Fieldsports Britain – High speed birds

Fieldsports Britain – High speed birds

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
rabbits be afraid! We have goshawks and they’re fuelled with Luptonite. Made in Chelsea – we’re out with a group of
great game girls and they love nothing better than pheasants and cake. First the lovely young model Andy Crow has
been asked on a game and photo shoot with Jack Pyke. If Mr Crow’s natural habitat is a pigeon hide,
Mrs Crow is the apex predator in any clothing outlet – which is why Mrs C is the one making
the most of being let lose in Jack Pyke’s warehouse. Crow is not usually shy when it comes to filling
his boots, but he’s is being overshadowed as even the Sorcerer’s Apprentice gets kitted
out for a day on the pheasants. Saying that – Crow spots something that might
prove useful in the next few weeks. Its quite handy to have the lofter, soon as
the leaves start dropping I shall be doing some lofting and Jack Parker just started
doing these lofting hooks and I’m having some of these, they are always handy, the more
the merrier so I’m going to have a few of these. Stick them under my coat and go I think. Anyway, back to the here and now. Andy’s been
invited on a small shoot day by Jack Pyke as a thank you for the work he does as a brand
ambassador. They are also going to take a few snaps of him in action for an upcoming
catalogue. However, photographer Keith does seem to be a little star struck or maybe just
nuts! Ah ah ah they call me the crowman. They call
me, they call me, they call me the crowman. Unfortunately – this is what happens when
u leave a camera unattended on a shoot day. Have you had your teeth whitened? I don’t think Crow is going to get an easy
time of it today. Right let’s get on with the day shall we? Crow , a pretty laid back guy look like it
going to be fun. The first drive does give the shooter a good
look at the bird before it arrives, which can be a bad thing. Crow selects the most
sporting birds and does well with cameras pointing at him from all directions – but
he’s used to it these days -he even has more breathing room than normal – Dom and David
are, typically, breathing down each ear. It’s a beautiful morning in Northamptonshire
– and Crow get’s some more shooting on drive 2, but it’s a challenge to get to it and leave
for a mid morning snack with such wet ground. The Jack Pyke camo’d truck takes the puddles
at speed – the Jack Pyked-up young beater takes it a little slower though he is having
just as much fun. During the break Crow does some posing for
the camera – I believe he is actually embarrassed – which is even more entertaining for everyone
watching. With the second November moon behind us, the
woodcock are in. On the drive before lunch, some of the guns get a shot at some woodcock.
It’s a first for two of them and Crow helps out showing them where the pin feather is. This last drive we done there’s probably 20,
15 to 20 woodcock in there, hell of a lot of woodcock come through . It’s a preference
whether you shoot them or not, I personally, if you get a nice high one, yeah I’ll take
it, they’re usually woodcocks they are floppy things they don’t fly that high so either
they are not safe or not really sporting so I don’t usually bother with them, but the
people that were shooting today, they picked out half a dozen good ones and they shot one
or two. Lot of people they get the pin feathers off
the end of the wing. Right on the very point, look here they are. Just there. That’s them
there, right on the end. Just bend the wing out like that and there it is. Pin feather.
I just like them because they are ideal for painting. Lovely bird, flown miles. This syndicate shoot will aim to take between
70 and 100 birds today – it’s a relaxed, informal day with Thai-green-curried pheasant to keep
us warm. The last drive is a good one – and Andy stretches
his legs a bit –
there is also the highest bird of the day – a pigeon. Crow’s had a good day. He has been abused
mercilessly for having his photgraph taken but it’s been a great day out. That’s the last drive, been a nice day, steady
day, good atmosphere. Just like to say thanks to the Jack Pyke boys. All the guns and the
beaters that have been here today they have done a really good job. It’s been a great
day. As we’re leaving Crow is curious about what
the pigeons are dining on up here. Birds are scarce all around the UK, though Andy has
seen huge flocks on the move over his farm in Kent. Wholemeal, that’s what you call a healthy
pigeon, he’s on wholemeal brown bread, he’s got a ivy berries and a Hawthorne berry. If
he comes down my way we’ve got tons and tons of acorns. If he chooses to stay here on hovis
wholemeal brown bread and ivy berries and a hawthorne berry. So farmers. if you’re growing wholemeal bread
– get out there and start checking your flight lines. For more information about the shoot and the
fishing lakes that go with it, go to and for more information about Jack Pyke products
go to Andy Crow keeping it real for british magazines
there – now somebody else who keeps alot of magazines under his bed. It’s David on the
fieldsports channel new stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Channel News. The League Against Cruel Sports has launched
a video campaign on YouTube against repeal of the UK ban on hunting with hounds. Comedian
Dave Spikey is the League’s frontman, funded by a wealthy cat charity. The League says
it hopes the film will be viewed 5 million times. 4,999,000 views to go then. The state of Nebraska in the USA has brought
out a series of instructional videos for wildfowlers. American government game and wildlife departments
all have a positive attitude towards shooting sports. This film shows how to build a duck
hide in a boat. A Wiltshire shooting estate has won the Purdey
Gold Award for 2013. Countryside Alliance executive chairman Sir
Barney White-Spunner presented estate owner Count Konrad Goess-Saurau with the prize for
his transformational conservation work at Temple Shoot at Rockley, near Marlborough. Antis hounded Melissa Bachman out of her job
on National Geographic TV. Now they are trying to do the same with her new series on Pursuit
channel in the USA. An online petition is calling for big game hunter Bachman to be
banned from returning to South Africa where she shot this lion. Among her supporters are
US TV presenter Mindy Arthurs and former beauty queen Olivia Nalos Opre. Indian hunters have shot three suspected maneaters
in northern Kashmir. Three children aged between 10 and 12 have been killed and eaten in the
area since August. Locals went out armed with 12-bore shotguns and shot the three leopards. And finally an American vet and his son successfully
managed to separate two bucks who became entangled during the rut. Adam Anderson and his father,
Charlie used a boat to row out and free one deer. The other buck was already dead. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News. Stalking the stories, fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David – now what messages have been
beamed to the starship fieldsports channel ? Let’s find out – it’s Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here’s what the world’s up to this week. Hello Charlie, its John here, got my dog Moss.
Hello Moss. We are out looking for Fallow deer this morning, but we can’t seem to see
many, apart from that one. Hope you’re having a good time too . Cheers. Hello Charlie its Paul hunting mule deer in
sunny Arizona. Hello Charlie this is Martiaz from West Germany.
We’re on driven wild boar in Bonn today and this is what I got. Hello Charlie its bad shot Mick here I’m out
with my mate Mark and we’re hunting our dinner. Hello Mark you’re so urban. Send us your own hello Charlie film yourself
on your mobile phone, just a sentence saying Hello Charlie, who you are and what you’re
up to then share it or email it via Youtube,Facebook, Dropbox or Yousendit, you Nameit to [email protected] Well we’ve got two lots of birds of prey coming
up. Later in the programme we’ll be out with the shotgun and Chelsea bun club ladies after
the pheasants. First it’s Roy’s goshawk who’s got his eye on a young rabbit. At this time of year there’s loads of stuff
to hunt, in all sorts of ways – Roy’s weapon of choice today is a young and beautiful white
goshawk. She’s an extra special surprise from his old goshawk whom he has been flying for
17 seasons. He thought he’d breed from her one last time and he’s a very happy boy. She’s not a pure alboniss. The alboniss is
a genus or sub species of goshawk that does carry the white genetics, she’s actually only
a quarter. She’s been doing a fair amount of work, been catching a few rabbits and pheasants
and as you can see its made her a little bit grubby. Also out with us today is Rocket Ron the Harris
Hawk, a cracking little bird whom we’ve seen out lamping before. He is now owned by Roy’s
friend Phil. Between the two of them we’re hoping for plenty of action. Ron is up first – and when it happens it happens
fast. It looks as if the rabbit might have given him the slip but Ron is no slouch and
has enough of a hold to stop it slipping back into the burrow. It’s not unheard of for a
bird to be dragged into a warren by a bolting bunny. That was a good one, we had the first rabbit
bolt and it was making a bee line towards the fence which is unfortunately something
that we are plagued with around this area which we just can’t get away from and that’s
fences. So luckily Ron’s pretty good with those, he knows what they are and the rabbit
took a sharp right turn when it went through the log and he made short work of it and accounted
for it so first one in the bag. So hopefully we will continue along that vein. Roy and Phil take it in turns to fly and the
gos is up next – the rabbit makes it to cover just in time. There’s rabbit activity all along the edge
of the field but the one with most appeal has more than just fences to deal with. I’ve not ferreted this piece of ground before
so it’s a fresh piece. We’ve got a lot of really nice earths out in the open here, but
we’ve got a 3 strand power line and there’s a junction box just at the top and unfortunately
if one of the birds lands on the junction box then that’s pretty much it game over so
in order to avoid Kentucky fried goshawk and Kentucky fried harris hawk we’ll go back over
that way and find somewhere else. That boy’s got fried food on the brain! A hawk off the fist in a environment like
this, it’s quite tricky, we’ve got brambles that are about 10 yards away and a fence which
is about 20 yards away so it’s a lot easier situation if you can get the harris hawk up
and fling it into the tree, especially with a young hawk so as she becomes more experienced
then she’ll be able to overhaul them a little bit faster. Next is a tight spot. It looks like the white
gos is learning faster. We’re have a bit of sport. With limited space, Roy suggests to Phil he
stick Ron in a tree – this technique works well for Harris hawks but not well for gosses.
And just to prove it, Ron gets his second of the day. It’s frustrating for all, so Roy suggests
we head off to some open ground. This is a bit more like it. As we head to our first
likely site we ask Roy about clothing. It’s cold but David hasn’t been allowed to wear
his warm camo jacket, plus Roy’s mum says she’s been told not to wear a floral print
dress around the birds – so what’s that all about? A lot of goshawks don’t like cammo. If they
are used to it it’s not too bad. Some of the goshawks really don’t like camouflage clothing.
I don’t ever wear it when I’m out with the birds so when you turned up in it yesterday
she certainly didn’t like it. Same with red as well sometimes they really don’t like red
clothing. There is certain aspects of it and plus the fact I just wanted to make you suffer
yesterday while you were filming and freeze your nipples off. Right, it’s all looking promising. We spot
rabbits grazing as we approach and there is loads of space for the action to take place.
And we’re off – The rabbit has quite a march on her and the fence is looming but she strikes
at the last moment. It’s a fantastic flight – but there is more
excitement to come. Cor that was close . Look at that fox coming
in to her. The distress call from the rabbit has attracted
a fox and Roy suddenly sprints – this also deserves a slow mo – but jesting aside, the
fox could easily go-large – taking the rabbit with the goshawk as extra fries. It was a close call but no harm done and our
gos has a bunny in the bag. As I was coming over I could hear the rabbit
squealing and we’re next to something that looks very foxy so I was a little bit worried
but and sure enough there was a very large dog fox only about 20 yards away from the
goshawk making its way in. So if we’d been a little bit slower or if she’d caught it
a little bit further away then there’s a very good chance the fox would have taken both
the goshawk and the rabbit and unfortunately that can happen. I’ve known of a few friends
birds that have unfortunately been taken by foxes and we’re now facing the problem as
well that buzzards are becoming a lot more numerous, buzzards are coming in and attacking
birds on the kill so you’ve always got to bear in mind that there’s other predators
out there especially if you’ve got a rabbit kicking and squealing a little bit. There
are always opportunists who will make use of it. There’s a good girl. There’s a bit more action but nothing is moving
far from base. The rabbits aren’t as eager as they could
be, so we venture out another day for some more sport. Again we have open space – but we need to
make sure the warrens we choose aren’t too large for us to cover properly with one bird,
AND are showing signs of activity too. This is the first earth I’ve wanted to do,
but it’s not looking overly active so you can see there is an awful lot of leaf litter
in the entrance to the earth and the runs going into it are not overly well used. So
it is not looking good for this one, but this is quite a big earth this is about 15 holes
here so there could be a few exit and entrance holes further on so we will just have a look.
Again when you are coming into an earth you want to be very quiet, quiet as you can and
just creep round it and not stomp all over the top of it. So we will just see if it is
worth having a go with the ferrets. I just want to see a little bit more activity. For our first stab, we stand away from Roy
to intercept the rabbits as they leave home. It’s a good 10 minutes before the first burst.
Again we are stopped in our tracks – but our second attempt is more successful. So that was a shame with her first flight
if she had just moved a couple hundred of yards she would have been on that one. She
made up for it with the second. Now we have just got to find a few more hopefully. Roy gives her the heart and lungs and trades
up. Our third flight of the day is impressive
but without a prize at the end of it. Roy does have an excuse though. My excuse for that one is, she is wet right.
She flew the rabbit and caught it coming down to the earth and we have just ferreted this
one and we had a lovely bolt coming out across. And I suppose we had about a forty, fifty
yard flight on that one and it got into the brambles, but she was right on it and my excuse
is now starting to reel out and blame it because she is wet. So what we are going to do is
head back to the car and put the fan heaters on for five minutes and dry her off a little
bit and then move onto the next earth. Next one she will catch. Roy dries her off in the car – not something
you see every day but important all the same. Usain Bolt doesn’t run quite as fast wearing
flip flops. This style of hunting takes an awful lot of
concentration and patience. You stare at the ground for what feels like hours, waiting
and anticipating. Only to see a ferret nonchalantly stroll out of a hole when all you want is
the ground to eject a bunny and for it all to kick off. Anyway we only have one more instance of that.
It’s close but not close enough. We could have brought out a few of the more
experienced older girls and we would have certainly put more in the bag, they know the
game, but at the moment it is just nice to concentrate on the young hawks and bring those
on and then we are making head way for the future. An amazing show of agility there and incredible
turn of speed by the goshawk usually only seen from the rest of the Fieldsports Channel
team at a kebab shop at around about closing time. You can see more of Roy’s extraordinary
falconry videos on the screen which has appeared up there beside me. Next up it is the Chelsea
bunners at Ripley Castle in Yorkshire. [Music] Well I have come to Ripley Castle in north
Yorkshire to join the Shotgun and Chelsea Gun Club for a girls only driven pheasant
and partridge day and the girls are having breakfast. It starts with breakfast. The ladies and some
of their male admirers, sorry, loaders, are gathering at the Boar’s Head in the village
of Ripley in North Yorkshire. Lady Ingilby is their host today and gives them a team
talk over the croissants and lattes. We have four drives to look forward to today.
All the guns are fascinated by one of the cars parked in the hotel car park. Is it one
of them? Who could it be? Once they establish it is one of the other hotel guests, they
feel they can relax. So if it’s not about whips and leather, what
is the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club? Decided to set up the club to encompass my
two favourite things, obviously, and just to make clay shooting and game shooting more
accessible for absolutely everyone. So that girls from all walks of life not necessarily
had any exposure to shooting or don’t feel that they have an in to it and just a place
to network for more experienced girls as well. It has been so well supported which I am so
grateful for. Hull Cartridge have been so great to us. Malmo Guns in Lancaster they
have kindly provided us with a Browning 725 which is our club gun which the girls love.
They are such great, great people and a wonderful shop. Well, we are off to drive number one, a fairly
easy starter drive with birds coming off farmland and following hedgelines, with tall trees
behind to keep them at a shootable distance. Well, mainly at a shootable distance. No question
that that one is dead. Some of the women are sharing guns. They shoot
four cartridges then swap. They shoot safely, they follow Lady Ingilby’s orders about ground
game and they look great – considerably better than a group of men in the same situation. Pink is the colour of the day. It’s the new
green. Purple and blue are making a comeback. And when they break after drive number one,
it is of course time for pink champagne. It’s also time to talk to one of the great clayshooting
names of the past, who is here loading for one of the guns. Joe Neville represented Great
Britain at the Olympics in Olympic Skeet and won the British Grand Prix in the 1960s, 1970s,
1980s and the 1990s. Well there are more and more girls who shoot
today and it is great for the sport to get them out in the field. I do a lot of game
shooting myself and there are more and more ladies taking part. So that’s a man’s take on women-only shooting
days (oh that sounds all wrong). What does a woman think of looking after this bunch? Ladies days are particularly nice because
we think there is less testosterone and lots of encouragement. Some of these ladies have not shot much before,
some of them are very experienced, so you are able to lay on helpers if necessary. Yes, to be honest safety is the first thing.
We want them to enjoy themselves, but we need them to be safe. So where we think it is necessary
we will stand with them just to keep them safe. Most of the ladies come with a partner
or someone just to watch them and clearly I am around just to keep an eye on it. You
want the experienced guns to have a challenging day, but you want the novices to actually
hit something. There is a lot of pink around today isn’t
there. There is a fair amount of pink, although I
was just saying that the ladies seem to be verging into purple this year. There is a
fair amount of pink. I myself have my very splendid pink ear defenders for ladies days
and we change the champagne to pink. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are fairly
pink. Yes. For drive two, I join top Chelsea bunner Victoria
and her loader, the no-less remarkable Cheryl Hall Ladies shooting is there physically any difference
between men and women shooting? I don’t see any difference in why they couldn’t
all compete together. It is not about a physical sport, it is no different, we shoot the same
weapons, we shoot the same clays, we shoot the same amount of clays. So I don’t see why
women have to be segregated. Cheryl has had Digweedian levels of success
in clayshooting, with 24 World Championship titles and numerous European titles in not
only English Sporting but also Compak and FITASC. She is also sponsored by Hull Cartridge,
which is providing the shells for today. How has that come about tell me about that. Quite a few years ago I approached them and
they said they were interested and I have stayed with them ever since and I don’t look
at going to any other manufacturer. I think they are the best product on the market and
I am so happy with them. Idea for Hull’s Imperial Game cartridges,
this drive has birds coming out over woodland, and they keep the guns busy up and down the
line. More refreshment. We stop for a snack at the
Rpley Castle Shoot’s well-appointed café bar. Well, half of the point of the shotgun
and Chelsea Bun Club is carbohydrate. The day ends with a drive where everyone’s
shooting comes together. The birds pour over the top of a line of trees. It’s not all shooting
shooting shooting. There’s time for a gossip too. Tired but happy, the women head back to Ripley
Castle for that other passion, cake. Well that is the girl’s driven day over with
and they are off having lunch, but for a bit of a bonus there is a party of Kiwi shooters
here and they have come down to the castle for the duck. [Music] Was that fun? Unbelievable shooting. I have never seen any
thing like it, ducks everywhere. Incredible duck shooting, incredible duck shooting it
really is. If you want to go shooting at Ripley Castle,
visit And for more about Hull Cartridge, go to What a great time – more women please. Next
up it is the map that matters and David looking casual. [Music] Welcome to this week’s calendar in association
with BASC with dates for you diary, smartphone, tablet and Filofax. As you can see from Fieldsports Britain, the
pheasant season is well underway in the UK, with birds flying well in both the north and
the south of the country. The closing of the first of the game bird
seasons is not long, with grouse in Northern Ireland ending this Saturday, 30th November
2013. The closing day for grouse, ptarmigan and black game in England, Scotland and Wales
is the 10th of December. Next the weather. November has been characterised
either by still clear cold days interrupted by windy wet days, or warm rain with occasional
freezing sunshine, depending on where you are in the country. By the end of this week,
the slightly longer period of high pressure will give way to wetter low pressure, which
will dominate next week. The moon is waning crescent, with a new moon due next Tuesday,
3rd December. Now rural events, and BASC’s website lists
events with a kill-it-cook-it-eat-it theme this week: On the kill it front, Friday 29th November
lists a ladies’ driven shoot near Chester, on the same day there is a loaders’ course
at Doveridge Clay Sports Club in Derbyshire and Saturday 30th sees a BASC Members’ Driven
Shoot Day at Stubton in Nottinghamshire. Next Wednesday, 4th December, there is a snaring
course at Trochry in Perthshire. [Music] If you can please support your local events.
Now let’s look a little wider afield. It’s Hunting YouTube. [Music] This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. First some submissions. Viewer Sam Clatworthy
sends me his film driven pheasant shooting on the Pitpear Syndicate in Somerset. The
bag is 52 and the filming verges on the cinematographic. Moving from the UK to the US, Tex Grebner
sends me his film TGO Illinois Archery Season 2013 Part 2. In the world of hunting, Tex
is somewhere between the Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg and the singer Billy Bragg.
You get 18 minutes of film – he is festooned with cameras – and, shall I spoil it for you?
Yes I will. He doesn’t get anything. It is, as he says, a great hunt. And here’s a new airgunning channel. Gunboy
AirsoftandAirRifles reviews the Gamo Hornet in .177. Stay with it, Gunboy. On the fishing front, Carl and Alex are not
just two blokes but one of the most popular UK angling channels on YouTube. I have featured
them before – and here they are, fly fishing for rainbow trout with our old friends at
Brick Farm Lakes in Sussex with the help of venue guide and expert Caroline Now we’re off to Bermuda for the Sea Horse
Anglers Club Billfish Tournament 2013. Celebrating its 40th year the tournament enjoys perfect
weather and represents the third and final leg of the Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship. Back to land-based sport and here are some
favourites I have picked out from my last week of YouTube viewing. Rabbit Hawking with
Female Finnish Goshawk shows a morning’s ferreting providing ten flights for eight rabbits and
some good experience for Bella, the eight-month-old Hungarian wirehaired vizsla. In ‘Shotguns and Crows’, Darryl and Gary turn
to a new and different method of pest control, with varying success. And finally, it’s hats off to Fawaz Al-saqer
and his pals for this incredible film of them shooting quail in the Middle East using an
airgun with open sights. Groovy Gulf music too. Match that Gunboy. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Before we go here is another couple of shows
you might enjoy. Jason Bruce and his head hunter chronicles in Germany after driven
big game After a tour of the Zeiss factory in West
Germany and at a shooting cinema Jason gets a chance to shoot mouflon in a huge hunting
area. Click on the screen to watch the film. Well that is what Jason has been up to. Meanwhile
it’s the Schools Challenge TV week this week and they have been mucking about with landrovers. The G4 Challenge Land Rover Club comes to
the Oxford Gun Company, the home of the Schools Challenge, to paint the field orange with
some Land Rover art and, of course, to go shooting as well as driving the off-road course.
Click on the screen to watch it. Well we are back next week when we will be
grouse shooting in the highlands of Scotland, very nearly the end of that season. If you
are watching this on Youtube don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button which I think
I shall put there and there this week. Or go to our website
where you can click to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or scroll down to the
bottom right hand side of the page where you will see the constant contact box, pop your
email address into that and we will constantly contact you about our programme which is out
at 7pm UK time every Wednesday. This has been Fieldsports Britain. Good bye, good hunting,
good shooting and good fishing.

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