Fieldsports Britain : Supercharged driven partridge

Fieldsports Britain : Supercharged driven partridge

[Music] Welcome to Fieldsports Britain. Coming up
we are here in Scotland with a hot shot American hunter to try for a MacNab. We are learning
top gun dog training tips with Skinners Petfoods. First, we are shooting Spanish partridge in
Suffolk. These are not just any game birds – these
are Spanish red-legged partridge and we’re in Suffolk to discover why they are over here
and if they are any better than the French red-legged partridge we know and love. In fact the day has an all together continental
feel, even though the shoot is congregating in a suffolk pub carpark. We’re going to hearing
about tips and techniques and highs and lows of british driven shooting with gun importer
and Edward King. My loader put some Channel lipstick into my
gun. It is just effective against partridge the way I shoot. His company, Anglo Spanish Importers, supplies
the UK with AYA’s and Rizzini’s. Quite a nice little gun, English with colour
hardly self opener, nice bit of wood. Let’s see what it does. Edward is also going to be our translator
for the day. The Spanish company that’s supplied the shoot with 8000 16 week old poults want
to see what the guns think. It’s an interesting concept, but we need to
see these birds fly. I had an interesting conversation with Patchi
who has very kindly reared them and donated them. Many of the partridges for today. He
has a very strong philosophy of reintroducing a partridge which will actually naturalise
itself into the area and breed. He has very high hopes for next spring and the breeding
success which of course is something we all need to be looking at I think for the future
of shooting because it is very easy to just rear and shoot, but from an ecological point
of view we need to be looking at what we leave behind as a legacy and if we can have a resident
and reproducing partridge species here it can only be good for shooting generally. Great
drive that opened up – nice little pile of cartridges as well. I noticed the Hull company
cartridges are very effective with this kind of shooting. Good clean shells. The drive is indeed fast and furious and any
bird that is beyond Edwards reach is clearly one of the Spanish variety. I think without a doubt the side by side on
this drive was great, because, good girl, get back up there, just the shear handling
characteristics. It is a nice light gun, shortish barrels. Very easy to move around, very quick.
Good girl, bring it on, bring it on. Bring it on, good girl, good girl. Now go on get
back. You wouldn’t believe that that dog two seasons ago was gun shy and couldn’t retrieve.
Steady, well that is the last we will see of her. So we know which are which the imported birds
are marked with a small blue tag but up close it is easy to see the difference – Edward
gets boss man Patchi to talk us through it. Patchi here is explaining that one of the
big differences between, visual differences between the two birds, as far as the plumage
is concerned is that the white and black and brown stripes, bars on these feathers here
is much more distinct and definite on the Spanish bird than on the English bird where
the colours bleed into eachother slightly more so you get less definition on these lateral
feathers and the colours of the leg is a purer red and that is despite the fact that these
have actually been released for longer than the visiting birds. Patchi and his family are the largest breeders
of partridge in Spain and are looking at expanding their markets – Javier runs shoots back in
Spain and has been instrumental in getting the birds over here. He thinks they’re going
to be a shrewd investment. They are grand daughters let’s say of wild
partridge captured in Spain so they kept a lot of the instincts of surviving and eating
in the fields and that has to be good for flying, for getting along with the preditors,
or getting aware of them. So I think for them it is going to be easy to get along with this
English ground and we are already have two days advice that they are flying very well
and they seem to be impressed with the quality of birds. With the first drive firing everyone up Edward
shows us how to speed load a side by side. Another little trick is the famous spare cartridges
in the left hand, just there like that. They are not in the way because they are incredibly
useful when you have fired your first two shots to pop them in to the chambers and it
just gives you that bit of edge and speed. It takes a bit of getting used to but after
a while you don’t even notice they are there. The only thing not to do is after lunch have
a cigar in the same place as that doesn’t fit into a 20 bore chamber. He is so English for a Spaniard It’s about fast fingers and not butter fingers
which is why he’s sporting a very smart pair of gloves as he wouldn’t want them melting
on hot barrels. There is nothing worse even if you are not
on a big day, nothing worse than getting the drive of your dreams and you have drawn a
peg and are in the right place, at the right time and birds are screaming over you and
it is all falling into place, then all of a sudden your barrels get so hot you can’t
keep shooting and that is an absolute tragedy on any day. Well done. Well done. Well done.
Good girl. At the end of the drive Maple works well.
This once gun shy dog suddenly finding her feet last season. Time for sausage and a sloegasm – what a combination With just drives left Edward gives our Spanish
friend a go with the spanish AYA while edward takes out the Over and under rizzini. This new model is a development really of
the old model. It has got a game sealing engraving. So you have grouse on this side, I will just
turn it over for you there. Rather elegant little partridges. On the other side selected
walnut which is nicely oil finished to a decent lustre and of course the RB is finished all
in wood without a heel plate. Things are about to happen now so I am going to get cracking. So which gun is the best for this kind of
shooting? When you are shooting partridges in this kind
of environment which is very quick, upon you before you really know it you need to be quick.
You need a gun that is light and very quick to point. So we will see how this one is compared
to the AYA side by side this morning. Are you going to be honest with me? I will be honest with everyone. Honesty is
my middle name. Honesty is always the best policy – which
is what we want from the shoots gamekeeper – he’s the person who has been monitoring
these spanish birds more than anyone and ultimately he’ll decide if they’re going to be worth
bringing in next season. They are a different bird in the way that
they react. They definitely fly better and they are wilder and whether from my point
of view I will be able to do anything with them later on in the season time will tell.
Everything else, the way they were transported, the way they arrived, everything else has
been second to none I have got to say from my experience. The last drive should be a good un – Once
again the spaniards are flying high..Patchi’s wife is confident the birds will do well – alot
of it is due to Spanish flare and passion. We have the capacity of breeding four million
birds that is our main business and it is a family business and it was started 30 years
ago. So it is a passion. If you don’t really like what you do then it is difficult to do
it really well. So a cracking day on the partridge. The Spanish
birds and guns performed beautifully. For more information on the AYA and the Rizzini
visit Edwards website Now in this film Edwards is sporting some
smart Gripswell shooting gloves worth nearly £70. If you go to our Facebook page you have
a chance of winning a pair. All that you need to do is to come up with a caption for this
photograph taken at the shoot. I should say keep it clean, but there’s really no point.
Good luck, and the winner will be announced on Facebook on Friday 11th October 2013. Well Ohlay. Now its David on the Fieldsports
Channel News Stump. [Music] This is Fieldsports Britain News. Brazil’s 2016 Olympians could be Amazonian
– literally. Talent scouts are going native searching jungle tribes for archers and kayakers
capable of winning gold at Rio 2016. The tribal archers can shoot birds in flight at Up to
100 metres and are skilled kayakers and canoeists too. An American TV host has had his series cancelled
after shooting an elephant. “Under Wild Skies,” a hunting show sponsored by the National Rifle
Association, has been cancelled after the show’s host, NRA lobbyist Tony Makris, shot
an elephant twice in the face and then compared his critics to Hitler. A petition
asking NBC to drop the show generated support from more than 100,000 people in five days. It’s bad news for the antis but good news
for the Dubarry boot company. Sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, is in the headlines
this week after this picture of her and a group of friends appeared on Twitter – and
she is wearing Dubarry boots. She is enjoying a 50-brd shoot with friends near Edinburgh. Now if you’re in Ireland this weekend you
can catch up with our own Mark Gilchrist who is helping to raise support for Eddie Downey,
a countrysports campaigner who is running for president of the irish farmers association.
The event in Slane, co meath sounds like it could be a evening to remember. The BBC’s Countryfile magazine, seeking gifts
for the Christmas gift guide approached the Countryside Alliance. It then went cold turkey
and turned down an ad for the CA’s online shop and Countryside Marketplace, allegedly
because of the group’s involvement in ‘political lobbying’. Want to win £15,000 and a ten-day trip to
the Kruger National Park in South Africa? There’s a new competition to design an unmanned
aerial drone that can track rhino poachers. You can only spend up to £2,000 on equipment
and software. For details, visit This film shows one of the entrants, Aliyah
Pandolfi. And finally, you have to respect this angler’s
commitment to catch-and-release. After reeling in a 300-pound bull shark, fishermen in Florida
removed the hook from the shark’s mouth and released it back to the ocean. When it failed
to swim away immediately, a courageous fisherman jumped into the water to help revive it. Bull
sharks are considered one of the world’s most likely to attack humans. You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain
News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts. [Music] Thank you David. Now we are off to see what
you lot have been up to. It is Hallo Charlie. [Music] Here is what the world is up to this week. Hallo Charlie. Gillie here. Small night on
the rabbits 122 picked. Literally bodies everywhere mate. Hallo Charlie. It is Nick Rudisall. Down here
setting up a tree stand and I have found honey, a natural beehive. That was kind of cool. Hallo Charlie. Dom here from Sporting Shooter
HQ. Just wanted to let you know our 10th Birthday issue is on sale in the shops now and in it
we are going to give away ten amazing prizes, we have got a Webley shotgun, a day driven
pheasant shooting, we have got digital gun sale, … boot, 1000 game bore cartridges.
Lots more all free to enter. Details are in the magazine. Pick it up, buy it now, enter,
win. Send us your own Hallo Charlie. Film yourself
on your mobile phone and a sentence saying Hallo Charlie, who you are and what you are
up to. Then share it or email it via Youtube, Facebook,Dropbox or Yousendit, Younameit to
[email protected] Jason Bruce is the star of head hunter chronicles
and he has been over in Scotland to try for a stag, a salmon and a grouse. The original Macnab was three people taking
a salmon and two stags from three different estates. Nearly a century after the author
John Buchan brought out his famous book, John Macnab, it has transmogrified into a stag,
a salmon and a grouse or two in a single day on a single estate. Snog the cook, too, and
that’s a Royal..and we can’t possibly say what an Imperial is.!! To be honest we’re pretty good at them – we
haven’t failed yet, be it in Ireland with the O’Nab, or travelling the length of the
country in the Ferrari Macnab… Today, we are out in Scotland with our friend
American friend Jason Bruce. He’s the star of the series Headhunter Chronicles on US
TV. However, this time we’re taking a back seat – casual onlookers as Jason’s cameraman
Cody tries to get the money shots and harassed sporting agent Lachie Smith from Inverness-shire,
tries to make the whole thing happen. My expectations of a Macnab is we are going
to pull a red stag off this morning and then get to fish and I heard the salmon is going
to be the really tough one and then we will get our grouse. So its going to be a lot of
action in one day. Sure he has got to be pretty skilled at making
the shot. I will be over his shoulder so I will have a shot. Are they here. First stop is a stag, high in the hills above
the Beauly River. Richard Smith is the stalker here – Lachie’s man on the ground. The stags
are thinking about rutting and are moving from one side of the valley to the other. Here that – we just need to find them now. Normally, stalking takes place on the hill
but Lachie and Richard reckon now’s a good time to ambush a stag crossing the glen. But
it’s not easy. Whatever, the stags were doing yesterday, they are not doing today. We are better utilising the time … think
about a stag. Give me a call when you get in. When the action takes place, it takes place
fast and we’re the wrong end of the glen.By the time we get there, Jason has shot his
beast. Thankfully it’s not something I’m not in the hot seat and have to explain to David
why there’s a dead deer but no shot. Two years ago he would have had a heavier
rack than that. Rack that is American. He is American. Hadn’t you noticed. You can
call it a trophy if you want to be European. Or head if you want to be Scottish. So you
want all the help you have got today. Get that down that should do the trick. 12 year
old. Good lad. That is what we need. Better than breakfast
isn’t it. We are going to need it for the salmon, because
I didn’t tell you I am not much of a fisherman. Jason’s relief is palpable. First of the three
he wants is done and it is still not 9am. We’ve done as much as we can to help Jason
with his trip – it’s a bit like an exchange trip at school. He sorts us out with coyote
and bear in the States and show him a good time here. But it’s fascinating to talk about
the differences in hunting culture – he’s a hunting TV star available on cable endorsed
by possibly the biggest name in global hunting – Jim Shockey. Jason is an amazing hunter. I bump into him
or his footprints in some of the strangest corners of the world. Like literally
right on the border of Afghanistan, in Iran. Jason is a fearless hunter, he is the real deal
and I have a tonne of respect for him. So Jason has got a stag in the bag. All we need now
is a fish on a dish and we seem to have arrived at a canal, luckily there is a river just
behind it. There’s no rest on a Macnab day so off we
go to what Lachie reckons will be the trickiest bit, the salmon.We know Lachie is worried
about achieving it all in a day, but what about Jason and his cameraman? Failure on
any of these quarry could ruin the whole production. Pretty good fly you have got there. It is not really a fly it is a rainbow lure
and I am actually not sure of the technique. I have caught salmon before in the State of
Washington and we actually drifted in a drift boat. Any kind of fishing is kind of new to
me. We are going to get you spey casting before
the end of the day. Yes that is what they actually said we are
going to fly fish for a couple of hours and then go to the spinning rod. The River Ness flows out of the bottom of
Loch Ness. It’s normally a productive river. There are fish here but the water is low.
Jason tries flyfishing but, well, he’s America, so don’t shoot him. He reverts to the toby
spoon. Generally the salmon would be considered the
hardest to get of those three. We had ten fish here last week. You know so there is
every chance that he will get a salmon. I am going to do my best to try and get him
a salmon. As I said there is no guarantee in it, but I think what you have done, you
have gone out and got a stag this morning. Coming here, getting a couple hours of fishing
here, if we get a salmon then the grouse is probably the easiest to get out of those three.
So yes it looks like you are in with a good chance. No joy on the fish front for Jason, so we’re
going to take a break from casting and try for grouse. We have arranged to meet a dog
handler and a beater on a moor in the Moadhliath Hills. Today it’s a wirehaired viszla that’s
working. Have you shot over these dogs before. Not those sorts of dogs. Over English pointers
and German short haired pointers. We spot the grouse on the ground – and Jason
connects! It takes the pressure off now. If I could
just teach Jason how to catch a fish I will know how this one happened, but I can’t even
catch fish. So let’s go fishing. If we can’t catch a fish
then Lachie is buying fish and chips in town. Hopefully we won’t get kicked out. We got
kicked out of three restaurants last night. I got called red neck at the bar. Thank you Charlie of reminding me of this.
I am very grateful to you. I am sure we will get a fish. Well that is a very relieved American hunting
star there and probably an even more relieved production bloke. That is a grouse on the
floor of a windy moor. We have got a stag in the bag just one more to go it is the fish. It’s back to the river Ness. The fish we want
doesn’t have to be huge – a Loch Ness Tiddler will do. Quite a lot of the people who do want to do
a Macnab aren’t fishers. That in itself is a big ask because if you came here purely
to salmon fish. You wouldn’t expect to roll up on day one and ten minutes later catch
a salmon. It is a big ask, but it is possible. It is possible, but it is making it as possible
as you can. Exactly but at the end of the day Mother Nature
has got the last 10% of the argument whatever you try and do. Jason catches a trout, he hooks and loses
a salmon. Finally he hooks a fish and the ghilly releases it so quickly, we don’t capture
it on film. Cody does however, so you will have to wait until the middle of 2014 to see
it. Jason’s salmon may have been on a spinner
rather than the more tradition fly, but that’s owing to conditions. The lovely thing about
a Macnab is you can make it up as you go along. Lachie reckons the Macnab is the perfect way
to offer people an experience of shooting, stalking and fishing in Scotland,especially
if you stretch it out over a whole week. You’ll be able to see this episode of Jason’s
Headhunter Chronicles series five on Sportsman Channel in July 2014 and you can be kept posted
by visiting However, for 2013 we can announce that Jason is allowing
us to run his previous adventures on Fieldsports Channel. So stay tuned! And finally for your
very own Macnab week of your own drop Lachie Smith an email. [email protected] Now let’s find out what is happening in the
week ahead. It’s the map that matters. Calendar. [Music] It’s this week’s Calendar with dates for your
diary, smart phone, tablet or notepad. So what’s coming up in the world of fieldsports
in the coming week beginning 9th October 2013? Many of the stag and buck seasons are drawing
to a close – but hinds and does are about to start. October 20, 2013 We are at the start of the two-month window
when all the UK gamebird seasons are underway. If you are wildfowling, you might like to
know that the moon is waxing crescent, heading for half on the 12th October and full a week
later on the 19th. The unseasonably warm weather will give way
to rain but when is anyone’s guess. The low pressure is parked on top of Iceland and the
high refuses to budge from over the Azores. The only accurate prediction is that October
will remain, if not as warm as it started, at least mellow and fruitful. Now for what’s on around the UK. BASC events
are full of practice days at clay grounds and ranges this week. There is a simulated pheasant flush on offer
at Fauxdegla Shooting Ground in Wales on Friday 11th October 2013. Doveridge Clay Sports Club in Derbyshire is
hosting an Introduction to Woodpigeon Shooting on Saturday. On Sunday, there is a BASC Range Day at Bisley
in Surrey. On Monday, South-West Lady Guns are honing
their skills at Barbury Shooting School in Wiltshire. For more, visit and click on the
Events tab. [Music] The Skinners gun dog training team are back.
Let’s see how to get your dog in tune for the shooting season. Fences and walls are not just barriers for
livestock they can also stop your dog in it’s tracks – so how do you train your dog to jump
safely, with confidence, and when is it old enough to start? I like the dog to be over 12 months, its bones
are formed. We start with a very low fence, building up to a higher one. Never barbed
wire. I don’t like dogs going, accidents happen. If they are after a bird they won’t stop at
a barbed wire fence, they will jump it. The more you get your dogs jumping the more confident
the dog will jump you are much better off having a confident dog than one that is not
sure. They are the ones that always get caught up. Today the fencing we use has got rabbit
netting on it to make the fences safe so a dog can’t drop a let down it. I start off
taking the dog up to the fence, a nice low one where you have got the dog on a lead,
command the dog to go over, it doesn’t matter what your command is to jump over. I just
use the dog’s name or a command if I am doing it on a dummy left, right and back. Encourage
it over, but if it won’t go you go over the fence, call the dog over and you can assist
it with a lead, doesn’t mean dragging it over, but try to encourage it over with the lead then once you have got it going over on the
lead you can go to a higher fence which we are using today. Stand off the fence throw
the dog the dummy send it, give it all the encouragement it needs. Tom runs Westhala Gundogs near Perth in Scotland.
Visit This series on gundog training tips is brought to you by
Skinners Petfoods, maker of the Field & Trial range of gundog feeds. Visit Well we have got lots of other Skinners Gundog
training tips if you want to see any of them, click on the screen which has magically appeared
on the screen up there behind me. Now the wider world of hunting, shooting and
fishing on Youtube it is Hunting Youtube. [Music] This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show
the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. The phenomenon that is Ducks Unlimited does
it again. It is promoting, an online resource for waterfowl hunters.
With US duck populations at high levels, the website maps the birds’ migration south as
well as waterfowling tips and tactics, gear features, wild game recipes, retriever training
lessons, shotgunning instruction, and bird identification. In the Caribbean, the Government of Trinidad
& Tobago has banned hunting until 2015 for what it calls ‘preservation’ reasons. The
last time these Caribbean islands held a moratorium on hunting large sections of the forests were
overtaken by marijuana cultivators. So here is one of the hunting YouTubers of Trinidad.
Bitsy Singh is after agoutis in a hollow tree trunk. CyberDruidtheModGod is an early YouTuber who
puts up a combination of home improvement and home defence videos. Recently, he has
turned his attentions to catapults or slingshots made, rather beautifully, from sculpted acrylic. On to the world of fishing and the lovely
autumn colours reflected in English rivers as the season draws to a close do not stop
Jonathan Barnes from getting the phrase ‘gin clear’ into the opening sentence of his report
on flyfishing for trout in a North Country chalkstream. Jonathan’s videos on YouTube
are one reason you won’t have to buy another fishing DVD. On the other side of the world, the 2013 trout
fishing season begins in New Zealand. Hundreds of anglers take to the waters of Lake Tarawera
near Rotorua. Beautiful weather greets them as they venture out on to the lake before
sunrise, along with a film crew from the New Zealand Herald which files this report. R Toebes sends me his film about shooting
pigeons over decoys in the Netherlands – four guys, four guns, plenty of birds – who says
that just because their government tries to ban it the Dutch don’t like shooting? Pigeon Shakari is a fan of R Toebes and he
has a channel with this film of two pigeons falling down to one shot. Incredible. And finally, if you like military weapons,
the biggest gun channel ‘collab’ as we gnarly YouTubers call it took place recently in Georgia,
USA. Iraqveteran8888 hosted YouTuber Shoot of 2013 where participants romped their way
through a reported US$1 million-worth of ammunition supplied by gun trade giant ATK. A million
bucks – good rumour, well started. Loads of top US gun channel stars are there and most
make a film about the day. Here’s a good one from Military Arms Channel. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a YouTube film you would like us to pop in to the weekly top eight,
send it in via YouTube or email me the link [email protected] Well if you like those videos you will probably
like Schools Challenge TV. It’s all the fun of a mini game fair at the
Oxford Gun Company open day. The Schools Challenge regulars are shooting it out on the Sporting
layout, they are trying airgunning, archery, falconry and looking at some of the many trade
stands that come to this popular autumn event. And they are getting advice from top competition
shots including Stevan Walton. Watch one of the best ways to spend an English autumn afternoon!
Click on the screen to see this week’s Schools Challenge TV. Well we are back next week and if you are
watching this on Youtube please don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button that is somewhere
around the outside of the screen or go to our webpage where
you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. This has been Fieldsports Britain.

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