Fieldsports Britain – How to shoot pigeons + muntjac stalking

Fieldsports Britain – How to shoot pigeons + muntjac stalking

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. And once again
it is shouty man in a field. Coming up we are on a munty mission. Roy Lupton has got
a nice buck lined up. But with captain camo behind the camera could it all end in tears. That will come out in the edit. We have our regulars, top gun dog training
tips from Skinners, News Stump and Hunting YouTube. First, for the first time in 2013
we are actually on the pigeons and we are with Andy Crow talking knock down power in
the first of our new series Crow How. [Music] It’s the first pigeon shooting outing of 2013
– it’s not through lack of trying but the weather and the seasons being all over the
place has meant that the birds and the Crow have been difficult to get in the same place
at the same time. Finally it’s starting to happen, especially in this corner of the farm
where the birds are flitting between winter rape, spring peas, and buds off the trees. What a lot of the pigeons are doing at the
moment is they are still feeding on buds which they should be finished on now. From now onwards
we should be hopefully picking up some good easy day’s pigeon shooting. But it is not
going to happen for a while because they are going to be on these buds and as soon as you
start shooting they are going to go away and sit in the ash trees, on the oak on the flowering,
on the beeches and that and they are going to be on those. The winter rape at this end of the field has
struggled in the bad weather, and the whole crop is behind, which means the plants are
small enough for the pigeons to land for a munch. In a normal year, this field would
be a vibrant yellow with the plants too high for the birds to drop in to. Andy knows where
he wants to be – but that isn’t always possible. I have got a field of spring peas next door.
They have started on those a bit. So it is really a bit of a draw to this corner. The
place I want to shoot is a bit further down the hedge, but I don’t know if David can show
you. We have got a telegraph pole and some wires going across. So we can’t shoot where
I really want to shoot. So we are going to have to do second best go just here somewhere.
It looks like the wires are close to us, but they are not they are 80 yards further down
the field. So we are just going to hope that we can draw the pigeons up the field to where
we want them which is here. Andy has some new kit on test. A1 Decoys,
Lincoln shotguns, Gamebore cartridges and Jack Pyke clothing have asked Crow to use
and abuse their products and see if they have the right crowdentials – sorry! The Lincoln was fresh out of the box yesterday
and old Crow has done all right with it so far. The old Lincoln doesn’t seem to be doing too
bad. It is making me look good. I have had four shots, four kills so I am happy. Oh no
sorry five shots, five kills so I am happy. It is going to take a bit of getting used
to. I am used to the safety catch being at the back of the trigger. On this one the safety
catch is on the top. Yes, apart from that it is a good old thing and the gamebore, clear
pigeons seem to be performing well as well. Andy has always emphasised the importance
of good cartridges for pigeon shooting, for that all-important knock-down power. To try and explain a bit about what Crow wants
from a cartridge we need some visual aids and a glamorous assistant. … talking a bit about knock down performance
of cartridges and it is a difficult thing for people to grasp. It is a bit subjective
for some people and they don’t quite know what it means, but they know what the results
are. Yes, that is right. So, we have brought some handy visual aids
along to try and explain this a little bit. So can you tell us what the key elements of
knock down power are. Dom it is speed, size and weight of the shot. So you can have two projectiles which are
fundamentally the same size, but one of them can weigh more than the other. Cricket ball,
similar size to a tennis ball, but weighs a lot more. So that is going to have more
energy and it is going to deliver more knock down performance than that. So lead shot heavier
than steel shot. Yes. Lead is always going to give more knock down
than steel shot. Plus the lead performs as well. Basically what that means is it is not passing
through the bird all the energy it imparts is within the bird. The other thing of course
is the speed. So for example if I was to chuck this tennis ball at your face very gently
it would annoy you. Yes. If I were to chuck the tennis ball at your
head very hard it would probably result in me visiting A & E. More than likely yes. So we are going to demonstrate that with our
handy dummy because Andy wasn’t brave enough to stand here and let me throw tennis balls
at him even though he has seen me shoot and he is pretty sure I will miss. In slow motion, we see the jacket buckle to
a greater degree as the ball gets heavier. Another thing that Crow wants to mention is
density or tightness of the pattern. Dom doesn’t have 15 cricket balls to throw but Andy likes
his shot to stick together as there’s more chance of killing the bird stone dead. As
this footage shows, the lead pellets in the Gamebore cartridge need to be fast, heavy,
distort on impact, and keep tight. Andy wants plenty of pellets finding the target. Seeing we’re talking about Andy’s style of
shooting – these reverse shots show his gun is always swinging through the shot. We also
spot that Mr Crow closes one eye just before pulling the trigger. It may not be the way
they teach you at school but it works for him. Right, back to the pigeon shooting and the
birds are playing hard to get . Andy has a change around and sticks a whirly up with
a couple of A1 Decoys’ new Pro Flap models. Crow is not 100 per cent sure he’s set them
up properly as they’re fresh out of the box but help is at hand because A1 Decoys has
a YouTube site with an instructional vid. The birds come in fits and starts and we are
constantly reminded that the best place would be on the corner near the wires – but that’s
life and we are getting some sport. If the birds do keep to the trees Crow claps them
out for a couple of reasons. I just had some pigeons land in a tree up
there to the left. I just clap them out otherwise other birds are going to just decoy straight
into them and if you do have a shot you are scaring them anyway. You are better scaring
them out to get rid of them, to get them moved on really so they don’t hear the loud bang
of a shot. The afternoon has flown by and it’s a lot
later than we’d imagined. Mrs Crow brings out a lasagne for one and all so it’s time
to pack up. We got upper 60s. We got 65, 66 something
like that and a crow and a jay which is quite nice. In the end we pick up 74 woodies. Crow feels
we would have doubled that if we’d been under the wires but that’s life – the most important
thing for us is that pigeon is finally back on the menu. Andy Crow there ably assisted by the beautiful
Dom and if you want to know more about pigeon shooting why not watch one of our slow mo
films explaining lead. They should be appearing in the cherry blossom behind me. Just click
on that to go through to it. One of them even includes David hosing down his father in law.
Speak of the Devil it is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. The European Union has turned its attention
towards gun crime and is thinking of banning guns across Europe. Luckily this is only at
consultation level so far. There is time for you to have your say. Please follow the shortcode
on the screen to the relevant EU page. A gun has been produced using a 3D-printer.It
is unlikely to threaten the market for Purdeys and Holland & Hollands but which shows that
regulation of firearms may soon be impossible. This is Cody Wilson of Defence Distributed,
who calls himself a free-market anarchist. Instructions for making The Liberator, a plastic
handgun, are available on the internet. Now for any angler worth his or her salt the
Sportfish Reading Show weekend is on this weekend. The 11th and 12th May. With free
parking and entry the organisers call it the best fishing show of the year with first class
facilities, demonstrations from some of the world’s finest game anglers, kit, shopping,
bars, hog roasts it is a great day out for anyone into their fishing.Plus we will be
there filming. Go to the Sportfish website to download the full schedule. He’s back. High street cosmetic chain Lush,
which backs the Hunt Saboteurs Association, got together with our friend Brian May to
back a demo outside DEFRA last week. Around a dozen anti-badger cull protestors painted
black and white gathered to sing and dance outside DEFRA’s headquarters in central London.
Not quite the �flashmob’ that Brian promised. The feral hog problem in the USA has a new
cure. Meet the DeHogiFlier. US Air Force Engineers Cy Brown and his hunting buddy James Palmer
use a radio-controlled plane mounted with a thermal imaging camera for everything from
finding feral pigs to tracking wounded pigs. Cy finds the pigs and James uses night vision
to shoot them. Finally, here is a story that leaves the European
horsemeat scandal in the shade. The Chinese have arrested 63 people for taking rat, fox
and mink meat, dying it and selling it as lamb at farmers’ markets in Shanghai. So far
this year, nearly 1,000 people have been arrested across China for selling fake, poisonous or
contaminated meat and more than 1,700 underground butchers and processors have been closed down.
Enjoy your tea. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Now muntjac and David if
not the finest news reader in the world is a very able cameraman so I have to point out
that David did film the first half of this muntjac piece. However, the second half was
filmed by someone who had to reassure us that he wouldn’t break the camera. Now and again, if he’s been a good boy, Roy
is allowed to leave Kent. Today we’re on an excursion to Hertfordshire – It’s freezing,
and this was filmed a few weeks ago, but at least it is dry. He’s a guest of William Alldis
who runs a sporting agency for stalkers and falconers. Roy first met him while flying
his goldie. Thank you very much for inviting us down today.
Obviously I came and had a look with you earlier in the season when we were flying the birds
here and we were after a few hares, but we did notice that you have a hell of population
of muntjac on here. Yes, there is a fantastic population of muntjac
here. There has been very little management of the numbers for the past ten years before
I took over the sporting on this estate. So lots of lovely big bucks and also some large
quantity of cull animals as well that we have got to deal with. Have you been quite successful since you started. Well we started in January really getting
to grips with the cull animals because up until then we were doing a lot of falconry
work. We have been averaging six to nine a week since the beginning of January and it
has been a relatively easy time getting rid of all the deer. The hope is we’re going to get near a nice
buck today. It’s all looking promising as we walk through the grounds with a mixture
of open rides, conifer and broadleaf woodland. William describes his stalking as cheap, fun
and within easy reach of London. Once we find a decent vantage point, we stop
to see if anything decides to pop out for a bit of a browse. Obviously muntjac feed pretty much almost
all day long, but round here they have really taken to laying up in these woods here and
moving out over the grassland just at the last knockings. The amount we see when we
are out lamping foxes it is just staggering. Obviously you can’t do anything about them
at that part of the day. It is fantastic territory for them here – absolutely
stuffed. As we watch and wait, we experience four seasons
in one day… and… draw a blank. But a barn owl keeps us entertained as we lie in wait
a little further along. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see any deer
when you get a sight like that. Watching a barn owl come across like that, just gorgeous. Then we spot a buck. The cover means Roy can’t
get a clean shot. He tries to call it but no response. With the light and our options dwindling,
Will suggests that Roy takes a cull doe if the opportunity arises. It does, but this
first one won’t stand still. It came round and was going along and into
quite a small … and then went behind this little ridge and into the next field. Another crosses from the other direction.
This time Roy knocks her down – food for the larder but no trophy for the wall. We couldn’t have left that any later that
was right at last knockings. The light is pretty much gone on us. Luckily she fell on
the spot where she was shot so we didn’t have to follow her up because if we had to follow
up in this light and this thick cover it would have been an absolute nightmare. So she bowled
straight over and with optics on there that weren’t quite as good I very much doubt whether
we would have had the opportunity to get the shot because it was literally light fading,
last five minutes and that is very often when it happens. Very, very exciting stuff I really
do enjoy muntjac stalking. Fast forward a few weeks and the Chuckle Brothers
are both let out of Kent. We are going for round two with the muntjac
and what we have decided to do today because David does seem to be somewhat of a Jonah
when it comes to muntjac is we have ditched that camera man and changed to one of the
stars of Fieldsports Channel who has agreed to come out and film for me today. So if we
spin the camera around and you should see that we have got young Andy Crow. I am trying to do this so I don’t
have a double chin. It doesn’t work does it. There you go. Look
at that. Isn’t it a bit scary when you look at yourself in a camera. Yes, especially me. It is not often that I
look at myself in a camera like this and I have got my clothes on. That will come out
on the edit. Or maybe not! The weather has improved dramatically and
the deer are out to play. We’re not retracing our steps but working through the top woods
– Will knows he has three big bucks and Roy has been offered one of them. A younger animal
shows itself and Will suggests he takes it as part of the cull plan. Alright. Yes. It drops on the spot. A doe doesn’t seem to
be bothered that a .243 has just gone off 100 yards away. Roy still hopes that the big boy may show
himself but he is happy with the second stalk and his new crew. Isn’t it a difference when you get weather
like that. Absolutely superb. Considerably better than last time. Not freezing
… You can’t blame the deer for the last time.
That was just horrid. Quite frankly I wanted to be at home in front
of the fire. But no, that was superb, thanks again for
having us. Much appreciated. I have been really impressed with Mark today
he has got fantastic artistic flair. Yes, and lots more energy rushing around like
a lunatic. David just looked like a sad potato. Potato? OK – Mark’s on the case. Very smooth
Mr Gilchrist – Well done Mark – you’re hired … but it’s probably best if you don’t work
with Roy again. It is rolling, just get on with it. Well we did get the camera back unscathed
and there was some additional footage on it which we promised we wouldn’t use. This is
Mark explaining to Roy’s Korean friend Sang that he didn’t mean to be disrespectful when
he touched his knife. Now what Mark doesn’t know is that Sang was brought up in the UK
and is not a merciless ninja triad member who would have Mark pulled apart limb from
limb gangnam style at the drop of a tassley hat. I am sorry I touched your knife. You touched my knife? Yes. Why? Sorry I wanted to look at it. Sorry Mark. Just to say it was Roy who set
the whole thing up not us. Next up Kit Special. [Music] Kit special this week looks at unusual guns
on the website – guns you might not believe that you can buy and sell
in the UK. Let’s start with this .22 Browning Buckmark
long-barrelled pistol for �525. Good for rats with a backstop, it includes a Barska
hollowgraphic red dot sight, with muzzle break. Browning has been making Buckmark pistols
for nearly 30 years. Next up is a Swiss Arms Model 60 ISSF Target
Pistol, also in .22LR, which costs slightly less at �500. It is a single shot match
pistol with anatomical right handed grip and a 12in barrel that complies with UK firearms
legislation due to counterbalancers taking the length of the pistol to 24in overall. Finally, a combination gun: a Finnclassic
512S. It has a standard set of 12-bore over-and-under-barrels, a 12-bore and triple-two combination barrel
set and a .30-06 barrel set, so good for pheasants, change barrels for foxing at long and short
distances, change barrels again and it’s ideal anything charging at you from boar to buffalo
too. Price is �2,250. That is it. Feast your eyes, fish into your
pockets. Thanks for watching. This is Kit Special. Now let’s have a look what the world has got
to say. It is Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. This is Igor and Sebastian
from Holland and today we do some … control on … geese. I guess the farmer … he will
be happy. Hallo Charlie. Bill Pool. Shooting for … Arizona.
Ready for the next stage of service … match. Hallo Charlie. Wessex Bushcraft, Essex UK
again. This week I am trying to get permission to do some pest control. Hallo Charlie. My name is Tony and I am about
to go ratting and I am taking no chances. Hallo Charlie. Kevin Adam here. I am doing
a bit of salmon fishing tonight and unfortunately I have come to my favourite pool to find it
basically completed destroyed. This small pool used to be twice the width probably ten
times the depth. But over the winter the banks have collapsed, filled it up and no longer
holds anything. Real shame. Hallo Charlie not shooting today, but fishing.
Not like me to go fishing, but here we are with a nice ten pound carp. Put this one back
and back to the foxes. Send us your own Hallo Charlie film yourself
on your mobile phone just a sentence saying Hallo Charlie who you are and what you are
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook, Dropbox, Yousendit, Younameit to
[email protected] Now a speedy top tip from the Skinners Petfood
experts. How to improve your gun dog. [Music] If you want your gundog to get anywhere with
retrieving, you have to get them heading off to the blindside of a wall. It’s a matter
of trust, as top gundog trainer Howard Kirby explains. It is all about encouragement. It is all about
his confidence. What we do when he is quite young, but be very careful. Don’t start your
dog jumping lots too young otherwise you could damage his bones. What we do is jump them
over the tiniest of jumps. Tiny log piles, maybe over a bale. We have got a special jump
run with a series of jumps in it to encourage dogs to go out and jump and jump and we can
raise them progressively like a set of show jumps. But that is it really. But in the shooting
field the dog may have to jump something as big as a five bar gate, or a stone wall or
a fence. It is all about his confidence. He needs to gain experience doing that. And not
only does he need to be able to jump, but he needs to be able to jump with something
in his mouth so when he has got a big bird in his mouth, a cock bird or a hen pheasant
it is a lot of weight to carry in his mouth and he needs to learn to balance. It is quite
awkward when he is in the air with that moving around. So it is a real skill and you need to do lots of practice to develop the
dog’s confidence to do it otherwise he will one hurt himself, or he will just not jump.
You teach him to jump on command so that they are safe otherwise dogs can jump, try to avoid
at all costs jumping barbed wire. It is very dangerous. You will hurt your dog if you jump
barbed wire with your dog sooner or later it will go wrong. Howard runs Mullenscote Gundogs from Lains
Shooting School near Andover in Hampshire. Visit This series on gundog
training tips is brought to you by Skinners Petfoods, maker of the Field & Trial range
of gundog feeds. Visit From dogs to the world of hunting, shooting
and fishing it is Hunting Youtube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. Viewer Alan Corbett sends in Dora’s BackCam
– Peregrine taking a Duck. Dora is a female Peales/Anatum Peregrine falcon and belongs
to arguably the fastest bird species in the world. Even with a camera on her back, she
fairly falls out of the sky on to this duck. Back on the ground and Duck Hunting Late Season
In Missouri is a well-made promo film about shooting challenging late-season birds with
a guide called C&L Outdoors. The guns are on a small farm pond that attracts thousands
of mallards. More bird action – this time from France – with
Chasse faisan setter anglais. The man from VideosChassePeche has his English setters
doing just what they should they be doing to a pheasant, and he does the rest. Louis from Essex Bushcraft likes On the Waters
Edge 15 Fly Fishing in 18th Century Style. We are in the United States with The Pathfinder
School for this video, which takes us back to a simpler form of angling. Barney Craggs sends in a film that’s at the
other end of the fishy scale (fishy scale? geddit?). We’re in New Zealand where the Fishing
Show is trying to haul in a swordfish only to have a mako shark come for a scoff. “It
is,” says Barney, “a worthy reminder that we are not always the top predator.” Our viewer StripyMcCatpuss recommends MKPSG12,
where you will learn about practical shotgun shooting. In this film, Practical Shotgun
and Mini-Rifle Comp @ Crocketford, watch the man compete in various leagues. If you’re
British and you want to get into this, have a look at To South Africa, where Guy Baxendale is out
after a trophy black wildebeest. He is in the Eastern Cape chasing a big bull. And finally, Paul Dowling sends in his latest
film of goat stalking in Ireland. This is a stalk on a permission he has had for a few
years now where the farmer wants him to keep the goats under control. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Well we are back next week and if you are
watching this on Youtube you can subscribe to this channel if you click on the link which
is in the cherry blossom up there or go to our web page where
you can click to follow us on Facebook or like us on Twitter or the other way round
or you can go down to the bottom of the page and pop your email address in our constant
contact box and we will email you every week about our programme that is out 7pm UK time
on Wednesdays. This has been Fieldsports Britain.

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