Fieldsports Britain : Driven pheasant shooting + gundog training

Fieldsports Britain : Driven pheasant shooting + gundog training

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up,
we put a disabled shooter in touch with JCB so he can shoot pheasants for the first time.
Do you have an unruly puppy? We have a gun dog training series. First, the legend that
is Roy Lupton. There’s plenty of the white stuff in this
week’s programme. Here in Hampshire at the Steventon shoot it’s 6 inches deep. We’re
out to film Roy on a pheasant shoot, something we’ve never done before. We’re not altogether
sure he understands that a shotgun is meant for shooting birds in the air and not incoming
foxes. Hey-ho – let’s see if he gets booted off on the first drive for concentrating on
ground game. Roy is a guest of Keith Goresuch – they’ve
swapped and shared some stalking outings over the past few years. Keith has kindly offered
Roy the chance to join his friends and family day, but Roy’s feeling a bit rusty. Whenever I get out on a stand, especially
after being out of the game for so long the old butterflies are kicking really badly.
I definitely think I will need a bit of luck on this one. It is just absolutely amazing
the feeling you get out and are on the stand and everything goes live and you are ready
to begin. It doesn’t matter how much you have done it, it still gets exciting. On the next peg down is George with his “caddy”.
This dedicated clay shot is having his first pop at game shooting so has a friend to talk
him through it. More about George later. On with the show – and the higher numbered
pegs and the walking gun get the most of the shooting on this drive. Roy gets off the mark.
He can now start to enjoy the day. Now that was brilliant. When you think that
we are a week away from the end of the season that was phenomenal the amount of birds that
were still showing. So I think the keeper is going to be very happy with the show that
they got here. I know that they have got a few more days to finish off, but they really
can’t complain about that. As Roy has got his eye in – we try and hinder
him by strapping a Go-Pro camera to the end of his barrel. It ain’t pretty but we get
the odd shot. Ooh…..better. There are some good shots here today – Alan
next door is a gamekeeper and shows us how it’s done. Drive three is a short walk but the beaters
have a way to come. When they do, Roy picks some nice birds and some that need finishing
off. With that bird there it is not what you would
call a sporting bird, but she had been hit by one of the guns standing in front and so
just administered the coup de grace. Roy also illustrates the most efficient way
of using both barrels. He remains calm refusing to show any emotion
– and this is something you notice all across the country – that cool calm exterior of a
gun who’s made a great shot. Inside it’s a different story, they feel epic!!! Time for elevenses and a chance to get to
know our fellow guns. There is a mixed bag of experience here today. First day out on game today? It is indeed. I have been shooting for some
20 odd years clay pigeons and I will say to you it somewhat different between clay pigeons
and the live bird. Have you found it more tricky getting onto
the bird from the clay pigeons or is it? I shoot down the line which are all going
away birds and of course you have got the incomers in so you have got the crossers.
So yes there is a variety, but what does put you off is that little black eye looking at
you. They don’t do that with clay and when you miss it in clay shooting they say lost.
Nobody calls out here do they? The actual atmosphere with the people, brilliant. That is it. Comradery is part of it. Absolutely brilliant. Yes at ten years old
had an air rifle shot at a sparrow, winged it, felt quite bad about that. I hadn’t shot
since until today and I was interested to see my reactions once I shot the first clay,
you are right, first bird. Yes, fine no problem. Ok so your conscience is fine at the moment. The adrenaline flows and that is something
that surprised me, because yes, you shoot at clays and if you are in it to get a silver
cup then that makes the adrenaline go. That is just shooting the clay, there is no emotion
in that because that is what it is all about. But this because it is live. Roy’s next peg requires some fast reactions
– the birds aren’t low but they scoot over the ride offering only a small window of opportunity. There are clearly still plenty of birds about,
even at this time of year, and it sounds like the guns have enjoyed a good season. So are you happy with the way the shooting
has gone this year? It has been very good. We have thoroughly
enjoyed it and I think most of the teams of guns have as well. So they have all gone away with a smile on
their faces. Yes, yes. Given it is January there are plenty
of birds and in actual fact in terms of …we have got two different strains of bird here. Oh right. The Kansas is the bird and we have got a three
quarters cross and a pure Kansas. Believe it or not we have actually tagged them with
different coloured tags to see if we can determine which fly better and which hold better. Things
that game keepers are very interested in. Because obviously that is your other side,
you are on a game farm as well. Yes, it is the first year we have flown them
and three other estates actually bought them from us this year as well. The reports we
got back from the keepers from all of the other three estates have said they have held
brilliantly and flown brilliantly and in fact they already know that they want the same
for next year. Excellent. With darkness always an issue at this time
of year we power through the next few drives looking to have a late lunch. Talking of food,
Roy’s convalescence from his op meant he’s put on a few pounds which is why he is not
wearing his breeks today – more importantly it does affect the fit of the gun. All joking aside I have found that when you
put on a few pounds or lose a few pounds, the fit to the gun can change. Just because
you had a gun that fitted beforehand doesn’t necessarily mean it will continue to do so
if you become a little fat porker, like I have. Even with the extra padding Roy and the rest
of the guns shoot well and a good day is had by all with a bag of 228 – most of which ended
up in the back of Roy’s truck – best leave off that gun fitting for a few months yet
Mr Lupton. For more information about the Steventon shoot,
go to Now from one old stager to another, it’s David
on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. David Cameron’s plans for a high speed rail
link could be more damaging to the hunting, shooting and fishing than Tony Blair’s ban
on hound sports. That’s the conclusion of backbench Tory MPs who represent rural constituencies
in the path of the £30 billion scheme to cut 30 minutes off the rail journey between
London and Leeds, and London and Manchester. If your hunt country, shoot or local river
is going to be affected, please get in touch with us. The proposal to build a barrage across the
river Severn has been described as a 24/7 fish mincing machine. The Angling Trust has
joined the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust and the RSPB to come out strongly against the plans.
The Trust’s National Campaigns Coordinator and former Labour MP Martin Salter says that
the groups support tidal energy development in the Severn, but that the current proposal
will lead to fish deaths due to sudden changes in water pressure and salinity, and through
turbine strikes. Winter can be a perilous time as this American
deer found out. The mule deer was caught out after wandering onto a frozen-over lake in
Golden, Colorado in the US. The buck was stranded on the ice as it struggled to stand up. Rescuers
eventually threw a rope round its antlers and towed off. The summer clay shooting competition season
is underway at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School. Its Handicap Classic runs until the
final on 7th May and there are now £14,000 of prizes. If you are watching this on YouTube,
click on the screen to see our film about it. Meanwhile West Midlands Shooting Ground
in Shropshire is getting ready for one of the high points of the semi-auto owner’s year,
the Benelli SP’Auto Championships on Sunday 19th May. Click on the screen to see our film
about that. And finally, cats famously have nine lives.
Foxes are not so lucky, especially not this one, who is ignoring the advice of his friends
the crows. Viewer John Wilkes sent in this film, which is doing the rounds on the internet,
of what must be the unluckiest fox there was. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Now Chris Warner shoots clay
pigeons from a wheelchair and is keen to try pheasants. JCB rides to the rescue. We’re in snowy Hertfordshire today to provide
Chris Warner with his first day’s pheasant shooting. Chris has shot plenty of clays and
is keen to transfer those skills to the pheasants. His wheelchair, however, isn’t quite up to
the off road trials of a pheasant shoot. Local JCB dealer MK Agriculture is lending a JCB
Workmax and even better Andy is Chris’s driver for the day. This machine we have got here we are going
to be using today to transport Chris around the shoot and get him through all the sticky
and awkward situations we might come across where we need to go. This vehicle here is
equipped with a front opening windscreen which is quite useful for shooting out of the front
of. Rifling and things like that. It is a four wheeled drive machine with a diff lock,
so should handle most of the sticky situations. It is equipped in the back with game carriers.
This is the smaller of the range of game carriers as we can carry roughly 60 brace of game on
here. It has opening sides to keep the game cool and dry. So I am hoping we will have
a fantastic day and Chris will really enjoy it. The guns start to gather at the Colne Spring
House shoot and, although the weather is bleak, the company is in good spirits. Chris is eager
to make a start. I have never done any game shooting before.
This is my first game shoot. I am really looking forward to it. It is nice to be able to come
out and do this. I always felt it would be difficult for me in a wheelchair to do that. The shooting at Colne Spring House is run
by gamekeeper Peter Jones. He’s a well known character in the shooting industry and his
son Vinnie is well known for all sorts of other reasons. Off we go, everyone in to the buses and Chris
riding shotgun in the Workmax. Drive Number 1, Chris is in position and ready
to go. The pheasants not so much. They’re still waiting on their morning coffee. The beaters close in and up they go only to
come straight back down as Chris bags his first pheasant. Then his second. The first stand is a success all round and
the Workmax has its work cut out as the pheasants are piled high on the Gamemate. On to the second drive and Chris isn’t so
successful, but he’s exactly where he’s wanted to be. At least the dogs and pheasants are getting
acquainted. Drinks time and at this time of year an essential pitstop to fend off the
frost bite. It’s a bit of a trek to the next drive, but that’s no trouble for the Workmax. The pheasants are reluctant to get going on
the third, and who can blame them? It’s freezing today but it’s amazing how quickly you warm
up when the birds start moving. Wait – here they come. A torrent of pheasants
appear and Chris is blasting left, right and centre. Another couple for Chris’ bag and that seems
like a convenient time to stop for lunch. To save time Peter hosts it in the bus – Unfortunately not all the vehicles are coping
with the elements – There seems to be engine trouble with the beater’s bus. Not to worry. Annie, Peter’s daughter, keeps
the guns entertained on the way to the next drive. It’s out of the woods and into the open for
the penultimate drive. The guns line up in formation. There are partridge galore on this drive.
The pheasants get off lucky and Chris has another species to add to his game card. It’s
been such a successful day that the bird quota has already been filled. With the failing
light, Peter decides it’s best to call it a day and tell us a little more about his
sporting family. I brought the kids up on here, 1973 and taught
them to drive landrovers from about five years old and Annie and Vin are still coming over.
Annie beats with her three little dogs and as Vin says it has been emotional. But today
has been good, great fun and we managed to get Chris about everywhere which was great.
I really had to think that one because getting him into the wood where there are ditches
all around, but we actually overcame that. Everybody was absolutely delighted and we
only did four drives. In the lodge everyone is defrosting in front
of the fire and it’s a chance for a cuppa and a few thank yous. I would just like to thank everybody for what
you have done and for makingvit so enjoyable for him. Thank you very much. You are welcome. Chris’s first day pheasant shooting is not
going to be his last. Everybody who put the shoot on they couldn’t
have done enough for me, especially with JCB, with what they lent us. That helped me I wouldn’t
have been able to do it without that. But I wouldn’t have been able to do it without
all the guys here at the shoot either. The JCB has meant Chris has been given access
all areas and it’s been a fantastic opportunity for all to show that with a bit of effort
a game day is an option for one and all. Now to get your gun dog to a perfect pitch
it is our new gun dog training series. A bird lands out of sight of your dog and,
as far as the retrieve is concerned, your dog and often you are flying blind. Here are
top gundog trainer Ricky Moloney’s training tips with real-life examples First retrieve, end gun or a gun further down
shot it, dog hasn’t seen any of that retrieve what so ever, so he has got to believe me
that he goes out and he runs until he either finds the game, touches scent, or until I
say woh that is the area I want you to settle down. Ok show me the command that means this is
the line. So if I am lining my dog up, one hand, line
the dog up, go back. That is the command I am going to give the dog. It comes down to foot work and
heel work. I have trained my dog about heel work. Where ever I am as a retriever he want
to be at the side of me. So whenever I turn with the gun, the dog is in a line and I can
then go back, if it has seen it just gets the dog’s name. If the dog comes off the line do you then
call it back and start again? Depends on the dog, it depends on the dog’s
temperament. If you have got a very sensitive dog and you keep calling it back you could
get it very sticky. He would go out five yards and stop and look at you, am I doing the right
thing am I coming back. So dog training is really about looking at the type of dog you
have got, from eight weeks when you acquire it as a puppy and assessing that dog, seeing
how he ticks, whether it is bold, whether it is shy, or in between. Whether it is hard
hunting, whether it is a dog that runs in a straight line naturally. Then you will tailor
your training according to the puppy, the youngster you have got in front of you. The second retrieve, nice shot, well done. Thank you very much. Yes. The second retrieve it landed and it ran.
You are disconnecting with the dog, the moment it has gone over the wall aren’t you? It is
not listening to you it is going straight after that pheasant. The dog has got to deal with that, that is
what I have got a dog for. Too much handling, too much over training you get a dog that
might touch that fall, but not follow it up. So the art in training a good dog is balance. Ricky Moloney runs Ribblesdale Labradors.
This series on gundog training tips is brought to you by Skinners Petfoods, maker of the
Field & Trial range of gundog feeds. Visit From gun dogs to the wider world of hunting
on the internet. It is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. We’ve been away – sorry about that – lots
of your suggestions to catch up with. The first is Ireland’s most outward-facing shooting
group. Invited to Ballynatray Estate in Co Cork by the Irish Hawking Club, TheRathcormacGunClub
presents Goshawk Hunting in Ireland. Tricky thing to film, hawking, but they get good
action nonetheless. Stuart Taylor sends us his video of Gun cam
pigeon shooting on rape and in woods on the auspicious 12th December last year, 12/12/12.
He was out with his dad and they got a few. Now, we have uncovered the Tommy Cooper of
shooting videos. FurOnTheGround attempts to make his own scope cam out of sticky-backed
plastic and a pair of Val’s old knickers, with hilarious consequences. In case you wondered
what the blurry white target is, it’s Frosty the Snowman in FurOnTheGround’s garden. Happily,
FurOnThe Ground is able to laugh at himself. From Tommy Cooper to Ant and Dec. Carl and
Alex Smith have shot to stardom in Anglers’ Mail magazine as no-nonsense teenagers devoted
to coarse angling. They turn up on AnglersMailTV and on their own channel called, unsurprisingly,
CarlandAlex Smith. In this film, Carl or Alex is out feeder fishing for bream and small
stream roach, and he catches a goldfish. Now we get numerous requests for films from
EdgunUSA and here’s an unuusal one that finds its way into the angling double we like to
put in the middle of Hunting YouTube. Ted the Edgun, the God of Airguns and supreme
being of holdover is in the Bahamas spearfishing, and of course it is a great film. FatGuyWithAKatana sends us Motohumter’s Bike
hog hunting with the message: ‘I think this guy could use some more views. He’s tearing
up the Australian Outback in pursuit of feral hogs armed with a dirtbike, a helmet cam and
a Beretta 92′. And so he is, catching a pig with his bare hands in this film. For reference,
Motohumter’s five steps to biking a boar are: 1 choose the biggest boar, 2 bend him from
the rough terrain of the gully, 3 outpace him, 4 wrap him up, and 5 throw and pin him.
Much the same advice is offered to the Wallabies before international tests. This next film is a challenge. It’s an interview
with Franz Albrecht von Oettingen who is the George Digweed of wild boar shooting, only
younger and, with the light behind him, slightly better looking. OK – he’s the pin-up pop star
of continental hunting. He appears in the Hunters Video Wild Boar Fever film where he
shoots seven in a row. If you don’t speak German and you want to watch this film, you
will need to turn on not just YouTube’s automatic subtitles but also its automatic subtitles
translation feature, which turn the interview from inexplicable to sidesplittingly inexplicable,
but you will above all get to see some truly astonishing shooting. And he’s not even 30
years old. Makes you spit. Finally, a viewer wants to highlight the work
of the channel ClassicBowHunts which, a bit like the Caves of Lascaux, is posting ancient
hunting library footage in order to preserve it. This film is called Bill Negley Elephant
Bow Hunt. Bill Negley was out after elephants in the 1950s with a recurve bow. It wasn’t
great for the elephants but it’s near the top of the list of things they said could
not be done. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Well we are back next week and if you are
watching this on Youtube don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button that is somewhere
round the outside of the screen there, or go to our webpage
where you can click to like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, or scroll down to
the bottom of the page. Pop your email address into our constant contact box and we will
contact you about our programme,which is out 7pm UK time every Wednesday. This has been
Fieldsports Britain.

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