Fieldsports Britain – Fish with Girl’s Hair

Fieldsports Britain – Fish with Girl’s Hair

Welcome to Fieldsports Britain:
Coming up I’m here at the BSA Factory in Birmingham
looking at their Airgun chamber of horrors. We’re in Scotland after a traditional MacNab.
I’m also on the River Mersey, but that’s a story for Fishing Britain. We’ve got the regulars;
we have got Hunting Youtube, we’ve got Hello Charlie, we’ve got Hywel Morgan on a bank
in Wales. But first, lets go to the River Test to find out if women attract fish. It is the Orvis day at Kimbridge on the beautiful
River Test: a place so rich and rare that bloke from Pink Floyd lives on the other bank
(36:30 Roger Waters’ house). After breakfast at the lovely Bourne Valley Inn. Writers from
country magazines and even the Mail on Sunday have come here to fish for trout. So what’s
going to catch trout in the River Test at the beginning of April, especially when you
are limited to upstream dry fly and nymph? The word on the street is that it has to be
shrimp. Now the moths have had a go at my fly tying box over the winter, and munched
all the pink seal fur I would normally use for that. I need something pink for shrimpety
shrimp. Where will I find pink? Ah — the PR girl’s hair. Shrimp is the way forward so I need something
pink and I was looking around for something pink to tie a fly with. Oh! I wonder where we could find something
pink? Just a minute, what’s this? It’s my Arsenal
Red! Right it’s pink enough for me. Now how are
we going to do this. Am I going to cut it off or are you?I think Laura should. No, hang
on I’ll give it a go. Laura could you come over and cut it off please. That’s fantastic.
There you go. Okay Claire, that is what I’ve got. Fantastic, oh that’s alI, that’s perfect!
I was worried there would be a big chunk coming out! It is a big chunk. right , I am now going
to tie a flie with your hair, thank you very much. Fabulous! It is the work of moments to tie a fly. Cue
the music I guess PR girls’ hairdos don’t come cheap so these trout had better appreciate
it. I think that’s a good solid nine and a half
darling. It got the Arsenal Red, look, it’s beautifully tied. It looks like a little Hedgehog
from that way and I am sure it’s going to catch you many, many trout today. She is such a Londoner. Now there is much
talk about how women are better at fishing through the magic of hormones than any ability
on their part. Certainly, hormones are hard at work on this river as these randy drakes
display. Maybe I should have asked Claire not for pink
straight hair but brown curly ones. There is a thing about pheromones attracting
salmon.There is a belief that women are very successful salmon anglers because of pheromones
attracting the fish. Whether there is any truth in it, who knows, but it’s a nice thing
to believe. That said, I think, what tends to happen is women tend to be more diligent
pupils and they are much better at diligently and carefully searching the water particularly
closer and under the bank whereas men like to wade in and go charging in and cast as
far as they can, meanwhile standing on the salmon they could have caught. So what does the Test have to offer today?” Roach, pike,grayling and obviously trout.
I’ve personally caught pike to nearly twenty pounds out of here. Lovely roach, big chubs,
well over six pounds and obviously trout. The biggest that I have seen out here is probably
touching double figures. So there is some really big fish out here. Other people are catching on shrimp-type flies
but I am not having much luck. Mail on Sunday bloke, a novice, gets into a fish. Even Wes
Stanton from The Shooting Show has landed a big grayling — notice the mark of the cormorant
on its back — but I am not sure he completely understands the genteel art of stalking fish
in chalk streams. I’ve never fished a dropper before, hence
the more than healthy number of tangles I’ve been getting. But, I’m kind of using it as
a bite indicater at the moment. You do realise you’re going to be drummed
out of the Houghton club on five counts on that last sentence alone, don’t you. What club? Back the fly that Orvis is now calling Claire’s
Fancy. I try everywhere. The long slow bits, the bubbly shallow bits.
If they are not taking then go somewhere there are lots of bubbles and lots of movement.
But that doesn’t work either. At last, I find a place where fish are rising.
Not big fish but fish. Then this happens. Once again in slow motion… let’s call that
long-range catch-and-release. It proves, however, that you, with perseverance, catch a grayling
on Claire’s hair. Hot pink shrimp, peri-peri-shrimp, wear it
in her ear. I offer Orvis the rights to produce the fly
and sell it to the mass market, but they tactfully point out they don’t want a bald PR girl. That just goes to show that when you get to
a river like this, where the trout are whiley, don’t try anything new or never trust a lady. For more about Orvis, both for fishing kit
and for fishing at Kimbridge, go to From lady gardens to man mountains, lets go
to David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. This is Fieldsports Channel News: Brian May is back — and he is speaking out
against bird shooting. Viewer Ryan Vella from Malta sends us this
video of the 66-year-old guitarist stopping a performance in Malta to get political, telling
the audience what he thinks about birds and of course badgers…we love you Brian.
The results are in for the big farmland bird count.
The RSPB holds the Big Garden Birdwatch as a major post-Christmas fundraiser, and it
tells alarming stories, such as the 84% decline in starling numbers since 1979. The Game & Wildlife
Conservation Trust runs the Big Farmland birdwatch across more than half a million acres of land,
and it tells the real story. For example, starlings are Britain’s most abundant farmland
bird. RSPB, go to the bottom of the class. George Digweed continues his flying form in
shooting competitions, winning the Essex Masters. After a dramatic shoot-off against Tim Webster,
he retained the Masters trophy, which he’s now won six times.
There’s an internet forum for shooters in Northern Ireland that’s gathering pace.
was started in November 2012 and now has members province wide. Viewer Jonny Copey asks for
a shout-out. The success of hunting tourism in Belarus
has led to increased penalties for poaching. Fines for killing a deer are now nearly £1,000.
In 2013, hunting sector revenues brought in around £10 million, with foreign tourism
generating almost half of this amount. Most visitors come from Russia, followed by the
Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. Here’s a flavour of it, put up last month by YouTuber
Lubomir Atanassov And finally here’s a children’s take on hunting
— If you haven’t seen them before on Youtube Kids Snippets cover all sorts of topics from
job interviews to beauty pageants — in this one they are stalking and talking to a reindeer
— Roy Lupton uses a very similar technique. You are up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News, Stalking the stories, fishing for facts! Thank you David, Now lets look at what you lot have been up
to, it is Hallo Charlie! Hello Charlie, Mark Yaley here,out in the
Garden of England after some pesky rabbits. Love the show. Want to say a hello to my brother
Andy in Canada. He loves the show too. Hallo Charlie, this is Jason Doyle from Ireland
in Yorkshire with Pete Carr with the Buck of a lifetime. Hello Charlie, this is some Roe stalking in
Somerset and this is the first buck on the first of April. Hello Charlie, Jamie here from rural Hertfordshire.
Been pigeon shooting on the oilseed rape again. Have thirty-four today. Hi Charlie. Send us you’re own Hello Charlie, film yourself
on your mobile phone just a sentence saying Hello Charlie, who you are and what you’re
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox or you send it. You name
it to Charlie at Now we’re in Scotland after a traditional
McNab: Ahhh — you can almost smell the peat. We’re
on the Rottal estate at Glen Clova in Scotland. It’s mid September and the midgies are hungry.
We’ve been invited on a bit of a Macnab — that’s red stag, salmon and grouse in one day. We
have been lucky enough to have been asked to film a few of these, and with some incredible
success, but this one gets scuppered in the first few hours as the water is so low on
the south Esk that there’s more chance of catching a mud skipper…
So it’s on to the main event — the red stag stalking. Alex Mackenzie-Smith is the man
charged with keeping some level of sporting pride and Donald is the man with the knowledge. There’s a peat bump maybe 150 yards away,
we’ll get to that and see what we can see. Up here every day supplies the stalker with
a different challenge — this afternoon it’s the stillness of the day which means the midgies
are able to make an even greater nuisance of themselves. He guided me in to within about almost exactly
150 yards and we identified the beast, which was a good young beast. Very nice beast who
had shed all its velvet and it was lying down having it’s afternoon Siesta and we lay there
for, the the prone position over the rifle, we lay there for almost exactlly 50 minutes. Which wasn’t great with all the midgies around. Which was, no, absolutely, we got eaten alive
and I still have the marks all along my lips to show for it. But it was just an awesome
stalk and finally the beast began to move and Fred stood up and a good clean shot exactly
where required and then actually,interestingly enough actually, the whole 87 beasts took
off down the hill, Fred included and quite surprisingly it took us a little while to
find out exactly where he’d dropped and he’d dropped and it was a good clean kill and it
was really excellent and great fun and all credit to Donald the Ghille for doing a wonderful
job for me. That was just the middle of a really awesome day. Estate owner Dee Ward comes with Alex. He
and Alex are neighbours and were hoping to complete the full MacNab of a salmon, brace
of grouse and a staggie but a day’s sport is a day’s sport and Alex has bagged a perfect
beast. Even though he was eaten alive during the hour it took for the shot to present itself. On the descent, Dee and Alex can have a go
at the grouse shooting. The numbers are good thanks to Dee’s conservations efforts. When I took over eight or nine years ago,
we had very few grouse. They hadn’t shot for a few years. But we really stuck to the basics
and they are: putting a lot of grit out, we’ve used medicated grit which helps obviously
to keep the grouse healthy. We’ve burnt a lot of heather and we’ve killed a lot of vermin.
Those are the three main things. Especially things like stoats and weasels. They will
destroy a nest and they can do a lot of damage. So, by reducing the amount of stoats and weasels
as well as things like hooded crows and the like.l That’s made a big difference. Dee connects with a left and right — and
the gents have their grouse. If he had grassed a salmon, Alex would have persevered with
trying to shoot a brace of birds but the MacNab will have to wait for another day and we don’t
want to tempt fate given the date. Friday, the 13th of September and it’s lucky
for some. I got a stag but not lucky in terms of getting the whole Mcnab but a wonderful
day. Friday the 13th claimed this MacNab but it
certainly didn’t spoil the Scottish experience. If you would like to see what the Rottal estate
has to offer please visit Rottal What can go wrong with an airgun? Let’s find
out. BSA is not only busy manufacturing air rifles
it also keeps them firing pellets well into their old age. In the Product Evaluation Centre
there are a few old girls in for a wash and brush-up and a few more modern rifles that
need unclogging and sent back to their red faced owners. This is a Super 10 which has come in, where
a customer has decided to fill the barrel full of lead. Now, they didn’t really decide to do that,
did they. Well, I don’t think they intentionally did
it but through user error or just letting the air run down they filled the barrel with
ten or fifteen pellets. So what? They let the air run down and they
stuffed another pellet tup there to try and dislodge the first pellet. Indeed, they do. They normally look at the
target. Think they’ve got one hole. keep shooting and shooting until perhaps fifteen, twenty
shots. How many pellets did you pull out of it? Well this one. I can’t remember. I think there
was about thirteen or fourteen pellets in total. That’s not the most we’ve ever had.
We’ve had 56 I’ve pulled out of one of these before. Was that shooter suitably embarrassed? I’m sure he probably was when he went in the
shop. As well as having an impressive archive of
guns from as far back as the days of Rouke’s drift, probably the best known air rifle in
the world is the BSA meteor. This is the machine that made them and every now and then one
arrives in the PEC for a well deserved pit stop. We’ll give it a complete strip down. We’ll
check it to make sure there is no rock in the barrel. The piston we remove, the spring
will be removed. We’ll change piston seals. Check the main spring is okay. Take the whole
trigger mechanism out. Make sure it’s all clean, fully working okay and then we assemble
it, make sure everything shoots okay and it should be good to go for another what – twenty,
forty years. So Richard, if their is one thing the air
gunners should do, what is it, to keep there gun in good nick? Basically make sure all the seals on your
bottles, your seals, they’re lubricated otherwise you can end up with dry seals, thing breaking,
not doing what they should do, power dropping. Also give your gun a wipe over with an oily
cloth to make sure you haven’t any rain or any water left on it from a hunting session. Do I just give it a squirt with WD40? No, it’s best not to use WD40. Funny, everybody says that! Yes, because it’s silicone based, with pneumatics
and bluing as well, we try not to use silicone based oils. We normally just use a drop of
Bisely oil. A tiny little drop to make sure you work the components a little bit and that
will spread the oil around. Then you shouldn’t have a problem. So as we’re here what’s the advice from a
professional service department about keeping your gun in good nick. So, to ensure a clean bill of health, keep
those barrels oiled and don’t try and shoot your way out of a stuffed pellet situation. Well we have done a much bigger film about
the BSA Factory and if its out you can click on the link behind me. Now let’s go to Wales
to see what Mr Morgan’s up to. Thank you Charlie, today we’re on the banks
of the River Taff. Actually in Pontypridd and I’m fishing with Terry and Willows – Mark
Williams. So far the scores on the door – how many fish have you had? Five, six good fish so far. He’s had the best fish, I’ve got to say. A
gorgeous looking brownie. Numberswise- Seven grayling Seven,we can’t ground the grayling because
they’re out of season and I’ve had Zero, but it’s been a fantastic day. We’ve got, we’ve
been fishing with bugs to start with. You’ve caught on dry’s but tell me right there’s
some quality fish in the room. Now why is the Taff now producing some monster trout.
Well, I think it’s just due to the abundance of fly life, like, it’s unbelievable. If you
want to do a kick sample and there is just thousands of kinds of flies. You’ve got the
hatches. Like today, you’ve got the bright sun and there’s a serious hatch on today.
as you can see the fish are up on the fin straight away. You’ve caught all on bugs or have you caught
any on dry’s yet. One on dry and the other six on bugs. So, the plan for the afternoon, what are we
going to do? I think we just set up on a dry and the nymphs
and fish in deeper waters and then just look for the rising fish. Fantastic and if you want to see how we really
got on. This friday, Fishing Britain, 7 O’clock, here on Fieldsports Channel. Thank you Hywel. Now let’s find out what’s
going on in the wider world of hunting and shooting it is:
Hunting YouTube This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. We’re heading all over the world in this week’s
Hunting YouTube. Let’s start with Australia where Aussie Bush Harvest has a go at a white
fallow deer – as he says ‘awesome skin and great meat’. High Volume Dove Hunting in Argentina with
Cabbela’s Outdoor Adventures has the American shooting shop heading for one of the luxury
lodges that have set up in the middle of South America’s biggest pest problem. Now to North America and I don’t go a bundle
on people standing around and talking in films unless of course they are on Fieldsports Channel.
Hypocrite, he hissed. The Browning Guy shows up in places all across the country. Here
he is at the annual Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you had any
doubts that hunting IS conservation, then this is the show for you. To Europe, where Spanish YouTube channel CarlesCastilloHD
is stalking chamois in the Alps. In another cross-border hunt, the German Halali
Magazine is in Scotland. A couple of months ago, Halali put up a pretty film about stag
stalking on the island of Islay. Now it’s back in the same place shooting birds over
pointers on the Callumkill Estate. One of the shows on Outdoor Channel is showing
more interest in YouTube. About time too, they cried. Driven is a reality based hunting
show on the Outdoor Channel hosted by Pat and Nicole Reeve featuring action packed hunts
from around the world. Here’s a clip they posted about cutting a red stag out of the
brush. If you want see Americans getting excited
about duck hunting, then this is the film for you. It also raises issues about bonanza
shooting. When a huge number of wild birds or animals move in, is it OK to lay into them?
Well, yes it is, as long as bird populations are governed by food and the weather and not
by predation. And finally, With turkey hunting underway
in some US states, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission puts out a film called Robo Turkey.
Wayne Stang of Wahoo bolted together a remote-controlled truck, a turkey decoy and a Go-Pro camera.
I wish British wildlife departments and environment agencies had the same sense of fun. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you are missing the fishing films and the airgun films, watch our new shows,
AirHeads and Fishing Britain. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in
to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Well we are back next week and if you are
watching this on Youtube,don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button which is somewhere
on the outside of the screen or go to our web page which is where
you can click to like us on facebook or follow us on twitter or pop your email address into
our constant contact box and we will constantly contact you about our programmes which is
out at 7pm every Wednesday. This has been Fieldsports Britain. Good hunting, good shooting,
good fishing and goodbye.

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