Fieldsports Britain – Slingshot Special + IWA 2013

Fieldsports Britain – Slingshot Special + IWA 2013

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
all the fun of the fair. We are at the biggest European gun trade show in Nuremberg. First
slap, bang, twang we are off with Youtube’s top catapulting star Joerg Sprave. With 116,000 subscribers and 28 million video
views Joerg Sprave is top of the rubber tree when it comes to YouTube. This mild-mannered
man-mountain has catapulted slingshots into a new age – making the most extraordinary
contraptions, all designed to hurl hard and sharp stuff at targets with varying degrees
of accuracy. I love fairy tales. He has even caught the eye of Hollywood producers.
He was asked to help the online PR campaign to launch the new Hansel & Gretel movie. The
brief: to come up with a device to kill witches. Witch … witch … And here it is. So Joerg is going to … well not cut up meat
with this … he is going to shoot it from a catapult that he has designed especially
for it. I hope the rubber on this thing is still good
enough. I am not sure. We can give it a try. Careful now. A lot of witch’s blood on this
you see. When I fire this happens. Right. Let’s slow the pace down a bit and
get to know this charismatic and eccentric Bavarian German by taking a look behind the
scenes. So Joerg to create catapult carnage you have
a special rubber room. Yes I do in fact I have the entire basement
pretty much. Look at the mess, my wife hates me for it. This is actually fantastic. Can we look at
some of this stuff down here. Yes, this is like the pile of weapons I made
over the course of the last four years and I always keep them I never give them away.
It is getting a problem with all the space that I have here, so … This rubber is as thick as … Yes, there is a lot of rubber on it. Right this is not the only room there is more
isn’t there. Yes, that is just the bulky stuff, so … Let’s have a look through here. So if we go through here this is where I store
some of the materials that I am planning to use in the future and some stuff that needs
a little bit of repair. What does this do? This is a full auto sling shot, rubber powered
and it is shooting arrows. Arrows? Little bolts that are made for pistol cross
bolts. It shoots eight of them in about half a second. So … Fabulous, right and you do have some traditional
slingshots. Of course. Actually most of the slingshots
that I make are very traditional and I store some of them here and I have bags full of
them. There are 100’s of them here. Yes, I make a lot of them by myself. I have
given away a lot of them. I also have people that have sent me slingshots. It is a dream, look at that. The work that
goes into this is amazing. That is like a semi finished one. This one
here for example is a good example that is a natural fork that I carved into that shape
and the wood has been sent to me from a guy from Texas. Texas Persimmon which is a tree
that doesn’t grow here. But I think it looks like marble. It is really exciting. Well we said you would be on the show this
week, last week and people have already said, one guy said he has got some willow for you
that he has been planning to send you. So people send you wood from all over the world. Yes they do and sometimes I even trade so
people sometimes send me three or four forks and then I send them one slingshot back and
keep the other wood for me. But people don’t realise that I need really, really big forks
because I need room for the carving. So if people send me like a normal small little
fork … Oh, it is the cat … My cats are everywhere so … the thing is
a need really, really bulky forks to carve them out of it and often people send me just
really thin wooden forks and those are pretty useless for me. Ok well let’s go and try one of these out
and not on the cat, ok? Right, ok. First up, let’s check out a few of those designs.
There really is something for everyone, from the hardcore, to the soft centres… This has the advantage that it completely
protects your hand and I always use it for beginners that are afraid of the low forks
since they are so afraid, it is a mind thing. The laws of physics dictate that that if you
do everything right you can’t hit your hand, because it will always go through here and
not through here. This is a psychological help. And you can hit the bunny afterwards if you
want to. I guess. Right let’s try some of these out. As well as hundreds of different catapult
designs, Joerg has come up with a few different styles of shooting your projectile of choice
too – from the “Just William” way – to the gangster sideways action – also known as ‘full
butterfly’. I am going to go all the way back for this. Ok if you can. At the moment all I care about is not breaking
my thumb. Ow that hurt. The ball slipped out of the pouch that is
why you didn’t hit it. Thank you. This is the release technique that you have.
You hit yourself. No, no. So you hit your thumb. Ok … Only a little bit. That is only a glancing ball problem. What
you have to do when you are learning is … when you do this, when you draw out you have to
keep your … technique wide. It is different when you shoot to here, but when you are here
your fingers are in an awkward position, so what I usually do is I twist them around 90
degrees. Can you show me. Yes. So when I put a ball in the pouch, like
here would be very natural, but when I draw it in full this becomes very unnatural so
what I do is turn them around 90 degrees and obviously it doesn’t do anything. I think
it is much more comfortable this way. Joerg makes all of them look easy which is
probably why he has a chest girth in the 50s while mine sits in the 30s. That’s my excuse
and I’m sticking with it. The forces generated by Joerg’s slingshots
are huge. That’s all thanks to the wonder that is rubber. He is fascinated by its properties
and tries to convince me that it’s a gas. Yes, it is a gas and I can show it to you. Rubber is not a gas. If you take this bit of rubber and you take
your upper lip, because this is a very sensitive part of your body, heat sensitive and you
put it against your upper lip it is cold, now if you stretch it out to the max, a little
piece, a shorter piece, as short as possible. Draw it out and immediately hold it against
your lip it is warm, yes. Relax it again and feel it again. It is cold again right. So
this is what happens. Rubber stores the energy thermally so the rubber isn’t like on a spring,
it is not a mechanical energy storage what it does is in heat and it has to do with …, or
it behaves like a gas you have probably seen this when you empty like a CO2 can then it
gets very cold this is the same thing like releasing rubber. You are bringing it from
a state of order like this where all the molecule chains will be aligned into a state of disorder Knowing I am here to meet the king of the
catapults, I’ve brought my Dad’s old Millbro catty with me. Many is the rabbit that has
looked at me slightly quizzically after I have buzzed a pebble at it and missed. It
is a wonder it’s here today, as I left it in my hand luggage en route here. Happily
the lady in front with the toothpaste turned out to be a greater threat to airport security.
Anyway it needs a little blinging up and I’m hoping Joerg will pimp it for me. Well I can do a few things. Of course I could
attach very modern bands to it and make it shoot really well and it would perform far
better than it ever did. But I could also attach traditional bands for you if you want
that. So … you want performance. I want modern, I want high tech Joerg … You would normally shoot it like this I don’t want to do that anymore. How would you shoot it then, like this, or
like this? Actually I usually shoot like this. This is not very comfortable to hold like
this. No. So ok I would have to put a little weaker,
but then you say you are only using small balls anyway. Well I tend to be using gravel. Oh gravel. Ok well if you use gravel then
you need a larger pouch and this one has ripped obviously so this is in need of replacement
anyway. Like a surgeon working on a delicate organ
transplant, Joerg breathes life into the old girl. We’ll put the whole of this process
up as a separate film. Click on the screen to watch it. All I need now is a suitable
stone. Yeah, beautiful. Joerg is a YouTube phenomenon. This man’s
incredible engineering brain continues to develop new ways of chucking stuff at high
velocity into the air. And that’s why he is so popular. I’m just glad I’m not his gardener. And if you want to see more of Joerg Sprave’s
work you can visit his channel page by clicking on the link on the screen. Now it is David
on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. An academic from East Anglia wants us to shoot
three-quarters of a million of Britain’s deer. The shooting organisations have been quick
to round on Paul Dolman of the University of East Anglia who made his suggestion in
the Journal of Wildlife Management. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association said that such a massive
slaughter would destroy the livelihoods of thousands of individuals who work in the deer-stalking
industry. The British Deer Society calls the figure ‘arbitrary’ and ‘not justified’. An American hunting TV host has been shot
dead by a man who later shot himself. Gregory Rodriguez, the host of The Sportsman Channel
show ‘A Rifleman’s Journal’, was shot and killed on Thursday night in Whitefish, Montana,
whilst on a business trip. His murderer may have believed that Rodriguez was having an
affair with his wife, which police say is untrue. Are you in the Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire
area at Easter? If so the Thame Country Fair is on from 31st March to 1st April 2013. This
year, it offers more stands including an array of country sports arenas and attractions,
including a falconry ‘village’. There is a craft village, too, with blacksmiths and
chainsaw carving. The food halls offer gourmet grub, beers and wines, spirits and cordials,
British cheeses of all flavours from Stilton through Pineapple to Marmite, as well as exotic
foods. It takes place at the Thame Showground. Adults £11, OAPs £10, children £4, and
under-5s go free. Visit Big British foxes are back. Viewer Steve Bradshaw
sent in this picture of his friend Richard Harrison with a fox shot in the Leeds area.
It weighed 28lbs and was 41 inches long from top of its nose to tip of tail, so a long
way off the record, 12lb heavier, but still a worthy size for the animal. Shooters have given the Scottish Government
one of their petitions to stop airgun licensing in Scotland. The petition carried
13,000 names when delivered. It is still open. You can get to it via And finally, a struggling deer stranded on
thin ice in Canada has been rescued by a quick-thinking helicopter pilot. The doe and fawn were trapped
on sea ice in Nova Scotia, with the mother slipping and sliding each time she tried to
move. Pilot David Farrell blew the deer across the ice to safety using the wind created by
his helicopter’s rotor blades. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Now let’s dive into the show, IWA in Nuremberg.
For the first time this year we were able to try out the guns at a secret military installation
close to the city centre. It’s the big one. IWA. There are people in
the gun trade who spend all year planning for it. It’s where the world’s shooting industry
comes together. Not as flash as the Shot Show, not as posh as the CLA Game Fair, it is Cape
Canaveral for European gun, scope and ammunition manufacturers – a launch platform for kit. Until this year, what IWA has missed is a
way to try out that kit. Happily, Swiss-German ammunition giant RUAG has its world headquarters
in a suburb of Nuremberg, so we go out there to try out some stuff, thanks to a kind invitation
from Zeiss sports optics, RUAG and gunmaker Sauer. Let’s start with what RUAG has on offer – and
it ammunition is designed, well, not for bunnyhugging exactly, but certainly for bunnyhuggers. So you are very proud of this block, is that
right? Yes, absolutely. Why? This shows the performance of our new evolution
green bullet. It has been shot at about 200 metres. At a distance that most lead free
bullets show very, very poor performance. They are not fragmenting, they are not doing
what they are supposed to do any more. They are not killing. You have to search the animals
for ever and they are running very far. So this is a roe deer is that right? Yes, this is a roe deer in there. RUAG hasn’t given up on lead. Not a bit of
it. Its airgun pellets are still full of the stuff, but with some unusual additions. We have got a rattley tin and a non rattley
tin. Yes I have here we made on ten metres, we
made a test shooting and it was the powerball was getting through to both tins. The steel
ball on it makes the deep penetration and the high impact on the target. We have to speak to our hosts from Carl Zeiss
too. It launched its Victory HT range of scopes and binoculars last year, made of glass from
one of its sister companies, Schott Glass, that is simply ahead of its time. With this scope you cannot miss. This is our
long range shooting scope the 4/2 16 by 50 and it has a power … adjustment as well
as a target turret. It is sighted in on 500 metre. To be be very precise 85 metre and
we are using a Sauer 202, together with a new calibre. It is a 6XC. It is a very, very
accurate bullet that you can use for hunting especially on predators, but it is also very
good for target shooting. Back at the show itself in a giant, echoey
exhibition hall on the other side of Nuremberg and 2013 is the year of the rifle. Let’s start
with one of the big stars, who is in charge of one of the big launches. Max as far as we can see from the film that
is the ideal hunt in New Zealand isn’t it. It was perfect. Was it really like that? Actually it was. Because as you can see as
well at the beginning we had good weather and then the bad weather came in. We would
have loved to have had good weather in all the scenes but actually that was the whole
point. And there was a hunt an animal was hunted
and you got to use a Sauer .101 what was that like? For me it was a great pleasure. When I grew
up my Daddy he was a big hunter as well and I learnt from him and he had the old Sauer.
So for me getting asked by Sauer to bring their rifle out and test it in the field before
it was released here at IWA was a big thing for me and I was proud about it. And did they really send out a helicopter
all the way to New Zealand, a Sauer helicopter. I put all the stickers on actually. I bought
the stickers. I had to go to an airport at home and get the measurement of the stickers,
I got them made and I had to go there and put the stickers on. Actually it was quite
difficult, it was freezing and I couldn’t put them on and they fell off again we have
some nice footage of that as well. Here’s the Sauer boss to go through the technical
details Now you are the boss of Sauer so I expect
you to be nice about the Sauer 101. What does it do that other rifles don’t do. Well the first thing was its safety, its ergonomics,
its accuracy and that you can experience everything. So for example what you have it is a direct
firing pin safety. You can actually have levers that don’t allow you to be very ergonomic
fast and silent. Now what you have here it is just that lever and this is all you do.
You mount the gun and you go that way. We have a direct lock up inside the barrel with
six massive locks so we talk passive safety, detachable magazine five rounds in standard,
four rounds in magnum and a Paddington padded system. Which simply means if the gun is in
let’s say the highlands with a lot of rain and a lot of stalking around and stuff if
it is getting really wet and the stock would bend a bit it doesn’t affect the gun at all.
It will be dead on zero so you can be successful even in the worst conditions. Before we leave the Sauer stand, Matthius
shows us just how confident he is about the strength and design of this rifle by standing
on the magazine. Don’t care too much what material is, make
sure you get the best in the rifle that you can put in there and this is what we do. Sauer is always up for a laugh and a feature
of IWA is its latest crazy idea for a souped up gun. Last ear, they gave us ‘the Gladiator’,
with real gladiators. This year, it’s a case of That’s not a gun – this is a gun’. Daniel you have travelled may 1000’s of miles
and you have got … 24 hours. Have you got the rifle you wanted. I did get the rifle I wanted and exactly how
we wanted it. Timber work is magnificent as is the engraving and actually I really like
the 3D effect that goes through it. It is absolutely magnificent. What I really do like
though is the crocodile taking the buffalo. That is really good. Dominic is this a really useable rifle? Yes, it is. It is a full hunting rifle. It
is a calibre .375. It is a big game calibre. It is completely for hunting. Are you going to use it? Yes, absolutely. And I am going to use it
on a buffalo, not a croc as it is illegal. Can’t shoot them. Another rifle that’s making a big splash is
the latest version of the Blaser R8 – the ‘Success Professional’ – and it comes with
another superb promotional film – well, we’re all for that. Basically it is a rifle as you have seen,
used up in the mountains for hunting. It has come from the sporting scene thumb hole stocks
are not anything new as such. They have been around for a while but they have not really
been introduced into the hunting as such. You have many features on the Success stock
in the fact that your thumb comes around completely into the grip, your thumb is inside the stock
which allows my finger to be completely around the trigger unit that means I alleviate problems
of flinching which is quite often when shooting under pressure in the mountains as you see
from that video and that was actually an injured stag. The guy didn’t have much time to take
that shot it was over a long distance and having a Success stock like this just alleviates
those faults that could happen. So Sauer uses a celebrity and a great location
for its film, Blaser uses a great location, and Belgian gun giant Browning’s rimfire offer
comes with endorsement from a London 2012 Olympic shooting medallist and it is not Pete
Wilson. We have Lionel Cox who shoots a rifle at the
latest Olympics. He won a silver medal and he is now our embassador for the Browning
products using and shooting our products especially the T bolt. So he is basically shooting the
T bolt with all the different cartridges whether it is the standard velocity, subsonic and
so on. Giving his credit, ability and capacity about Browning accuracy, precision and performance. IWA is not just for the big guys. The little
companies get a look in too. Here’s a Fieldsports Channel viewer, Erik van der Horst, who has
come up with an idea for a highseat and wants to see what the guntrade thinks I found on the market many , many portable
collapsible highseats that are very big. I wanted to make something for people with a
smaller car. It is not for a small budget unfortunately, but we are trying to make it
cheaper. The main thing is that we want something that is easy to carry. This one is quite small,
you can put it on your back and you can shoot from a higher level which also makes it more
safe. Can you buy it in the shops yet? No, it is completely new. Actually this is
two weeks old. So this is what is annoying about IWA. You
see this wonderful kit, but nobody can actually buy it yet. But you hope by the end of IWA Let me put it this way, I promise if fieldsports
people are interested, I will make sure they can buy it. And IWA is also for the quirky. British company
Webley & Scott is celebrating its nearly 200-year gunmaking heritage with a newly-built cannon This is a scaled down version of a British
12lb field gun. It has been especially commissioned, but are available for sale for anyone who
wants one with a shotgun licence. Each one is individually made. The wheels in particular
are made by the Queen’s wheelrights and every gun is proofed in Birmingham. And Webley’s distributor, Highland Outdoors,
also has something a little more modern. It’s a bit of a romp, this gun show thing,
but most of the kit is there for us to try and for you to buy, as long as it captures
your imagination. Some of it however, just for us to try… From Germany to the world. It is Hunting Youtube. This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. It’s Isle of Man-style rabbit shooting first
this week with ManxAirGunner. In Rabbit Hunt #1 he shoots four at varying ranges and an
instructional amount of holdover using a Hatsan AT44-10 in .22 and sub 12ft/lb. ‘After all
the bad weather we’ve had recently, I just had to book today off work,’ he writes. ‘This
permission is over-run with rabbits, and it’s my duty to remove as many as possible.’ Moving up the airgun power scales, High Power
Daystate MK4 rabbit hunting with Jerry Moss is the latest from CountryPursuitsTV. Jerry
and his mate Chris are called to a Cumbrian caravan site where rabbit damage is becoming
an issue both for caravanners and walkers. Airgun here is a Tom Forest custom Mk4, again
in .22, but this time tightened up to 30ft/lb. Now for a superbly stylish way to catch rabbits,
attach a camera to your red-tail hawk. That’s what Robert Giroux does in Squirrel & Rabbit
Hawking in the USA to dramatic music – but the footage is dramatic too… Moving to angling and Mark Erdwin is gaining
a following, partly thanks to collaborations with the stars. Fishing on the Blackwater
– With Carl and Alex shows a recent trip where Mark has the pleasure of having both Carl
and Alex Smith come and fish with him in Hampshire. The fish are not in the most forthcoming of
moods, but day is enjoyable souls likeminded. Next, fishing with a sense of humour. The
recently cold weather in the UK inspired to look for and find the perfect film to warm
me up. Any day Canadian Ice Fishing in Northern Ontario Canada from 2009 shows those crazy
Canucks out looking for fish, sub-Arctic style. If anyone deserves to get watched on YouTube,
these guys do. Back in the world of shooting and this film
comes to me as a suggestion from Belgian webste It’s a cautionary tale whose moral
is either to remember to check your zero or teach your children to tell the truth, or
both or, if you’re a rabbit, don’t go near a whitetail buck during the hunting season.
John Gonzalez’s son dropped his rifle a week before this hunt and did not mention it was
dropped. That resulted in this dramatic miss before John went to get the other rifle from
his truck. Viewer Quintin Stewart reckons this video
is good enough to put into Hunting YouTube and I think he’s right. Shotgun Cartridges
Explained shows a selection of harder-to-get-shotgun cartridges and the differences between them.
Quintin says the film helped him understand more about shotgun cartridges. Finally, for another life skill nobody should
be without, let’s go to Australia where viewer Geoff Roberts recommends this film, called
Catching A Fox Barehanded. The fox was released safely and unharmed. The same bloke also catches
rabbits with snakes. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube, or email me the link [email protected] Another great show to watch is this week’s
Schools Challenge TV. Bredon School in Gloucestershire has a clay pigeon shooting team and its own
clay layout. Does that make it the perfect country school? That’s not all. We have Schools
Challenge TV News. Then, doyens of the shooting world Ian Coley and Doug Florent get together
to talk about what makes shooting great. Well we are back next week and I have exactly
until the end of this Nuremberger escalator to tell you what I normally say at the end
of the programme. If you have been watching this on Youtube please don’t hesitate to hit
the subscribe button that is somewhere on the outside of the screen or go to our webpage where you can click to like us Facebook or follow us on Twitter
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you every week about our programme that is out 7pm Wednesday UK time. This has been Fieldsports

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