Fieldsports Britain – Hunting ‘Me Old China’

Fieldsports Britain – Hunting  ‘Me Old China’

welcome to Fieldsports Britain, coming up:
Loose lips sink ships, loose mounts means a miss when it counts. Tim Pilbeam looks at
what happens when your scope goes limp. Hunting tourists forget sun, sea and sangria its saddle
soap, scarlet and stirrup cups. We’re out with a party of Americans and the Blackmore
and Sparken Vale???? I go to Denmark to find out why Trophy Hunting is good for animals,
they love it. First we’re out stalking CWD’s in Bedfordshire unlike WMD’s we have proof
they exist. Its more from the Variety Tour! Ulf Lindroth has the best mwwahhhhahhha in
the business.. mwwahhhhahhha
The Swede is also one of the best shots we know.
Today he’s after his first ever Chinese Water deer. It’s also his first time in the UK. First muntjack the other day and I’m going
to have a go at these. It is very different from back home. Nice to get out of the snow. Remember the Variety Tour? A deerstalking
trip across the South of England sponsored by Zeiss, Sauer, Hornady and Diana Hunting?
– The Variety Tour hunters are paired up today and Dom is also hoping to get a chance at
this funny little deer…but probably not as much as Paul. I know there are a lot of animals down here
so try and pick out one of the cull animals and get you in close enough to get a shot. He’s had a bit of a dry spell leading up this
morning so is rubbing his lucky charm to ensure the deer play the game for his clients. Normally when I am struggling with the outings
I give this a little rub and it works but it hasn’t worked for the last five days as
everyone keeps reminding me I keep drawing blank when everyone else is drawing in animals
back but today is going to be okay. Stalking Chinese involves making the most
of hedgerows and the topography… in the early morning light they can be tougher than
their reputation leads you to believe. Saying that, within half an hour Paul spots
a young female on the opposite site of the stubble field. It’s going to mean a crawl. See the one now, that ones good – okay – that
ones okay to shoot. Yup, that will be good. It’s just as she steps forward but she drops
nonetheless. Yes, that’s good, yes nice – the pressure
was on. Good, good, right let’s go and see what we have got. It’s a new species, perfect.
Young female. This years youngster – that means she would have been born in May. A good
clean animal. A really healthy animal. Good. This is totally new but really nice. It is
just nice to see the country also. A different terrain. As I said, it is always nice to crawl
around a little bit, get down on your belly and shoot prone. Even at distance the shot looks like it has
caused a lot of damage. Dom’s impressed by the outshot from the Hornady Super performance. Yes, sometimes if your Deer runs on, obviously
you come to the shot site, first of all, and look for an out shot – some sign of hair or
blood or something to give you some idea of where to go but I think it is safe to say
the the bullet today let , obviously the animal on the ground but also one hell of an out
shot. There is hair, blood, lung – you know, I think even Stevie Wonder could have followed
that deer up. Dom has shot one CWD before so knows the score,
but is clearly feeling a bit suspicious this morning. It can’t hurt can it.The lucky coin worked.
The five outing blank is now been broken. Two fields over Paul is happy there’s another
good cull candidate. We need to wait and see if she moves towards us for a clear shot. Yes, I am happy with that. You are happy,
okay I’ll wait for her to stop. I’ll give her a shout to stop her. Okay Whoo! Dom takes his chance, she jumps forward but
the shot is good. That’s a nice entry, that’s bang on. Oh yes,
just dropped it out. That is exactly where I was aiming so that’s okay, thank you Paul.
Good Shot. I don’t know how you managed to get a Man with a cough this bad anywhere close
to a deer but thanks very much. Well done. That’s double. Yes, you can go home with your
head held high today. Paul has had a busy week catering for a load
of international hunters, but he’s brought home the bacon today or should that be the
crispy fried deer. A lovely brace of Chinese Water Deer there
and if you would like to see more of Ulf’s shooting skills including him free handing
shooting out to 600 metres click on the link that’s appeared up there behind me. Now someone
who received a police caution for his free hand shooting its David on the Fieldsports
Channel News Stump: This is Fieldsports Channel News: Anti hunters are whining about pro-hunting
Susannah Constantine. Her ten year-old daughter shot her first duck, and the British TV host
posted the pics on Facebook. A rugby star has been out after rabbits with
hawks and foxes with an eagle in Mongolia. Australia and Barbarians Nick Cummins, known
as the Honey Badger, posted a series of images on Twitter and Instagram from the Altai Mountains,
a range that crosses the Russian, Chinese, Kazak and Mongolian borders. Wanna win a pair of wellies? Here’s a 10-seconds-to-enter
competition to win a pair of Harkila Forester boots that normally sell for £200. Visit There is a new US injured soldier rehab programme
based around big game stalking. Heroes Hunting: takes combat veterans out after American wildlife,
like this pronghorn antelope hunt they posted on YouTube. Trips are funded through donations. Did you fall-off out hunting and was the moment
captured on camera? If so, you could win a magnum of Pol Roger Champagne. The Countryside
Alliance and the champagne have launched the Tumblers’ Club Competition. Open to amateurs
only, closing date for entries is 1st March 2015. Email photos to [email protected]
including your name, address and a photo caption. And finally, we don’t have film, we don’t
even have a photo but to the guy who spotted Roy Lupton towing his Argocat on the M25,
waved and went in front of him in the queue for the Dartford Tunnel, thanks very much
for paying his toll. Roy is delighted. You are now up-to-date with Fieldsport Channel
News, Stalking the stories, fishing for facts. Now the fox hunting season has officially
opened except, of course, without the foxes. I’ve been down to Dorset, to meet a couple
of people who are turning it into big business. The Queen’s Arms in Corton Denham, a sleepy
village in Dorset. Home today to horse. Power. I’m a motor head. I’m going to take this Astin
Martin to the coast and test it out. OK that’s an American who is not hunting.
His wife and two friend, however, are hunting. We’re fine with that. Not jealous at all.
They should be jealous of us I think! This happy group is togged up and ready to
go out for one of the finest days the English countryside has to offer. So let’s start with
the togging is that normal for Americans? It is and when I first started hunting I thought,
boy there is way too much emphasis on the clothing but when you learn why you where
this it’s a respect to the landowners who allow us to hunt on their property, well then,
that makes sense. I hunt with Casanova hunt, which is near Warrington,
Virginia and we are with Carolina Hunt and also with Casanova Hunt. We are very fortunate.
We have some really nice hunts near us. There you have it. They take it as seriously
as we do. Right let’s fast forward to the meet. Here is the hunting tour operator who
brought the Americans here. That is true, we’re not really in the right
car for following today. We had a job parking it. This is a lovely bit of classic Blackmore
vale country, you’ve got quite open, lovely hedges. And today, Mike Felton is our Master.
He looks after that central part of Blackmore Vale. This Vale country is the famous stuff.
You know, good dairy country, lovely manicured hedges if hounds run there is a lot of fun
to be had down here. It’s quite nice that not everybody who hunts wants to hunt every
day and it is really nice that we can include spouses , friends, children, if they want
to come and soak up some of the atmosphere here without getting on a horse. You see people
going to such lengths. You see horses beautifully turned out. Coats are clean, Buttons are shining.
It’s quite special. I’d like to see three very muddy coats from my mounted followers,
but with big smiles and I would like to see not so muddy coat for Mike here as we step
out of the car still looking like James Bond. Hello, I’ve already got a muddy coat. Four
muddy coats! The Americans mount up. They are no slouches
when it comes to funny English tack. We have a standing martingale, we don’t normally
have these rings like this but it is pretty much the same setup as we have in the States.
We’re used to this. Like a ride at home. And a very nice horse. Hunting people, being hunting people, are
delighted to see other hunting people.. I’ll take them round my house tomorrow evening
for a quick drink and show them some of my pictures and something else to fill in their
programme. So long live Americans! And there’s a welcome from the MFH too. If I could just interrupt this drinks party
for a moment please, can I also just extend a welcome to our American visitors here today.
Very nice to see you. Welcome to the BV – I hope you don’t get too closely acquainted
with our mud. So Mike and Ben are off with the Aston, the
others are on horses, and I hitch a ride with the quadbikes. As well as 60 people on horses,
there are forty on foot, in cars, on motorbikes and on quads. That’s 100 people in a small
rural area keen enough to take a whole Monday off to go hunting. Star of the field is Charlotte on Cracker.
Cracker is 35 years old. Charlotte is just 6. We are trail hunting today, and the first
cover to draw is a patch of rough land by a brook. A roebuck gets up ware haunch as
hunting people say and it heads off into the rest of Dorset. It’s a lot easier to keep up with the action
on a horse but it is a lot easier to film as a foot follower. The rest of the day I
spend with the folk in their various vehicles trying to intercept the hunt as it goes past.
One of them has invented a clever way to watch proceedings from the comfort of his car. I was getting told off for getting up on the
roof and denting it in so I made this up to stop that and hey presto I came up with this
to keep within the law at the backend of the truck. Some of the followers have less good ideas I always come hunting in these shoes. I catch up with one of our Americans It’s going great so far! One of the foot followers is the farmer on
whose land we start. First meet on the farm since we’ve been here
in 11 years, having moved down from Oxfordshire, so it’s nice to see everyone out today. Very
good. It’s nice to see the older generation. Especially the older people following. It’s
all part of the countryside and its nice to see them getting involved and some of the
young children here as well. At the end of the day, trails have been followed,
and the Americans have a couple of jumps to report. Lucky launched off and he was like smack on
the bank and he’s like laid out and I’m like, sitting and I’m like okay, come on come on
and he’s got up and he – did you hold your neck strap?
Yes I did. Yes he did.
He grabbed the neck strap. He kicked for him to go on up.
And I gave him is full head for him to go one up and he did. Looks like they are coming again. If you want
to enjoy traditional English foxhunting even if for the time being it’s without the fox
visit Good to see Hunting alive, kicking and thriving
despite the worst that Tony Blair could do to it. Now it is a truth, universally acknowledged
that the bigger the animal you shoot the larger the headline you create in your local newspaper.
I have been abroad to find out why hunting is good for big game. There has been a lot of flapping in the media
recently about trophy hunting. Foreigners taking pot shots at Elephants and Rhinos.
Well, I haven’t come to Africa to find out more about it. I’ve come to Denmark. I’m at the Trophy Hunting Museum in fabulous
Valdemars Castle to meet Claus Olesen. He is going to show me Europe’s largest collection
of big game trophies that’s open to the public, and he runs nature courses here for schools,
too. He wants to explain to me why big game hunting helps big game. For example if you take Lions, they are a
good example. They pay for their own existance because when they take some of their Massi
people cows, they pay them. In Tanzania they have the worlds largest populations of wild
Lion due to the trophy hunt. So supposing there was no hunting? They don’t have the money. Kenya can be the
other example. They don’t have any trophy hunting. There is no compensation paid so
the Massi, they poison the lions when they take one of their cows they put poison in
the body and when they come back there, there is no problem with lions any more as they
are dead. Claus points out that southern white rhino
numbers have increased to around 20,000 from a low of 2,000 in the 1980s thanks to the
money from big game hunting. What’s knocking the numbers back today is poaching, not hunting.
Is that real rhino horn behind you, Claus? No! We don’t dare to have the real Rhino horn
as the price is so enormously high. It would encourage burglars to come here and take it.
If that was real Rhino horn there how much would that cost? Around 3-400,000 Euros. One of the arguments against hunting is that
the people who do it must be weird to want to knock over a big, beautiful animal. I go shooting as well, hunting and I don’t
think I am sadistic or whatever your pointing at but I think I take part in nature. I am
living in it and living with it and I think it is the same with the trophy hunter.They
take part and every day some animals are going to die one way or another and if we can give
benefit to the local population whilst providing trophies for the trophy hunters I think it
is a good thing. It’s not always about African animals. Claus
has this shaggy sheep story from Pakistan. The Markhurst is a very good example. In the
1960’s there was only 30 left of this Kasmir Markhorn. Exactly the same story as with the
Rhino’s. It eats the same food as the livestock did so they had to get some benefit from it.
There was no trophy hunting but there was a Danish guy and he said if you stop poaching
I will pay you 10,000 dollars next year. And in 1983 the Pakistan government thought now
the population is big enough we can allow for one bull to be shot but nowadays there
are three populations of different Markcross and there are fifteen let free for trophy
hunting every year which pays about 100 – 150,000 dollars each license and the money gets back
to the local areas where the villagers are running the schools, their health care systems,
the benefit of the trophy hunt. So they think it is very good to have this Macro because
they can get much more out of them. Have you got any records here? Yes I have this one. This is a world record.
It is an East African Sitatunga. Well, that’s a new one on me. So, now for
some fun for you. How good are you at your big game species? Here’s a quiz. Rules are
simple: you get a few seconds of the animal, then its name pops up on the screen. No prizes,
no pack drill, off you go. That’s it. For more about this museum, go
to Well I hope you got ten out of ten there Claus.
Now shooting is not just about accuracy of identification, it’s about accuracy of shot
placement. Here is Tim Pilbeam to show you how to stop your scope from becoming wobbly. Most of us are pretty good at looking after
our shooting kit, otherwise it gets expensive and or you start missing; to show how important
it is to keep everything locked down sporting rifle contributor Tim Pilbeam is going to
see what happens to your zero when you loosen the scope mounts on a rib fire and a full
bore rifle. First up its the 17HMR. Ill be just loosening these mounts off. We
will just look at the change of point of impact. We’ll be shooting at 100 metres so we should
see a fair bit of change. It could be quite tricky because this is a rimfire and there
is not much recall but I am rather hoping that if I just loosen off the rear side, the
rear mount that we will be able to see a change in the point of impact so the screw tension
is about 45 inch pounds. Let us drop it down to 20 then with this loosened off we will
hopefully see some changes. What has happened actually is, you can see
the point of impact has actually moved, probably two inches up and an inch to the left. I didn’t
think,in fact, it would move that much but I backed it off by about 10-5 inch pound and
I moved the scope a wee bit and it has moved it a good two inches so I am quite surprised
by that. So the most important thing is to make sure all your mounts are kept pretty
tight. The results show significant deviation. Next
up is the centre fire rifle with a lot more kick. It is the 270WSM. Quite a punchy rifle. It
is a light rifle as well so a lot of force will be coming back at me and this is when
really good quality mounts come into it because if they are not tight enough things will move,
my god they will do with this recall. Okay, first shot, second shot, third shot
,so the rifle is more or less zeroed. I loosened the mount from 60inch pounds to 30. Didn’t
really make a huge difference. Then I loosened the mounts down to 5inch pounds and immediately
we have a three inch rise impact. It demonstrates it really well. I am really pleased about
that. So, maybe its not breathing, trigger weight,
wind, temperature, incline or star sign – maybe it is just a case of getting a grip on that
scope. For more information about sportsmatch go
to This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. First up, here’s how to combine a shooting
trip with a Mediterranean holiday. Wild Jaeger is taking paying hunters to the Island of
Plavnik off the Croatian mainland in search of fallow deer and what he calls Dalmation
ram sadly that’s not sheep with spots. More laid-back south-European shooting, Reivax
Films teams up with French bird-shooting operator Sabournac for a duck day.
And the excellent Seasons TV, mainly in France these days, offers wild boar and deer in one
productive drive. This clip is from its film “Avec les chiens dans la battue” – “With the
dogs in the hunt coming out soon. Two films from very different Zealands now.
Northzealandhunting Hunter is after foxes on the island of Zealand in Denmark. On the other side of the world, Josh James
Kiwi Bushman is calling red stags in the rut. This film is only just out, though it dates
from 2012. Josh heads up a river in south Westland before the Government bombed it up
with 1080 poison. He says the area is now a death zone overrun by rats. The first films are coming out about the 2014
hunting season in North America. Spruce Grouse Hunting Opening Day 2014 shows William Larkham
Jr after birds and a lost Go-Pro camera. TheFieldArcher offers Deer Hunting: Fall Bowhunting
Season 5 Highlights. It is his record of the New Jersey bowhunting season with compound
and crossbow. And finally, TexasNative00 sends in his film
Stalk Hunting Whitetail Deer with the 300AAC Blackout AR15. It is very Texas. A nice walk
through Texas Hill country after white tail deer with a 300 AAC Blackout upper, 16 inch
carbine gas system Sota Arms barrel, 15 inch Freefloat tube from Midwest Industries and
standard A2 flash hider. Just in case the deer are in any doubt. That’s it for this week. If you have a YouTube
film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email
me the link [email protected] If you don’t like those how about these? Airgunners
are putting the squeeze on squirrels on the new Airheads, the fortnightly show for airgunners.
James Marchington faces a gray wave of the pests in his back garden. It’s one man against
100’s. Hot Air, Airgun news leads on a scarey Halloween squirrel and air streaming has the
cream of youtube out after squirrels as well as Arab desert quail. In other features, Darren shows how to mount
a night vision unit and tells top tip this week is about how air gunners can stop the
rot. It will be the best twelve minutes fifty four seconds you have had all week. Meanwhile,we are learning how bowman makes
clay traps in schoolschallengetv this week. The family firm is just a couple of years
of its fiftieth birthday and Andrew Davidson is still the hands on boss he ever was. That
is not all as Commonwealth Games double trap silver medalist, Mat French describes his
win and dry fire shows off its shooting set up where you can practice shooting with your
own gun, in comfort of your living room. Click on the link on your screen for schools challenge
tv. Well we are back next week. Please subscribe
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Good Shooting, Good Fishing and Goodbye!

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