Fieldsports Britain – Crow bags the pigeons

Welcome to Fieldsports Britain, coming up: Max Hunt is out on the first day of the Roe
Buck Season and they love it.I think its better than Christmas if I’m honest. We’re staying match fit with simulated game
days. We have the regulars, Hunting Youtube, News Stump. First, its Andy Crow and the heat
is on. It’s scorchio and Crow has taken it upon himself
to “tailor” his Jack pyke top. Now he’s either: Got designs on becoming the newest member
of OneD after stretching his vocal chords on our last outing, he’s worried about tan
lines or his real name is David Banner and he’s been angry and we won’t like him when
he’s angry. Before we get going, Crow helps the other
guns set-up their hide and decoys. I wanted to get here plenty early enough so
dead old boys are shooting but gives me a chance to get the hide and get geared up where
I want to be. The best time would be about after one o’clock, two o’clock and through
till about probably six, seven o’clock, maybe longer. If we can keep them off feeding it
may be later. That’s when I reckon things will start. .
The heat is certainly on here and because of flight lines and food we are going to be
south facing all day. So: things to remember, water for the dog check. Muscle vest check.
Shades – check. The first bird of the day is a crow – Andy
tends to stick to one species at a time but it was too good a chance not to , plus there
seems to be loads of corvids around this year. And there’s another cheeky one. Now let’s
concentrate on those woodies. All these are hazel whips, the suckers are
coming out the bottom of the hazel. Just trim them up. Depends how you want them, if you
want it to go right up through their wings and break their wings like I did the other
day started blowing in the wind, do them a bit longer – goes right the way through the
bird up into it’s head. Usually just to pop their heads up – cut them off about that sort
of length.. About 18 inches. Cut them off that length. It’s just enough just to pop
their heads up. Andy has brought out the semi-auto today.
He has also got the Lincoln over-and-under plus an air rifle for the ferals which seem
to be building in numbers. They won’t go to the game dealer, so are not worth a cartridge,
but they are well worth a pellet. They come out of London, I can remember years
ago I have seen ten to thousands come out from London. Yes, when you get peas and that.
You get a crop here that you really want to feed and they come out here in their hundreds.
No, there are a few here starting on the Maize. They are easier to shoot than wood pigeon. The woodies are around but are not finding
the pattern irresistible, which is a shame. Yesterday there were more than 6,000 pigeons
on this ground, which is the main reason we are here today. The other guns are doing a
bit better… but it’s early, and Andy is prepared to be here all day. Then he pulls
this one out of the bag to lift the spirits. Shot of the day, shot of the day! Crow is fighting the glaring sun today and
having to stretch the barrels. The birds are here but they are still not interested. Andy
tries every trick in the book – whirly, no whirly, flapper, no flapper. I really don’t know. They’re not wanting the
decoy today. Still we’ve had some good flighting birds, that’s the main thing. I know one thing,
it’s pretty bloody hot. Here comes one. We even slip out the back to see them coming
in from the other side of the hedgeline. The pigeons have been flighting round the
back here. They’re not decoying at all. For what reason I don’t know. They just don’t
want to know. Seems to be a lot of pigeons flying back and forwards behind us over here.
It’s sort of come out the back here for ten minutes or so and see if I can flight a few.
See how they fly. They are coming up and down along this shore so the back of the shore
so give it a go for ten-fifteen minutes. Being in the shade is welcome relief and Crow’s
skin is starting to match the colour of his CENS. He takes out some nice birds here but it’s
uncomfortable, and we are not getting enough extra chances to warrant a full scale move. Yes, I’ve been facing the sun for probably
three hours and I can feel it a little bit now. Back at the front, there is a glaring issue
with the pattern. As Crow mentioned earlier, try and reduce shiny surfaces. This time it’s
the flapper’s battery. There seems to be a lot of pigeons but they
haven’t been wanting to play ball. This strip we’re on, there’s probably, what is it – about
seventy five – eighty yards wide and I’ve shot a hell of a lot from the other side of
it. Tan lines? No tan lines, I might have a little
one their look – nothing to worry about. I still have to go on holiday to keep the Mrs
happy. Tanned myself up today. But no, I’ve had a good day. Really enjoyed it. It’s been
hot , I’ve been facing the sun nearly all day so the dog’s done well – the dog’s done
well which is really nice. She’s still hunting. So, well we probably could have stayed here
– there are still pigeons about but I’ve tried everything – they just didn’t want to decoy.
I’ve just gone back to old school with just a few up on sticks and spread them about.
Had a load out there, hardley any out there – had a flapper out there, whirleys, took
them all in. But then right on the last knockings they were looking a bit so I put the whirley
back on and they worked wonders, just couldn’t get enough of it. They just wanted the whirley
so they worked really well. It’s a hot nine hours in the pigeon hide , but
he’s got a couple of hundred birds for his efforts and a farmer’s tan. Thank you Andy, He also imparts his wisdom
on how to shoot pigeons with an air rifle over decoys and you can see that on our film
Airheads which is appearing up their on the screen behind me. Now from the Crominator to the procrastinator,
it’s David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump: This is Fieldsports Channel news A new law in Scotland will impose limits on
how much land private owners can hold. Councils will be handed powers to force the
sale of Scottish estates under proposals from the Land Reform Review Group launched by SNP
leader Alex Salmond. He wants to transform Scotland from a nation owned by the few to
a country owned by the many. Ahead of the reforms, some Scottish estate owners are talking
to estate agents about selling up. Do you want to win a semi-auto? The big prize
in this year’s Browning/National Gamekeepers’ Organisation Prize Draw is a Browning Maxus
finished in Mossy Oak and worth £1155. The draw is open to both members and non-members
of the NGO. Tickets cost £1 each and are available at NGO regional events and game
fairs or email [email protected] .
An eleven-year-old is tipped to win the USA’s annual World Championship Duck Calling Competition.
When aged ten, Miles Pond achieved ninth placing in last year’s competition using a $25 duck
call. The hotly contested competition at the Wings over the Prairie Festival in Arkansas
(ar-kan-saw), offers $1,000s in prize money, attracts an audience of 60,000, corporate
sponsorship and duck calls that sell for up to $500 each. This year, Miles is sponsored
by Rich-N-Tone calls, whose callers have won more than any other duck-calling company.
The last and only time a caller won with a mouth call was 1936. Nigeria’s traditional hunters have joined
the search for the schoolgirls captured by Boko Haram. Armed with homemade guns, poisoned
spears and amulets some 500 men from 18 to 80 have gathered in the Islamic extremists
stronghold eager to use their skills and what they believe to be supernatural powers to
help find nearly 300 abducted schoolgirls. One of them told reporters: “We’re not saying
we are better than the soldiers, but we know the bush better than the soldiers.” And finally, we know pheasants are not the
brightest of birds, but this one is a record holder. She is sitting on chicks at a Tblisi
Zoo in Georgia, except these are not chicks. They are ducklings. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News. Stalking the stories,fishing for facts. Thank you David, coping admirably with the
white heat of news media. Now here’s Hallo Charlie: Hello Charlie, Damian here again. Just come
back from shooting. As you can see – eight rabbits, a squirrel. Hello Charlie, Country sports Gavin here.
Had a great day shooting today. The weather was pissing rain, never the less I got four
magpies and its great to add to the vermin count. Hello Charlie, Scot and Mark here in Argentina.
Supposed to be shooting ducks but it’s raining. Hello Charlie. I’m Lucas. I’ve been shooting
squirrels with my dad. Send us your own Hello Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone. Just a sentence saying Hello Charlie, who you are and what you are
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, facebook, dropbox or you send it you name
it to Charlie at Thank you for those, please keep them coming.
Now Roe bucks do something weird to Roe buck stalkers all over Europe, especially on the
first day of the season. We’re getting up now because we have to meet
Jesper, Jesper’s a friend of mine and we’ve been hunting with him for, it’s the 16th May
today and its the day when the Roe buck season is starting in Denmark. We see the sun a lot earlier here. But Jesper,
like hundreds of Danish hunters is ready to go. He knows there are plenty of bucks on
this ground. So he heads across to the fields, looking for one starting to enjoy the warmth
of the day. It’s not long before we come across a buck chasing a doe. We sit and watch. The
buck stops, but its back end on so it doesn’t offer a shot. A few minutes later Jasper takes
his chance. It’s a fantastic one hundred and See you Charlie, see you around. See you at
the next Game Fair. Jespers a happy man. It’s an exciting time
for Danish hunters. What does the 16th of May mean to you Jesper? I think it’s better than Christmas if I have
to be honest. It’s one of those days that you look forward to. The whole winter, your
just thinking about the 16th May. That’s a thing in Denmark actually. Now the plan is to meet up with some of the
other hunters, have fun, tell each other stories, barbeque a bit. Just tell the stories and
lie and the most important thing is to lie, Yes, he was about five hundred metres away. Back at the hunting lodge, it looks like Jesper’s
really going the whole store with plenty of energy. I think he should have been a Shakespearean
actor. we do a lot of work here in Denmark to make sure we talk openly about hunting
which is why 75 percent of the population is supporting hunting. One of the reasons
is education. In one game show I spoke to the president of the Danish Hunting Organization.
He believes its got a lot to do with getting into the schools. We are doing a programme for hunters but also
a programme for children in the schools. We educate them. We have a programme where, I
think that twenty seven people in our organization – they are paid to go out into schools, teach
them how to handle a pheasant and cook it. so that its just normal to use game meats. Last but not least, what is your favorite
hunt. My favorite hunt, I hunt everything. The Danes love there Roe buck hunting, nearly
as much as we love talking about it. Thank you Max and Jesper for that. Max has
asked just to mention that he is at the Swedish Game Fair 2014 Telgaarn on the 30th and 31st
May. Pop along and see him on the Landrover stand if you’re in Sweden. Now, do you have a wash board stomach ready
for that beach holiday. Well you can at least get your shooting into shape, ready for the
game season with the simulated day. Really to appreciate the topography on offer
at the three valleys shoot you need a pheasants eye view. Here are the guns setting off for
the first stand. If this doesn’t lick them into shape for the game shooting season nothing
will. It’s the perfect game shooting outing. Why perfect? Because instead of instead of
a damp November day or a freezing January one, you can do this in glorious summer sunshine,
put a simply enormous number of cartridges through your shotgun and think how much it
will improve your shooting for the start of the game season. We try and aim for a market where people really
want to emulate a full days shooting and all the bits and pieces that go with it. It’s
also excellent to teach young people the etiquette of driven game shooting. As part of my shooting
school, of course, I have access to instructors which are all CPSA registered so we can accomodate
the ability of people on the shoot so that if they need an instructor, we have one of
our own instructors here. We are at the Three Valleys Shoot between
Dorchester and Sherbourne in Dorset where, during the summer, the gamekeeper hangs up
his horn and his clicker, and hands over to the DBW Clay Company. You’re standing next to the keeper, how does
this erm.. a bit of pressure I think! Unlucky mate!
Are these high? These are very high. Absolutely. Derek’s been a great help, he’s so experienced
coming from the Crichel Estate and bringing all his knowledge to the simulator days and
he has passed on a lot of knowledge to the game day so it has been a really good relationship. In all other respects, it’s like a normal
shoot day. The guns assemble and drive out to the stands. Derek brings his game shooting
experience to bear on the day and shows a variety of birds today. I’ve got a complete understanding of what
grouse shooting is about and trying to simulate it and as you say, there are some people who
have tried it , it is quite difficult with clays. But I just happen to be on top of this
hill and I’m thinking this is the place to do it. We can fire the clays at a very flat
angle, so they are going at a very, very fast speed just as grouse would be about 10 feet
above your head. They are hanging nets on the back of the grouse
buts because this is as close as a real grouse drive as you can get in the South of England.
Half way through the drive the guns turn around and shoot behind them. The nets protect them
from high speed birds. So how does the DBW Clay Company produce such
an array of different kinds of shooting? The answer is what Derek calls -the beast!. Run
by Nick and his family, it throws birds from different positions around the shoot, with
the traps set to provide everything from ground-hugging grouse to screaming-high pheasants. It has twelve traps on it, of which half of
them have got DTL bases, mainly Beaumont traps which are very powerful traps and that gives
us great, huge distances in terms of firing the clays. The beast is driven by a computer
and I can run it with literally myself and one person, Nick but for Health and Safety
reasons we need to have other people in attendance. Back on the valley floor and the guns are
raining up shots on clays raining down on them. Pack after pack go over. There is plenty of banter, plenty of good
shooting and lots of catering. All of it home cooked by the Perrett family who own the farm.
You have got to ask for the scones, cream and jam at elevenses washed down with Pimms.
For the guns its a shoot day but without the feeling of cold water trickling down your
neck or icicles forming on your toes. Lots of shooting, very happy yes. For Derek, its a chance to do what he loves.
Provide good guns with good shooting. It is dead easy to ask did you enjoy yourself, the
chances are they are going to say yew whether they have or not because that is the nature
of the beast but when you actually get people walking over to you and say, Derek, thanks,
brilliant day, I want to do that again – you’ve ticked all the boxes. There are a variety of packages for shooters
and one more advantage, it’s a lot cheaper than going pheasant shooting. For more information,
visit Well that’s the end of the drive and the end
of the day. I think we need a bit more puff to see us out. But, well – it is the Off Season. Now to the world of hunting and shooting on
Youtube it is Hunting Youtube! This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. Viewer Robert from the Netherlands favours
me with his film of crow shooting with his best friend whom, he says, is doing all the
misses. And here is another viewer video: Fergus Payne
is playing around with the .204 one spring evening. Now a slow-moving film with moments of explosive
action, Fenn versus Rat shows the effectiveness of a Fenn trap against a rat. Now for some wild boar. We are off to France
for Chasse au sanglier en battue dans les Vosges, showing the best of Feliews 2013/2014
season. Moving south, Monteria en El Valle is one
of the films from the free online magazine from Spanish hunting magazine Feder Caza.
It shows how 11 hunters accounted for 51 pigs in a Monteria in Extremadura. Max Hunt is all over Fieldsports Britain but
there will be weeks when he is not, so you can watch his exploits on his own channel.
Here is his girlfriend Rag’s video blog. In this one gets her first bow and goes from
the shop to the range. A sledgehammer to crack a nut. No but a tracer
to catch a nut-eater. TexasNative00 is squirrel hunting with tracers. And finally we are off to Australia for Hunting
Wild Dogs. Not to everyone’s taste, these are wild dogs, descendants of dumped, lost
and stray dogs that are now living in the bush and Australia has declared them a pest. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you are missing the fishing films and the airgun films, watch our new shows,
AirHeads and Fishing Britain. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in
to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] If that lot don’t take your fancy why not
check out some of our other shows. In this weeks airheads, pigeon maestro, Andy Crow
explains the best way of getting on top of pigeons using an air rifle. Phil Price is
throwing his money around and James Marchington is sporting the latest in hunting fashion
wear and he’s got a new BSA to play with. Meanwhile in Fishing Britain Hywel is challenged
to a fly fishing 120challenge duel – who will be the victor! Plus we are following in the
lilly pads and in the footsteps of Jeremy Fisher in Beatrice Potter country. Then there is the Schools Challenge, Bredon
School in Gloucestershire is unique. It combines its May Day Country Fair with a Festival of
Shooting. It has all the charm of a local fete yet many of the draws of a major game
fair. And it’s all in this week’s Schools Challenge TV. That’s not all. There is SCTV
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