Female Erotica in Japan (Full Documentary)

Female Erotica in Japan (Full Documentary)

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  1. I wish the world stopped producing so much porn, but it’s awesome that they’re making porn for women too

  2. Minha gente que que eu to fazendo aqui eu tava vendo anime mas gente kkkkkkkkkk

  3. I actually thought the male actor was nice and honest

  4. These videos should be popular with US women… because if a man actually touches a woman now, it's assault.

  5. This was a cute ep lol

  6. I really love things about japanese video. You can watch more here too

  7. Everything is ok as long as you keep the feminist out

  8. Porn usu. Makes ppl turn into fools. They dun make u smarter but a bit towards wayang wayang…

  9. "Eromen?"Seems more like GayBoy??

  10. Omg the reporter is so beautiful!!

  11. What about gays?? It's only female erotica?

  12. This woman is the best journalist in Vice Japan. She tackles some of the most interesting topics I watched.

  13. Strange enough, I personally felt like I really learned a lot from this video. Rather than it being eye candy as I'm sure many thought initially, it really has served its purpose to educate in a few minutes what other people need a series for. I'm grateful to Vice for the different topics they choose to base their content on. This video has helped me to think in what I've failed in as a partner in previous relationships and has helped me to aim for a higher standard when it comes to giving quality care and love to a woman who although they are embarrassed to say what they want, that doesn't mean they don't desire it. I think that can be a cool tip: If you are shy about telling me what you want, go ahead and write it on a piece of paper and slide it to me on the table…

  14. First things first y’all are cruel for that scene where the girl starts moaning . I literally did not have my earphones plugged in and it’s 02:56am . These walls are thin and all my windows were open !

  15. vice once again has no idea what they are talking about

  16. where can i watch this?

  17. mau di kenyot donggg

  18. Japan is a sexually frustrated nation. It's good to know that this kind of porn exists there. Maybe things will start to change eventually. And it will be good for western porn to take some lessons too because men tend to mimic porn sooo much and that's not a good thing. And women should be more vocal about their needs. It's not right to suppress their needs and lose the right to pleasure just so that guy feelings don't get hurt. It ends up in a non stop charade that isn't good for anyone.

  19. Y’all I just found out that ittetsu is 40 omg I thought he was at least in his late 20s

  20. Everything they said though is pretty spot on

  21. Ah japornstars moaning is so annoying and that sex toy looks freaking disgusting

  22. the boy she went on a date with is so charming ??

  23. Ok I appreciate this but what about us girls that like to get dirty or are into BDSM? I guess that is not recognized in Japanese culture?! Maybe we just end up watching the “ porn for guys”?

  24. It's like vice as turned into that old program eurotrash,does anyone remember it,a French man hosted it⁉️

  25. I think she's in love

  26. I can't believe this Japanese women at the most beautiful women in this world and their paying for a date but then again those guys are models and I certainly am no model

  27. Ero man no narutidesu

  28. I love this, the only porn that I really like, I hope there could be more porn for woman

  29. I just can't believe these r the same japanese we heard so much about in WW2….their ancestors were definitely not like that….They are more feminine i think

  30. 1:26 "Japan is a Porn Superpower"

  31. me: this ittetsu dude is cute. i will date him

    me after i google him: HE IS 40 WHATTTTTT

  32. Was she sold on the date?!?!? I was!!!!!
    I’m a new fan of Ittetsu ?????

  33. Crabs vicegrip Only narrowly misses a wink. (IE) Users discression advised.

  34. I would think that it might be difficult for the men who act in this form to have a real relationship. She might expect him to be warm, caring and sensitive 24/7 and that’s just not real

  35. This is the kind of porn that I can support and buy. Thank you!

  36. another reason why I want to go in Japan! ?

  37. I… I like this more than the usual we have in States

  38. I drive a Japaneze car. All my appliances & lawn mower are made in Japan. Eff me I might as well take ANA to Tokyo & get me a male Japaneze sex slave(even tho I'm lez).

  39. Japan just made me tap into the feminine side I didn't know existed lol

  40. Ooooooooo the reporter is definitely feelin him

  41. Imagine being an eroman and thinking to yourself,” all these people have seen me naked”

  42. The boys are s handsomeee omggyyyaaagddd where to watch their videos online?!!! ????

  43. Wtf was that untro

  44. "This is kind of traumatizing" . . .I agree. My eyes are bleeding ?

  45. Sorry but Japanese men look like little prepubescent boys are are NOT sexy!

  46. This reporter journalist person could definitely pass as a boy

  47. Women want sex soft and gentle and a lot of foreplay and the feeling they are loved and treasured. Let them lead the way and show the guys how to do it. They want feeling of being of safety and comfort.

  48. If guys can get all these techniques down and perform them with erotic real feeling, it will be easier to seduce women.

  49. Japanese porn is some weird shit

  50. Well the first part I was like wowow, covered eyes, but then towards the end i saw the reason for it. Stuff like this is often very taboo to talk about and westerners don't often show respect for their other partner. Attraction does not always make sense but a lot of this type of comics and manga tries a little hard and often sexist. There needs to be more classes in school I think teaching about how to properly address the opposite genders.

  51. Welp idk how I got here

  52. She did her job and got the D lmao

  53. lol dudes name is River?

  54. what the fuck did i just watch

  55. suzuki ittetsu make my heart beat fast omg

  56. Why does everyone have bangs

  57. Mottoh mottoh mottoh mottoh …

  58. they need proper western penis' size

  59. sexy i want to kiss ? ? ?

  60. that's INCREDIBLE. I need to write for her company … ?

  61. Full documentary : 12 minutes long… hmmmm….

  62. Ittetsu suzuki is the best ?????❤❤❤❤❤❤

  63. 8:32 yeah that's the kind of guy THE GIRLS ALL OVER THE WORLD need lady.

  64. I'm about to become a BILLIONAIRE, my business plan…….. go to Japan and set up a dental practice ????

  65. why are peeps so obsessed with porn

  66. Why is everybody saying "god forgive me" ?? What a bunch of virgins <3 ☀

  67. ittetsu oh God give me one like him but not a porn star

  68. ? men are just so gentle. She wa buck a Jamaican man fi fling some long cocky under her rass

  69. Not my proudest fap…

  70. Everyone is different. My girl is disappointed when I don't have the energy to slam her like she wants.

  71. ? =1000 time sorry to God ? 🙂 ? ?

  72. Japanese porn is the shit

  73. I'm a female, I watch porn a lot, but when I do I find myself wishing they'd make porn more tailored to what a woman would like. We need this

  74. 1 like for sorry to God O:) 3:)

  75. The blurring cracks me up. What do they think they're saving the world from?

  76. Why japan always blur the real things???????


  78. Seriously, why are the gays better at kissing 8| -_-

  79. "this video contains graphic content" cuts straight to a butt

  80. مـــيـــن? يــرحب? بـــي? يـــضـــغـــك لايـــك?ويـراســــلنـــي خـــــاص واشـــترك بقـــناتــــي

  81. NO.1 검↕증완료! 세계 유명한 ㅋr○G,노 사이◐트를 한자리에! XXOXX7. COM

  82. The guy may be cute but I wanna marry the reporter

  83. 10:35 ? he's fucking petting her.

    Petting her as she was a dog ? WTF?

  84. It takes Them a long time to say 1 sentence

  85. 50 shades and all those dirty movies were woman in the scene have pleasure is designed for men not for woman in fact man prefer to watch less sex but girl with hot body but for woman they watch rape movies more than man

  86. what does Japanese vagina taste like ?

  87. fermented soy beans ?

  88. What does that mean. Noodles ?

  89. salah satu emansipasi wanita. goblok!

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