Final Fantasy VII Remake – The Game Awards 2019 Trailer | PS4

Final Fantasy VII Remake – The Game Awards 2019 Trailer | PS4

Look, I’m involved in things… …dangerous things. So? So keep your distance. What was his name again? Cloud…Cloud Strife. This is a one-time gig. When it’s done, we’re done. Come on, nobody’d do
something this crazy just for money. Are you gonna stand there and pretend
you can’t hear the planet crying out in pain!? I know you can! I’d worry less about the planet
and more about the next five seconds. ♪ ♪ ♪ Cloud! Okay, that was pretty cool. You weren’t thinking of leaving
Midgard anytime soon were you? Well, seems this old friend
of mine’s in a tight spot. Long time ago, I made a promise…so… I’m really glad to have you back, Cloud. Really glad.

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  1. I'm so glad they fixed his voice

  2. The dialogue between Tifa and Cloud at the end. I got allll of the goosebumps! I actually love this cast of VA. This is gonna be a must have FF! glad to have you back FF7! ❤️

  3. Yo… can I make it through ONE of these $%#@! trailers without tearing up?! Please?!
    This is too perfect…

  4. El trailer de un juego tan importante deberían haberlo subido en 4k

  5. the wait will be physically painful for me

  6. What is the song at the end I think it starts at around 1:13 or something

  7. This one is so much better than the second trailer. The graphics, voice actor and Cloud body proportions is on point!

  8. I'm not even into final fantasy but this looks hype

  9. I've never even played a Final Fantasy game in my life, and I have rewatched this trailer 5 times already

  10. Just fate il gioco FATTO BENE guys!

  11. Can we talk about the remastered battle theme?

  12. Most polished Square Enix game ever? I just hope isn't to Linear

  13. OMFG… nearly cried.. thats lie did leak 🙂

  14. The lip syncing seems a little off but I just think that's a consequence of them matching the lip movements from Japanese to English. Other than that, I am SO ready for this! I haven't played it in over 20 years (yeesh) and never beat it because my save got corrupted and erased near the end of the game on a friend's PSX, but I'm going to beat it this time!

  15. Thanks for reminding me of cloud's name again.

  16. This is only part 1 people. After you pay 200bucks, we might see the ending.

  17. 1:11
    Who else lost their minds when they heard that theme?

  18. "No one would remake all of Final Fantasy 7 for a contemporary console just for money!"

  19. this remake looking polished AF

  20. No one:

    Literally no one:

    Not even little Cindy Who, who was no more than two:

    Climate change activists: 0:32

  21. My mind and body and wallet are ready, pre-ordered and just waiting

  22. THIS IS CLOUD STRIFE not the depressive emo of kingdom hearts and advent children

  23. Jessie still looks like a sweetheart

  24. Is it actually only coming out in installments?…. or is my friend wrong?

  25. Tifa the best Waifu.

  26. As for someone who doesn’t play final fantasy, this makes me REALLY want to get it, and it makes me REALLY hyped for March.

    I’m proudly boarding the hype train!

  27. I hope they let you turn off the speaking dialog, and turn on captions, I'd prefer to read the dialog like in the original

  28. I've never played! Don't comment any spoilers 😉

  29. I'm so hyped to see how they showcase the power & abilities of SOLDIERs with this gen console capabilties. That quick double jump he did was great, and similar to what we saw in Crisis Core. I'm ready for Cloud to finally win against Link in a deathbattle, heh.

  30. Better late than never arrived

  31. 0:26

    Barret: Did you just f*ck up?

  32. Tifa is about to throw Cloud that pusssaaaayyyy!

  33. I hate the voice actors.
    None of them sound like natural, organic voices. All of them sound like a white guy doing a "voice" especially the women. Why does Barret sound like Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder? They couldn't get an actual Black guy to do the voice?

  34. I'm so looking forward to playing this game again! The Goldsaucer Date. And Jenova fights! The temple of the Ancients! Dyne. The Northern Cave. Wutai. Chocobos. The Highwind & Cid. The observatory at Cosmo Canyon!!! The entire game!!!! ?

  35. biggest overrated game of the millenium

  36. This time round I’m not leveling up Aerith…

  37. Aerith singing to the tune of Nothing bad ever happens to me from LEGO Batman

  38. I finally have a reason to not do anything other than play FFVll all day every day

  39. Can xbox get this please?

  40. 3-3-20 gonna blow the roof off this motha *beep

  41. So they ran out of ideas for the next final fantasy. Instead let's do a remake lol

  42. That voice acting is ruining everything

  43. We're really glad to have you back Cloud, not just Tifa ?

  44. What's his name again "cloud" AKA Neo…. just take my money

  45. I am absolutely dying my with anticipation to see Red XIII. I really hope they don’t take him out of the game.

  46. Is there a Japanese version of this trailer?

  47. This game better be nominated for GOTY.

  48. After watching the entire machinabridged series, this feels really off ?

  49. Such a cheesy dub. Almost on The Room level of acting..

  50. I'm really having a hard time with the lip sync animation in this trailer.

  51. Ff 7 and p5 come out in my birthday month. I'm about to be real poor.

  52. How many people only recognize him because of smash


  53. Game needs to be slower paced and more realistic. Make cloud have to charge up before jumping like how the original animation looks.

  54. literally nobody is gonna play this trash lol

  55. 1:12 ….i only got into the game this pst year…and that line still gets me

  56. Are they just gonna remake the midgard section or the whole game ?

  57. Tifa…’shrunk’ from her pixelated days 🙁 but is still hot. Aeris is beautiful and Cloud looks cool…what they all will look like at Don Corneo’s mansion will be verrry interesting.

    I’ll make Cloud date Aeris AND Tifa at Gold saucer lol. (Multiple save files)

    Can’t imagine how they remade Barret’s date scene though lol.

    Buying this game and the soundtrack the day they come out. For all the nostalgic sweet (and sad) memories I had playing this game back in elementary school.

    Thank you Square Enix! Took a while (23 years?) but you did it! Don’t forget Chrono Trigger now!

  58. Cloud, we are also really glad to have you back. Really glad!!!

  59. Final Fantasy VII HD Remake Final Mix

  60. I’m hoping we get Crisis Core as dlc ??????

  61. Some said it'd never be made. I got into a lot of arguments with people that if we pushed for them hard enough long enough it'd be made. 😀

    Now I just hope they haven't completely killed the PC release.

  62. Oh boy
    A remastered scene of Cloud crossdressing <3 I can't wait

  63. People ask me why I bought a PS4 towards the end of 2019,

    I show them this trailer.

  64. Why Cloud looks like ugly girl?

  65. Am I the only one going crazy over the voice cast??? I mean they cast Cody Christian as Cloud Strife, and here I thought the remake couldn't get any better …. I was soooo wrong haha ha hahaha

  66. We're all glad to have Cloud back.
    Really glad.

  67. I hope nothing happens to Biggs and Wedge.

  68. This game are sick!!!!

  69. Only who played it 22 years ago can understand the feeling …. I AM SHOCKED

  70. So are we expected to shell out $60 each time you drop another piece of this? If so, then bye. I won't have Jack to do with this debacle.

  71. Is this Cloud's original voice actor from Crisis Core?

  72. Back then we played the original blocky FF7 and imagined how it would look like. Our minds made it more epic than it was. This trailer is exactly how we imagined it.

  73. Considering their current policies, do you think Sony will censor the scene where Aerith gets penetrated from behind without her consent?

  74. See's Tifa's chest.. for shame.

    They nerfed her BiggEST feature!!

  75. Jessie trailer when?

  76. Love how they made Aerith even more attractive to really make that moment sting a bit more huh

  77. このトレーラーの日本語版はまだないんですね。

  78. I feel like the hype for ff7 remake is pretty great. This video is just 2 days and already 588k views. Well even tho hellsblade 2 is at number 1 with 800k views. Is it because hellblade 2 on a new console?

  79. The Return of The Edge

  80. It still blows my mind that they're actually doing this.

  81. Barrett's sounds like Robert Downey Jr character on Tropic Thunder.

    "I'm the dude that's playing the dude that's disguised as the other dude!"

  82. 1:00 remembering the 2015 E3 the promise ?

  83. Is it just me or the is the voice over is just terrible. I also hope the option of playing turn based is there.

  84. Me:Can i buy FF7 remake
    Squre: 0:37

  85. I will NOT be buying any episodic released game. This is not a trend. It IS however the biggest attempted money grab in Square Enix/Soft history.

  86. Finally Fantasy VII ?

  87. I'm waiting tifa mod

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