Fieldsports Britain – Rooks, Roe & Crow

Fieldsports Britain – Rooks, Roe & Crow

Welcome to Fieldsports Britain, coming up:
The legendary Crow is after Roe and a bag full of pigeons. We’ve got News Stump, we’ve
got Hallo Charlie, we’ve got Hunting Youtube. First I’m on a mission to make Rook Pie. The branchers that can nearly but not quite
fly head out of the nest in mid May and should make easy targets for airguns. That’s why
son Edmund and I take the airgun to the wood to try to shoot a couple for the pot. Going back 700 years and rook was a popular
dish. Medieval kitchens cooked all sorts of stuff unusual by our standards [use unicorn
shot] and the tradition was to send small boys up trees to grab branchers, which they
say is as good as pigeon but unfairly discriminated against because of their colour. But times
have changed, and instead of boys we have boys toys. Darren took these shots of the
young bird in their nest using his quadcopter. Going back seven years and if you want an
example of why the country is going to hell in a dog basket, why there are indeed blackbirds
over the greyish cliffs of Dover, Gordon Ramsay was investigated for shooting branchers for
the pot. Technically, you can only shoot rooks if they are an agricultural menace. Now I
know what you are thinking: surely we could have got Ramsay on something by now. Happily for Edmund and me, there are no blue
flashing light, the ARU remains in the helipad coffee lounge and the lad stays out of the
young offenders institute for a few more days. What saves the rooks is their name, ‘branchers’.
There is such a tangle of ash and beech branches in this wood, we can’t get an airgun pellet
near them. So the dogs get back in the car and we head home for a rethink. And that rethink
has me replacing Ed with the new Fieldsports Channel intern, Tom, and replacing the airgun
with shotguns. Of course the problem with using a shotgun
is that one bang and the birds lift into the air. All the branchers that up to now had
been too nervous to take off suddenly find the gift of flight. We wait and we wait for the birds to come
back into range. The heifers take a keen interest. Not sure I can do this with an audience. Eventually the dogs take matters into their
own hands. They find an unlucky young rook on the ground and peg it.
Now, shooting rooks on low branches with shotguns, or even grabbing them off the floor, is easy
sport for the month of May. I am going somewhere with this. I have got a few scraps of game
in the freezer I want to clear out and I need a few more to make a game pie. Earlier that
morning, I go out with my dad to his wood to look for a roebuck. As we walk in towards the wood, two roebuck
race out of it, passing us at 20 feet, then one chases the other over the road and returns.
It is limping. As it comes down the fenceline I move into position. I shoot it at 25 yards
and it goes straight down. There you are , Roebuck are easy. Now back
to the slightly trickier question of Branchers. Now for the cookery. Don’t get excited. This
is Gordon Ramsay’s rook salad, which he does with the benefit of the finest ingredients
and a Channel 4 TV budget. We don’t have Gordon. We have Tom, who is
joining us for two months on a work placement from the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester
where he is studying food. He is a qualified chef. He is also a student. How does the modern
student cook rook? It will probably taste distinctly average,
I think, is the best way to describe it! Well you will have to take my word for it,
it was delicious.And something else that some people will find delicious, no that’s wrong,
David, on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump! This is Fieldsports Channel News
Six people have been arrested after wild boars were released during a burglary at a farm
in Wales. Farmer Greg Davis, of Llangynwyd, near Maesteg, says more than 40 of the animals
could be roaming the area after they were released from their pen following a break-in
at. The British wild boar population is thriving. Viewer David Smith sent in these pictures
of wild boar tip toeing through the bluebells on Exmoor in the West of England. Staying on Exmoor and a deerstalker has shot
an unusual malform. Viewer Stuart Parish of Exmoor sent in these pictures of a strange-looking
roe buck. One antler has grown normally, but the other has grown down the side of its head.
It’s time to spread the love and introduce someone to shooting in the UK.National Shooting
Week takes place from 24th-31st May. Organised by the Countryside Alliance, it includes reduced
rates at claygrounds all over the country. Visit for more. Lawmakers in Louisiana have declared fox pen
hunting part of the American state’s folklife heritage. The sport involves training hunting
dogs to pursue foxes in fenced-in preserves. The foxes are chased up trees and are seldom
killed. Norway is on course to repeal its ban on lead
shot. The main political party in Norway plans to lift the ban on lead on shot, outside wetlands
and clay shooting grounds. The Norway Hunters’ Association successfully argued that the amount
of lead discharged throughout the countryside has a negligible impact on the environment.
Meanwhile, Denmark plans to ban tungsten shot as well as lead shot. Global warming may hit roe deer populations
across Europe. Almost extinct in parts of Europe in the late 17th century, the roe deer
bounced back and today is one of the most widespread deer on the continent. However,
it is not adapting to climate change. In Champagne in eastern France, hotter temperatures over
the past few decades have resulted in earlier springs. But the timing of roe deer births
has remained unchanged, according to a team of scientists from France and UK, so fewer
roe kids are surviving. Locals in Newquay, Cornwall, have found themselves
battling an infestation of ‘massive’ rodents, and are worried the super-sized vermin are
becoming increasingly bold. Residents say that a new housing development may have disturbed
the vermin who are now prowling the resort and terrorizing people. The rat population
has boomed since the council stopped providing a free extermination service. Got a problem bear in your backyard? The State
Government of Wisconsin is holding “Learn to Bear Hunt” courses throughout the state
in the upcoming months. You have to be over ten years old and you will learn how to read
bear sign, check bear baits, handle hound dogs, you will practise safe firearm handling
and receive target shooting tips. Apply at And finally a motorist in Finland stopped
his car to film this woodcock on the road. He was playing music in the car and it appears
to be dancing. Thanks to viewer Nick Warren for sending it in You are now up to date with Fieldsport Channel
News, stalking for stories, fishing for facts. Thank you David. Now lets see what you lot
have been up to. It is Hallo Charlie! Hallo Charlie, it’s Paul up in Scotland. It’s
a cold, wet one. But we’re doing some deer control. Hello Charlie! Hello Charlie! Hello Charlie, I’m Paul, I’m Luke and we’re
both aged 15 and we’ve bought the airarm .400 and I’ve just shot two rabbits with one shot.
Two lovely little rabbits. Hello Charlie, this is Phil here, out stalking
a few rabbits tonight Any corvets that should come their way as well. Any way, good night
from sunny Dorset. Hello Charlie. Paul, Callum, George doing
a bit of ferrel pigeon control in the local dairy farm for the farmer using the NS200.
Cracking bit of kit. Bye Charlie, bye Charlie, bye Charlie. Hello Charlie, Paul from Hampshire here. Lovely
sunny evening. Just out for a walk with my new rifle. It’s been a good night. Keep up
the good work. Hello Charlie, it’s Adam from Manchester.
I’ve just taken my friend Danny out on his first lamping expedition. Hello Charlie, Richard here in the Chilterns
in Hertfordshire. 5000 acres of National Trust. Vermin shooting, which I hardly ever get out
on. There’s not terribly much about today. It’s Hammy here, having a nice rough shoot
out here in Norfolk. Been a bit of a quiet day though. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone, just a sentence saying Hallo Charlie, who you are and what you’re
up to and then share it or email it via youtube, facebook, dropbox or you send it you name
it to Charlie at And please keep sending those videos in. Next
up, Crow’s out after pigeons. These days Captain Crow is resorting to aerial
surveillance to find his pigeons .And it’s working. There are hundreds of birds up here
in north Kent but they’re not all wood pigeons and today is going to be as much about species
identification as it is shooting. Stock doves have got a lot faster wing beat,
wood pigeons have got a slower wing beat. Crow doesn’t want to waste his Gamebore shells
on ferals, and the stock doves, are protected. Now he’s parked his chopper, let’s start with
why this is the place for us today. We used growing maze last year for the cover
crop and it’s just yellow so what they are doing is just feeding on the peas all day
and coming in here just for a last feed to get a bit of protein out of the maze. We thought
we’d get here now it’s half three, get set up for a few hours and see how we get on. It’s looking quite promising, the wind is
in our backs, or in our sides really. So everything is going to come up from the wood, come up
through. Got a big Ash Tree here which they make for. I’ve had a lot of good days here,
so I know they will make for these Ash Trees so if I can shoot 15/20 pigeons I will be
happy. I haven’t been shooting the gun much this year so it will be nice just to, well
it just is nice to get out and have a few bangs really. So it’s a combination of flight lines, wind,
food and timing. If you don’t know when they’re filling their crops with your crops, you will
waste a lot of time looking at ‘Sky’ — and not the satellite TV version. Crow has defrosted a few real birds for the
pattern, as well as his decoys. His whirly is either being held together by tape or there’s
some crow-sense behind it. I’ve got a long hazel stick, goes in its back
passage, goes right the way through out of the front of the rib cage, right up its neck
into its head. Stick it in the ground. Break both of it’s wings, like that and it blows
in the wind. It’s just a bit of movement. I’ve watched a few people using whirlys and
they are like a flashing mirror going round and round. So, all mine, I get some tape,
well I get mine from A1 but you can get some from anywhere. Just a tape, camouflage tape.
I just wind it all along. It just stops it glinting. Because every time it goes round
there is somewhere where it catches the sun while mine are all taped up and it doesn’t
matter what you paint it with it still shines. Interesting. And if you have ever wondered
what it’s like to be impaled on a whirly and spun around — hold on tight………………That’s
quite enough of that. With us today is Sporting Shooter editor Dom
Holtam. He’s not brought a gun, which is a shame, as there’s so much for the pigeons
to feed on that keeping the birds focused in one spot might be out problem. That was
the issue on our last outing — however, there are definitely more birds on the move and
they do seem to be decoying this time. If we keep chipping away at them like that,
we may get 50 or 60. I know we’re going to get at least a dozen. We’ve got that about
now . Crow gets some nice shots with his Lincoln
Deluxe, which has served him well during this series of CrowHow. The wind direction dictates
that most of the birds are coming in from our right. Some stay our side of the shore
— others drop the other side to come in from behind. The ideal place would be with the wind behind
us, coming from behind and the pigeons will have been coming from in front, there, instead
of that one, which came from behind. Crow has to be quick to react to the birds
which are motoring in the wind. He throws the Lincoln around to get onto the birds,
while identifying if it is indeed a woodie. In front the identification is easy for him.
When they drop in from behind it’s much tougher. Someone else who’s in a hurry is this buck
chasing a doe. The wind is clearly up him too. There is talk about going stalking but we
think we’re about to run out of luck dodging the rain showers. With the sky looking ominous
we start to pack up. We’ve been out for about four hours. Yes, it’s been a good afternoon, but this
maze here will last them a month. They will be on that now until the peas start flowering.
But no, it’s been a good afternoon. The clear-up reveals one of the biggest bags
he’s had in a long time — 80+ birds… And he must be happy — as he’s even treating
us to some Karaoke or should that be Karee-Crow-kee. From the West Country to the wider world of
hunting and shooting on Youtube, it is Hunting Youtube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting and shooting videos that YouTube has to offer. Schools Challenge champion of champions Sam
Mullins won a Bowman clay pigeon trap at the recent Bredon leg of the Schools Challenge.
To watch that, click on the link on the screen. Now he has made a film of him using his new
trap, using some of the skills that gave him an average 48 ex 5o at two clay events. He
has only been shooting for seven months. TheShootingShow gives us its take on brancher
shooting, saving a local pea field one rook at a time Next we are off to Scotland where HuntShootFish
is iScoping rabbits along walls and hedgerows. Rabbit after rabbits falls over and he is
honest enough to show the ones that don’t. Now abroad. Hunting Stories is after deer
and boar in this film designed to plug his hunting agency. To Turkey where Bilalarabaci is filming partridge
shooting over pointers. The dog work is good, though they do run in a bit. My spaniels would
never do that, heaven forfend. DownWindOutdoors has had some trouble producing
the outstanding films it likes to present so its Eastern Coyote Hunting with AR-15 is
its first after a long fallow winter. This film shows it is back in action. I’m a big fan of Bunny Hunter who is here
duck hunting in Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin. This event was for the local vets of the Wounded
Warrior Project — vets being the American veterans in this situation, not veterinarians And finally, staying in the USA, Steve Gould
meets Annie Oakley. Trickshooter Steve tries the mirror shot, using a mirror to aim a rifle
over his shoulder at a target that is behind him. Annie Oakley made the shot famous. Let’s
see if Steve can pull it off. And can you? You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you are missing the fishing films and the airgun films, watch our new shows,
AirHeads and Fishing Britain. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in
to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Well you saw the clever plug for Schools Challenge
there. Among our other shows we’ve got Fishing Britain. Thank you Charlie. Today we are on Draycot
Water in the Midlands, near Rugby and we are out Trout Fishing. Now one of the big questions
I get asked is what fly do I put on – do I use. Here are a few pointers: Before you go
out to float, check in the harbour – Can you see any insects? Turn over a few stones, see
if you can see anything. Or when you get out here, have a look in the water. Have a look
to see if you can see any buzzer shucks. Now the shuck is where the buzzer has hatched
and flown away but it will give you an indication of what size they are. Better still, catch
a fish, then spoon it. You get a mara spoon. Stick it down into its stomach rotate it a
couple of times. Now to make it easier to spot what’s in there put it in the bailer,
water in the bailer, wash it out. That will separate all the buzzers. Now in this fish
was some small olive. Now you are not going represent them, because they are too small
but there are a couple of big black ones. A couple of big olives. Now that’s what the
fish are feeding on. That’s what you put on. Then you will have a successful day. However,
having seen all those buzzers which would probably be a size ten, why then am I going
to be fishing with this monster. Well, if you want to find out, click on the link here
or check out Fishing Britain, every Friday night at 7pm, here on Fieldsports Channel. Click on the link on the screen to watch Fishing
Britain and click on the link on the screen to watch Airheads. There are rats in our dockyards. One of them
(the dockyards not the rats) calls up ratshooter Darren Rogers to bring along his night-time
kit to sort them out – night vision, PCP, you name it, he is kitted up. That’s not all:
We’ve got gas ram action — and it’s nothing to do with smelly sheep. James Marchington
compares gas ram with ordinary springer and PCP. And guest stars include Dave Craze of
Ronnie Sunshines, Peter Zamit of The Airgun Centre, Tony Belas of Daystate, Lord Ted of
Holdover, Sir Terence Doe and various surfs, villeins and slaves including David on the
News Stump. Well, we are back next week and if you are
watching this on Youtube do not hesitate to hit the subscribe button somewhere on the
outside of this screen or go to our webpage, where you can click
to like us on facebook or follow us on twitter or pop your email address into the constant
contact box and we will constantly contact you about our programme which is out 7pm,
UKtime. This has been Fieldsports Britain. Good hunting, good shooting, good fishing
and good bye.

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