Fieldsports Britain – Michaela’s Muntjac

Fieldsports Britain – Michaela’s Muntjac

[Music] Our favourite Eastern European shooter and
model is in the UK to go for our smallest deer. I just got it! It’s Michaelka. In News, country folk are bagging up their
best shooting coats to send to refugees in the Syrian winter. Rob Gearing is talking
about salt and two 12-year-old boys are shooting Ritz crackers. Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. [Music] Michaela is a controversial girl, shooting
lions in Africa and romping through the Czech press at home as well as the UK’s Daily
Mail. Today, she is after the uncontroversial muntjac and maybe a fallow, and she is going
out with one of the country’s top muntjac merchants, stalker Paul Childerley. We are
on ground in Hertfordshire and Michaela is staying uncharacteristically quiet as we stalk
the woodland margins on this family-owned estate. It doesn’t take long and we are
on to one. It is an awkward shot. [Music] We disturb two fallow. They are bucks, so Michaela doesn’t take
that shot. Now, with the fallow out of the way, nothing can stop her excitement bubbling
over. I just got it. [Laughs] OK, what did you get? [Laughs] I don’t know. A muntjac buck. Michaela and Paul have only just met. So how
does Paul know that a client like her can shoot straight? That’s the beauty of having Facebook. You
can check somebody out before they come hunting and see how much they have hunted before,
because it just makes your life so much easier when they are competent with a rifle. And
also, when you give somebody a rifle, straight away they take it up correctly. They know
how it works. It’s just – you can tell who is a hunter and who is not a hunter. [Laughs] It was a good shot. A brilliant shot that
was. So, well done. I want to try to eat it. Will you cook it
for me? So have you seen a deer like this before,
Michaela? No, no, never. That is why I was dreaming
about this one. And that is why I messaged you that I want a muntjac, because I have
seen them on Facebook and I was jealous of hunters who already have one. So, now I am
really happy because I also have one. And I really wonder what it tastes like. Yes I need a trophy. I need it mounted like
you have. A shoulder mount, yes. They are always in thick bushes, in thick
cover, and they never break across the fields. They are so alert compared to the Chinese
[water deer] and the roe. Their senses are, I think, phenomenal. Especially when there is more than one of
you hunting them, they are difficult, clever little guys. We walk to another patch of woodland, and
Michaela spots another culinary delight. Magic mushrooms. Yes. Eat it. No thank you. I think it is a magic mushroom. Magic. Who is going to eat it? You will see a lot
of deer, I guarantee you. [Laughs] Paul is in a spin about the pheasants here.
Too much deerstalking disturbs them. He talks to Phil the gamekeeper who runs the pheasant
shoot. There are not many fallow out here. I don’t
want to push all these woods out. You got anything your end, out in the fields or whatever? It turns out he does and he agrees to come
and pick us up. Paul and Michaela have a special commission to shoot a fallow for the freezer
of the family that owns the place. We need a vehicle to get us to the other end of the
estate. While we walk back to the track, Michaela says how similar this is to deerhunting at
home in the Czech Republic. Yes, well – it is kind of similar but we
don’t have muntjac. But yes – hunting in the Czech Republic also we walk a lot,
sometimes we sit on a high seat. It’s up to what mood you have. But yes, it is kind
of similar to Czech Republic hunting. In the Czech Republic, people like traditions,
so they usually put the branch in its mouth, which means something like ‘last meal’,
and it is some kind of respect for the animal. I don’t know if you guys are doing it here. We have time to take lots of photos of Michaela’s
first muntjac before Phil arrives. He drives us until we find a deer to stalk into. It
doesn’t take long. [Shot] And down it goes. The shot sends yet more
fallow scuttling. Paul shot this one. He does not feel he had
to work hard for it. Maximum reward for minimum effort, basically. Michaela is on a photography mission. Trophy
is much more important in the Czech Republic than in the UK. Paul sets up the animal for
a photo in the way that his clients usually like. Mum and baby. Yes – oh God. This is what the Daily Mail will say: you
have got the mummy and the baby. Michaela says the muntjac stalking experience
is similar to a kind of stalking she knows well. It reminds me of roe deer hunting. They are,
like, small animals. Yes, I would say it is like hunting roe deer.
You can stalk them, you can call them and you can sit in a high seat and wait for them,
so, yes. It was very hard, you know. OK. I had to wake up in the morning and put the
make-up on. [Laughs] Now, let’s take a break from deer. There’s
another good reason to bring Michaela and Paul together. They are both champion kickboxers
so, back at the shooting lodge Paul keeps for his guests, they agree to put the gloves
on and show off. Oh, ВПКА, ISDO and some others. Can you compete with that? Yes – WPKA, WMA… So you are basically about… …Probably the same sort of level. They start sparring, but they are being ultra
careful, so I have added some sound effects to make it more exciting. [Music] So have we concluded who is the best fighter? Honestly, he is a man, so I would have to
kick his balls at the right time, and have luck, and then he is down – and if I don’t
get it. It makes your eyes water. Now it’s the following
morning. Paul and Michaela are in Bedfordshire where he is going to take her out after Britain’s
other small deer, a Chinese water deer. The muntjac got a strong reaction from the world
when Michaela posted the photos on Facebook. People all over the planet wanted to know
what it was and where it came from, and of course how could she be so cruel to shoot
such a little one. Michaela is expecting even more from the CWD. Oh, they will say it is a baby because it
is a small deer. It is a very small deer – smaller than a roe deer, and I got the trouble with
the roe deer because ‘it is a baby’, at least, the Daily Mail said it is a baby, so
we will see what they are going to say about Chinese water deer. Despite the chance of media hysteria, it’s
a beautiful morning and the deer are standing out in the fields. Michaela and Paul are soon
crawling into place for a shot at a cull buck. But there is a problem. There is a man wheeling
his bicycle across the field. It spooks the deer, and Paul gets on the phone to the landowner
to find out if it is a trespasser. OK, cool, that’s all right. I didn’t know
who he was. It turns out it is fine – but it means Paul
has to rethink his stalking strategy. He takes us up another hedgerow on these big fields.
Glassing ahead and Paul spots not one but two animals next to each other. To get into
the right place for a safe shot means a crawl into the ditch. It’s a longer drop than
Paul expects. The problem now is that the animals are lying down. Paul tries to make
them stand up – but they have already been disturbed by an unexpected bicyclist and this
is too much for them. Happily, Paul spots another one further away under a hedge. The
landowner wants a significant reduction in numbers so any animal is a good animal. [Shot] It’s another good shot, proving that Michaela
can hit them from a distance. Michaela is happy but she would have preferred a buck. Yes, I like the big teeth. I need a male.
You have got to find me a male. Michaela has had a good couple of days with
Paul. Two outings, three deer and, well, a submission. Keeping her warm all the way through
is this film’s sponsor, clothing company ShooterKing. And if you want to go stalking
with Paul, visit Thank you Michaelka and thank you Paul for
looking after her. Now from a hot chick to a cold turkey, it’s David with the Fieldsports
Channel News Stump. [Music]
This is Fieldsports Channel news. The European Commission has decided we need
a firearm ban. They cannot tell the difference between this
kind of shoot and this [shot] so the commissioners plan to amend the Firearms Directive to burden
national police forces and legal gun owners. They believe that if they stop pheasant shooting,
they will halt ISIS in its tracks. There is a lot of lobbying you can do. One is to go
to which is on 75,000 signatures and rising. And if you are in the
mood to sign petitions, the British government is planning to ban lead shot. If you disagree
with that, go to Thanks to everyone who has sent in those two
links. Australian shooters have stopped a gun ban
in its tracks. The federal government attempted to force
the states to have lever-action shotguns reclassified under a more restrictive firearms category.
This would have resulted in them being banned from regular licensed firearm owners and yet
another mass confiscation, this time without compensation. Thanks to Michael Hurtado for
sending in this story. The USA and Canada is preparing for a record
duck shooting season, which opens on 26 November, Thanksgiving Day. Duck migrate across the continent and their
migration routes are tracked by organisations such as Ducks Unlimited. This year sees the
highest duck count ever at 49,522,000 with 11,643,000 mallard, just over 4 million green-winged
teal and 3,834,000 gadwall. Imagine Nicola Sturgeon’s luck. Just weeks after the SNP tore up rules on
interfering in English affairs by ordering its MPs to oppose changes to the hunting ban,
anti-hunting group the Political Animal Lobby Limited donated GBP10,000 to the Nationalists.
Political Animal Lobby Limited also donated GBP1.1 million to the Labour Party before
the 1997 General Election. Amazing coincidence. CountryCoats2Syria is making its first shipment. With the Syrian winter around the corner,
hunts, shoots and farmers across the South-West have donated spare coats to refugees in what
is a pilot project for a national campaign. For more search for #CountryCoats2Syria. A major new documentary against canned lion
hunting, funded by antis, turns out to have been faked. A South African wild animal rehabilitation
and sanctuary centre has taken the film’s producer, Regulus Vision, to court. It has
claimed the documentary has tarnished its reputation by falsely implicating it in the
canned lion hunting trade. Zanchieta Wild Cat Farm, where much of the film Blood Lions
was made, says it has no connection with hunting. And finally, in a world where everyone has
got a camera to stick in your face, one buck has found a way to get back at them. [Deer sneezes] Bless you You are now up to date with Fieldsports Channel
News: stalking the stories, fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Now a question that should
keep all right-thinking sportsmen and women awake at night. Which flies more like a snipe:
Ritz Crackers or Jacobs’ Cheddars? [Music] More fun than a clay trap, isn’t it? Going long, Fred. Got him! I am the cracker trapper. What I tend to do with people that are new
to the cracker job is I break them in on a few Cheddars, and then once they are feeling
cocky, I catch them out with the old Ritz, because they are much smaller, and they do
tend to fly with much more velocity through the air. You are shooting pieces as well, are you? It’s fun. It’s not exactly the same thing,
but – yes – it’s good fun and it just gets your eye in. You don’t have to put
as much lead on it as you would with pheasants or a pigeon. But it’s smaller and cheesier. Yes. [Music] Probably the cheddars are the woodcock of
this world, and these are more snipe-like. It’s good, because you can eat and shoot. And again! Good shot, well done. You were
slightly left of the bird but that was a good shot. You take your Ritz Cracker, and place inside,
and the best thing to do is flick it up in the air. Bang. And it provides food for the pheasants. It’s a little bit of accuracy with the bowling
arm, and not too sure where it is going to go when the wind gets it, so very challenging
for not only the cracker trapper but the cracker shooter. [Laughs] Eating and shooting combines the best parts
of game shooting and clay shooting, really, doesn’t it? Yes. So, what would you like your clay pigeon to
be made out of ideally? Pizzas. [Laughs] Thank you Eddie, thank you Freddie, thank
you Ashley for trapping. Now from salty biscuits to the importance of salt in your diet when
you are in wild places. From the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, Rob Gearing continues his series
on what gear to pack. [Music] Something that a lot of people don’t take,
that they should do, or they take for the wrong reason, is salt. Now, most of us eat
a lot of processed food at home. You will not get enough salt when you are in the mountains.
You are sweating a lot – right – you are not drinking enough, and this is one thing
that you will lose a lot of. I can’t recommend it more highly, guys, but make sure that you
have got plenty of that stuff to keep with you. Right, even put in your water. A little
bit each day. Don’t go overboard with your water, but make sure you have got plenty of
that when you eat, because if you are not eating processed food, as we haven’t been
eating processed food, that’s a key, essential element. And if you don’t get enough of
it, you are going to start feeling it. So, thoroughly recommend a bit of salt, guys.
It’s very easy to keep. I remember Berber hillmen telling me never
to drink water neat, always put something in it, even if it is sand… or whisky. Now
from the mountains of Tien-Shan to the wider world of hunting and shooting on YouTube:
it is Hunting YouTube. [Music] This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. Who says the 17HMR is useless over 100 yards?
Viewer Jonny Ellsmore sends in ‘Long Range Rimfire Shooting Episode 2: How to make a
221 yard .17 HMR headshot’. This is the second in a video series which covers using the iPhone
ballistic calculator, the iStrelok. Runar Jensen is back on YouTube. He is after
roe does in Norway with I do believe a double rifle. Wild Jaeger Ricky Mills is in Slovenia with
his friends Meena Fernandes and Cynthia Sutherland. Find out how two years of hunting culminates
in one shot on a three-year old chamois. WilFish247 is shooting snipe just ahead of
the first cold front of the season. Not enough duck in the area yet but he prefers snipe,
as does Bella the dog, who is picking up These guys do have duck. This is the opening
day duck hunt in Kansas featuring MallyWackerOutfitters. On the command ‘Kill them’, everyone stands
up and starts blazing. With the buck season underway, US hunting
TV shows have suddenly got more interesting for the rest of us. One of the best is
In this episode, they are deer hunting over the youth hunting weekend – not quite as
sinister as it sounds – and end up with a nice Ozark buck. Good old Stuck N The Rut turns a road movie
into a drive-by in this film. I am sure it is more complicated than they make it look
but basically in the US you make a noise like General Melchett (baa) and deer stand still
for you. And finally, William Larkham Jr is in woodland
caribou area 76 on Newfoundland where his wife shoots her first caribou: lots of a meat
and a rug for winter. That’s it for this week. If you have a YouTube
film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email
me the link [email protected] Well if you didn’t like those, how about
this? It’s AirHeads. We are off to a pig farm that’s over-run with rats for a night
vision airgun test with our creature of the night Darren Rogers. Plus HFT Master Roger
Lait compares airgun pellets with bullets to show which is more effective. There is
HotAir news with details of how to win a tour of the Air Arms factory and Airstreaming rounds
up the best airgunning videos on YouTube. It’s also Schools Challenge week and this
week we are at the final of the Winter Series. It’s cold, it’s windy and it is bright
– tough conditions for kids to get the hang of shooting in competition – watch them
suffer. Click on the link on the screen. And you can also click on the card that should
have appeared on the screen to take you to our website where you can subscribe to our
YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or pop your email address into
our ConstantContact box and we will constantly contact you about this show. It is called
Fieldsports Britain. It is out 7pm UK time every Wednesday. And this has been Fieldsports
Britain. Good hunting, good shooting, good fishing and goodbye. [Music]

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