FFXIV 500k Per Hour as a 21+ Miner Gil Guide (2018)

FFXIV 500k Per Hour as a 21+ Miner Gil Guide (2018)

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re going to be looking at how to make half a million Gil an
hour as a level 21 plus minor for patch 4.3 yay Gil guides and as always I love
raw me free so I am here in the north western part of south shroud right near
the bus qur’an’s drovers sorry here right here so just just north of this in
and adds a level 20 plus 21 plus minor we can come to the mineral deposits and
we can gather something here called effervescent waters now these sell like
hotcakes and the reason why is because they are used by so many crabs even at
high level so I’ve only gathered a few so I’ve got like 28 and what you do is
you just go from point to point you gather as many as you can and I
would recommend when doing this just throw on a movie listen to some music do
something to give your brain off and just gather it without thinking about it
I’m only at level 26 mine on this old but you can see it’s giving me gray exp
but just beware that the monsters in the arrow level 21 they will aggro you
unless you’re having a good 10 levels above them so anyway so I’ve got my
stash of say 30 so we’re gonna quickly return to we’re dhaniya and i want to
show you how much they sell for and the best way to actually sell them so we’re
just heading to the market area now now it’s like I said what I would recommend
to be honest just gather just spend an hour if you want to make half a million
Gil just spend an hour gather as many as you can in an hour per day and that’s it
don’t go ahead and gather like a billion of them because you won’t sell them so
one hour a day half a million Gil I mean for a lot of people that is a ton of
money there is obviously gonna be some veteran crafters or gatherers who finger
half a million’s nothing but this works and this will hopefully be useful to
everyone so come to a market area you can see here effervescent waters
and you can see how much they sold for them this server I’m currently playing
on Cerberus on chaos datacenter but this is also true for sorry tightness on
aether do let me know in the comments down below if this works on your server
so you can see here there right now selling for upwards of 889 Gil each and
people are people are saying loads so don’t get me wrong but look at the
amounts they’re selling they’re selling the mist acts of ninety nine thirty
quite often when you’re leveling crafting or doing crafting you might
need five you might need ten you might need just a small amount to do a leave
turn in so you don’t necessarily want to spend eighty eight thousand Gil to buy a
second ninety nine but if you look at the history look constantly like just
today sold constantly loads and loads and loads of soul today so they are
definitely in demand so when you’re selling them come to your summoning bell
and then sell the item now what I recommend stacks of ten so and for that
reason you can actually put the price up so what that means it’s a look people
are selling right now stacks of thirty four 889 Gil each for twenty six
thousand or Saxon ninety-nine for nine hundred so by all means I could also I
could sell it even higher let’s say people only 110 for example so this
person has the right idea there’s another four thousand Gil each but
they’re only selling ton of them so what I’m gonna do just for the sake of it
just so it becomes really obvious where to sell them what the best deal is I’m
gonna sell them for nine hundred each and do experiment with these numbers to
see what works but the point is sell them in smaller stacks so I’m selling
them for ten of them for nine hundred each there you go confirm and like I say
I only I spent literally a minute and I gathered Furi of them so you could
easily make with this method half a million guild an hour if you’re just
gathering non-stop for an hour and that’s it so you see in the space of
a minute potentially I’ve made nearly 30,000 guilt so that’s it that’s how you
can make half a million guild an owl or four patch 4.3 I hope you like my guild
guides if you have any requests for other guild guys let me know and the
good thing with Gathering is that the money you make is a hundred percent
profit because you the gathering nodes give you the materials for free the only
cost you might have is a time and expense to get there but you’re talking
about a hundred Gil you know if you teleport there you’re not you talk about
nothing you your very first half of ehsan’ water you will make many many
times what you’ve spent to get there and then like I said just want to move the
Lycians on some music and just do it so anyway guys if you liked that video
remember to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the video over there you
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thank you guys bye bye

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  1. And we're back with another episode! And as always, HELLO MITHRIE! But I gotta say, 500k per hour as a level 21+ Miner? IMPOSSIBLE! 🙂

  2. Yaaay! Gil guides!

  3. Good video. On my server they're currently selling for around 400 to 500 gil each.

  4. Speaking as someone to whom half a million gil IS a ton of money, I appreciate this guide. 🙂 Thank you.

  5. Silver ore makes some money but nothing near the amount of the water. The water was selling for around 650/unit around three months ago when I was farming them for gil. The HQ versions can also be sold in stacks of 15 for the quest turn-in.

  6. Glad your updating the gil guides! Your old content helped me alot back in the day (Crafting, gathering and gil guides) looking forward to seeing more videos in the near future

  7. Unfortunately they are selling for less than 300gil on my server. Guess I'll have to find another in-demand market…

  8. These are the kinds of items I like to buy in massive amounts on the MB when they dip below a median price and then resell them for more. Since it sells so fast you're guaranteed to sell them. Market board PvP for the win! It's still good when leveling and gathering them yourself so you can list more of them and for a higher price point.

  9. Since i see all the stormblood stuff already got a 50+ video play list at least I can look forward to watching these and starting on all these when wife an I get in on October. Love these videos. An again hope the streaming is going well and you are able to make it viable so you dont have to work a job you hate like most of us :). All the best an thank you for the time, passion and honesty

  10. Btw, Mithrie, there's no need to put those on your skill bar to see how many you got. Once your window is opened for mining/log it says upper right corner how many you got from that specific gather as normal and HQ mats.

  11. I always love your gil guides like this. It's good to see nice little tips to make some gil even for up and coming crafters/gatherers!

  12. Perhaps you've mentioned this in your other gil guides (first time seeing your videos) but I felt it prudent to mention that another reason why someone shouldn't farm too much is market bloat. In addition to having too much inventory to reasonably sell, if you post too many stacks on the market board it could provoke competitors to undercut you in spite of, or even because, the items sell quickly – which could result in both a temporary dip in gil value and delay your profits that much longer

  13. Hello Mithrie, waves from up the road Despite being a capped doh/dol , gil rich 1.0 player, I still enjoy your guides. Regarding your question, these sell for around 400/500 gil on Hyperion ( people use them for natron which we need for higher level crafts atm) and what I tell my newer FC members is to farm Lightning crystals as they have been consistent and fast selling since pre patch at 600 to 800 gil per. 🙂

  14. How to crash a market in 5 minutes

  15. This is just what i need after returning from a hiatus!

  16. How's it going mithrie been awhile glad to see you back in ffxiv! Always loved your streams and crafting guides are amazing! Keep up the good work sir! Your one the few I'd like to watch for ffxiv 🙂

  17. Mythril Ores near Forgotten Sands sells pretty quickly too. I sold about 100 in 10 packs all at once by someone.

  18. What do people even do with gil nowadays?

  19. Is there an item that sells well that Botanists can go after? I want to raise the level of my Botanist, but I don't want to just go do leves or stuff like that.

  20. What the point? Nada to spend it on.

  21. this stuff sells for cheap on my server'

  22. lol on Lamia there's like 3 people in an undercutting war with each other, each selling exactly 10… 300, 200, and 100 (!) gil. I think you should have emphasized the "please don't flood the market" thing a bit more.

  23. And just like that… what was once 1000 gil per has now tanked to less than 300

  24. The price is about 640g on Odin.

  25. I really wanted the flying chair mount and this helped a ton

  26. Love your videos mithrie! Keep up the great work you are doing. You are so helpful and I enjoy your content. Thank you so much for making these video.

  27. aaaaaand, it dosent make gil anymore.

  28. Not bad. Goes for the same in Tonberry

  29. never understood why its called per hour. I mean are you making that much gil in an hour? In my expierience it takes several hours if not a day or so to sell some stuff.

  30. The GOD of crafting and gathering has spoken this I shall obey!

  31. These are only going for 280 gil on my server and considering they're listed in stacks of 10 I imagine they're here because of your video. The market for them is resting in pieces lol

  32. still in demand. but people have recently crashed the market. Too much competition now, driving prices lower than iron ore.

  33. Is there any good ores i can dig to make profit at lv70 without relying on time nodes (ephemeral and unspoiled)?

  34. lol what server are you on where all your guides you're selling shit for almost double what I can sell stuff for?

  35. Lazy crafters will buy these like hotcakes, but if you are someone like me who has Goddess of the Hand and Goddess of the Land, we are able to gather 40 – 50 units of items in around 30 seconds to a minute from using the 100 point skill to increase count by 3 and using a cordial and burning or GP away on a node. But I do like videos like this. People will watch them and then get the same idea and the market will crash. 😛

  36. Doesn't matter when everything I list gets undercut savagely right away…

  37. Tonberry is only 300gil 😭

  38. What you should do is create a guide on how to play the market. Instead of undercutting in the hundreds like other people do, undercut at 25g less, or reduce quantity but keep the price. People need a market guide, not a, "gather this only," guide because it crashes the market and those of us who actually used these items as steady income can no longer make profit.

  39. Do you think you can do a guide for Botanist? If they can make Gil at lower lvls? maybe like 20-30? if possible <3 ! These sell really well on Lamia for me, Always have but. I am not very high lvl currently on Miner or Bot. Was wondering if you could do a bot gil guide if thats possible? 🙂

  40. I'm on brynhilder an the silver ore goes ok on mb lol

  41. Boar leather rn and hinges hq are selling really well on my server idk why

  42. Checked on Gilgamesh, they are worth like 1/3 of the price

  43. Is this still good?

  44. They still go for 500 Gil on my server

  45. I checked today the waters are very cheap now but Cobalt sells lot hotcakes

  46. E water isn't terribly profitable on my server but it's not bad either

  47. I just started playing the other day, do you think I should level miner over anything else to make money? My highest level right now is level 19 gladiator

  48. Pulling numbers out of your ass? Cool story bro, you're not gathering 550 per hour, which is how much you'd have to gather to make 500k per hour at the prices shown in the video. ON my server they go for 300. Please don't pull random numbers out of your ass and actually have factually correct numbers on how much profit one can make, otherwise videos like this are misleading and useless.

  49. I don't do this anymore, but whenever i see the "I'm broke. What do I do?" in my FC chat I tell them to mine eff water. It's still a good way of making gil even this close to Shadowbringers launch.

  50. They sell for nothing on my server. 🙁

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