FilterCopy | Every Indian Cricket Fan | Ft. Dhruv Sehgal, Veer Rajwant Singh

FilterCopy | Every Indian Cricket Fan | Ft. Dhruv Sehgal, Veer Rajwant Singh

Sorry Sir, I can’t come Sir. I have 106 degrees fever, Sir. I am on glucose drip, Sir. I might enter the ICU! Thank you Sir. Hey, turn on the volume. Six! What a start! What! 4000 rupees for the Indian jersey? What is this, man. This is what you got for 4000 rupees? See the colour, man. BCCI changed it, I didn’t. This is fake. What man! Don’t sit, we are losing wickets because of you. Don’t stand, we are losing wickets because of you. You’re lying down now! We are losing wickets because of you! What the fuck, dude. Yuvraj Singh is in such good form.(Jinx) Dhoni has started losing the toss now. He should retire now. It’s Dhoni’s strategy. Throw Nehra out, man. How is he still in the team?! It’s Dhoni’s strategy. Aye, even his beard is turning grey now. Dude. It’s his strategy! What happened, man? Are we losing again? This Mayanti Langer. How did Stuart Binny get her? I told my Dad, dude. If he became a selector She would have been sitting here with us. Excuse me? True. Listen. Is Sachin out? Has Kambli been left out again? Listen, no? What? This useless Ravi Shastri hasn’t retired yet? How did Harsha Bhogle get hair on his head! Damn! What man! Collapse has begun. I’m telling you, Dravid should have been there. Sehwag should have been there. Sachin should have been there- he would have played the upper cut. Shut up! Just wait and watch. The long haired fellow will come and hit the helicopter shot. Dhoni is the one who got out! Whaaa.. Suresh Raina, man! What a player! Can’t believe he was missing from the team for so long. Suresh Raina is such a bad player, man. Who gets bowled on a full toss! I can play better than him. Yuck, Rohit Sharma has become so fat! Why is he in the team? He’s not even cute. And he’s so unreliable. He scores runs just once a year. Rahane is better than him. Will everyone stop criticising Rohit Sharma! He has scored two double centuries. Who else has done that? Watch. He will score his third double century today. It’s okay man. Just 190 runs short. Tarun! Tarun! Come here! What happened? You missed it. The camera guy was showing white girls. Fuck, man! Missed again! I saw. What a shot, man. Shoaib Malik has such a great follow-through. He’s our son-in-law, man. Hit him! India will win! India will win! India will win! India will win! They don’t perform, keep selling face creams. They are all frauds, man. “Visa power. Go get it.” Do NOT say anything about Sachin! Okay, man. Sorry. Shit, how did this happen? This match is fixed. I know. I have also put money on it. It should have been 2 runs, he hit a six! Ah, man!! What a waste of time, dude. All they want to do is ads. I am not watching cricket anymore. It’s too painful. Seriously man, I am not watching.(Praying)What!!!! How can the lights go now! Is it six or out? What did the cable guy say? He’s saying, if you want to watch the match.. then like the video, share and subscribe it. Like it man.

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  1. Raina is the best player. Don't say anything about him.

  2. You guys r speaking Hindi … I don't know hindi

  3. I m dhoni nd virat bhakt too❣❣

  4. I am Dhoni Bhakth

  5. I'm virat bakth??


  7. Dhoni is best thala is best captain cool is best mahi is best ms dhoni is best

  8. Everyone knows lambe baal wala saves india from collapse .

  9. Rohit and Dhoni fan

  10. ravi shastri ab coach bn gya dadi ??


  12. Don't say anything to kholi

  13. I am Rohit Sharma Fan❤️️

  14. Rohit sharma fan

  15. 130 cr cricket coaches

  16. Who is here during the #ICC worldcup 2019???

  17. Im literally Dhoni bhakt

  18. where is virat bhakt???

  19. You should do more cricket videos .The world cup in going on

  20. i am rohit sharma fan

  21. I am Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan who else is hit like

  22. "Stuart binny is more famous for Mayanti Langer than his Cricket Career".

  23. Anyone in 2019???

  24. Dhoni is the best


  26. I m that rohit sharma fan

  27. Okay I am here 3 years later and after watching all three matches of INDIA in CWC 2019, I strongly feel you should make a separate video about ROHIT SHARMA!!!!! Because this video doesn't appreciate him.

  28. Rohit already hit a third double century

  29. I am a ronaldo bhatk

  30. Bhai log exam hai best of luck bol do

  31. Do not say anything about Suresh Raina he is my favourite player

  32. I am a Dhoni Bhakt??

  33. I'm thala Dhoni bakht❤

  34. Am I only who like Ro super hit Sharma

  35. At 3:19 is it Adam Zampa?

  36. I am also a dhoni bhakt…???
    Anyone else in world cup 2019???

  37. I am also dhoni bhakt

  38. Love you filtercopy 3000

  39. 5:02 like kardiya ?

  40. Why are doing these guys every Indian is a big fan of Dhoni and even haters will start loving him because of his coolness so please stop blaming Dhoni and Dhoni is the back bone of Indian cricket team and he is the best finisher ever so stop saying that he should retire and start supporting him please guys ☺️

  41. Bb ki vine copy

  42. Mat baitho tumhare baithne se wicket gir raha hai…..every indian house dialogue????

  43. virat ka kyo ni dikhaya kuch bhi

  44. Where's virat vakt

  45. Virat ka fan kha hai??

  46. M da religious 1

  47. wow i didn't know shane watson had a cameo too ??

  48. I'm the Dhoni bhakt… ??

  49. Both Dhoni bhakt and Sachin fan?

  50. I am the Dhoni bhakt

  51. purist rohit sharma fan

  52. The rohit sharma fan

  53. I am biggest fan of dhoni though i am a Bangladeshi..

  54. Anyone rohit sharma fan?

  55. I love Dhoni and who ever loves dhoni plz like my comment

  56. Ironically Rohit did hit a 3rd 200

  57. I am also dhoni fan

  58. pure rohit bhakt .RO HIT -MAN

  59. Rohit sharma bhakt thats me?

  60. Rohit Sharma Bhakt?
    Everyone in this category after WC19

  61. Dont make joke of Rohit Sharma please
    He is a very good batsman
    See his form in wc19

  62. I come under catageory of religious bhakt

  63. Dnnt make fun of Rohit Sharma…He is legend…

  64. Suresh Raina ko kuch mat bolo becho

  65. Suresh raina is a class batsman ok dont make silly comments about him ok every1 will have their own strength and weakness

  66. Anyone here world cup semi finals rohit scored 5 centuries though

  67. Anyone here after India lost to NZ in the world cup semis?

  68. Dhoni can still play for years. He is not retiring

  69. Rohit Sharma and dhoni are the best

  70. In the ocean of dhoni's bhakt I'm a rohit sharma's bhakt??
    Anyone else??
    No just me ok!☺

  71. Who's watching after world cup 2019?

  72. Veer looks like the Indian cricketer Manish Pandey

  73. Ajkl cameraman hi tharki hai ???
    Always be a Dhoni bhakt

  74. Mere lambe baalon wala aayega aur apna helicopter shot Marega… ..Dadi???????????????????????

    Love you Dhoni…..

  75. Who's here after ind vs nz semi finals?

  76. Dhoni the best dont criticize asses

  77. Yo bitches you suck

  78. I am a dhoni bakht

  79. I am a Pakistani but still I love you guys ?

  80. Who is watching in 2019
    Dhoni bhakt

  81. Dhruv you are so bad because of you Dhoni has retierd gadha

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