrupted my mom. She listens to comedians in the car instead of music now.

  9. quality stuff mike

  10. Mike your videos make my days so much better.
    If you ever come near the Midwest and do a show, I'll be there.
    Until then I'll just laugh at your YouTube videos

  11. aren't badminton nets like 6ft tall? did mike go to the school for the harlem globe trotters?

  12. Did you get in trouble for knocking all the nets down? Or was the shame enough of a punishment?

  13. Thanks for this, Mike. Keep it up, kiddo!

  14. Since I'm all the way out here in Texas and can't get to any of your shows, I live for these. You're fucking dope, man. Keep being awesome.

  15. Post more of these please

  16. Haha! I forgot about this story! This was almost lost to the Welcome to The Podcast gap. I vaguely remember it bc it was the weirdest thing I put in that True Facts video I made 53 years ago.

  17. I sat in the "so close you could touch the comedian" seat before. You don't get high fives three rows back, amirite?

  18. Mike can we be best friends pls?

  19. I was there 😀

  20. a child died………its ok hes was a dick……his last name was dick……….but he was also a dick…

  21. I had to pause the video every 15 seconds to recollect myself after crying laughing.

  22. Wow! I love this, keep it up Dominic Rally!

  23. Yes! So funny omg the York thing got me laughing so hard!

  24. Ended with dominic what? Hahahahhha

  25. When are you coming to the east coast?!?

  26. That one's makin it to the special Mike. Lol. It was an awesome show im glad you uploaded some of it even a couple of minutes.

  27. Hey mike, bet you are on the toilet right now

  28. great stuff as always hahaha

  29. I did that too. They made a rhyme for me:
    Fatty, fatty, always sweats,
    Knocked down six badminton nets

  30. keep it up man! You will soon have your face a billboard like chris delia.

  31. See! I go out!

    oh and stop it with the purple shirt!

  32. I am so lucky that I got to see you live on your tour. You are so funny and SUPER nice. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  33. Killing it Mike!

  34. Mike, did Zoja film this?

  35. lol falzone is funny???

  36. Anyone know the song in the intro?

  37. I laugh just remembering this story. Then I laugh some more when you tell it again. Hysterical.

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