Fieldsports Britain – Shopping centre pigeons + bucket-and-spade prawning, episode 139

Fieldsports Britain – Shopping centre pigeons + bucket-and-spade prawning, episode 139

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
I am at the beach looking for these things and having some success. On the weekend when
the CLA Game Fair was cancelled we have a round up of what everybody did instead. First,
Roy Lupton gets to walk around a shopping centre in daylight with an airgun. [Urban music] You can take the man out of the countryside,
but you can not take the countryside out of the man. Roy Lupton has taken a deep breath,
had his jabs, and left the Garden of England to go up to the Big Smoke for a dirty job. We are in central London at the moment. We
are not allowed to disclose our location. There is a hell of a problem that they have
got with pigeons. And as you will see in a minute they are defecating over everything.
Over the windows, over the pipework, over the pavements. For a shopping centre, especially
the food outlets, it is not overly hygienic. It is a contract which has to be done in combination
with working the birds to scare the pigeons and shooting a few of the pigeons as well.
So we are here tonight to try and reduce the population a little bit. But when you are
used to walking around with grass under your feet, coming to central London is a bit of
a shock to the system. London is under aerial assault from pigeons
and parts of it are covered in guano: carparks, walkways and shopping centres like this one.
The thing is, Londoners are so used to it, they have stopped noticing. But the birds
are a real problem and by using hawks one week and air rifles the next, Roy is trying
to keep his avian foes in check. Now it is very, very odd isn’t it. Right in
the middle of an urban environment here, so we have got high raised flats and shopping
centres and what ever else surrounding us. And obviously when we are taking the shots,
you are making sure that you have got a solid backstop as you would with any other shooting.
So we are shooting into the wall making sure the pellets don’t go a rye anywhere. And again
we are only using sub 12ftlb air rifles. Obviously we are here, pigeon coming in. Here to do
a pest control job and so we are trying to get as many as we can as quickly as we can.
And down he goes and you can see that the pigeons are so used to seeing people that
even after a shot, 30 seconds later more pigeons are coming in so it is literally stand on
the same point and they will just come in land again and away you go. So my neck is
craning all over the place as there are pigeons all around us. It is just absolutely mad. Just like in any shooting situation Roy has
to be absolutely sure about shot placement. He also needs to find the most stable position
to take that shot. In London, tree trunks become sign posts or concrete pillars. Five-bar
gates become brick walls or wheelie bins. We are using the same techniques for shooting
as we would in any other situation and the same rules apply and obviously in a situation
like this safety is paramount and you have got to make sure you can account for where
every single pellet is going to end up. But yes, it is exactly the same. You are getting
a good solid rest, you are looking for the shot and you are trying to take the safest
shot possible. Normally when I am shooting pigeons I try to go for head shots. When we
have been doing it tonight I have been doing a lot of chest shots. Just because you have
obviously got a little bit more margin for error and the birds are dropping down so as
long as you are shooting through the vitals, the spine or what ever else, they are dropping
nicely. Exactly the same you have got to have the same amount of respect for the animals
that you are shooting and accounting for. You just have to make sure that the shots
you are taking are as efficient as possible. Now you may notice Roy’s pest controller mate
is blurred out. The poor lad is so frightened of attacks by anti-hunters, he specially asked
to be left out of this film. Back to the story, instead of merging into
his natural environment like a chameleon Roy is wearing his clubbing gear and sporting
an Air Arms airgun for tonight’s antics. It attracts attention from the police and shoppers
alike. High are you alright? What are you doing? We are doing pest control. OK. A young woman questions Roy’s parentage and
makes further suggestions about what he could do with himself, but he has heard it all before. I think it is the same whenever you come into
a position of conflict regarding shooting or field sports or what ever else. As long
as you are polite and try and explain your side of it, really that is all you can do
and hope that they understand. And really not take too much umbridge with it. Very interesting. A few distractions do not deter the man from
finding his ferals and the bird bag is building. They are being knocked off their perches from
every angle, sometimes in front of passers-by. We know his urban transformation is almost
complete when locals start asking him for directions. Yeah, you are fine. No problem. They think you are a traffic warden. I know. The birds find sanctuary everywhere. This
centre has spent thousands on netting and big spikes, but the ferals are not easy to
keep on top of. Some are even using safety glass to keep out of reach of Roy’s pellets. You can see here some of the mess and damage
that has been caused. Especially in an environment like this where people are walking through.
They will pick up the mess etc on their feet. And up here you can see where the pigeons
have been nesting and it is a complete health hazard up in the rafters with all the messy
material and years of detritus which has built up in there as well. It is a haven for muck
and disease. So again another high light of why this work has got to be done. The guys both enjoy using the hawk for jobs
like this – keeping the pigeons on their toes or what remains of their toes. Now and again
we chance it and throw a light across the buildings to see if the birds will stay put.
Some do and they don’t see what’s coming. It’s all thanks to a new torch Roy has been
given to play with. This has been absolutely invaluable tonight.
This is night master by Tack Light and we have been sent it to have a go with. And we
were going to try it out on the foxes. It is meant to throw out the same sort of beam
as a conventional lamp would that you plug in and it is just a little hand held torch,
absolutely superb. The beam on it is brilliant. Obviously it is very odd it has got a square
beam there so you can see I think it must have a filament in there. From what we have
seen so far I am looking forward to having a play with the foxes. Right let us go and
find some more pigeons. It’s been a quite extraordinary evening – walking
the streets of London with rifles, popping off ferals. As we leave our superhero to his work, we
can all sleep safer knowing he is making London a cleaner, better, even safer place. Just
shine the bat-signal into the night sky or, better still, give Roy a ring,and he will
come and clean up pigeons round your shopping centre too. Now if you enjoyed that piece about shopping
centres and rifles you will love the Shooting Show. You will see a clip of it appearing
on the screen just there. It is coming to you from one of the most incredible shooing
venues in the world. Bisley. Next from shopping centres with guns to real
news. It is David on the Field Sports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. So will it be a bumper grouse season or not? With less than three weeks to go until the
start of the grouse season, reports are coming in from across the UK over whether this year’s
broods survived the wet weather. predicts a patchy season. William Powell Sporting
confirms this saying England will be better with substantial numbers East of the Pennines
where the rain was less heavy. The Borders looks reasonably good, especially in the east,
north of Berwick. The Angus Glens will see many moors curtail their season to a degree.
Elsewhere, says William Powell Sporting, it is ‘patchy to very patchy’. Scottish Natural Heritage has issued deer
managers with a “shoot on sight” call after muntjac deer are were spotted in Dumfries
and Galloway. The non-native species was spotted in private forestry land near Sanquhar. SNH
claims that if a muntjac population became established in Scotland it could cost up to
£2 million a year to manage. Forest officials have said that a leopard
that killed a six-year-old girl near Mumbai in India last week cannot be trapped. They
say they cannot try to catch the Mulund maneater because trapping in the Sanjay Gandhi National
Park is illegal. Instead, they have intensified their night patrols and put a 10-member rescue
team on stand-by in case of an emergency. Residents of an illegal settlement on the
park have been requested not to venture out after dark. As the Government-sanctioned badger cull approaches,
diehard antis are resorting to increasingly desperate attempts to gain public support. Speaking at a League Against Cruel Sports
meeting in Taunton this month, Brian May accuses shooters of killing hundreds of badgers in
the West Country and dumping the carcases on the roads to make them look like roadkill. What is going on at the moment is culling.
We are in a cull at the moment. If you drive around the west country you will see hundreds,
if you spend enough time on the roads, of badgers who seem to have been killed on the
roads. But we have very good information from many people that these badgers have been killed,
they have been shot, they have been gassed, they have been poisoned and thrown on the
road. If you are watching this on YouTube, click
on the link for the full hilarious story Now is he fibbing or is he telling the truth?
You decide. The week before last we featured Northern
Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness talking about his passion for flyfishing.
However, he told us one fishy tale that has anglers up in arms. Listen to it and you decide. I pulled the rod so hard that the rod broke
in two, but the salmon stayed on the line. I was standing up on the bank and didn’t know
what to do, but the only thing I could do was get down to the river, the salmon was
at the side of the river and lift it with 2 hands and throw it onto the bank. As one angry forum post put it: you can lie
in politics but you can not tell lies about flyfishing. You are now up to date with Field Sports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. Now the map that matters and Calendar UK. [Music] Welcome to Calendar. Here are the most important
dates for the diary and seasonal diaries. First off it is sunny, enjoy. Second the moon
is waxing crescent, heading for full on 2nd August, with the spring tides soon after. That is not all that is happening at the beginning
of August there is also a great chance of seeing some new rifles in action. In Ilkley west Yorkshire Stead Hall Firearms
are hosting a summer spectacular with GMK on Saturday 4th August. They are opening the
range at Stead Hall rifle club from 10 till 3 giving visitors the chance to test fire
the latest kit from Seiko Antika. It is going to be an event for all the family with artery
and air rifle ranges as well as refreshments and barbecues. So please turn up and support
your local range. For more information contact John Fernley or visit To the south of the country and the Cornwall
and Devon Countrymans Fair is taking place on Sunday the 5th of August at Werrington
Park in Launceston. They are promising a shopper’s paradise with loads of trade stands, catering
and licensed bars. The main arena will also be full of entertainment, covering falconry
demos, gundogs, wildfowl of Chris Green and the Knights of Middle England. As usual the
fair will be supporting local charities so please go along and take advantage of a fair
that has survived the summer downpours. Visit Now for some seasonal signposts. On the deer front, the roebuck rut is upon
us and the countryside is awash with British, German, Dutch and Danish trophy hunters. You
can hear more about this handsome fellow on next week’s programme. With pheasant and partridge poults arriving
at many shoots, keepers are redoubling their fox shooting efforts. It has not been a red letter breeding year
for the rural red fox, but the urban red fox has faired better cared for as they are by
Brian May. Also coming up you are allowed to sell hares
from next week, the 1st of August in England, Scotland and Wales. And you should have been shooting geese under
licence on the Isle of Man from the 1st July. On the fishing front, the forums report good
salmon runs inbetween washouts on Scotlands east coast rivers and excellent runs on rivers
along the west coast of Ireland. That was this week’s calendar. If you want
to be on The Map That Matters next week, telling the globe about your event talk to James at
[email protected] A bucket and spade holiday on the beach. Bad
news for your average grouse shooter and fox hunter, not a bit of it. You need one of these
and one of these and we are going to catch prawns. Now much as I love all kinds of venery I am
not very good at them. But get me on to one hunting subject while in the pub and you will
need to have the exit in sight, because I do know my stuff about prawning. Because prawing
has been the Jacoby family summer sport of choice for more than a century. Now the prawning net the Jacoby family has
developed very carefully over a period of centuries. So can you talk me through it because
we don’t buy nets do we? No chance. You get a rake handle which is
one and half metres long minimum, a length of reinforcing rod just strong enough to be
stiff, stiff enough not to bend. That is the metal frame that goes right round here. A
length of ordinary galvanised wire. Has it got to be galvanised? Otherwise it goes rusty. You have to wash
it off any how. I have used some bits of old plant tie, but the best is to use stripped
cable. You tear the guts out of the cable and wrap it round and this protects the net
and it is always used that way up not that way up because it would cut through the netting
the other side. Netting can be got from various suppliers. This is an ancestral and vestigial
stock and if you bend this into a very narrow, long device which can go deep in, a full arm’s
length plus the stick and then bring it back very slowly. We call that not a net but a
prawnicator Widemouth Bay – spelt wide mouth bay – is
one of many beaches on the north coast of Cornwall and Devon where the rocks slope at
the right angle to encourage prawns not to go out with the tide. Choose a big tide and
fish those pools in the two hours up to low tide. Prawning, when did prawning start for us? For us, right from the word go I think. My
grandfather, your grandmother’s, my mother’s father certainly did it. I was taught in 1948
by a man who was already 92, so he would have been born in the 1850’s and he took us out
prawning and showed us what to go for. Let’s just look at that big lobster again.
Dear me – whatever happened to that good looking lad? There is lots of history at Widemouth. Black
Rock is where the wrecker Featherstone operated, waving his lamp to attract ships to certain
death. He was condemned to make ropes of sand for eternity, which is of course impossible.
There are the tank stoppers designed to prevent Germans from landing in the Second World War.
When I was a child, they still ran all the way along the beach itself. Now they are used
for storm defences. And the place is a magnet for surfers, which gives you something to
do in the run-up to high tide. There are many sorts of seaweed here. This
is bladder wrack and it has got bladders in it. You can pop those, very satisfactory.
Very useful for aunt’s beds. Then that is not much good. You don’t get many prawns here.
You are after a thing called Leander serratus, the big prawn. What you want is further down
the beach ‘saw wrack’ and you can see what it is, it has got a serrated edge to its prongs. I call that serrated wrack. Serrated rack or saw wrack or whatever, Fucus
serratus. This one is Fucus vesiculosus if you want. We are not taking this unseriously are we? No, no. Once you know the latin names of your quarry,
you are really up there you know. You have two sorts of prawns. One is the nice
big one Leander serratus with a big serrated rostrum on the front. Yes, he doesn’t like you taking those liberties
you know. He is more worried about being eaten. And
then you have got a much smaller one, Leander squilla, but that is no good. But you also have the shrimp here which a
lot of people get confused between shrimps and prawns don’t they? Shrimpers are a lonely cast of people and
they have a broad net with a bar and they shuffle it through the tide, through the sand
and they filter the sand, just like basking sharks and the sand shrimp is a flattened
thing, rather small, but not this quality of game at all. You will get a few on the
beach further down. This is one of the Cornish Big Five isn’t
it? Yes, yes. Lobster, sea trout, prawn… No trout is a vertebrate so don’t count that.
Certainly lobster, spider crab, edible crab and prawn among the crustaceans. Sometimes we prawnographers hit the crustacea
equivalent of a gold reef by moving the net slowly down a narrow ledge. On these occasions,
you can’t beat a pincer movement with another member of the family, preferably the Jacoby
family. And then as the tide ends the day’s prawning,
there is the joy of eating them. Boil the water they came from. Using freshwater is
of course morally reprehensible. Drop them in and cook them until their eyes go black,
which is about two minutes, then shell them and eat them on brown bread. My son Edmund
will maintain family tradition by demonstrating how to shell a prawn. You bend its head off, then peel the skin
off, by putting your nails under their legs and pull the shell off. This is the worst
bit about it. When you have finished, you peel the tail off, then you can put it in
your sandwich. Fieldsports Channel talking to the expert’s
expert there. It is Hunting YouTube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. We’ve talked about them before and we will
talk about them again I am sure. YoungCountrySports are lads from Oxfordshire who, this time,
have got together to go rabbit shooting, rabbit lamping and a bit of foxing. Who says kids
aren’t interested in shooting? Staying in the world of practicalities, Pigeon
Shooting on Wheat will not receive the attention of Trading Standards Officers because it is
exactly that. TweedsandPheasants is, as he says, shooting pigeons on a field of wheat. Meanwhile, Amazing Crow Calling with Hands
is not a film by a German bloke called Hans but a simple method Crow Hunter’s grandfather
showed him on how to call in crows with nothing more than your hands. A couple of fishing videos for you this week.
Nicky Brown does a lot of filming for us and he has his own YouTube channel TechSecMedia.
This week, his film Nick and Ben The Fly Fishing Men get an airing as they fish at Lechlade
Fisheries in Gloucestershire. It’s like a piranha movie, but with trout. More like Jaws is this week’s top fishing
video across YouTube. Giant Monster Sturgeon 12ft 4″ 1100lb Fraser River Fishing from greatriverfishing
sounds like a yeehaa American monster fish story – except it’s filmed in Canada and the
anglers are Brits, Michael and Margaret Snell, who land what could be the biggest fish ever
caught on rod and line in freshwater. Back to shooting and let’s get techie. How
to make a Rifle Rest is presented by another YouTube star, HuntersVermin, who gives you
a step-by-step guide on how to make an adjustable rifle rest for your workshop. And it’s on
AirgunTV Even techier, CountryPursuitsTV visits Hertford
to meet two guys who shoot competitively with John Bowkett designed and tuned rifles. John
Bowkett is one of the worlds finest air rifle designers, and this is a useful insight into
his work. Now you got to hear the Duke speaking up for
duck. 75 Years and Going Strong featuring John Wayne is the new video by DucksUnlimited,
which rightly calls itself the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation. The
world’s greatest cowboy – well you will have to fight me for it – John Wayne explains why
he supported DU, and why wetlands conservation is important for everyone. Get off your horse
and drink in that voice. Because this is a story about a group of people
who have been concerned about living resources of this planet for over 35 years. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Let’s go now to Oxfordshire where one shooting
ground put on an absolutely superb alternative to the CLA Game Fair. The cancellation of the CLA Game Fair this
year was heartbreaking for many countrysports enthusiasts and disastrous for lots of rural
businesses. But some of them don’t take news like that lying down. And among the tough
nuts is the Oxford Gun Company. It set up its own mini game fair on the same weekend. It was a big challenge and we did have some
headaches and late nights, but we managed to pull something off and hopefully everyone
has enjoyed. Yesterday was the first day which I was worried we wouldn’t get anyone there
and my father was worried that we would get 20,000 people. The number of times it has
been on Facebook and Twitter and so on. But we got 250 people which worked out to be a
brilliant day. Everyone said they enjoyed the shooting, they enjoyed the trade stands,
they enjoyed the shop. Everyone has put a lot of effort into it and it has worked well
on the first day. And today early doors and hopefully everyone is going to enjoy what
we have tried to put together. The Florent family-run business has provided
lots of companies with the ideal opportunity to promote their wares. It is never going to replace the CLA and the
150 odd thousand visitors. But there are quite a few people here today. There are quite a
lot of people shooting. There are lots of kids around and families. It is a nice atmosphere
to work in. There are even new gun launches. It is just
like the real CLA! Well, I have known the Florent family for
many years, in fact more than 30 years. They are lovely people and with the CLA cancelled,
David Florent had the great idea of having a mini game fair here and we have all been
having a really good time. A really happy event, really nice people and full marks to
them for stepping in after the disaster of the cancellation of the Game Fair. You may have just seen a clip from their new
rabbit shooting video in our Hunting YouTube item. YoungCountrysportsChannel was at the
event, with founder Charlie Bryant busy filming. Yes, it is going good. We have got a few good
sponsors in the bag. Let’s see if we can beat Charlie Jacoby to. And what is your inspiration behind countrysports? It is just getting the younger generation
and I have known about Rob Collins, people might know him from Pass it on. He is doing
the same thing, but actually taking the younger generation into the field. We are just on
the YouTube side and getting them liking it and getting them attracted to it. The Oxford Gun Company is an award-winning
clay ground as well as a shop so it is now surprise that clays form a major part of its
game fair weekend. What has it been like today? My shooting is going quite good. I just shot
a stag and I shot a straight 10. I got a rabbit by shooting a 16 and I beat my Dad and my
Dad only got a 10. It doesn’t feel good at the time, but I am
glad he is getting there. He has definitely overtaken me now, no trouble. It is a pleasure
to see him shoot that well actually. So, will the Oxford Gun Company version leave
the CLA nervous that it’s showpiece calendar event is about to be replaced? Probably not
– but that doesn’t mean a great time is not had by all. Oh, well it is now 3.15 and I have just managed
to grab a bit of lunch. It has been absolute chaos in the shop. It has been very, very
good indeed. We said this morning that we thought it would be an absolute disaster,
then the flood gates opened and we have been packed ever since. A brilliant day, the sun
is shining and it has worked really well indeed. It is nice that some of the trade has decided
to support Dave. Browning as usual came up trumps and supported everything. It is a pity
sometimes that some of the other big manufacturers don’t leap in like Browning do, but that is
the way the trade is. But absolutely brilliant day and I think everybody have so enjoyed
themselves. Well, we are back next week and if you are
watching this on YouTube don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button which is about there
or one of these panels just here and you will get our programme every week from YouTube.
Or go to our shows page or indeed our website
and click to like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or scroll down to the bottom
and pop your email address into the constant contact box. This has been Fieldsports Britain
from a beach.

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