Fieldsports Britain – Flight lines and one liners with George Digweed

Fieldsports Britain – Flight lines and one liners with George Digweed

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
we have got some flight line fun. George Digweed is shooting pigeons in passage. First up tragedy,
it is the Lupton household. [Music] Unfortunately this week’s show gets a little
bit personal. I wasn’t really sure whether I wanted to show this or share it on air,
but really I think it is only fair to we need to show the ups and downs we go through, our
pursuits and our passions. Roy is talking about his old female goshawk.
We featured her just over a year ago when he brought her out of retirement for a last
couple of hunting seasons. He had had her since he was a teenager. The old girl knew the score and was an exceptional
hunter. But a few days ago, Roy lost her to a fox.
Even though she was surrounded by a 6ft fence and Athos his viszla was just yards away,
she was taken from her perch. Roy feels that giving the local foxes a break has cost him
dear. I think really it just goes to show whenever
you see foxes you can’t be sentimental with them you really have to be on top of your
game and make sure you keep the numbers down, because otherwise they do bite you in the
backside and this unfortunately was the sight I was greeted by, just the remnants of her
legs tied to a birch and unfortunately that is no way for a bird and a partnership to
end. Roy now has some unfinished business and this
evening the open ground opposite his house will be getting his full attention. So what we are going to do is go and check
the rifles in a minute and then we are going to set up on the banks here with the night
vision, put some bait out and hope that the foxes come out. I want two rifles so I have
asked Darren to come down and give us a hand as well and then hopefully if we have got
two rifles if we get more than one fox come in we should stand a chance of getting a couple,
if not three. First up the rifles need zeroing. Darren has been putting and playing with some
different night vision on his rifle. So very kindly he whacked his night vision on there,
came running down, but we haven’t had a chance to zero it. So we have just come out to the
field and obviously we can’t afford to miss any of these foxes. It has become very personal.
So we have had a few shots, we have got Darren on. I am absolutely smack on so hopefully
the next time we look through the scope we shall be gazing into the eyes of a fox. This evening, Darren is using a Drone Pro.
We’ll see more of this kit on top of his FX air rifle in AirHeads but it’s equally as
happy on top of a centrefire rifle. Roy lamps the field before we cross it on
foot. We have just lamped through very quickly and
they are just tucked down in the thick cover. What we have got to do now is just come in
over the top from the other side with the wind in our favour and into our faces. Try
and get into position without them making us and put some bait out. Fingers crossed
they should just venture out. he spots three foxes in cover – but the wind
isn’t great. That’s not all, the fog is thick and playing havoc with the night vision. We
also have thermal but no matter where we go we’re fighting the elements. Roy decides not to waste time and postpones
our efforts until the following night… Obviously we were beaten by the fog last night.
This time we are going to put the bait out where we know they are emerging from. There
is an earth just in there so we are going to put it just down a little bit and further
along the valley with the wind cutting along. So hopefully they won’t catch our wind as
long as the wind doesn’t change direction tonight we should be in with a good chance.
They are certainly proving much trickier to get than I thought they would. This time we lay out some bait and settle
down for a waiting game. The calls didn’t provoke any reaction yesterday so he reckons
he needs to change strategy. He hopes the food will entice them to break cover. [Music] The light levels drop and there are now three
rifles ready to go – for the first 40 minutes the only movement is from the rabbits and
there are plenty of those about – note to self! Then the first fox appears. It’s way across
on the other side of the field. It makes its way along the bank but branches, hedges, fences
and then finally the lack of backstop prevent a shot. It’s frustrating – even more so when this
charlie is bouncing along the fence line until it spots us… and is off. Then the thermal picks up two foxes over 300
yards away on a bank. Roy risks a squeak and one is interested enough to come for a look
and then close enough to take the bait… Again it’s incredibly frustrating – Roy can’t
find it in the scope, Darren is also unsighted and Chris is waiting to hear a shot from either
of them. With time ticking by – the fox is off. That does not make Roy a happy bunny. We had
faults and problems from the very start there and I can’t believe we have had two foxes
come in. One perfectly within range and another came into the bait, but we couldn’t get a
shot off. Well we have been lying here for so long the scopes had frozen up. The temperature
has really dropped and it has actually frosted on the front of the lenses. So when we went
to start that was it we could not do a thing. So the lamp went on and the foxes disappeared. We suspect it might still be about so Darren
and Chris try to see if they can get above it. Darren calls and this time the fox just
romps out of the cover. Chris drops to the ground and soon has the cross hairs on it. Please tell me you got one. Excellent. Well
done. Thank you Mike. Let’s go and have a look. Excellent. One out of four. Right shall
we go and get the others. Roy is relieved. What is amazing is how quickly it took the
bait. That really is quite phenomenal. So David
came out and put the bait out and we had quail guts, wings and all the general discard we
have for when we prepare the quail for the birds and there was about ten or eleven quail’s
worth there. So heads and everything else and the guts and the fox that came in that
was sitting there for a little while, while we were sorting out our kit, but it has actually
managed to truffle pretty much everything. All that is left is a couple of wings and
a head. That is amazing. She was only there for a minute or so and she has managed to
clear the whole lot up. So they really, really can eat. That puts me to shame. Back at base Darren feels the elements have
been hindering our efforts.. That is the end of another successful night.
Quite a frustrating night with a lot of lessons learnt. The weather the last two nights has
been really against us. Last night was foggy, misty. We had no chance of shooting at all,
under a lamp, not with night vision. We could spot things with the thermal but that is as
good as it got. We have come out tonight and the weather has been more in our favour, but
the dew point has been so low both Roy and my scopes just messed it up instantly, but
it shows the footage I got on the drone scope shows that it is a very versatile piece of
kit. We have done target shooting during the day. We have done squirrel shooting during
the day. I have done rabbit shooting using an FAC air rifle and we have also been out
now and spotted foxes of a night time. So all in all it is a fantastic piece of kit
very top end. So let’s hope we can get out on future nights and bag some foxes. Roy can’t be sure if this is the fox that
took the goshawk, but we know it was the one that wolf’d the bait. A quick internal reveals
a full stomach. The night may not have been as successful
as hoped but Roy’s work has only just begun. One down still a few to go there. Next down
but not out. It is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Channel News. Animal rights activists in Scotland are asking
for grouse shooting to be licenced. An outfit called The Scottish Raptor Study Group wants
Scottish Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse to introduce licences for shoots that are
‘fit to hold them’. It wants to punish shoots because it believes they kill birds of prey.
Landowners and gamekeepers defend their record, and insist the introduction of a licensing
system would be “draconian”. Hand guns should be legalised and licensed,
says UKIP leader Nigel Farage. He says the ban on the guns, which were made illegal in
the wake of the Dunblane shooting, was a “kneejerk” reaction and should be lifted. Here he is
speaking on LBC Radio 97.3 FM I think we need a proper gun licencing system,
which to a large extent I think we already have, and I think the ban on hand guns is
ludicrous. From something already banned to something
that could be – Electric shock collars for dog training have been in the news this week
and Charlie was on ITV news – suggesting education not legislation is what is needed. I think MP’s want to ban things because they
want votes. Charities want to ban things because they want donations. On the other end you
have got companies that want to sell these electric training collars and they say things
like, it is a must have training accessory. It definitely isn’t I wouldn’t use one myself,
but I don’t think it should be banned. I think people should be educated. Flooding on the Somerset levels has had an
impact on fieldsports, as this footage shot from a train shows. Snipe shooting is cancelled,
gamekeepers are reporting more drowned badgers than were shot in the Somerset badger cull,
and fisheries are flooded. For a full report on fishing on the Levels, watch Fishing Britain
on Fieldsports Channel, this Friday at 7pm UK time. Australian Police are hunting a crocodile
that killed a 12-year-old boy. Rangers have shot two large crocodiles but neither saltwater
crocodile – one 4.7 metres and the other 4.3 metres – is believed to be the killer. They
are looking for the reptiles near the spot where a boy was snatched and his friend mauled
as they swam in a water hole in a popular Outback tourist destination in northern Australia. Staying in Australia, a Member of the Australian
Parliament has called for a national plan for feral animal control. Sussan Ley made
her comment in response to a roomful of angry graziers at her constituency in New South
Wales She called ferals ” a problem that is getting out of control.” And finally, the new president of the RSPB
is not a loony vegetarian. She is urging the public to follow her example by eating roadkill.
Miranda Krestovnikoff, the new president of the RSPB and a television presenter, wants
more people to source their meat not from a local supermarket or specialist butchers,
but rather, from the roadside. Under UK law, you can eat roadkill, provided the animals
have been run over accidentally and the meat is not sold. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Next let’s look at what you
lot of have been up to. It is Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. As you can see it is another
lovely day out here. Hallo Charlie. It is 33 mile an hour winds
today and we are out geese hunting. Hallo Charlie. Jim from Kent here. Last summer
I very foolishly let Roy Lupton come up to one of my commissions to shoot foxes for Fieldsports
Channel. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any foxes since However, sorry Roy you missed
one. Hallo Charlie. Sooty here, been out with ferret
boy Whitehead today. They don’t get away from us around here. Hallo Charlie. Good boy. Hallo Charlie. Jake from the Scottish boarders.
Set out for a problem fox. Been here two hours, nothing. Missed. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone and a sentence saying Hallo Charlie, who you are and what you are
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, Yousendit or Younameit
to [email protected] Next it is George Digweed on the pigeons. [Music] Ooh why were you filming me when I have just
killed that one. Just ridiculous. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. It is going to be one of those days. Right let battle commence. It’s going to be one of those days! George
is on form here in the South-East of England – and it’s not just the pigeons that are providing
the sport. Crowman maybe on the other side of the county but he is in George’s thoughts. There were more feathers came out of that
than the Crowman could get. That is for sure and I think what he has done for the pigeon
population in this country is absolutely fantastic, because he is protecting it. That is what
is commonly known in the trade as a doo doo or a Crow bird. The pressure is on for David too, who is trying
to find the birds that are “up there” with little or no notice as they follow a flight
line over a wood. Oh that was a nice one. A very nice one. It
somewhat concerned me that it went on to the other pigeon. Now you finally come good. George has put us in here for a truly sporting
day. Yes, I just thought it would be something
slightly different for you as well me. I have basically put the hide back in the wood in
this open clearing. The wood is thin enough to see them coming, but not too thick that
you can’t read the line and how many are coming and that sort of thing. I would far rather
shoot them on a flight line than over the decoys. A nice day over the decoys is great
fun but I think we have got the opportunity here of shooting them flying up through the
wood. It is almost like a driven pheasant day. As a challenge it is without question
ten times a day for me. I am not interested in shooting massive bags I just shoot the
most challenging pigeons I can and I am definitely getting that with this. That was very unfortunate
wasn’t it. George’s hide is about 50 yards inside the
wood with a few decoys along the field/wood margin – they’re out there to try and focus
and straighten up the flight line so the birds head right over us. But as usual it doesn’t really matter – George
makes life awkward for allcomers. And as we know – when it’s a good shot George does let
you know… Oh now that was a long one. Oh now that was
an 80 yarder. Oh, ah now that was a good one. George always enjoys a good shot but he’s
probably appreciating them a bit more this winter – like many pigeon shooters he’s had
few decent days on the woodies. There has been so much wild food about, the
pigeons are spread out which is a good thing really as they are not getting hammered. I
have been to the west country two or three times shooting pheasants during the season
and there have been quite a lot of pigeons in that area. It is interesting because the
west country is not normally associated with big pigeon numbers and there were a lot of
pigeons down there. A day in the hide with George is a good excuse
for a catch up – We ask how the pre-clay shooting season training is going. Ah its great out everyday I jog literally
from the kitchen to the car of a morning whether I need to or not, get in the car and drive
to the shoot. Great. Psychotherapy, sports therapy something like
that? No I had a psychologist once and after about
three months I felt I hadn’t taught him anything. Now and again George says he can’t get enough
of a line on a bird – so what does that mean – how much is enough? I don’t care whether they are dropping, dying,
sliding, climbing, downwind, up wind but you just need that line to be consistent for 10
yards so that you can pick the line and come through it. So the one coming here he’s high
and just didn’t ever had the line. He came, curled, and drifted. So you have got to lock on for 10 yards. Yeah I think 10 yards especially at this height,
because these aren’t easy pigeons. The dogs are working hard – and make some
amazing retrieves. They also look as if they’ve learned a thing or two about setting out a
pattern. The mother and daughter team have had a tough season with some big bags recorded
on George’s driven shoots. But he feels Nellie might be carrying a few extra pounds. His
wife Kate is sure there’s another very reasonable explanation… It’s a hell of a dog but it’s a bit fat for
my liking. To be honest with you I would like it a little bit more lean, probably as Kate
would like me. I think the dog’s fat, she thinks it’s got a small head. The first few hours have been pretty wet – and
the birds have been in short supply. With the dryer brighter weather they’re back on
the move. It’s like if you’re on a push bike or a motor
bike in the rain you find it very difficult to drive along and keep your eyes open, and
I would think them flying in the rain, it’s pretty much the same. You’ve got to be pretty
alert here to look far enough back through the trees to see them coming. The unfortunate
part about shooting in the wood is your eyes tend to follow the first pigeon you see and
it might not be the easiest pigeon because there’s probably one coming behind it that’s
easier, but you can’t see that because your eyes have locked on and you’ve gone on to
it, it’s like then I went on to a pigeon, finished up not shootable and yet another
one came through behind it that I could have easily killed. I’d have probably missed it.
Not this one though. George has a bit of tidy-up and switches off
the magnet. He feels it might be pushing the birds a little too far to either side of him. It’s really only fine tuning and George is
getting just the sort of sporting day he wants. I’ve had a fantastic day. Haven’t killed huge
amounts. I suppose I’ll finish up with about 70 I suppose which is a lovely, lovely days
shooting. I don’t necessarily want to kill them over the decoys and flight them up through
this wood its fantastic so yeah thoroughly enjoyed it. At the final count George shoots 92 pigeons
in the wood – his friend Simon who is decoying in the maize field has 167. He might not be jogging as part of his pre-season
training but, as they say, why fix what ain’t broke? He didn’t like that. George talking and shooting straight there
and if you want to see more films of George click on the screen that’s magically appeared
up there behind me. Next it’s the wider world of hunting and shooting
on You Tube . It is Hunting You Tube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. There’s a new US deerstalking channel – Whitetail
Warriors. It promises its first film will turn “everything you’ve always thought about
deer hunting completely on its head”. OMG – the deer are armed. No, not really. Viewer Nick Rudicle recommends Helicopter
Hog and Coyote Eradication Hunt with Cedar Ridge Aviation. Last year, I offered you the
same kind of thing set to Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World. This is worse, but strangely
compelling. In the interest of taboo game hunting, says
viewer ClassicBowHunts, here is The Fred Bear tiger hunting footage. The past is a foreign
country: they do things differently there. Viewer Christian Hepp offers this promotional
film he edited for Blaser Rifles. It shows clearly and expensively that you are able
to carry Blaser rifles while walking. If you wish to buy a Blaser rifle and your main aim
is to go walking with it, then my goodness this is the film for you. Apparently, other
rifles offer the ability to shoot, too. Back to what I have turned up and he is a
bit in-your-face but the DeerMeatForDinner bloke has some good duck shooting on offer
in this film, showing how they do it in South Florida. Actually similar to how they do it
in the UK but with better weather. 260Rips shoots a pair of foxes with his .223
mounted with Pulsar N750 scope and Nightmaster 800 infra-red. He calls the in with a FoxPro.
Nice neat job. I love Dora and her back-cam footage. Here
she is trying to knock over duck on a pond. Wam bam – thank you Dora. Right, next, ooh, bitch fight. Top US gun
vlogger 22Plinkster uses an iPhone camera to aim as he shoots a balloon over his shoulder.
However, some people on Facebook say that he faked the shot. Here’s BrothersKeepers111
to give his views in ‘Are 22Plinkster’s Videos Real or Fake’ You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you are missing the fishing films and the airgun films, watch our new shows,
AirHeads and Fishing Britain. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in
to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Well it’s nearly the end of the show, but
before we get there I have to recommend our other programmes. Airheads for airgunners
was out last Thursday and Fishing Britain or fishermen was out on Friday. The latest episode of AirHeads is out. This
week’s show is stuffed full of airgunning action from the UK and from the USA. From
big budget ratting to red squirrel rangers, we are looking at all things air powered.
Jerry Moss is one of Cumbria’s dedicated red squirrel rangers. We follow him and his Daystates
through the forests in pursuit of the invasive grey. Peter Zamit from the Airgun Centre is
showing us the best rifles on offer for a youngster and Airgunner and Air Gun World’s
Phill Price is talking us through some springer safety. Throw in Jim Shockey from the Shot
Show in Las Vegas and we’ve got something for everyone. Fishing Britain has three experts on the Dee
after winter grayling, incredible footage of a pike striking dead bait with ROVTV, and
then Ant shows us some of the reasons he loves sea fishing Anglesey. Watch him leap off a
40ft cliff. There’s a giant squid and the latest fishing property prices in News, and
Carl & Alex feature in Hooked on YouTube, along with the opening of the Scottish salmon
season. Add to that the energy of Hywel Morgan and it’s the must-watch weekly fishing programme.
Out every Friday at 7pm UK time. It’s also Schools Challenge TV week. In this
show, out the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm, we’re learning about
the importance of eye testing for good shooting. Learn some easy tricks for improving your
shooting with help from top sports optician Keith Holland. We are also visiting a school
in Gloucestershire which has put shooting at the heart of the curriculum Well we are back next week and if you are
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good shooting, good fishing and goodbye.

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