Fieldsports Britain – Bird Speed Merchants

Fieldsports Britain – Bird Speed Merchants

Welcome to Fieldsports Britain, coming up: Andy Crow is back with a new series of CrowHow
and we’re going back to school. It’s the last in our series of Holland and
Holland’s rifle shooting tips. We have news and Hunting YouTube.
First, fighting fit – Roy is getting his eagles up to speed. Birds of prey come in all shapes and sizes
today we’re going to see two ends of the spectrum. The heavyweight is the martial eagle. The
nimble firecracker is a perlin , a peregrin/merlin hybrid , sometimes called a micro falcon.
Also joining the training session this morning is Roy’s golden eagle, Baby. He wants him
match fit for a big falconry meet in Lincolnshire this week. First up is the young martial eagle. So this is a young male Marshall Eagle from
this Season. So he is just in the initial stages of his training. Obviously he is not
a native of Europe or the UK. This is an African Eagle, he was born and bred over here or hatched
and raised over here. And we are going to be giving him a go and seeing what he can
do when he is up and fit. Obviously in the wild out in Africa, they fly quite a lot in
the bushvelt. By the shape of their wing loading, they look like they can stand a lot of time
soaring around as well. But he is starting to show quite a lot of potential. He looks
like he has certainly got some speed to him. Sang was flying him yesterday on the lure
and he really did start to turn it on so hopefully we will get a bit more of a show of that today. Roy has started training the eagle using the
hare lure that’s dragged behind the car but the martial needs a quick warm up to remind
him what’s going on. So to start off with we are just going to
do a couple of fist recalls because he is not too keen on the tan coloured glove at
the moment. He has been trained to a darker glove so he has just got to get used to it
so we are just going to do a short one to start with. Ready. Now it’s on to the high speed hare – This
is where the eagles true grace and power can be seen. He is starting to get excited about it and
is starting to realize what his wings are for and starting to put a bit of power through
them. It can take a little while for the eagles, they can be a bit, sort of, slow and flappy
but what you are looking for is a very powerful direct flight. It’s a good flight and Sang and Roy have high
hopes for this reasonably good-natured eagle. Next to get some exercise is Baby. He is an
old hand and Roy’s looking forward to get him out hunting this week with other eagle
falconers. So we are off to Wood Hall Spire this afternoon.
So it is the British Falconers Club Meet which I think is held once every four years so hopefully
there will be a good showing of hares but its all sorts of disciplines of falconry being
practiced. There is falcon flying, there’s hawks and then there’s a small eagle group
as well – I think there’s about nine eagles that will be flying. It would be nice if it
was about 15 degrees cooler but hopefully we will still get a good showing of hares. Last up is Ian’s perlin who is so cute. He’s
being trained using the kite he powers up hundreds of feet to attack a lure which descends
down the line. So that just clips onto the line and so that
can run back down the line and then its just a fishing pressure release clip. So that just
clips on to a loop by the kites and as soon as the extra weight of the bird hitting the
lure strikes it, that breaks away and then that slides back down bringing the bird back
down towards us. Roy uses his range finders to get the exact
height. So to the lure we are 250 metres – that should
be a decent enough height. He is making height really nicely, powering
all the way which is what you want to see. He is going to have to go out and do another
turn around – good lad! He might be on it for this time, he is still climbing and the
kite is right over head now. Coming straight into it.He is about to take it! Eventually the micro falcon will learn to
soar above Ian, following him, and then dive on to quarry such snipe when Ian’s dog flushes
them from cover. Falconry is a huge commitment but the rewards
are great – and size definitely doesn’t matter. Those magnificent men with their flying machines
– now someone who is more propeller than jet, it’s David with the Fieldsports Channel news
stump. This is Fieldsports Channel News:
Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne is a country sports supporter. The troubled star,
who was treated in hospital last month after he was found staggering in the street during
an alcoholic relapse, looked in better health than a few weeks ago, and beamed as he reeled
in the trout. However, he did appear to be toasting his success on the water with a lager,
apparently sipping from a can of Stella Artois beer on the banks of the lake at the Rockbourne
trout fishery near Fordingbridge in Hampshire. An Australian wildfowler has been targeted
by a right-wing Australian group because he is holding a gun.Ramsey Elhouli is a keen
duckhunter and had posted the picture on Facebook. The Australian Defence League used the shot
as evidence he is a terrorist. Barack Obama�s anti-gun policies have provided
a boost for wildlife. Fears that he is about to bring in guns bans has led to skyrocketing
sales of guns and ammunition in the USA, and all American gun and ammo tax revenues go
into wildlife conservation. These taxes raised US$310 million in 2008 and more than $760
million in 2014. A similar tax on fishing and boating equipment generated another $325
million for fish conservation in 2014. George Digweed has won yet another title.
This time it’s the Gamebore white gold cup. He took the prize with a score of 144 ex 150.
Some sad news last week we asked for your help to try and recover Connie the border
collie who’d gone missing unfortunately she was found dead on some nearby railway tracks.
Thank you to all those who offered help. The new British Environment secretary has
called for the UK’s ban on hunting certain species with more than two dogs to be scrapped.
The youngest female Tory minister in British history, Elizabeth Truss says the Hunting
Act has been a mistake. However, she says there is no chance to repeal the Act prior
to the 2015 general election. An invasive crab species discovered in a Scottish
river could have a devastating impact on salmon and trout.
The remains of a Chinese Mitten Crab – also known as “hairy crab” – were found in the
Clyde in June. The crabs will eat fish eggs if they spread to areas where trout and salmon
spawn. The Mitten is classed as one of the top 100 worst alien species. And finally, a couple’s wedding photo was
photo-bombed by a herd of deer. Lauren and Erick were being photographed at
their wedding in New Jersey when the whitetails walked out of the wood behind them. It’s a
case of ‘deerly beloved’. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News. Stalking the stories, fishing for facts. Now, Andy’s back and hopefully teaching us
a thing or two. Today wasn’t supposed to be about birds it
was supposed to be about field craft, technique, decoys and all that stuff, but Crow fancies
having a pop at some duck which are diving into his pond of an evening. I’m hoping they are going to come to the right
hand side of the tree to curl round and come inside so I can drop them on to the stubble.
If they come to the left hand side, I am going have to shoot them so they drop before they
get onto the mud. Because I don’t want the dog getting on the mud. Last autumn he really opened the pond up.
This is the precise spot where he and George shot nearly 600 crows last year. This one used to be quite a good flight pond
so I just opened it up and took a few trees down along the outside paving a hole for the
ducks to come in. We have been feeding it a bit and I fed it last year and I had a lot
of ducks coming in. There were a lot of acorns coming in last year so they didn’t really
stay here so we never really shot any ducks at all on it last year. So tonight I thought,
there is a bit of a breeze, I thought I had just finished all my sowing and this is the
first chance I’ve had to shoot my gun for about two and a half months. It is nice to
get out of a tractor and have a couple of hours shoot. Supporting this series of CrowHow are Bettinsoli
shotguns, gamebore cartridges, A1 decoys and Jack Pyke. The Bettinsoli is the newest toy
and Crow’s happy with the way it’s shooting. I had a go on the pigeons with it, shot it
really well. I was really impressed with it. Quite a nice action, it really does handle
well as it goes. They put an extension on the stop for me which was good of them. It
fits me nicely. Sporting shooter editor Dom Holtam is also
shooting this evening he’s been told where to shoot the duck so they don’t fall in the
mud..Crow doesn’t like muddy ducks or dogs, he’s also not that keen on steel shot. Even though we are only shooting our flight
pond tonight – still make sure we use steel cartridges, not lead, seems silly to me because
when George was here we shot over 600 head and they were all lead and tome I can’t see
the difference in using, while we should have to use steel really, but I’m not into politics. The laws the law Andy. I know. As usual Andy has been keeping a keen eye
on the pond and has a good idea when they start coming – he’s about half an hour off
but they start coming in . we have our first bird of the evening and Ruby’s first ever
duck to contend with – she’s not sure at all. Do you have a favourite duck for shooting?
Pintail are my favourite but most primary shoot are Teal. I think Teal are the best
to shoot. Good eating as well teal. Yes – good eating You used to do a lot of wild fowling when
you were younger didn’t you – like on the foreshore rather than have the flies in Yes, a hell of a lot of. Out on the Marsh,
used to go to Berntwick, Greenborough. Used to be in KWA. Ducks just aren’t there now.
They are fed so much in land. Most of the early birds are mallards but there
are a few mandarin ducks too. They are much smaller so Crow knows what he’s shooting. I think he is going to try and claim one of
mine in a minute! Most of the early birds are Mallards but there
are a few mandarin Ducks too. Mandarin Ducks are not on the Quarry list but strangely they
are an invasive species. I’ve seen 40 or 50 Mandarin here and I know
people who have more Mandarin coming to there ponds than anything – they are a pretty duck
but Do they eat well? I don’t know. Don’t be cheeky Dominic More birds fall some a bit close for comfort.
Ruby starts getting into the swing of things. As the light starts to fade Dom heads off
to see if he can bag a buck in another part of the farm leaving Andy to it. Mandarins
chink and dive past us finding the pond – whilst the mallard get Andy’s full attention – he
gets a couple of nice shots. It’s been a very enjoyable couple of hours
and there’s a few brace to take home. It has been a busy old summer for me but now
it is all done and dusted so time to chill out for a little bit. So after a busy summer it sounds as if crow
is looking forward to getting his new smoke stick smoking. Thank you to Andy and thank you Dom. Now if
shotguns don’t do it for you lets see if Holland & Holland can offer you something a bit more
centred. Everyone has a rifle story, the friend with
a misfire, the other friend with the accidental discharge – no one is immune but by putting
in place some simple measures you will become a safe and confident rifle shooter capable
of managing any situation. On the course we cover a number of different
shooting positions. Prone, High Seat and Sticks. We’ve designed this course with safe gun handling
procedures in mind which is equally relevant whether you are going to shoot rabbits or
whether you are going to go and shoot in Africa Big Game. Having checked the ammunition is correct for
this rifle and put some rounds in the magazine, before we actually load I need Steve to check
the bore is clear. To do that, Steve will find a button on the left hand side of this
rifle. He can pull the bolt out with his right hand, look through the bore to check it is
clear. Now the bolt is removed, this rifle is completely safe, he’s able to look through
the bore to check it is free from obstruction. While he is looking through there he will
notice the rifling – as we call it – the spiral effect on the inside of the barrel which is
what calls it a rifle opposed to a smooth bore shotgun. If you want more information about the course
go to Now for a look at the rest of the worlds hunting
and shooting – it is hunting youtube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. First up, here’s how to stalk in on a big
red stag in the open when there is only one telegraph pole for cover. This film was shot
in southern Hungary. More red stags in the rut and we are in the
Rennsteig forest in Thuringia where WaffenlandTV is out to shoot with camera and rifle. And now Down-Under. Aussie Bush Harvest has
had a good winter on big sanbar and red stags. On to smaller deer and Chasse TV achieves
a right and left at roebuck, just about captured in this film – and it was three shots, so
that’s really two rights and a left. Meanwhile, Spanish channel CarlesCastilloHD
is chamois stalking. Very difficult, he says. Staying in Spain, just an hour from the French
border, Univers Chasse Peche is walking up partridges over dogs. I think there’s something
strangely 1970s about these shooters. Boarli has a Deutscher Jagdterrier a DJT – called
Charlie. Ah, I’m flattered. This film has Charlie in the role of the Keystone Cops after
a wild boar. And finally, Ulrik Orskovs mate Esben is in
Australia with a bow after a big dog fox. Ignore the rude words you will hear an in
more than one language he is, as he says, stoked. That’s it for this week. If you have a YouTube
film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email
me the link [email protected] Now if those don’t take your fancy, how about
these. It’s the last Fishing Britain of the summer season. The series will be monthly
from now on throughout the winter. So click here to find out about fishes teeth in this
weeks show. Chatter bate, the new kid on the block.The
grapevine is just going ballistic about these little babies. They are absolutely beautiful.
They are simple, come over from America and, oh boy are they really working. If you haven’t
heard about them, get on the internet, get in to your local store, your local shop and
have a look at them. Dead simple, its a shad body, weighted head, built in hook and then
the chatter blade on the front. All the chatterbate does is the clip attaches to your clip on
your rod or straight to your line, as it comes through the water it moves it side to side,
backwards and forwards and basically chatters. You can feel the vibrations up the rod, drives
the fish wild. This one is a very simple, Zeeman chatterbate with the really stretchy
tail so when the Pike grab hold of them the don’t want to let go. Idea for Perch, Chubb,
Pike – any predators – it’s driving them wild. If you want to know more about Pike and predator
dentistry and the teeth, how they look, what they do, how they bite with them. All you
need to do is to tune in Fishing Britain on the FIeldsports Channel. This week’s AirHeads is packed with airgun
action: ✩ Champion clayshooter George Digweed picks
up an airgun and tries to shoot a clay pigeon with it.
✩ James Marchington shoots rabbits with a sub-12-ft/lb PCP out to 82 yards.
✩ HotAir rounds up the new airgun launches from Air Arms, Daystate and BSA.
✩ Airstreaming leads on reviews of Crosman, R-Arms and Sumatra.
✩ And Terry Doe reveals how may squirrels a year he actually eats. and Champion clay
shooter, George Digweed picks up an airgun and tries to shoot a clay pigeon with it. Only you and I will ever know. Talking of George, we are hosting the first
episode of Club Digweed. Next month it will only be available through George’s new membership
club. As well as an online shop there will be a monthly show with the 23 times world
champion offering clay shooting hints and tips, target by target plus ground reviews,
news and his diary. There is money off shooting at a host of grounds both here and abroad
plus opportunities to shoot with George too. Go to for more or click
on the link on this screen for this first free episode. Well, we are back next week. Please hit the
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Fieldsports Britain, which is out at 7 pm, UK time every Wednesday. This has been Fieldsports
Britain. Good hunting, good shooting, good fishing and goodbye.

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