Fieldsports Britain – Crow on a roe + the CLA Game Fair 2013

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
we are here bringing you all the action from the CLA Game Fair 2013. First it is Crow on
a roe. This is a first for us – we’ve never been
stalking with Crowman but the offer of a medal buck on his old stomping ground in the south-east
of England is too good a chance to miss. Just come out for a wander it is not ideal,
strong winds. We are just going to have a walk round and see if we can find something
tucked up in the woods somewhere. It will either be a little spiker that needs culling
or hopefully, yes hopefully, we will bump into one of these medal heads, but we will
see how it goes. It’s late June and the crops are still low
– Andy knows this ground like the back of his hand but his friend Les enjoys a stalk
and talk as much as the next man, so he joins us. It’s not long before Crow spots evidence of
roe. That is what the roe tend to do eat the brambles
and lower leaves on hazel and hawthorn How can you tell whether it is fresh. You just see whether it is broken off. These
are new shoots still on there. The deer would just pick them off. You can see when it is
fresh it is all there. 30 yards further on we spot our first buck…
He’s settled, enjoying the rays of the evening sun with rabbits dancing all around him, so
the guys have some time to assess him. At the moment it looks like it is a half decent
head we don’t want to just shoot it for the sake of it. So we will leave it for a second
and see if he turns his head. So that we can see how good it is or how bad it is. He’s not a bad looking animal but they make
the decision to keep going and see what else is about… Eventually we bounce him� It’s always a
wonderful sight. We shouldn’t have stopped really, but we did.
We just wanted to make sure whether he was a good or bad animal. As it is he wasn’t very
good. When it comes to roe deer I am a bit of a softy. I like roe deer. I get as much
joy from walking around and looking as I do shooting them. There is evidence of roe all around and we’re
certainly covering a lot of ground. Young buck, rubbing his horns up and down.
Little spikes up and down it. Have seen it in two or three places as we have come along.
You can see where he has gone up and turned around a couple of times. That is the back
one minute and he has or she has turned round and mucks up the other end. It has been here
quite a while. Has been getting up and lying back down again. Along the ridge, we come face to face with
another buck and he is not alone. Crow is not happy with the shot. So we just stand
and stare. He is one we do want to knock out, but as
you can see no back stop. So he is going to live to see another day unless he presents
himself a bit better in a minute. The circuit Les has taken us on has certainly
cleared the cobwebs and supplied some roe sightings – even if they are hundreds of metres
away and, in this case, out of season. With the light dropping fast it looks as if
Andy won’t be pulling the trigger tonight, but a chance meeting with a fox and some rapid
response calling means he does get an injury-time charlie. And that’s perfect timing as the
poults will be arriving in a few days. It didn’t look like it was going to stop because
it has gone off to the left. I have nailed it and it has made me very happy. I would
rather shoot them all day than I would roe deer. I will shoot roe deer, but I get a lot
of enjoyment shooting those things. It is a barren vixen. I have been finding quite
a lot of these this year. I was talking with Rory the other day and he was saying that
he has been seeing and shooting quite a lot of barren vixens. Andy is really pleased with his fox. We really
don’t think he would have asked for a better end to the night. And now to our very own fair ground attraction.
It is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. Nearly 90% of responses to a Scottish Government
consultation on plans to license airguns have rejected the idea, according to an independent.
BASC calls the result a �resounding rejection’ of the proposals. On 3rd September, BASC Scotland
will submit a petition against airgun licensing in Scotland, which has received more than
14,500 signatures already. Go to the link on the screen. A kayak fisherman from Ireland has had a close
encounter with a basking shark. The fish made three attempts to swim with his kayak and
angler Graham Smith only realised what he was at on the third attempt. Basking sharks
are harmless plankton eaters but would cause problems if hooked from a kayak. Animal rights organisation PETA believes it
has struck a blow against the fieldsports community with a new film on YouTube. Teaching
Kids to Kill is a shocking expose of what it calls cruelty at, wait for it, youth fishing
derby where it was filmed doesn’t fir the bill. Now for those of you who missed the CLA or
those who just can’t get enough of our country fairs why not visit The East Midlands Game
and Country Fair on the 3rd and 4th of August. With spectacular arena displays and all the
dogs, guns, and fishing you can cope with visit living for all the
details. TrackingPoint Technology, the people who brought
us the rifle that cannot miss, have come up with a new innovation – a rifle that cannot
miss over 3,000 yards. Trackinpoint has been working on it for three years and it is still
in development. They expect it to cost more than �30,000. Now here is taster as to how 00001% live in
Russia? meets Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenko and spends quality time hog-hunting
and helicopter-joyriding at his private estate outside Moscow. The film is a hit on YouTube
with more than 2 million views in a week. And Finally, a webpage to enjoy this week
is Animal Rights Activists with Mental Disorders. Search for it on Facebook. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Well we are here at the CLA
Game Fair 2013 at Ragley Hall where we will be talking politics with some top ministers.
We will be handing out prizes to some hard working students. But first, Max Hunt is going
William Tell. From squelching to scorching – what a difference
a year makes. [Music] We are still running for cover at Ragley Hall
but this time it is for shade and to keep the fluids up. Less walking means more talking
and a chance to catch up. Our friend from the mainland, the funny foreigner
Max Hunt is over for his first CLA – but it is Fossie the Bavarian mountain hound who
gets all the attention. When we escape the adoring crowds, Max has a chance to check
out what’s on offer for bowhunters – and it’s not just compound bows on show. Please let me know how may bow hunters there
are in the UK? Well that is a very good question. Not that
many. Primarily because bow hunting is illegal in the UK. We are not allowed to bow hunt
at all. But what is good, we have a lot of guys, customers who are getting into bow hunting
and going abroad to bow hunt. So how many? I honestly don’t know, but probably no more
than say a 1000. If you could explain the different types of
bow. Yes, sure definitely. So Graham on this end
is shooting a flat bow, which is, as you can see from the handle and stuff. It is like
a traditional long bow, but it has a cut out section on it so it is what we call an American
flat bow. Probably the hardest one to shoot out of the three bows here. Not so accurate,
so your hunting distances will be a lot closer. The second one is … The second one is a … it is a slightly faster
bow if you had the same poundage or the same strength bow, slightly faster, more accurate.
Again shooting off the shelf a nice quick bow. That is not as noisy as the other one. Very true. And then you have got the compound bow which
gives you further hunting distances if you want more precision on accuracy and generally
it is easier to shoot. I often try to explain at home and I do a
lot of lectures in Germany and you must tell me if you disagree on this, but if you want
to be a successful hunter with these three types of bows you must practice 1000 hours
with this one. Yes, 100 with that one and ten with that one. Sounds about right to me. Yes. Just to put it in context. There might be
about 2,500 bow hunters who have passed the exam for bow hunting, out of these 2,500 a
couple of 100 passed the exam for the … bow and it is about two or three who passed the
exam for the long bow. It shows how difficult it is to actually become a good precise hunter
with a long bow. Of course we spend alot of our time along
Gunmakers’ Row – or should it be named �Toys R Us’? There is something for all pockets.
Highland Outdoors has some fun new pellet pushers and rifles. We have the new Webley rebel. It is available
in .177 and .22. What this gun is is a multi pump pneumatic airgun. What you do is quite
simple you open the unit pull it all the way, pull it back. Now if you were shooting in
your garage or something like that, you only pump the gun once or twice and you have got
an indoor accurate little plinking gun. But if you need extra power you can also carry
on pumping. From new stuff to old stuff, looking as good
as new and I have been saving my pennies to renovate my great grandfather’s guns. Well this is a very exciting moment at the
Game Fair because these shotguns were built for my Great Grandfather in the 1890’s, do
you reckon? Yes, it must be. And they have gone if for their 100 year service
120 year service. Graham Makinlay, gun maker from Glasgow has done the work. Graham they
are magnificent. So you are pleased. Yes, I am a happy customer. Fantastic. What did you do to them? Well it was a complete restoration. The main
thing was the wordwork was in very poor condition. There were a few mechanical issues, but essentially
the guns were in good condition and certainly well worth salvaging, which you have done. I am worried about the word salvaging. Are
you saying they weren’t very well looked after. No I was saying they were resurrected rather
than … They are fabulous and the Stephen Grant side lever. Stunning lines and beautiful,
beautiful guns. I am really pleased with the outcome and to have had them in the family
so long, to get them back and hopefully out on the 12th back out on the … where they
should be. Perfect thank you very much. Andy is also at the show and is finding out
what A1 decoys have up their sleeves this year and what he can get his mits on.. … stops them seeing you. You can have it as a normal … So it can’t twist. Exactly. You have really got to look after. Mark is just starting to import and distribute
this shiny new number. When you get a bit of barley done, cut barley
or rape on there, that will reflect it and if you put it right in the middle of the field
you will get the full reflection. You will be able to stand in the middle of the field
from one direction and they will not be able to see you at all until you pop up and shoot
them. The good thing is that if the pigeons don’t
come I can lie outside put it underneath get a suntan, I can suntan under my chin can’t
I? I don’t think it is funny. Cut. Reflecting your natural surroundings is designed
to be the ultimate camoflague. Look out for this one in an upcoming episode of CrowHow.
Andy is also going to be testing a new dog box and gun box combo from Robert at TransK9:
safety and security for your best friend and your trusty smoking stick. Across the way, Land Rover put on a real show
this year for all ages – it’s extreme dinky driving in a new Range Rover Sport – half
car half submarine. The world of fishing is popular as always
with Hywel Morgan among others providing crowd stopping displays. Further inland a youg gamekeeper-in-the-making
is being recognised for his hard work. Zeiss optics, Rivers West clothing and boots from
Swillington Shooting Supplies his prize for coming top of his class. Basically we had a manual and we had to revise
all about the different deer the biology, their nature all six deer species. And what mark did you get in the end. I got 110 out of 110. You got the top mark. Yes. You are impossible to beat. You are the Andy
Murray of deer stalking. Yes. The generosity of these guys is giving Lewis
a chance of owning kit that will be the envy of his mates. They are worth investing in,
these kids. It’s a cliche but it’s true – they are the future of our sport. It is quite expensive to get good kit. Anything
we can do to support guys coming in and allowing them to have good products so that they can
enjoy their time out in the field rather than suffering their time in the field is great
and to be able to have a guy like Lewis who has excelled in his studies is just a privilege
to be able to do it. We wanted to get involved. Give some one a
real good start after they finished their course and this is why we are here today.
Lewis got full marks not just for the deer paper, the shooting and other aspects of the
course so worthy winner. Mark contacted me and said would I get some
dealers to maybe donate some gifts. So I said I tell you what why don’t we do it ourself.
We wanted to help this college out on the supplies we have given today. Thank you. No problem. Back to the crows and they are very much here
much to relief of the CLA’s director Andrew Crawford who finally has a gamefair to talk
about and not a washout. I believe it is 23 months since I got appointed
as the Game Fair Director. So bit of a long wait, but worth it, worth every minute of
the frustrations of Beaver. You just have to look around, smiles on faces, the relief
that people have got the Game Fair to come to this year both from our exhibitors and
public alike and it fills me with an enormous sense of pride that we got … well just look
around and see what we have delivered. It is fantastic. You get politics in hunting, shooting and
fishing these days. Over at the Angling Trust, fishing mad former MP Martin Salter is keeping
Environment Minister Richard Benyon busy. We grab him to talk us through the hot topics
on our agenda. Some people call it the big society. I just
want to see more backsides on river banks and round lakes. And people from particularly
urban environments understanding about the environment and the angling trust is a prime
example of an organisation that is doing that and I want to encourage it. Fishing is part of the big society would you
go as far as to say shooting and possibly even hunting could be part of it. Definitely we know what shooting brings into
the rural economy. It is over a billion pounds a year, but the value that the shoot managers
do to the countryside benefits not only the game species they want to target in the season,
but it is about the wildlife they are enhancing through habitat, through restoration, through
planting game crop which field wildlife in what they call the hungry gap, farm birds
between January and March. It is absolutely vital and without it our countryside would
be so much poorer. It gets more people into the countryside as well. They are taking part
in those sports whether they are employed, whether they are working on shoots or just
enjoying the countryside. So absolutely vital. And repeal. I have always felt that repeal is the right
way to go. It is a ludicrous piece of legislation. It doesn’t benefit wildlife and it is certainly
not proving itself as law and I hope in time we will see that. From repealing the hunt ban back to Max Hunt
and he’s found a guy from the States with a famous family name… Hornady. The bullet
brand is one of Max’s partners. I know you came here not only for the CLA
and to present your new products, what are you doing after the CLA show? Well we got invited to go roedeer hunting
in the UK which I have never done before and I think will be very, very interesting. You know what is going on with the roedeer? No I don’t It is the rut season. It is the most special
season of the year. My favourite species is the roebuck, but you can look forward to that
when we call the roebucks in. One of the most exciting things to do with roebucks. So I
think you can look forward to that. I wish we had roe deer in the United States.
As I have said to several people I think this would be a phenomenal opportunity for American
hunters if we had that species. But we have plenty of other opportunities in the United
States so I am not going to complain like that. I know your brothers in Texas already tried
to keep roe bucks over there, but the roe bucks don’t do well over there. Please keep
them in Europe and Americans come over and experience the … Well it has been very beautiful. I have really
enjoyed it. It has been gorgeous. Steve, good luck with the hunting and keep
on the good work. Thank you very much. Nice to see you again. The success of the Game Fair is judged by
ticket sales, the enjoyment of the crowds and the amount of cash through the tills.
Hunter wellies always offer a colourful display where fashion and fieldsports merge – so how
does Lawrence feel the CLA 2013 has been for business? Very well because women love winter wellies.
It is the women that buy the wellies and the guys have been buying balmorals for the shooting
season and the clothing side of it is pretty dead, but the wellies side from yesterday
non stop selling wellies. The CLA will be what it will be unfortunately the weather
isn’t the best for selling stuff. The icecream man has been doing well, the pubs have been
doing well, but sometimes they don’t do very well so it is their turn. There you have it. Much anticipated – much
enjoyed – missing out on 2012 brought with it a special atmosphere at Ragley in 2013.
It was, as ever, one to remember. Now what have you lot been up to this week.
Well most of you seem to have been at the CLA Game Fair. It is Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. I am just sitting here outside
the Pot Kiln having finished filming my brand new series Mike Robinson’s Wild Kitchen which
you can see on Youtube and Facebook. Hallo Charlie. My name is Nick … I am down
here in Atlanta Georgia. We were actually … right. You guys have a great day. Hallo Charlie. This is sunny Northern Ireland
on the 12th July. It is five o’clock in the morning and I was called here by the farmer
who is absolutely tortured by crows and pigeons so hopefully … shortly. Over and out. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone and just sentence saying Hallo Charlie who you are and what you are
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, Yousendit, Younameit to
[email protected] Next we are having a look at the wider world
of hunting, shooting and fishing on YouTube. It is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. First up, let’s dwell on the CLA Game Fair
2013. There are several films out on YouTube already. SRSPower got his out the day after
he filmed it. Good work. And it’s nice to see his style developing. No longer the long
intros with the view of the dashboard. Now it’s short, snappy and there are three of
them, walking round the Game Fair and having a laugh. Good telly. It was great to meet HuntersVermin at the
Game Fair. Here’s his latest, Air Rifle Hunting, Rabbit Hunt 35. He describes it as “Not a
big bag after missing a few but glad to get out a run with the rifle all the same” making
him the Bono of the world of Hunting YouTube. Now, let’s look forward, and the Glorious
Twelfth of August, the start of the gameshooting season in the UK, is just around the corner.
This is a pretty film from BASCFilms about the conservation and economic benefits of
grouse-shooting. Don’t be put off by that description – it has lots of lovely grouse-shooting
in it, too. On to fishing and Ron Sutherland hooks a salmon
and trout at the same time in the dusk on the river Helmsdale. See how he gets on in
this video. Last week, I put the words �semi-naked woman
hunting’ into the title of Hunting YouTube and, guess what? it got lots of views. So
here’s my chance to put �scantily-clad woman fishing’ into the title. This is Babs Kijewski’s
channel promo film and she is actually really good, although in German. Get it transcribed,
dear, like we do so foreigners can switch on the captions. And not only are her fishing
videos good but she always looks amazing. Back to shooting and viewer DragonoftheEastblu
recommends TheSlowMoGuys shooting bullets underwater at 27,000 frames per second. I
have featured these guys before. They have a whole series devoted to shooting household
objects with an air pistol, and some fairly poor gun safety, but rack this up to HD and
play it on a big screen for stunning effect. Now here’s a character. Big Squirrel Hunter
is a Canadian called Nevis Walker who heads out into the tundra after squirrels in a manner
which makes you respect these little animals anew. In Snowy Head Shot, Nevis finally shoots
one out of an oak tree. One of the best-made hunting shows on YouTube,
Truth About Hunting, comes to you from Primos Hunting Calls. Hardy anyone watches films
in this series but once you have waded through nearly two minutes of preroll, they are a
great expo of different US hunting styles. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Well if you enjoyed those you may well enjoy
this. It is the Schools Challenge TV latest. The CLA Game Fair and the Schools Challenge
kids are out to find out about the four major elements of a great shooting outing. Then
Doug’s son David Florent sets out to find out why the CPSA, Sporting Shooter magazine
and the importers of AYA Shotguns are keen on youngsters going shooting. It really is
the world’s leading, most extraordinary, outdoor country show. Click on the link on the screen
to watch it Well we are back next week and if you are
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