First Ever Multiplayer Outdoor AR Shooter Game

First Ever Multiplayer Outdoor AR Shooter Game

– Skyrocket toys sent me
a package today, and in it is their new AR outdoor
shooter game called Recoil. Now, the idea behind this
game is that they give you this Wi-Fi hub that you can
set down somewhere outside. It creates about a 500 foot diameter that can become your playing field. And then you use the various
weapons that you can get from them and attach your phones to them to get this AR experience
where you can do things like set up sniper nests,
you can set up barricades, you can even call down airstrikes. Yeah, airstrikes. Basically, it sounds to me
like a real-life Call of Duty and I’m into that. (slow instrumental hip-hop music) First up, as with any new package that arrives here let’s do an unboxing. First up, we have the box. Inside that box we have another box. Inside that, though, we
have the Recoil Starter Set which includes not one, but two RK-45 Spitfire
guns that they call them. The Wi-Fi base station that you set in the middle of your playing
area that I mentioned before. Two clips you put on
the back of your belt, so the game can register
damage from behind. And two clips that screw into the side of the guns to hold your phones. Once you put your phone inside the clip, you download the Recoil
app which will tell you to use headphones because it
does feature this 3-D audio that’ll help you determine
where you’re being shot at from, et cetera which is kind of cool. And then using the app you will set up the Wi-Fi base station first,
and then follow the rest of the steps to set up the
gun via Bluetooth as well. And then you’re all set. There we go, that’s what comes in the box. Now, though, I wanna
play, I wanna test it out. But it is a multiplayer game,
and so we need another player. In order to get started, one
of you has to host the game, and then set up all of the rules. And then a lobby is created and the other player can join it. Once that happens then you push go, and it’s three, two, one, go. (guns banging)
So essentially how this works is you have health in the game and as you get shot the health bar slowly goes down until eventually you die. – [In-Game Voice] Target eliminated. – Because now besides just your health on the screen there’s also ammo. So you have a clip that has
X amount of bullets in it and whenever that runs out, what you do to reload is you actually push this button here at the
bottom and that reloads. And then how you get more
bullets is there’s actually ammo that will appear just on the mini-map. And you can run up to it
and when you run over it, that’s how you get more bullets. (gun bangs) Seriously? There’s also power-ups in the game. So these work by little
crates that get dropped, very similar to Call of
Duty like I mentioned. But it’ll show you on your mini-map that a crate has been dropped
and how close it is to you. And whenever you go over it
you then get that power-up, one of them being an airstrike.
– Incoming airstrike. (missile explodes) – And that’s pretty much the gist of it. You can play up to 16 players if you have an area big
enough for that many people. But it’s kind of like
an enhanced laser tag. It’s kind of fun. – Totally. – There guys, I hope you enjoyed that. This game is pretty neat, I
thought it was kind of fun. But I would love to know
what you guys think. I put a link below to where
you can check out the game on their website, but then let me know in the comments below what
you guys thought of it. What you guys think of these
AR type of games in general, about this one in particular, me doing videos like
this, all that fun stuff. Always love to hear from you. But if you liked this
video, please thumbs up it or share it, it is greatly appreciated. And if you want more videos like this please check out my
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